Chapter 537 - A Nurturing Fetish

When Gu Rushan came out of the elevator, Cai Yan was walking over with a trash bag in her hand.

Looking at Cai Yan, she was wearing a casual T-shirt with a cartoon panda on her chest, short jeans, and pink slippers. Her hair was draped over her shoulders and she permeated sex appeal in her actions. All along, Gu Rushan had been confident about her appearance, but for some reason, she felt lacking when facing Cai Yan.

She knew the difference between her and Cai Yan — confidence.

The life of a person determined their psychological state. Cai Yan lived an abundant life with a sense of security. It was something that she didn’t possess since she had been drifting in Beijing for so many years by herself.

“Rushan, you’re back?” Cai Yan’s eyes lit up as she took the initiative to greet.

“Yeah, the filming was held in the wilderness this time, and it’s extremely tough. But at the same time, I was free after since I don't have any more scenes to film. I just have to wait for the editing and if needed, reshoot some of the scenes.” Gu Rushan had a good impression of Cai Yan. She did not feel anything special just because of how she bothered Su Tao in the past. Facing Cai Yan, she was riddled with even more guilt than when facing Ni Jingqiu. After all, Cai Yan was Su Tao’s official girlfriend.

“I see, it must be tough, right? Hurry up and go home!” Cai Yan smiled as she explained, “Let me get rid of the trash and I’ll come to look for you. There are some things that I would like to discuss with you.”

Thus, they brushed their shoulders with one another, leaving while the other entered the elevator.

Looking at Gu Rushan’s silhouette, Cai Yan sighed. She had to admit that Gu Rushan was a charming woman. Her frown and smile could strum the emotions of others. It’s tough for any ordinary man to control themselves upon seeing her, and a playboy like Su Tao was definitely interested in Gu Rushan.

At the same time, she could tell that Su Tao and Gu Rushan still haven't reached that level in their relationship. At the very least, Gu Rushan would panic in front of her and was probably afraid that her feelings for Su Tao would be discovered.

The more she concealed, the easier it would be for her to be exposed.

However, Cai Yan did not feel pissed since Su Tao had many strong points, and it’s natural for women to be attracted to him.

Women were complicated creatures. Although they would feel insecure if their men were attractive, they would also feel pleased since it could prove their eyesight for finding such a man.

When Gu Rushan entered her apartment, she noticed a layer of dust on the furniture since she hadn’t been home for days. Recalling that Cai Yan would be coming over, she knew that she could not allow herself to be belittled. Thus, she immediately took the feather duster and started cleaning up, and at the same time, she went to boil water after recalling that there’s no warm water at home.

The door wasn’t closed on purpose when Cai Yan knocked on the door, which Gu Rushan called out for her to enter from the kitchen. When Cai Yan entered, she noticed a pair of slippers and found Gu Rushan pretty attentive. Changing into the slippers, she looked around in the living room before her gaze finally stopped on the wedding portrait, frozen.

Gu Rushan came out of the kitchen with a pot of tea and explained, “This photo was a favour for my friend who owns a photography shop, and I hung it here to repel evil!”

“Repel evil?” Cai Yan couldn’t help bursting into laughter upon hearing that term.

“Yeah, as a single woman, it’s impossible for me to feel secure. As I’m often not home, I hung such a photo to prevent thieves, and it’s also meant to warn lechers. After all, if a thief saw that there’s a man around in this house, he wouldn't dare to act unbridledly.” Gu Rushan poured a cup of tea for Cai Yan.

Jasmine tea was Cai Yan’s favourite. She took a small sip and smiled. “What’s Su Tao’s reaction when he saw the photo?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Gu Rushan’s face blushed. “He was smart, and I didn’t manage to fool him.”

“He’s a prodigy, and it’s hard for you to bluff him.” Cai Yan smiled.

Looking at Cai Yan’s bright pupils, Gu Rushan suddenly felt a little panicky and replied, “Su Tao and I are just ordinary neighbours. There’s nothing between us, so please don’t misunderstand!”

Seeing Gu Rushan going into a panic, Cai Yan smiled and responded, “Su Tao and I used to be neighbours as well…”

“There’s really nothing between us. I only forced him to act as my boyfriend due to an unexpected turn of events. He’s a sincere person, and he has helped me greatly.” Recalling the few months that she got to know Su Tao, Gu Rushan suddenly noticed that her life had drastically changed and the plot was even more exciting than a movie.

After a brief pause, Cai Yan took out a few documents from her purse along with a set of keys and placed them on the table.

“These are Su Tao’s intentions!” Cai Yan replied and continued, “He has already arranged someone to sign an endorsement contract with your management company for ten years. In this period, you just have to coordinate with the Three Flavour International's activities, such as product conferences, photographs, and advertisements. We’ve already given your management company a sum of the endorsement fees. Furthermore, as a gift of friendship, we’ve also decided to give this apartment to you. But when you’ve saved up enough money to pay for this apartment, you have to return the money to him. Can you do it?”

