Chapter 531 - Refusing the Wang Family’s Pharmacy

Although Helian Zhen announced the result, the qualification credentials of the National Healer still took some time for them to be done. Since the credentials required the chop of several vital departments, they were required to go through some procedures.

When Su Tao and Ling Yu walked out of the Zhonghe Hospital, Ling Yu suddenly stopped and stretched his hand out with a smile. “Senior Brother Su, I’m delighted today. This experience has been deeply engraved into my bones, and I realised that there are still so many things to learn about TCM. At the same time, I’ve started to reflect on my previous learning.”

Shaking Ling Yu’s hands, Su Tao humbly smiled. “There’s definitely something to learn with three people walking together. Witnessing your acupuncture techniques has also given me some insights, and if there’s an opportunity, I would like to have a discussion with you about them.”

“Senior Brother Su, can you give me your mobile number? It’s so that I can contact you in the future!” Ling Yu happily replied with his face blushed.

After a brief stun, Su Tao took out his phone and responded, “What’s your number? I’ll give you a call, instead!”

When the zither version of the ‘High Mountains and Running River’ ringtone resounded from Ling Yu’s phone, he smiled. “I’ve taken your number down. I will also be contacting you frequently in the future, so I hope that you won’t find me a hassle.”

Inwardly letting out a sigh, it’s really impossible for anyone to come to hate Ling Yu, so Su Tao suggested, “I actually have an idea. You can consider coming to my Three Flavour Hall, I need a companion like you!”

“The Three Flavour Hall?” Ling Yu was shocked. He clearly never expected that Su Tao would throw out an invitation to him.

“I might have been too presumptuous!” Su Tao suddenly said when he saw Ling Yu falling into silence. After all, Ling Yu was a disciple of the Medical Dao Sect, and he had many responsibilities on his shoulders, so how could the latter come and join him?

With a smile, Su Tao explained, “Although the Three Flavour Hall was something that I inherited from my grandfather, I don’t think it will belong to me alone in the future. On the contrary, it will be a dreamland for physicians who share a common dream. At the same time, a talent like you is also what the Three Flavour Hall lacks the most. I’m going to set up a new branch in Beijing soon, and I hope that you can show up during our opening!”

“I will definitely be present!” Ling Yu gave a promise as he solemnly nodded his head.

Wang Guofeng had been waiting outside for a long time. When he saw Su Tao and Ling Yu talking to each other, his face suddenly sank as he walked over.

“Su Tao, what kind of schemes are you cooking now? Are you trying to bully my Junior Brother?” Wang Guofeng threw a cautious look at Su Tao.

“Senior Brother, you’ve misunderstood!” Ling Yu immediately explained for Su Tao.

With a sneer, Wang Guofeng replied, “Junior Brother, don’t be fooled by him. He’s a despicable man. You’re still too young, and you don’t have any experience in society. You have to be careful, or you might fall into a trap without knowing it!”

Ling Yu knew that the grudges between Wang Guofeng and Su Tao ran deep, so he gave Su Tao a weak smile, signaling to Su Tao not to lower his level to Wang Guofeng’s, which Su Tao nodded his head in understanding. He was also giving Ling Yu face by not beating Wang Guofeng up at this moment.

Thus, the two of them went their separate ways.

Watching Ling Yu boarding Wang Guofeng’s Range Rover, Su Tao felt a little down. It’s rare for him to hold admiration for someone, and Ling Yi was undoubtedly one of them. But it’s a pity that the two of them were standing in opposite camps, and it’s too hard for Ling Yu to become his companion.

If Ling Yu could join his team, that would mean that the Three Flavour Hall would have two young National Healers, and it’s definitely beneficial for the Three Flavour Hall’s reputation.

Looking at Ling Yu, who was sitting at the front passenger seat, Wang Guofeng was in a good mood. He naturally knew that Ling Yu has passed the selection. Although the hateful Su Tao also made it through, Wang Guofeng was still in a pretty good mood. In the end, he’s still a member of TCM, and TCM had shown off before the most influential group of medical personnel in China today.

“You’ve come to Beijing for a long time, but you’ve not yet visited my place, right? Just a moment ago, my father and grandfather gave me a call to invite you over for a celebratory meal!” Wang Guofeng smiled.

Hearing those words, Ling Yu was somewhat shocked. He naturally knew about the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, and he did not have any opportunity to pay a visit in the past. So, he immediately replied, “Can we find a supermarket on our way there? It’s my first time visiting, and I can’t possibly go empty-handed!”

Feeling that Ling Yu had a likable character, Wang Guofeng smiled. “I’ve already prepared them for you, they’re in the back trunk right now!”

“Senior Brother, thank you!” Ling Yu thanked.

Tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers, Wang Guofeng casually said, “Junior Brother Ling; I should be the one thanking you today, instead! You’ve done something remarkable today, and you’ve accomplished my dream on my behalf. At the same time, you’ve made up my guilt towards the sect and master. With you inheriting the Medical Dao Sect, I’m extremely relieved. I believe that you will do a better job than me in this matter.”

Hearing the sincerity in Wang Guofeng’s words, Ling Yu comforted, “Senior Brother, I can tell that you still have a lot of sentiments for TCM!”

Nodding his head, Wang Guofeng’s tone suddenly changed as he replied viciously, “It’s all because of that Su Tao! He was the one that ruined me! I won’t request you to come to hate him, but I hope that you can maintain your distance with him.”

Although Ling Yu knew that Wang Guofeng was abducting him morally, he did not say it out loud.

