Chapter 540 - The Supreme Interest of the Family

When news about the Patriarchs of the Ni and Ye Families, the two major families in Beijing were in a medical crisis, it instantly started spreading like wildfire.

All the stocks related to the two families started to plummet, especially the Violetlight Gold-Lead under the Ni Family’s control. The shares started to fall and many specialists who were prepared to earn a considerable sum suddenly lost a fortune.

At the same time, there were also changes in the real estate investments in the northeast, which was managed by the Ye Family. A funding issue occurred that affected over a dozen subsidiary companies…

Putting it in a nutshell, Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong’s crisis has put the Ni and Ye Families in an unprecedented crisis as well. The enemies of the two families instantly jumped up and launched attacks at the two families.

At the same time, even the households were in a mess.

Nervously standing outside, waiting for Su Tao’s news, Ni Jingqiu and Wang Qiaozhen heard some commotion. A short moment later, they saw an old man hastily walking over with Ni Buqing following behind.

“Uncle, when did you return?” Wang Qiaozhen respectfully asked as she went up.

“Such a huge incident occurred, how can I not return?” Ni Xiaoyun questioned.

For so many years, Ni Xiaoyun has never interfered in the family’s matters. But even so, he had high prestige within the family. When Ni Buwei’s father, Ni Xiaotian, died, Ni Xiaoyun inherited the Patriarch position.

Since Ni Xiaoyun liked freedom and didn’t have any children, he waited for Ni Buwei to grow up before he gave the household to the son of his deceased brother.

When Ni Xiaoyun heard from Ni Buqing that something happened to Ni Buwei, he immediately rushed back from San Francisco, prepared to take up the position as the Patriarch once more.

“Granduncle, my father is currently receiving his treatment, so you don’t have to be too worried about it!” Ni Jingqiu comforted.

Unhappily glancing at Ni Jingqiu, Ni Xiaoyun coldly asked, “I heard that Buwei just passed the responsibility of the family onto you?”

Wang Qiaozhen immediately explained, “He only did that when facing death, but it will be reconsidered when he has recovered.”

Waving his hand, Ni Xiaoyun coldly snorted, “I’ll tell you beforehand. If anything happens to Buwei, Jingqiu can’t inherit the Ni Family’s assets. Firstly, she’s a woman, and secondly, she’s too young.”

Hearing those words, Wang Qiaozhen was enraged. Her husband was currently on his deathbed, but Ni Xiaoyun was only caring about the inheritance of the family.

But this was also the sorrow of a major family. Even in such a crucial moment, the interest of the family still outstripped everything else. Even if Ni Buwei was the Patriarch, the interest of the family exceeded his life.

However, Ni Xiaoyun wasn’t wrong, if this matter was looked at from the angle of the family interest.

When Ni Jingqiu saw a cunning smile hanging on her aunt, Ni Buqing’s lips, she knew that her aunt must be the one to notify her granduncle. At this moment, she was filled with disappointment.

Ni Buqing’s response was too swift, making one suspicious if Ni Buwei’s poisoning had something to do with her.

“Granduncle, please believe that my father will definitely recover, so please calm down.” At this moment, Ni Jingqiu could only console her granduncle.

“I want to see him right now and have him change his will!” Ni Xiaoyun said and further continued when Ni Buqing whispered in his ears, “Contact the lawyer as well. I have to get this matter done while he’s still conscious.”

Hearing those words, Ni Jingqiu froze. She never expected that Ni Xiaoyun would make such a decision at this moment. Seeing Ni Xiaoyun trying to barge his way in, she immediately blocked the entrance and said, “The doctor is currently treating my father in the room, and it has reached a critical moment. I can’t let you go in!”

Just earlier, Su Tao warned them not to let anyone into the room for half an hour.

Su Tao has created several antidotes, and he’s currently testing them on Ni Buwei. In this process, he would have to use acupuncture for the medicine to ideally work. Hence, he needed peace without any disruption at this moment since the slightest disruption might result in an unimaginable outcome.

“I’ll see who dares to obstruct me!”

Although Ni Xiaoyun was already in his seventies, his body was well-trained, so with his strength, he easily pulled Ni Jingqiu to the side.

Within the Ni Family, Ni Xiaoyun was akin to a retired emperor, and this was also the reason why Ni Buqing was confident that the security guards wouldn’t dare to obstruct him. In the end, they could only allow him to barge into the room.

As for Su Tao, who was in the room, he was extremely focused, maintaining a high focus to pay attention to the changes in Ni Buwei’s body.

The solution that he came up with was to use poison against poison.

Regardless of the Throat Sealing Poison or the Seven Stars Begonia, both of the poisons were incredibly toxic. Thus, Su Tao resorted to using two poisons that could fight against the two poisons. That also meant that Ni Buwei was currently having four types of extreme poisons in his body, and it would depend on his willpower and the tenacity of his five viscera and six bowels if he wanted to survive.

But even so, Su Tao’s Heavenseizing Hands played an important role.

The endless Qi pouring into Ni Buwei’s body has created a powerful shield to strengthen the meridians, resisting the havoc caused by the four toxins.