Gu Rushan was frozen upon hearing those words. She finally understood what Cai Yan meant. It turned out that Cai Yan was not here to talk about her and Su Tao, but the latter was here to provide a solution for the contract she signed with her parents.

At this moment, Gu Rushan felt extremely complicated. She wanted to reject this gift, but she couldn’t open her mouth.

It turned out that Su Tao had already thought of a solution when she signed the contract with her parents.

That despicable fellow actually kept it from her and chose such a method to frighten her.

This was really an embarrassing ‘surprise’!

Seeing Gu Rushan falling into silence, Cai Yan explained in an understanding tone, “Su Tao isn’t trying to take pity on you, but he feels that you’re an extremely outstanding actress, so he would like to invest in you early on. Please do not refuse this offer since an intelligent woman will never refuse an opportunity that doesn’t hold any malice.”

“Is this the reason why Su Tao got you to hand the keys to me?” Gu Rushan sighed while feeling a little touched.

Nodding her head, Cai Yan replied, “His thoughts are meticulous, and he knew that you would definitely refuse this if he gave it to you directly.”

“He’s right in that matter. If he were the one that gave it to me, I would definitely misunderstand it as his attempt to get me to be his lover.” Gu Rushan smiled self-mockingly.

However, Cai Yan knew that Gu Rushan was just joking and responded, “It seems like you have already thought it through. Since I’m done, then I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Nodding her head, Gu Rushan stood up and sent Cai Yan to the door. After seeing the latter entering the apartment next door, she closed the door with her heart feeling empty.

All of a sudden, Gu Rushan felt that this apartment was unfamiliar. Did this apartment really belong to her from today onwards?

Feeling that everything happened too abruptly, Gu Rushan took out her phone and sent a message to Su Tao, “Thank you!”

“Don’t forget me when you’re rich! If I’m down, then please provide for me!” Su Tao soon sent over a humorous message.

Reading the message, a brilliant smile rose on Gu Rushan’s lips as she replied with an ambiguous message, “I won’t forget my benefactor. Since you’re providing for me right now, then I will provide for you in the future!”

Seeing Su Tao messaging with a smile on his face, Ni Jingqiu suddenly became unhappy in the vehicle and said with sarcasm, “So, which lady got doomed by you this time?”

Rolling his eyes at Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao sourly responded, “It’s Rushan. I’ve loaned her the apartment that I got you to temporarily buy for me.”

“You’re treating her really well. You couldn’t have fallen for her, right?” Ni Jingqiu said with a deep meaning in her words.

In response to her question, Su Tao first nodded his head before he shook his head again and replied, “You can’t call it love, but I just have a good feeling about her. Aren’t you curious about whether she will fulfill her dream and become a celebrity if she has all the right conditions?”

Glaring at Su Tao, Ni Jingqiu sourly said, “So, you actually have a nurturing fetish!”

“Nurturing?” Su Tao was baffled by the term used in her words.

“That means to nurture a woman from nothing to something.” Ni Jingqiu was in disbelief that Su Tao was unaware of this term.

Despite her explanation, Su Tao cocked his head and pondered for a long time before he finally smiled. “Well, I don’t think that applies to her. Gu Rushan isn’t someone with nothing since she has both willpower and talent.”

“I never expected that she would have so much merit in your eyes!” When Ni Jingqiu spoke those words, she realised that she felt somewhat sour in her heart. Sneaking a glance at Su Tao, she inwardly sighed since he wasn’t paying attention to her.

“Everyone has merits!” Su Tao chuckled.

“Why don’t you talk about them?” Ni Jingqiu’s lips rose as she became filled with expectation for Su Tao’s judgment of her.

“You’re kind-hearted, sincere, smart, educated, someone that understands others, and a charming leader.” Su Tao analysed with concise and comprehensive words.

“Why do I feel that I’m inferior when compared to your judgment of Gu Rushan?” Ni Jingqiu felt somewhat disappointed.

“This is a small tactic when dealing with people. When you’re praising someone, you must exercise restraints. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be out of words if I want to praise you in the future?” Su Tao smiled.

His tongue was sharp, and his mouth’s speech was eloquent as always!

As she smiled, her phone suddenly rang, so she immediately put on the Bluetooth headset.

Through the headset, her mother’s voice resounded, leaving her somewhat stupefied. When her mother finished, her expression turned grave and she replied, “Mom, calm down. Su Tao is currently in my car, and I will bring him over immediately.”

Hanging up the call, Ni Jingqiu stomped on the gas and the vehicle shot out. Su Tao didn’t have the opportunity to ask Ni Jingqiu what’s going on, but through the phone, he could tell that something happened to Ni Buwei.

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