Chapter 535 - Death than Humiliation

“Hey, Inada-aniki. I’m in Beijing right now, and I’ve just encountered some trouble. A group of barbarians is currently obstructing me from leaving, so please help me.” Arisuke Watanabe helplessly requested in Japanese.

“Is that true? You don’t have to be worried about it. I’ll immediately send someone to deal with this matter!”  Kenji Inada was familiar with Arisuke Watanabe, it’s just that his relationship wasn’t as good as it was with Kohei Koizumi. But as a diplomat, he naturally had the responsibility to help if his fellow countryman encountered trouble in China.

Knowing that help would soon arrive, Arisuke Watanabe found a chair to sit on and even seemed relaxed while he was at it. When everyone saw how leisurely he was acting, they immediately grew enraged.

As for Mr. Lei, he had no idea what to do right now. Seeing Mr. Wu bleeding even more profusely from his head, he grew even more worried and took out his phone to call for help with his hands trembling.

All of a sudden, the crowd opened up and Kohei Koizumi walked in. Seeing his superior, Arisuke Watanabe’s face instantly changed. What sort of coincidence was this?

Su Tao was following behind Kohei Koizumi. When he heard that someone was injured, he made a note in his heart about this matter and saw Mr. Wu, who was lying on the ground the moment he entered.

Since life was at stake, Su Tao immediately went over and took Mr. Wu’s pulse before he opened up his medical box to retrieve his needles.

He managed to swiftly analyse Mr. Wu’s condition, and at the same time, he managed to deduce how violent Arisuke Watanabe was. Fortunately, Mr. Wu encountered him. Otherwise, Mr. Wu might still be fine, but there would be repercussions left behind from his injuries that would lead to headaches on colder days.

He first used acupuncture the stop the bleeding and ensure the smooth channel of Mr. Wu’s brain meridians. Although he only used several needles, he displayed his outstanding medical skills.

All of a sudden, Mr. Wu, who was lying down unconscious, spat out a mouthful of blood and weakly cursed, “You despicable scum, I’ll go all out with you!”

Although Su Tao had no idea what’s going on, he could tell from Mr. Wu’s injuries that Arisuke Watanabe was an extremely violent person.

Seeing that Mr. Wu regained his consciousness, Arisuke Watanabe locked his brows together and cursed in disdain in Japanese, “What a cockroach-like trash. How disgusting!”

Seeing how unbridled Arisuke Watanabe behaved, Kohei Koizumi questioned, “Watanabe-san, please mind your words. What was going on here?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Arisuke Watanabe casually answered, “I was treating the two of them to a meal out of goodwill to discuss some matters, but this person doesn’t know what’s good for him and even tried to make a move against me. As a result, I could only act out in self-defense.”

Seeing Arisuke Watanabe acting out in such a dignified manner, Kohei Koizumi became enraged, “Watanabe-san, you’re an executive of the Fuji Group. How can you act out so recklessly when you’re representing the Fuji Group overseas?”

“Koizumi-san, I heard that you were treated by a Chinese? Is this the reason why you’re treating them like your parents?” Arisuke Watanabe smiled.

Hearing Arisuke Watanabe’s words, Kohei Koizumi was furious. But since Asaka Ochi knew that her husband could not suffer any provocation, she immediately held onto Kohei Koizumi and reprimanded, “Watanabe-san, how can you say those words?”

As Arisuke Watanabe took two deep glances at Asaka Ochi, his tone suddenly changed as he bowed in Kohei Koizumi’s direction and apologised, “Koizumi-san, I’m sorry for my earlier behaviour. But please believe in me, I was really acting out of self-defense. He was the first to make a move, and I lost my composure since I was too angry. For this matter, Ms. Du Jing can act as my witness!”

Standing to the side, Du Jing could only subconsciously nod her head like a puppet. She had no idea how to deal with the present situation, but since Arisuke Watanabe was useful in helping the Ultimate Media to secure this investment, she sided with him without any hesitation.

It was right that Mr. Wu acted first, but that was also because of Arisuke Watanabe’s provocation. Even so, there's no reason for Arisuke Watanabe to be so ruthless in his beating.

Death rather than humiliation. Mr. Wu came from the revolutionary era. Hence, the scenes of how Japanese unbridledly slaughtered common folks were engraved in his heart, so how could he allow Arisuke Watanabe to act with such arrogance?

As Mr. Wu slowly regained his consciousness, he weakly said, “That scumbag, you want to steal the remains of those buried in Tiger Ditch Village? You can dream about that! I won’t let you have it your way unless I’m dead!”

As he spoke, he tried to get up to fight with Arisuke Watanabe again.

However, Arisuke Watanabe ignored his challenge with contempt, “What an opinionated bunch of fools!”

Although he spoke in Japanese, everyone present could hear his tone.

Inwardly letting out a sigh, Su Tao applied medicine for Mr. Wu’s injury and consoled, “You can focus on healing your injuries. We have so many people here, and if we wanted to teach him a lesson, you don’t have to do it yourself! We can beat him silly with a punch from every person here.”

