Chapter 539 - Ye Family in Chaos

Like the Ni Family, the Ye Family was also in chaos with the Patriarch, Ye Yilong falling unconscious with his limbs numb and vomiting black blood. After the doctor’s inspection, they discovered that Ye Yilong was poisoned. However, they were in the same position as the Ni Family’s doctors, since they still did not manage to find a solution at this moment.

Balling his hands together, Ye Sheng paced back and forth outside the room, looking extremely anxious.

At this moment, Ye Ling came out, so Ye Sheng immediately went over and asked, “How’s dad?”

Shaking her head, Ye Ling helplessly replied, “The doctor still hasn’t found a suitable antidote, and we’re currently contacting the most professional specialists.”

Punching the wall, Ye Sheng swore, “If I find out who’s the culprit, I will definitely tear that person apart!”

Seeing her brother’s violent behaviour, Ye Ling wore a grave expression as she said, “News just came from the Ni Family that Ni Buwei is in the same condition as dad.”

“Are you saying that the culprit is the same person?” Ye Sheng was shocked.

Nodding her head, Ye Ling replied, “It’s evident that this is a meticulously planned scheme. Dad usually has someone around to protect him, so the culprit must be someone close to him. We should be able to find some clues if we follow through this thread. But right now, we have to save dad first.”

“I’ll immediately head to the Wang Family’s Pharmacy and request for Divine Physician Wang’s help!” Ye Sheng suggested with rage burning through his eyes.

“Let’s split up. You go look for Divine Physician Wang, while I’ll call up the acquaintances of the healthcare department and see if we can seek help from the National Healer Specialist Team!” Ye Ling sighed.

As the brother and sister settled with a plan, they started to act separately.

When the flight from South Africa, Pretoria arrived in Beijing, an African man donned in a silver suit walked by the front with two bodyguards wearing their sunglasses following him. They were cautiously looking around.

When that African man saw a familiar face, he went over and greeted in English, “Hello, Ailun!”

Wearing a smile, Zhang Ailun replied, “Hello, Mr. Rejola. Welcome to China!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Rejola replied, “China is a great place, and I’ve been here several times. Every single time I’m here, it would give me a different sensation. China has developed too quickly, and it has become a haven for South Africa’s youth.”

“Mr. Rejola, I will arrange your itinerary to allow you to have a feel of China’s culture! I’m sure that this trip won’t be in vain!” Zhang Ailun replied with rapport.

Shaking his head, Rejola solemnly replied, “I’m here for business, not for a vacation.”

“In my view, allowing you to enjoy China is a business.” Zhang Ailun smiled.

Hearing those words, Rejola smiled. He knew Zhang Ailun well, and this was an intelligent Chinese businessman. Chinese businessmen knew how to make someone happy and have you sign the contract without you knowing it. In the end, you might even take their friendship seriously.

As Rejola boarded a black Mercedes-Benz, Zhang Ailun suddenly said with a disappointed tone, “There’s something that I have to honestly tell you. Mr. Ni is gravely ill, and he’s currently lying on his sickbed. So I’m afraid that you won’t be able to meet him.”

Locking his brows together, Rejola was shocked by the unexpected news and responded, “My trip to China is to meet with Mr. Ni to discuss the development of the gold mine in South Africa’s Freedom Province. Why did he suddenly fall ill? If I can’t meet him, won’t my trip be in vain?”

“Everything occurred so suddenly, and he fell sick two hours ago. But don’t worry about it, I have set up another investor for you. Mr. Ni isn’t the only choice, there are many other investors in China. Furthermore, they’re also powerful as well.” Zhang Ailun sighed.

Cautiously looking at Zhang Ailun, Rejola replied, “I don’t like the feel of this. It feels as if there’s a scheme involved!”

Zhang Ailun was the bridge between the Ni Family and Rejola, which he played a crucial role in connecting the two of them. However, Rejola had already been in contact with Ni Buwei for a long time, so Rejola naturally felt uncomfortable that Zhang Ailun told him about the change in investor.

Taking out a pre-prepared document, Zhang Ailun explained, “This is the information that I’ve prepared for you with regards to that investor. Actually, you’ve already come in contact with him in the past; that company from Germany belongs to him.”

Looking at Zhang Ailun with a complicated gaze, Rejola responded, “I don’t like changing my cooperation partner on a whim. I don’t feel secure in this manner.”

“What if he can offer you more generous terms? I’m sure you won’t regret meeting him!” Zhang Ailun patiently persuaded.

Roughly half an hour later, Rejola was helplessly brought to an Africa-themed restaurant, where he met Qin Jingyu.

Shaking hands with Qin Jingyu, Rejola unhappily sat down while feeling that he was being schemed against.

But he didn’t have much of a choice at this moment. After all, he only brought two bodyguards, while Zhang Ailin had two robust western men. Looking at them, Rejola could tell that they have been trained, and his bodyguards were definitely not their opponent.

Hence, there’s nothing he could do aside from taking a step at a time and see what Zhang Ailun was trying!

