Chapter 534 - Earning with a easy heart

Kohei Koizumi and Asaka Ochi were currently sitting before a table with smiles on their faces.

Sitting beside Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao was in a pretty great mood as he looked at this couple from Japan. This couple knew how to be grateful, more than he’d imagined.

Asaka Ochi took the initiative to raise her cup and sincerely expressed her gratitude from the bottom of her heart, “Divine Physician Su, I would like to thank you for treating my husband. Because of his illness, we’ve traveled around the globe, and China could be considered as our final hope. Even we didn’t hold much hope for a miracle!”

Waving his hand, Su Tao sighed, “Mr. Koizumi’s condition is severe, and what I did was keep his condition from worsening for a year. So I have to remind you guys that he must maintain a positive mindset, and perhaps, the outbreak of his illness might be delayed.”

“A year?” Kohei Koizumi had long accepted death and casually replied, “Then, I have to spend this year experiencing all the things that I’ve missed out in the past.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “That’s the mindset that you have to maintain. If you can forget that you’re a patient, then it will be beneficial to your condition!”

“Then, does he still require to take any medication?” Asaka Ochi asked after a brief hesitation.

Retrieving the prescription that he had prepared, Su Tao handed it over and explained, “Take this prescription daily!”

After that, he took a cyan bottle of pills out from his medical box.

“There’s one vital herb in this prescription, the Cloud Grass. I’ve already refined the extract through special methods, you just have to add this in accordance with the prescription.”

Not only was the Cloud Grass known as Longevity Grass, but it’s also extremely beneficial for slowing down aging and battling cancer.

Immediately standing up from her seat, Asaka Ochi took the bottle and prescription from Su Tao before she gave him a deep bow. “Thank you, Divine Physician Su, for your help!”

Since he had already saved Kohei Koizumi, he might as well go through with it. Furthermore, he had a pretty good impression of this couple, so he naturally wouldn’t mind giving them some healthcare suggestions.

If Kohei Koizumi was really capable of maintaining a positive mindset, there’s even hope for him to live for two years.

As for the prescription that he gave them, aside from the Cloud Grass that could effectively fight against cancer, the other herbs listed on the prescription were mainly used to nourish his health. Those herbs didn’t cause any side effects to the five viscera and six bowels since Ling Yu used the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique to create a balance between Kohei Koizumi’s failing organs. So taking medicine for an extended period would cause damage to the five viscera instead, and one day, it would disrupt the balance that had been built with such great difficulty.

Even if Kohei Koizumi claimed that he was already indifferent to death, he would still determine himself as a patient in his heart.

A patient would start to worry if he didn’t take any medication, and as time passes, it would only result in his condition worsening. This was also the main reason why the couple wanted to meet with Su Tao. Since Su Tao understood the patient’s mentality too well, he gave a prescription to Kohei Koizumi.

But the prescription that he gave to Kohei Koizumi was only meant for calming the mind, and it wouldn’t cause any side effects to the body. Aside from Cloud Grass, the prescription was no different from drinking plain water.

Kohei Koizumi’s body was too terrible, and even if his health has improved right now, it was only an appearance. As the saying goes, those with weak constitutions were not advised to nourish. Right now, Kohei Koizumi’s body couldn’t take any nourishment.

“Remember only to take the medication that I’ve prescribed you and nothing else. Aside from that, you also have to pay attention to your diet and eat lightly. You can enjoy fish and meat, but you have to control your intake of them.” Su Tao warned.

Right now, his image was practically akin to a deity in the hearts of the couple, so they would naturally take his words seriously.

As Kohei Koizumi gave a signal to Asaka Ochi, the latter took out a card from her luxurious black bag and pushed it over to Su Tao. “This is the treatment fees that we’ve prepared, so please accept it!”

However, Su Tao naturally had no idea that this was an American Express Centurion Card, and the limit was much higher than the one they gave to Wang Ru.

Shaking his head, he replied, “I’m not trying to be noble, but I appreciate your good intention. As for this card, please take it back.”

Hearing those words, Asaka Ochi was briefly stunned before her face blushed and she persevered, “Divine Physician Su, please accept this card. Otherwise, my husband will feel guilty!”

After a brief hesitation, Su Tao smiled. “Then I’ll keep the card. However, I will be donating it to the Qihuang Charity Funds under your name, instead. When the time comes, I will give you guys a copy of the donation certificate.”

Filled with admiration by Su Tao’s action, Asaka Ochi praised, “Divine Physician Su, your moral is truly admirable!”

As for Ni Jingqiu, she was trying her very best not to laugh.

How could there be someone in the world that didn’t drool over money?

Although Su Tao didn’t have much concept towards money, he naturally knew that it’s best to have as much money as possible. But before foreigners, he couldn’t afford to embarrass himself. He had to show the pride of treating money as dirt, in which he repackaged it in another manner to gain the admiration of others.

The Qihuang Charity Funds was an important project to him, and he had already been prepared to inject a portion of the expensive fees he collects from his treatments into the funds. This way, the money could be used to serve the public.

As for Ni Jingqiu, she was rather silent throughout the entire conversation while paying attention to Su Tao and the couple, in which she could tell the couple’s trust for Su Tao.

