Chapter 54 - Even a Bella has her flaws

Chapter 54 - Even a Bella has her flaws

When Su Tao returned to the dorm, he saw that Lu Shimiao had laid a cotton mattress on the floor. Su Tao smiled. “Is this prepared for me?”

Lu Shimiao walked to the balcony before she hooked her finger and nudged with her lips. “See that car with the license plate K70588? That’s Qiao Bo’s car, and he hasn’t left yet.”

“He does not intend to camp here, right?” Su Tao sighed.

Lu Shimiao smiled. “I understand him too well. He is a jealous guy, so he won’t leave tonight.”

Looking at Lu Shimiao, Su Tao said, “Then, am I going to stay in your dorm?”

Lu Shimiao rolled her eyes. “You wish. You find an opportunity in the morning to get out, there are too few people now, and you’re too eye-catching.”

Lu Shimiao continued to set up the mattress. She spread a  bed sheet on it and found another blanket. “You sleep here. I’ll go take a shower, I have sweated too much, and I feel sticky.”

Seeing Lu Shimiao taking a change of clothes as she walked towards the balcony, Su Tao sighed. Was she trying to tempt him?

A brief moment later, water splashing resounded, causing Su Tao’s heart to race. Instantly, he felt his blood surging as the mist from the water sparked his imagination.

Ten-odd minutes later, the noise of clothes fluttering resounded. Lu Shimiao had finished showering and came out in her sleepwear with an emanating fragrance. Although she had removed her contact lenses, her eyes still looked beautiful. A white towel was wrapped around her hair. Her face was also slightly blushing from the mist.

“You don’t snore, right?” Lu Shimiao said as she removed the towel and her black hair draped over her shoulder. She kicked the sandals off her feet and burrowed into the bed. However, she suddenly realised that the lights were still turned on. She straightened her body up with a blanket wrapped around her and she flipped the switch, instantly extinguishing the light in the room.

“I don’t snore, but I might occasionally talk in my sleep.” Su Tao closed his eyes, but he wasn’t feeling the slightest bit sleepy. Although they weren’t sleeping together on the same bed, just the fact that they’re alone in the room made it hard for him to hold himself back.

“Talk in your sleep? That’s pretty scary. I remembered that there’s a dormmate back in University, she would always talk in her sleep around 5 in the morning. She’s usually very quiet, but when she talks in her sleep, she would start to loudly curse.” Lu Shimiao flipped to the side as she smiled while reminiscing her old memories.

Su Tao smiled as well. “Then, you have to watch out. Every so often, it reflects their inner thoughts, and she definitely has violent tendencies.”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “Yeah, I stayed in the same dorm as her for a year, but I moved out during my second year. I heard that she placed poison in the daily necessities of another dormmate, causing that dormmate to be reduced to a retard.”

Su Tao widened his eyes. “Then, you’re lucky. If you did not move out, then you might be one of her victims.”

Lu Shimiao immediately chuckled, “I’m just kidding. You fell for it?”

“I never thought that you would lie, as well.” Su Tao sighed. Despite Lu Shimiao being cold on the surface, she turned out to be a lively person. It was just her environment that caused her to place a barrier around her heart.

“Lying is a woman’s innate talent.” Lu Shimiao flipped around before she looked at the floor. Despite the darkness, she could still make out the silhouette of Su Tao’s face.

“Especially beautiful women.” Su Tao added.

Lu Shimiao was briefly stunned before she asked in a low voice, “You also think that I’m beautiful?”

Su Tao helplessly smiled. “I’m a normal human being, there’s no problem in my taste. You’re a Bella of Jianghuai Hospital, and it is publicly known. I only feel that you have a little flaw.”

“Oh? What flaw?” Lu Shimiao’s interest was immediately piqued.

Su Tao went silent for a long time before he sighed, “Your figure isn’t coordinated.”

Any woman would feel discouraged upon hearing that, so Lu Shimiao’s expression turned unsightly as she asked, “What’s uncoordinated?”

Su Tao gently coughed before he revealed a teasing smile. “Your breasts are a little too big, and you also like to lift your head when you walk. So you’re giving a feeling that your centre of gravity is too leaned forward.”

“What nonsense!” Lu Shimiao immediately understood that Su Tao was teasing her, so she laughed.

However, Su Tao continued in a serious tone. “I’m analysing from a professional view. I suggest that you should look forward when you walk. This way, you can add ten marks to your bearing, and it’d be perfect.”

“What rubbish!” Lu Shimiao briefly went silent before she continued, “I was originally tired, but my sleepiness is all gone from your chatter.”

Su Tao helplessly smiled. “Don’t blame me for that. It’d be a miracle if you can sleep after drinking coffee half an hour ago.”

Lu Shimiao shook her head. “Coffee is the same as water, it’s already useless to me.”