“I understand Senior Brother’s meaning!”

When the vehicle arrived at the Wang Family’s Pharmacy located in General Alley, the housekeeper was already waiting outside for a long time. When he saw Wang Guofeng, he immediately went over and opened the door to the front passenger seat.

Wearing a smile on his lips, Wang Guofeng introduced, “This is the housekeeper of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, Uncle Tian!”

“Hello, Uncle Tian!” Ling Yu immediately greeted.

Waving his hand, Uncle Tian smiled. “We’re a family, so there’s no need for you to be so polite.”

Uncle Tian came to know from Wang Ru that Wang Xi was preparing to nurture Ling Yu as the next heir of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy. Although the pharmacy still belonged to the Wang Family, Ling Yu’s influence in the future wouldn’t be beneath the core figures, so he had to treat Ling Yu with caution.

Leading the way, Wang Guofeng brought Ling Yu around and casually introduced the decorations. The fake mountains and plants were all gifts from his father and grandfather’s patients, and most of them held a high position.

Although Ling Yu wasn’t familiar with those influential figures’ names, he still went along and asked a few questions while hearing Wang Guofeng’s boasting explanations, causing Wang Guofeng to bask in pride as if he was a big shot.

Wang Ru had already prepared a full table of dishes. Although there were only four people, there were more than thirty dishes on the table, such as panned fish, vinegar and pepper fish, boiled meat, soy chicken cubes, deep-fried tripe, stewed shark fin, stir-fried beef, and royal chicken…

The dishes were all filled with the Beijing style, which smelled, looked, and tasted great. One could tell the importance that the Wang Family was placing on Ling Yu.

At the same time, Ling Yu could feel the Wang Family’s friendly attitude towards him, which he behaved naturally and did not make himself look too reserved.

During Wang Xi and Ling Yu’s small chats, Wang Xi took an indirect approach to ask a few questions, which he was satisfied with Ling Yu’s responses. Ling Yu had a genuine ability to be a National Healer, and thus, he was even more determined to nurture Ling Yu as the next heir of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy.

“You’re already a National Healer now, so what’re your plans in the future? It’s no longer suitable for you to wander around, so have you thought of settling down? Like finding a pharmacy or setting up your own?” Wang Ru asked, concernedly with a smile.

“For the time being, I will take my master’s opinion!” Ling Yu placed his chopsticks down and smiled. “After wandering for so many years, I learned that the water runs deep in TCM. Many folk remedies are even more effective than famous prescriptions. Furthermore, as a physician, my duty is to treat patients, and the location doesn’t really matter.”

Nodding his head in agreement, Wang Xi replied, “Your mindset is good. As physicians, our duty is to treat patients. The origin doesn’t matter since we only have diseases in our eyes. But with great power comes great responsibility. A real man needs to be responsible; in smaller cases, we treat illnesses; large cases, we treat the country. Since you’re capable, you will naturally have to bear more pressure. At the same time, I believe that your master also holds more expectations for you.”

Throughout the entire meal, Wang Xi did not tell Ling Yu that he intended to invite the latter over to the Wang Family’s Pharmacy. The motive of their meal today was to test Ling Yu and see if he’s capable of bearing the entire Wang Family’s Pharmacy.

Although Ling Yu was also a National Healer, he’s just a junior in the eyes of Wang Xi and Wang Ru.

After their meal, Wang Guofeng sent Ling Yu over to a hotel.

Basking under the moon, Wang Xi faintly asked, “What do you think about Ling Yu?”

“He’s definitely much stronger than Guofeng. Guofeng still lacked when he was Ling Yu’s age!” Wang Ru sighed.

Nodding his head, Wang Xi replied, “It looks like my judgment was right to nurture Ling Yu as the next heir of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy. As for Guofeng, have you discussed this matter with him?”

“Guofeng has become more mature nowadays. He understands both our intentions, and he’s also trying his very best to seek your forgiveness. As for having Ling Yu to take over the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, he also expressed that he’s assured in this matter.” Wang Ru smiled.

Waving his hand, Wang Xi gently said, “A leopard never changes its spots! Guofeng might seem steady, but he’s irritable in his heart. As the saying goes, don’t try to run before you can walk. As his father, I can understand that you want to protect him, but the Wang Family’s Pharmacy cannot be destroyed by both of our hands, and you have to keep this in mind!”

However, Wang Ru did not feel that his son was as hopeless as his father claimed. Although he blamed his father for holding too much expectation for his grandson, he still respected Wang Xi’s decision on the surface and replied, “Father, I am in the wrong for failing to teach my son. In the future, I will definitely be diligent in disciplining him!”

Hearing those words, Wang Xi stared at Wang Ru for a long time. Wang Guofeng was already in his early thirties, and his mindset had already been finalised. How could it be as easy as Wang Ru claimed? Letting out a helpless sigh, Wang Xi returned to the house.

When Ling Yu returned to the hotel, he received a call from his master.

The Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master asked in a calm tone, “Wang Xi and Wang Ru hold you in high regard, and they intend to let you take over the Wang Family’s Pharmacy. What do you think about that?”

Hearing those words, Ling Yu wasn’t shocked, since he had already guessed it from the meal. After a brief pondering, he shook his head. “Master, I have to refuse that!”

“Oh?” The Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master wasn’t too surprised as he asked, “What’s the reason?”

As a smile rose on his lips, Ling Yu replied, “I feel that I will learn more with Su Tao!”

After a long silence, the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master responded, “I will respect your choice! As for the Wang Family, I will refuse them for you!”

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