Chapter 538 - Benefitting from trouble

When Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu rushed to the Ni Family’s villa, it was in a complete mess. This also proved Ni Buwei’s status in the family as the pillar, and the Ni Family might fall if anything happened to him.

Everyone in the Ni Family was busy making calls and trying to come up with solutions for the current situation.

Following Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao might seem leisure, but he managed to closely follow her.

When Ni Jingqiu met Wang Qiaozhen, she nervously asked, “What’s wrong with dad?”

Shaking her head, Wang Qiaozhen sighed, “Dr. Yuan gave your father a full-body checkup and came to the conclusion that your father was poisoned, but he still has no idea what poison your father is inflicted with. He has already taken blood samples back, but according to your father’s current situation, he might not last half an hour, even if he took some anti-venom. If Dr. Yuan can’t find a solution in half an hour, I’m afraid that your father might die.”

Holding onto Wang Qiaozhen’s hands, Ni Jingqiu comforted, “Mom, you don’t have to be worried about it. Su Tao is here, and he can definitely treat dad!”

Hearing those words, Wang Qiaozhen nodded her head, since she was also a patient of Su Tao. Hence, she gave Su Tao a deep bow and begged, “Please, save my husband!”

“Let’s not delay and let me take a look at the patient!” Su Tao requested with a grave expression.

When they came to the room on the second floor, this room had already been changed into a ward. Ni Buwei’s complexion was dark with his body stiff while lying on the bed. His breathing was weak as if he was dead with an IV hanging from his arm with all sorts of apparatuses placed on him.

As Su Tao took Ni Buwei’s pulse, he frowned his brows and immediately pulled out the drip from Ni Buwei’s wrist.

“What are you doing?” A doctor immediately came forth and stopped Su Tao, “The patient showed signs of poisoning, and we’re putting him on IV!”

Glancing at that doctor, Su Tao replied with a faint tone, “You don’t even know the cause for his poisoning and gave him IV. Aren't you absurd?”

“Who are you?” That doctor questioned.

“He’s a friend of mine, and he is a competent physician. You can leave now, he will take over from here.” Ni Jingqiu sighed.

That doctor naturally recognised Ni Jingqiu since he’s Dr. Yuan’s assistant. Dr. Yuan had been the Ni Family’s family doctor with his decent medical skills, but he’s currently not present since he had to leave with Ni Buwei’s blood samples.

For doctors like them, common illnesses were nothing to them. But they were caught by surprise with a poisoning situation.

Glancing at the vile attitude of this doctor, Su Tao did not pay too much attention to it since he was the one that abruptly charged forth. After all, ruining someone’s rice bowl wasn’t morally right.

Thus, he patiently explained, “Mr. Ni’s condition is severe. Although I have no idea what poison he is suffering from, it has already spread throughout his entire body. So putting him on an IV at this moment is akin to killing him since it will only speed up his blood circulation. Although it might appear that you guys have injected some anti-venom, it will only result in the worsening of his condition.”

However, that doctor wasn’t relieved after Su Tao’s explanation. He just glared at the latter and unhappily said, “Since Ms. Ni has decided to hand the treatment to you, then do as you please!”

As Su Tao gave Ni Jingqiu a helpless smile, the latter naturally understood his meaning and said, “I’ll leave this to you. I won’t feel assured about leaving it to someone else!”

When that doctor heard Ni Jingqiu’s words, his nose crooked from the anger and he left to give a call to Dr. Yuan.

When Dr. Yuan heard his assistant’s explanation, he locked his brows and asked, “How old is the person that pulled out the IV?”

“He looks especially young and seems to be in his early twenties?” The assistant said with disdain and continued, “He’s so cocky, and I can’t stand him!”

After a brief silence, Dr. Yuan sighed and wryly smiled. “You’re truly blind. That young physician must be Su Tao. We’re pretty lucky that he pulled out the IV. Otherwise, we would be held responsible if anything happens!”

The assistant never expected that Dr. Yuan would give him a scolding and asked, “Who is that Su Tao?”

Dr. Yuan knew his assistant well. Although his assistant’s medical skills were decent and he was severe in dealing with matters, his conduct was lacking.

Taking a deep breath, he instructed, “Leave the Ni Family immediately! Su Tao was accepted as a National Healer this year, and his medical skills were publicly acknowledged. If even he’s incapable of resolving Ni Buwei’s poison, then I’m afraid that there’s nothing we can do about it.”

He instructed his assistant to leave to protect his assistant. Otherwise, who knows if it might affect their employment with the Ni Family.

For such a massive family like the Ni Family, they spend over tens of millions on medical fees annually, and Dr. Yuan couldn’t afford to lose such a valuable customer.

Hearing Dr. Yuan’s explanation, the assistant was terrified since he naturally knew what kind of organisation the National Healers were. That was a specialist team that attended to the leaders, and they’re Imperial Physicians in ancient terms. Recalling that he had just looked down on an Imperial Physician, he’s truly overestimating his own capability.