Finally, she spoke up at some point and interrupted, “We’ve talked for so long, and we seem to have forgotten the delicacies on the table today.”

“That’s right; let’s chat while we eat!” Kohei Koizumi heartedly laughed.

“The dishes today were all approved by Su Tao, so you can try them!” Ni Jingqiu explained out of consideration.

Touched by her gesture, Kohei Koizumi thanked, “I must have given you guys trouble.”

“No worries about it. After all, it’s a fate that allowed us to meet!” Ni Jingqiu waved her hand.

Letting out a sigh, Kohei Koizumi helplessly said, “Ms. Ni, I’m extremely interested in your TCM cultural project, but you know my current condition. I will be resigning after my return to Japan, and even if I approve of this project, there will definitely be flaws in the future. Furthermore, I can’t ensure that my successor will follow through with this project.”

Shaking her head, Ni Jingqiu replied, “Today’s meal is meant for a gathering of friends. We won’t talk about work today, aside from friendship!”

Feeling admiration for Ni Jingqiu’s capability, Kohei Koizumi sighed, “It’s a pity. If I managed to meet Ms. Ni much earlier, I believe that the Fuji Group would be able to find a powerful partner in China.”

“Mr. Koizumi, you will definitely recover, and we can talk about cooperation at that time.” Ni Jingqiu replied.

Without concealing anything from her, Kohei Koizumi revealed, “The Ultimate Media has always been your greatest competitor, and their Chairman personally made a trip over to Fuji Group’s headquarters for public relations. He even obtained a pretty good result, so it won’t be easy for you guys to obtain this investment.”

“I believe that with my company’s competitiveness, we won’t find a lack for investors.” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

Slapping himself on the chest, Kohei Koizumi promised, “I still have some connections in the investing world, so please be assured that I will help you out in promoting this project.”

The reason why Ni Jingqiu maintained contact with Kohei Koizumi was because she knew about his powerful influence in Japan’s financial circle. Compared to Arisuke Watanabe, he had way more advantages.

At the same time, she knew that he was only willing to help her because of Su Tao, so after a brief pause, she smiled. “Didn’t we say that we’re not going to talk about work? So why are we talking about it again?”

Waving his hand, Kohei Koizumi casually replied, “Friends can also talk about work, that’s one part about friendship.”

The atmosphere at the dining table was pretty good, and Su Tao also finally understood Ni Jingqiu’s intention and inwardly sighed. It turned out that this woman used him as a bargaining chip to talk business.

But that’s also human. If you’re being used, that meant that you had the worth to be used.

At this moment, Su Tao felt like a ball swelling up from the favor and could explode anytime.

While they were chatting, a commotion came from outside before An Qi entered and whispered a few words to Ni Jingqiu.

Knitting her brows, Ni Jingqiu asked, “Such a coincidence?”

An Qi nodded as she peeked at Kohei Koizumi before she kept her silence.

Although Kohei Koizumi was seriously ill, he knew that this matter must have something to do with him from An Qi’s glance and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Your subordinate, Arisuke Watanabe, is also having a meal in this hotel as well!” Ni Jingqiu sighed.

“Oh? He’s in China as well?” Kohei Koizumi’s expression turned cold. He immediately realised that there’s a high chance for this meal to be planned at the same hotel as Arisuke Watanabe.

However, he wasn’t disgusted by it. After all, using schemes and plans in the business world to fight for profits wasn’t strange.

“Mr. Koizumi, the reason why we booked our meal at this restaurant is actually because we knew that Arisuke Watanabe would be here as well.” Ni Jingqiu knew that she couldn’t fool Kohei Koizumi and revealed the truth.

“I admit that we did this with ulterior motives. Even if the Newlight Media and Fuji Group can’t cooperate, I still hope to expose the unlawful dealings between the Ultimate Media and Arisuke Watanabe.”

Hearing those words, Kohei Koizumi’s expression turned grave as he replied, “If you guys can provide any evidence of Arisuke Watanabe accepting bribes, then I will absolutely not allow someone like him to succeed my position.”

“I’m naturally not speaking without any proof, but I still haven’t managed to gather sufficient evidence. But the matter is extremely urgent as Arisuke Watanabe seems to have encountered some trouble. He was causing trouble and was forbidden from leaving after he assaulted someone.” Ni Jingqiu sighed.

Standing up from his seat, Kohei Koizumi frowned. “Then, we’ll go take a look and see what the situation is like!”

When they came to the room next door, the entrance was blocked. This was no longer seventy years ago, where China was so weak that they could be so easily beaten, not to mention that this was Beijing, the Capital of China.

When the security guards knew that a foreigner beat up a fellow countryman, they immediately called for backup to stop Arisuke Watanabe from leaving.

At the same time, Arisuke Watanabe was also starting to panic as he realised that China wasn’t as it was depicted in history books.

Since Du Jing Was a woman, she could only contact her superior in this situation to request for backup to protect Arisuke Watanabe.

Glancing at the crowd cursing at him in disdain, Arisuke Watanabe took out his phone to give Kenji Inada a call.

He had already calmed down, and under this situation, he could only request his old friend, Kenji Inada, for help.

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