Naturally, his words were heard by Arisuke Watanabe and the latter chuckled out while pointing at Mr. Wu in disdain, “What’s wrong? Are you guys perhaps intending to gang up on me? How about this, I’ll set up a ring today. As long as anyone can defeat me in a fair fight, I will kneel and apologise to him! You guys can even take turns coming at me!”

Immediately, a commotion broke out from his words. Although the security guards of the hotel were trained, they could only deal with ordinary people. Thus, they weren’t confident in facing Arisuke Watanabe in a fair fight.

Seeing that no one dared to step forth, Arisuke Watanabe continued with his provocation, “What? Didn’t you people claim how formidable your martial arts were? I think that those claims are simply hilarious! Just recently, there was a video of a self-proclaimed Taiji Grandmaster beaten up by a mixed martial arts fighter. If you guys were in Japan, this mixed martial arts fighter would’ve been beaten to a pulp if he dared to challenge masters of Karate, Judo, and Sumo. I might not be a master at Karate, but I dare to challenge all of you here. So, anyone here dares to face me?”

He wasn’t trying to start an international dispute in his words, but he was afraid that everyone might gang up on him. After all, even a random punch could kill a master. If so many people ganged up on him, then his outcome to be beaten to a pulp was practically determined.

Although he’s arrogant, he was also shrewd. He only beat Mr. Wu because he thought that this matter could be resolved with money, but he never expected that he would be surrounded in the blink of an eye.

But naturally, these people were all cowards in his eyes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have an incident where eight knife-wielding men would start a massacre at a province’s train station despite having nearly ten thousand people gathered. In the end, that particular incident led to over thirty deaths and left over a hundred injured.

China might be powerful, but most of its citizens were weak. They’re all lacking courage, and in the eyes of evildoers, they’re just a bunch of chickens.

“I’ll face you, then!” Su Tao sighed. It was reasonable for Arisuke Watanabe to act so arrogantly since he could tell from Mr. Wu’s injuries that Arisuke Watanabe must have some foundation in martial arts.

Cracking his neck, Arisuke Watanabe smiled. “Looks like there’s someone with guts around here!”

As he spoke, he undid the first two buttons of his shirt to reveal his sturdy muscles before he took on a Bruce Lee pose and waved his hand at Su Tao.

Su Tao first calmly took two steps over before he suddenly accelerated and disappeared. The next time he reappeared, he had already thrown a jab at Arisuke Watanabe’s abdomen.

As Arisuke Watanabe’s face turned red, he felt excruciating pain coming from his abdomen, this jab had broken one of his ribs.

But before he could respond, Su Tao raised his leg and gave a fatality kick, which made Arisuke Watanabe feel another excruciating pain coming from his groin.

This was a tricky kick as it had immediately exploded Arisuke Watanabe’s family jewels.

Hence, Arisuke Watanabe held onto his lower abdomen with one hand while his groin with another and kneeled on the ground.

An instant kill!

In Su Tao’s eyes, Arisuke Watanabe’s Karate was nothing.

At the same time, he had also gone heavy with his attacks. Although Arisuke Watanabe wouldn’t be in any life danger, it’s determined that he would be a cripple starting today.

As a physician, Su Tao would naturally not commit murder for such a scumbag. However, he had ways to cripple this scumbag’s manhood.

Glancing at Mr. Wu, Su Tao smiled. “He didn’t go back against his words and kneeled to you!”

Everything all happened in the blink of an eye. The mighty Arisuke Watanabe a moment ago was now lying on the ground, leaving everyone cheering for Su Tao.

Showing an embarrassed look at Arisuke Watanabe, Kohei Koizumi felt ashamed to have such a comrade and subordinate.

“Divine Physician Su, I will give feedback to the embassy and Fuji Group on Watanabe-san’s actions!”

At this moment, Ni Jingqiu gave An Qi a nod, which the latter immediately took out a yellow envelope from her bag and said, “Here’s the evidence of the Ultimate Media and Arisuke Watanabe colluding, and they’ve already reached an agreement. If the Ultimate Media successfully receives Fuji Group’s investment, he will receive 10% of it as commission. Not only is there evidence of the money transfer between them, but the video of their conversation is also included.”

Hearing those words, Kohei Koizumi sighed. Ni Jingqiu was truly not a pushover and used so many means just to target her competitor. After all, it’s not difficult for the Ni Family’s intelligence to get this information.

“I sincerely apologise on behalf of Arisuke Watanabe’s rudeness!” Kohei Koizumi gave a deep bow to Ni Jingqiu.

At this moment, he felt humiliated. Su Tao just saved his life, but his comrade showed such a barbaric side and tried to stir conflict between the two countries.

Truth be told, most Japanese didn’t have any grudges with Chinese. At the same time, there was also a group of extremists that held prejudice against the Chinese.

Soon after, the local police arrived and protected Arisuke Watanabe, which Kohei Koizumi went up and provided his explanation. Upon receiving an account of the incident, the police did not pursue the injuries on Arisuke Watanabe and silently brought him away to be treated.

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