Chapter 532 - Proficient at anything

Su Tao took a cab back home. When he returned home, he noticed a fragrance blowing from the kitchen and Cai Yan was wearing an apron with a spatula in her hand. Looking at her silhouette, she seemed virtuous, so he smiled. “Why are you cooking personally?”

Turning around with a charming smile, Cai Yan replied, “Today’s a good day, so shouldn’t we celebrate a little?”

Although Cai Yan wore simple clothes, she’s a natural clothes rack with her figure. As she wore a cotton shirt with short jeans that revealed half of her legs, her hair draped over her shoulders and fluttered along with her movements, giving off a bewitching charm.

“What’s the day today? Are you perhaps going to hand yourself to me?” Su Tao was somewhat baffled.

Rolling her eyes, Cai Yan sourly replied, “Stop dreaming! Isn’t it good news that you obtained the National Healer title?”

Placing his hand by his lips, Su Tao gently coughed, “What if I failed?”

“Then, it won’t be a celebration meal but a comforting meal.” Cai Yan shrugged.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao wryly smiled, “Where’s the surprise? Shouldn’t you ask me about the result, so that I can lie to you that I failed before speaking the truth to put on a surprise?”

“It’s because I understand you too well. Although you might fool around normally, you’re serious when handling matters. Since you’ve decided to participate in the National Healer Selection, then you must have some confidence. Otherwise, you wouldn’t spend three months in Beijing.” Cai Yan sighed.

“Alright, you win! Thanks for your trust in me!” Su Tao laid his hands out and surrendered with a bitter smile.

Truth be told, the National Healer Selection wasn’t that easy, and Su Tao had also faced challenges. Many times, he relied on a last moment flash of insight to pass through the examination.

Take the third round, for example. If he hadn’t seen through the secret in that painting during his conversation with Sire Zhao, his outcome might be the same as the other physicians and receive criticism. If that happened, then his score for the third round would surely be much lower, and it’s not for sure if he could obtain the National Healer qualification.

But it was also mainly because Su Tao has created too many miracles that Cai Yan was already numb to it. For her, it would be strange if Su Tao did not obtain the National Healer title.

Still, the National Healer Selection was by far the hardest competition that Su Tao has been through so far. He only managed to pass after bringing out all his abilities.

That’s because he knew that if he didn't bring out all of his ability, even if his score might be higher than the three western medicine candidates, he won't be able to win against Ling Yu.

Recalling Ling Yu’s warm smile, Su Tao couldn’t help sighing again. That young man was both a respectable and fearsome opponent.

“After obtaining the National Healer title, it’s extremely beneficial for the Three Flavour Hall. In the past, many investors have considered us a target for investment, hoping that they can invest in us. However, I’ve rejected them. But I believe that there will be more coming!” Cai Yan became smug.

“Oh? Why did you reject them?” Su Tao knew that the Three Flavour Hall currently lacked money, and money could be used to clear any obstacles.

Walking over, Su Tao helped Cai Yan by cutting the vegetables and the sliced potato soon became julienned. 

Slapping Su Tao’s hand, Cai Yan reprimanded, “Hey, I’m going to cook chicken with the potato slices. How am I going to cook now when you’ve turned them into this?” As she spoke, she suddenly smiled. “The reason why I rejected them was that their offers weren’t up to my satisfaction. The Three Flavour Hall’s growth is extremely high, and goes at least three times the price now.”

After looking at Cai Yan for a long time, Cai Yan misunderstood that there was someone on her face, so she immediately wiped and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there anything on my face?”

“Yeah, there’s a word written on your face!” Su Tao solemnly replied.

Glaring at Su Tao with her brows raised, Cai Yan sourly snapped, “Nutjob?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao jabbed on her forehead and smiled. “Greedy!”

Blissfulness was that simple, just by having a companion that believed in you and someone that you could joke around with.

Cai Yan’s culinary skills could only be considered ordinary. When she cooked halfway, Su Tao couldn’t stand her slow tempo anymore and he seized the wok, leaving Cai Yan folding her arms. But as she looked at Su Tao, a smile rose on her lips.

Even if she has been controlling herself, she still felt thrilled that he could obtain the National Healer title.

This was the man that she’s in love with, who was formidable at doing anything!

Although it was just a simple home-cooked meal, the two of them ate with gusto. For once, Su Tao ate till he was almost full and even burped twice, causing Cai Yan, who was doing dishes to glare at him in disdain.

At this moment, his phone rang, so Su Tao walked over and picked it up. “Ms. Ni, what’s up?”

Ni Jingqiu was still in her office as she sat on her red leather chair and spun around.

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for not disappointing anyone and obtaining the National Healer title. Secondly, I would like to invite you to an important meal tomorrow.”

Nowadays, Ni Jingqiu was fond of Chinese-style clothes. She’s wearing a peach blossom cheongsam that wrapped her exquisite body well, revealing her shoulders in the process. The dress, which was white mixed with pink, looked refreshing and added charm to her.

Su Tao didn’t like going to meals since he would always be turned into the protagonist.