Su Tao examined Ni Buwei’s condition. The latter’s complexion was pale and purplish with cracks on his lips. At the same time, his skin was alternating between cold and hot. When Su Tao inserted a needle into Ni Buwei, the latter felt as if he had been shocked awake from his sweet dreams and suddenly sat up and coughed, which Su Tao immediately placed a napkin by his mouth.

The blood that Ni Buwei coughed out was all black with an odour that showed how deeply poisoned he was.

“If it goes according to my expectations, he should have been poisoned by the Throat Sealing Poison mixed with the Seven Stars Begonia.”

“Why do they sound like poisons from wuxia novels?” Ni Jingqiu asked with anxiety written on her face.

Since Su Tao was in a rush to resolve Ni Buwei’s poison, he only gave a simple explanation, “The Throat Sealing Poison is a common poison used in arrows. The moment it comes into contact with blood, the vessels will be sealed with the blood clotting up, resulting in death by suffocation, so it is known as the Throat Sealing Poison. As for the Seven Stars Begonia, it has no difference from ordinary begonia, but there are seven tiny yellow stolons that are extremely toxic. When refined into a poison, it’s tasteless and colourless, making it hard to detect. Even the victim will die with a smile on his face, and this poison is known as the king of all poison.”

One poison wasn’t enough, they actually used two powerful poisons. Thus, anyone could tell how much the culprit wanted Ni Buwei’s death.

Judging from his body’s condition, Ni Buwei was suffering from slow poisoning with the poison having accumulated in his body for months before it flared up.

The poisoning method used was extremely secretive, so that made the treatment extremely troublesome.

“How long do I have?” Ni Buwei regained his consciousness under Su Tao’s help and asked in a weak tone.

“I’m not confident in treating you!” Su Tao helplessly replied as he continued, “No one can say that they’re confident in treating such a potent venom. I suggest you account for anything that you want right now.”

Su Tao wasn’t scaring Ni Buwei. If he had discovered Ni Buwei before the poison flared up, there might be a solution. However, the poison was deeply rooted in his body, and Su Tao only had about 50% confidence. Thus, he wanted Ni Buwei to get his will done while he’s still conscious.

Coughing out another mouthful of black blood, Ni Buwei’s consciousness cleared up since he knew what Su Tao meant and urged, “I’ve never expected… that I would be making a will so soon… quick… get Mr. Zheng over…”

When Ni Jingqiu saw that Su Tao nodded his head, she inwardly sighed before immediately contacting the lawyer, Mr. Zheng.

By the time the lawyer arrived, Ni Buwei had lost his consciousness several times, but he regained it with Su Tao’s help.

At the same time, Su Tao had also started to constantly concoct medicine on the spot in an attempt to find a solution for the poison.

Both the Throat Sealing Poison and Seven Stars Begonia were known as bizarre poisons. They were too poisonous without a guaranteed treatment method.

The reason why Su Tao tried concocting medicine was because Ni Buwei was suffering from slow poisoning with the poison slowly invading his five viscera and six bowels, so he wasn’t confident in treating Ni Buwei.

Acupuncture could only stop the poison from spreading, but ultimately, he still had to create the antidote.

Since he had to put Ni Buwei’s condition under control, he was naturally present when Ni Buwei made his will.

He assigned all of his assets to be handed over to his daughter, Ni Jingqiu.

Although Su Tao did not have a good impression of Ni Buwei, Su Tao still took pity on him from how his true emotions were revealed to his daughter and wife before his death since compassion existed in the soul of most doctors.

Grabbing onto Wang Qiaozhen’s hands, Ni Buwei expressed how sorry he was for being busy with the family business and neglecting her.

“Old Ni, you will definitely recover. You have to trust in Su Tao’s medical skills!” Wang Qiaozhen initially thought that her husband was indifferent to their relationship, but she never expected that he was actually concerned about her from the bottom of his heart, and she teared up.

However, Su Tao did not pay any attention to the touching scene since he was racing against time. The culprit did not leave him with the luxury of time.

In a room at Tong Zuoqing’s teahouse.

Qin Jingyu’s gaze fell onto a porcelain cup as he fiddled with it. Although the amber tea swirled in the cup, none of it spilt out as he looked extremely relaxed.

Sitting to his side, Tong Zuoqing received a call before he said, “There are movements from the Ni Family!”

As a cold arc rose on Qin Jingyu’s lips, he sighed, “The hearts of women are truly venomous. What about the Ye Family?”

As Tong Zuoqing knitted his brows, his phone rang again, and he replied, “Here’s the news!”

After taking the call, he sighed, “Something happened to Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong consecutively. It seems that Beijing will be swept in chaos.”

Slightly frowning his brows, Qin Jingyu replied, “It’s easier for us to benefit from trouble. I’m just afraid that the two of them won’t die for Beijing to turn into chaos!”

“Wang Guofeng might not be a physician anymore, but the poison from the Medicine King Valley isn't something that can be cured!” Tong Zuoqing immediately said.

Touching his chin, Qin Jingyu replied, “It looks like even trash is occasionally useful!”

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