“Let us go into the main topic!” Qin Jingyu said in fluent English as he continued, “If you’re willing to hand the development rights of that gold mine to me, I can offer you 10% of the profits as repayment, and you can freely choose what you want to do with this sum of money!”

The meaning behind Qin Jingyu’s words was clear. If Rejola was willing to pocket that money as a commission, Qin Jingyu could help him with it.

However, Rejola wasn’t comfortable with Qin Jingyu’s style and frowned, “The gold mine in South Africa implicates many powers, and we don’t look at profits for such a cooperation project but the investor’s qualification. That German company that you own doesn’t fit the requirements for the gold mine’s development, and this is the reason why we’ve rejected you.”

“There is always a first for everyone, why don’t you give me a chance?” Qin Jingyu smiled.

Rejola wasn’t comfortable with Qin Jingyu’s domineering negotiation method, and he would rather talk business with the elegant and friendly Ni Buwei.

“Mr. Ni and I have already reached the final segment of our discussion on this matter. Unless there’s a special circumstance, we will not be changing our partner.” Rejola frowned.

Hearing those words, Qin Jingyu helplessly sighed, “It’s a pity that the special circumstance that you spoke of has occurred. Ni Buwei is currently in a medical crisis, and I’m afraid you have no choice but to change your partner.”

“You must be joking. Before I boarded the plane, I was just talking to Mr. Ni, and he was fine!” Rejola continued with his brows locked.

Clapping his hands, Qin Jingyu replied, “Allow me to introduce you to two people, and I believe that their words will be more convincing than mine.”

After that, two matured women entered and Qin Jingyu introduced, “This is Ni Buwei’s younger sister, Ms. Ni Buqing, along with Ye Yilong’s elder sister, Ms. Ye Yifeng. I believe you’ve looked into them.”

Just as Qin Jingyu had guessed, Rejola wasn’t a stranger to Ni Buqing and Ye Yifeng. However, he was baffled as to why the two of them would show up here.

Qin Jingyu was clearly an opponent of Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong, so why were they standing on the side of their enemy?

As Ni Buqing poured a cup of tea for Rejola, she smiled. “Mr. Qin did not lie to you on this matter. My elder brother is currently in a medical crisis, and he might die at any moment as we speak. The reason why Ye Yifeng and I are here is in the hope that you can consider Mr. Qin’s suggestion. As for the qualification of Mr. Qin’s company, you can be reassured about this matter. The Ni and Ye Families will support him on this matter, and you can consider it as a co-operation between us three with you. However, the only change is that my brother won’t be leading this project, but Mr. Qin.”

At this moment, Rejola finally understood what was going on. Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong’s crisis must be related to these two women, and they must be helping Qin Jingyu for their own interests. Figuring it all out, Rejola inwardly sighed. Although he admired Ni Buwei’s charm, he bore the interest of many at this moment, so this project cannot be aborted. If anything happens to Ni Buwei, he would have to find another investor to ensure the smooth process of this project.

“I have to report this matter to headquarters!” Rejola decided to re-think about this matter. After all, he had doubts if those two women have the qualifications to represent the Ni and Ye Families.

“That’s your right!” Qin Jingyu smiled. He could tell that Rejola had taken a step back. The latter’s tone was no longer that determined, and this was a good start.

Thereafter, he nodded his head to Zhang Ailun, which the latter left with Rejola.

In the end, the room was only left with Ni Buqing, Ye Yifeng, and Qin Jingyu.

“Young Master Qin, isn’t it a little too insensitive to be asking us out at such a timing? Are you not afraid that someone might know that we’ve colluded together?” Ni Buqing asked with a complicated smile.

“Ms. Ni, are you afraid?” Qin Jingyu smiled and continued, “Even if we don’t meet, someone will still be suspicious!”

Letting out a sigh, Ni Buqing knew that Qin Jingyu had already bewitched her along with Ye Yifeng. They had fallen into his trap, and at this moment, there’s nothing they could do about it.

“How are Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong’s conditions? You guys don’t have to be too worried about it. As long as the two of them remain unconscious, the two of you will get what you want.” Qin Jingyu comforted with a smile.

“Su Tao is currently providing treatment for Ni Buwei, and I’m worried that he might cure Ni Buwei and ruin our plan.” Ni Buqing bit on her lips.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Jingyu replied, “Su Tao’s medical skills might be decent, but it doesn’t guarantee that he can treat all illnesses. What you guys have to do right now is gather your forces in your families to make preparations for taking over the family.”

Ni Buqing knew that this was a crucial moment and there’s no alternative, so she replied, “I’ve already fetched my second uncle from San Francisco. I believe that with his prestige, we will be able to silence all the voices. Even if my younger brother has left a will, it’s impossible for Ni Jingqiu to take over the Ni Family’s assets.”

“I have also contacted several core members of the various families, and they’ve shown support in me taking over the Ye Family.” Ye Yifeng spoke up as well.

Raising his cup, Qin Jingyu smiled. “Since that’s the case, then let’s hope that we will have great success in getting what we want!”

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