He had just participated in the National Healer Selection and wanted to rest. However, he had to give Ni Jingqiu face. After all, she’s his best friend and even forked out such a massive investment for his branch in Beijing.

“Alright, send me your address later!” Su Tao did not hesitate to agree.

Knocking her finger on the table, Ni Jingqiu smiled, “Are you not going to ask me about the meal?”

“You’re the host, so what would I have to be worried about? Can it possibly be a meal targeted against me?” Su Tao sourly replied.

Hearing those words, Ni Jingqiu bitterly smiled. It’s dull chatting with someone that didn’t have any curiosity.

“Didn’t you treat Kohei Koizumi today in the National Healer Selection?” She explained.

When Su Tao received her explanation, he was briefly stunned, but soon figured it out. It turns out that Kohei Koizumi wanted to thank him, which he looked for Ni Jingqiu to invite him.

“Kohei Koizumi’s illness isn’t completely treated, I merely extended his life.” Su Tao spoke the truth.

“In life, everyone knows that the day will come for us to die, but who wouldn’t fight to live for another day? For a person like him who will die soon, extending his life is practically giving him another life!” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

Finding logic in Ni Jingqiu’s words, Su Tao smiled. “Then, let’s set it for tomorrow afternoon. I also have to give him some reminders, so he might be able to live longer if he follows them.”

Hanging up the call, Ni Jingqiu wore a smile on her lips as she gave a call to her secretary. Shortly after, An Qi entered and asked, “Ms. Ni, is there anything?”

“Just a moment ago, Asaka Ochi represented Kohei Koizumi to give me a call and requested me to contact Su Tao on behalf of them!” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

“She wants Mr. Su to treat Kohei Koizumi?” An Qi frowned.

Waving her finger, Ni Jingqiu happily replied, “Kohei Koizumi’s illness has been successfully put under control in the National Healer Selection today by Su Tao, so Asaka Ochi wanted to find Su Tao to thank him.”

Upon her explanation, An Qi finally knew why her boss was so happy, so she asked, “Doesn’t that mean that Kohei Koizumi won’t be retiring for the time being?”

Waving her finger once more, Ni Jingqiu calmly analysed, “Regardless if Kohei Koizumi is going to remain in the Fuji Group, he’s the key figure for us to obtain this investment. Arrange a restaurant for tomorrow. Didn’t you mention that Arisuke Watanabe has also arrived in China? I feel that we can plan some coincidences!”

Hearing those words, An Qi’s eyes lit up. She followed Ni Jingqiu for so long, so she naturally understood her boss well. Although Ni Jingqiu might seem to be a carefree lady without any schemes, she’s actually like her father; she’s someone with great intelligence despite her innocent appearance. In terms of her thoughts, they far exceeded an ordinary person’s.

Although Ni Jingqiu did not blatantly say it out loud, An Qi instantly understood what to do!

Arisuke Watanabe was once highly regarded by a mentor back when he was in university, and under that mentor’s help, he managed to get into the Fuji Group upon graduation.

Under his mentor’s influence, Arisuke Watanabe became part of the opposition and participated in many political activities. At the same time, his performance was great and he relied on it to stand out in Fuji Group, becoming someone of the higher hierarchy. So if his immediate superior, Kohei Koizumi, passes away, he would replace his superior as the Fuji Group’s Vice-Chairman.

His mentor was a soldier and often talked about how brave his father was in the last century’s war. But the only regret was that his father was eternally left in China. So if he’s capable, he must definitely help return his father’s remains to his homeland.

Thus, Arisuke Watanabe hoped to find news for his mentor on this trip to China.

Within Arisuke Watanabe’s hotel room, he met with the Ultimate Media’s public relations manager. He had to admit that this was a charming woman, and after several interactions, he knew that if he wanted, he could get this woman in his bed anytime. But he’s someone with self-control since he knew that if anything happened between them, it would be the same as giving the other party something to blackmail him with.

Since Kohei Koizumi still hasn’t left his post, he couldn't leave anything in someone's hands.

As for this woman, he’d wait till he’s promoted before he slowly educates her.

“Mr. Watanabe, this is the news that we’ve gathered with regards to that senior’s remains you’re looking for. It should be in this location!” Du Jing purposely blew air in Arisuke Watanabe’s ears, but it was a pity that the latter ignored her approach.

“Ms. Du, thank you! I would also like to ask you for help since I would like to bring the remains back with me!” Arisuke Watanabe replied.

“The remains are buried in the War Memorial, so it won’t be easy to bring them away.” Du Jing showed a difficult smile.

Lightly frowning his brows, Arisuke Watanabe unhappily replied, “I understand you guys well, and anything can be accomplished as long as you have money. I’m willing to provide twenty million yen as support. This should be able to do it, right?”

When Du Jing made a rough calculation, she was shocked by Arisuke Watanabe’s generosity. Twenty million yen was roughly ¥1,200,000. There shouldn’t be a problem to get a set of remains.

“I’ll help you to make contact!” Du Jing grew excited as she asked, “As for the investments…”

“As long as you help me, I will consider the partnership project!” Arisuke Watanabe replied without any change to his expression, but in his heart, he sneered at how money could be used to do anything in China.

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