“If you really want to sleep, I can help you. I guarantee that you will sleep till morning in two minutes.” Su Tao said after a brief thought.

Lu Shimiao’s face instantly turned red. She suddenly recalled a saying; sex was the best sleeping pill. She pondered if Su Tao was having dirty thoughts in her mind. She said in disdain, “Two minutes? Aren’t you a little too quick?”

Su Tao was stunned, and after a long ponder, he realised that Lu Shimiao had misunderstood him. “Don’t think in the wrong direction, you’re a doctor, so you should know about acupoints. I can boost your sleeping quality.”

“Then, why don’t you come and give it a try?” Lu Shimiao was a little tempted by that idea. As a doctor, she had to go on-call often, resulting in the poor quality of her sleep. She tried to search for a method to improve it in the past, but to no avail.

Su Tao sat up as he smiled. “I’ll be touching your ear’s Anmian Acupoint, wrist’s Shenmen Acupoint and your ankle’s Sanyinjiao Acupoint. I’m letting you know first, so don’t say that I’m trying to take advantage of you.”

“Actually, forget it.” Lu Shimiao felt that the atmosphere was weird, to begin with. Would she be igniting Su Tao’s fire in his heart if she gave him the chance to touch her body?

But the moment she finished speaking, she felt her leg being held, and Su Tao was already pressing on her Sanyinjiao Acupoint.

“Forget what?” While Su Tao was massaging the acupoint, he unhappily replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you. I won’t do anything to you.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Lu Shimiao inwardly sighed. What Su Tao said was the truth, if she was that attractive, Su Tao would have made a move by now, how could he still be waiting? At that moment, she felt angry and sad at the same time. She was already married, not to mention that she was also much older than Su Tao. So she was probably not attractive in Su Tao’s eyes.

Actually, Su Tao was lying as he held Lu Shimiao’s smooth leg. Any man would be attracted by such outstanding beauty, not to mention in such a place. When he touched her skin, the fire in his heart started to blaze.

After massaging the Sanyinjiao Acupoint, Su Tao raised Lu Shimiao’s wrist and started to rub the Shenmen Acupoint. He could sense her body warmth, as well as her increased heartbeat. Su Tao suddenly realised that Lu Shimiao was also feeling the same as him at the moment.

Despite the darkness, Su Tao pinpointed her acupoints accurately. His hands came to Lu Shimiao’s head and massaged the Anmian Acupoint behind her ears.

The atmosphere suddenly turned ambiguous as Lu Shimiao laid on the bed with Su Tao bending himself over, facing her face. He could feel the fragrance with every single breath she released that challenged his self-control.

Finally, Su Tao couldn’t hold himself back, so he bent down and kissed Lu Shimiao’s ample lips. The instant he kissed, he bitterly smiled as a light snore came from her mouth. She had actually fallen asleep.

Su Tao helplessly returned to the mattress. There was a faint fragrance that lingered on his lips. It should be Lu Shimiao’s body fragrance. He took a deep breath, and, for the first time, he was annoyed that his medical skills were too excellent.

When Lu Shimiao woke up in the morning, the mattress was already empty. If it wasn’t for the well-arranged mattress on the floor, she would have even suspected that last night was a dream.

She also couldn’t remember how she fell asleep. When she came down from the bed, she saw a paper stuck on the mattress. “Remember, lower your head when you walk from today onwards. You’ll be more beautiful that way.”

Lu Shimiao walked to the balcony, stretched her waist and breathed out. Silently, she had also decided to change her way of living.

It was already five in the morning when Su Tao returned. The moment he stepped into his room, he saw Cai Yan standing by the door, sourly looking at him. “Where did you go last night? Don’t you have to give a call at least if you’re not coming back home?”

Su Tao, naturally, wouldn’t tell the truth, so he smiled. “I’ll make sure to report next time.”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes. “There’s no need. I’m not anyone to you; your life or death has no relation to me.”

Su Tao stood on the spot as he watched Cai Yan leaving. He felt his heart twitching as he sighed. His relationship with Cai Yan was getting increasingly complicated.

Despite not sleeping for a night, his mental state was still excellent. There weren’t many patients in the morning, and with the abilities of his disciples, they could already deal with them.

Especially Xiao Jingjing, her foundation was exceptionally sturdy. After some guidance from Su Tao, she had already shown potential as an outstanding physician.

A special guest came at roughly 11 a.m, a western beauty. She had a pair of bright eyes, a sharp nose and fair skin. Her lips were moist and she stood at 5’6”. She wore heels with her black stockings tightly wrapping her legs.

“You must be Su Tao, right? I am Vera’s mother, can we talk?” Michelle removed her sunglasses as she said with a powerful aura.

Su Tao was astonished. Could it be that, due to something happening to Vera, her mother came looking for him?

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