While the four toxins were resisting each other, the momentum of the poison spreading throughout the body gradually slowed down.

Noticing this result, Su Tao rejoiced in his heart and wanted to use the fifth herb to allow Ni Buwei’s body to reach a balance.

But at this crucial moment, Ni Xiaoyun barged in along with the lawyer and ordered, “Let Ni Buwei wake up at this moment to change his will!”

As for Ni Jingqiu, she grew anxious, so she kneeled and hugged Ni Xiaoyun’s leg while sobbing, “Granduncle, my father is currently receiving treatment, so let’s discuss this matter at a later time! I’m willing to promise that if my father passes away, I will give up on all the Ni Family’s assets!”

“Do you really mean that?” Ni Xiaoyun’s temper gradually calmed down upon hearing Ni Jingqiu’s words.

Although Ni Buqing was rejoicing in her heart on this matter, she let out a cough and pretended to persuade, “Granduncle, Jingqiu’s words are legally valid since it was declared before the lawyer. Why don’t we wait a little while for my brother to regain his consciousness before getting the lawyer to change his will?”

As Ni Xiaoyun acknowledged, he unhappily glanced at Su Tao and questioned, “Who is he? Is he a doctor? Can such a young doctor be reliable? Quick, bring Dr. Yuan over!”

Being disrupted by the sudden commotion, there’s a change in Ni Buwei’s body, even if Su Tao managed to maintain his composure. Hence, he immediately inserted two needles to forcefully control the situation.

However, Su Tao was covered in sweat at this moment due to his immense exhaustion.

Then again, Su Tao wasn’t an ordinary person. As he became increasingly focused at this moment, he entered into a whole new realm with a further comprehension of herbs.

“So this is the principle behind how herbs can engender each other!”

This kind of sensation could only be felt, and it was beyond the description of any words.

Su Tao was versed with the Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, but he felt a bottleneck with the system of the herbs. At this moment, the bottleneck was gone and he felt akin to having received insight and gained more of an understanding of herbs.

As the saying goes, people will grow under stress!

Inserting a few needles into Ni Buwei’s chest, Su Tao forcefully controlled Ni Buwei’s blood circulation.

During the circulation, the four toxins achieved an opposite effect under the mediation of the fifth herb.

All of a sudden, Ni Buwei started to cough out mouthfuls of blood. It was a shocking scene to behold.

Without any change to his expression, Su Tao paid attention to the color of the blood as it slowly turned from black to red.

Gently breathing out, Su Tao explained, “He’s fine now!”

This scene left everyone in the room stunned, they still didn’t recover from the bizarre scene.

“Granduncle…” Ni Buwei slowly opened his eyes and weakly greeted. Although he couldn’t move due to the poison in his body, he was still conscious and knew what was going on.

After he violently vomited, he felt more comfortable even though he still felt weak.

Seeing that Ni Buwei was calling for him, Ni Xiaoyun immediately went over.

“I’m here!”

Squeezing out a smile, Ni Buwei said, “Granduncle… there’s nothing to worry about… I’m fine, and I will be able to last through this…”

Hearing Ni Buwei’s words, Ni Xiaoyun heavily nodded his head and replied, “Alright, I’ll wait for you to recover. But you have to cancel your will immediately; you can’t deal with it in such a trivial manner!”

Ni Buwei sighed upon hearing that request. He knew that if he didn't agree with Ni Xiaoyun’s request, his uncle would definitely continue to cause a din with his stubborn character. Hence, Ni Buwei could only nod his head and continued, “Since… I’m fine… then that will… is naturally invalid.”

As tears streamed down Ni Xiaoyun’s face, he sighed, “You have to understand your uncle’s decision. The Ni Family doesn’t belong to you alone, and I have to consider the general situation. Jingqiu is really capable, but she’s still too inexperienced.”

“Let me rest a little! I won’t take too long, and I can still continue to develop the Ni Family!” Ni Buwei smiled, nodding his head.

For so many years, Ni Buwei had been focused on his career and even persevered when he was sick. Hence, it’s time for him to take some rest.

“Good lad, I knew that I wasn’t wrong about you. You can focus on resting. With me around, I won’t let anyone disturb you.” Ni Xiaoyun sighed.

Ni Xiaoyun wasn’t targeting Ni Buwei on purpose, he was considering the matter from the angle of the family.

If the entire Ni Family was handed to Ni Jingqiu under such chaos, it would only harm her instead of helping.

Evidently, Ni Buwei’s consideration and thoughts weren’t meticulous enough when he was under the medical crisis.

Ni Jingqiu sighed in relief and felt immensely grateful when she looked at Su Tao’s pale complexion. She knew that Su Tao had greatly helped her once more. Otherwise, her granduncle would definitely cause a complete mess.

Seeing that her brother, Ni Buwei, regained his consciousness, Ni Buqing immediately left the room and was at a loss.

“I have to escape!”

That was her first reaction. Since her motive failed, then she would have to leave immediately. Otherwise, she would definitely not be forgiven if it was discovered that she was the one that poisoned her brother.

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