Chapter 530 - First in the National Healer Selection

After Yue Zun and Su Tao left, Sire Zhao stared at the painting for a long time before he turned to Secretary Xiao. “Was I difficult to interact with for the past few years? Speak the truth; I don’t want anything hidden from me.”

For Sire Zhao to reach such achievements, he had both high intelligence and EQ. At this moment, he fell into deep reflection.

Secretary Xiao was briefly stunned, before he sighed with the brim of his eyes turning red and replied, “Ever since Great Master Zhang passed away, your character has drastically changed. Not only did you often stare into the air, but you’re also not as fond of leaving the house like you used to. You’ve secluded yourself and gave off the feeling as if you have no concerns in your life. Truth be told, I’ve been extremely worried about your health.”

Letting out a deep sigh, Sire Zhao replied, “That young physician earlier is formidable. It only took him a few minutes to see through my thoughts and give me a wake-up call. I finally realised that I’ve been too obsessed. I wanted to become like Bo Ya, but Old Zhang understands me too well. He was afraid that I might never lift a brush again in my life and purposely gave me a painting before his death, hoping that I would continue to persevere.”

As tears welled up in Secretary Xiao’s eyes, he wiped the corner of his eyes. He had been constantly under fear serving Sire Zhao for the past few years.

“It’s great that you can understand this!” He happily said.

Letting out a gentle sigh, Sire Zhao felt more comfortable in his heart and felt refreshed. When he stretched his waist, he even noticed that his cervical vertebra was no longer that painful.

But actually, this was the work of psychological influence. When you’re no longer feeling uncomfortable in your heart, you would also feel that your pain has instantly disappeared.

“Make a call over!” Sire Zhao told Secretary Xiao.

“I’ll get it done immediately!” Secretary Xiao immediately replied.

Wearing a smile on his face, Sire Zhao continued, “I’m afraid that many people are sweating right now, fearing that I might be unhappy with today’s healthcare service. Actually, I don’t think my temper was that bad.”

Hearing those words, Secretary Zhao nearly laughed out. The old man knew how to joke now. At the same time, he also realised that Sire Zhao was going to praise Su Tao and smiled. “The call is through!”

When Liu Yi received Sire Zhao’s call, he wore a bitter smile on his lips. Right now, he’s terrified of receiving Sire Zhao’s call the most.

Sire Zhao’s prestige still existed even after he retired for such a long time. In the entire National Healer’s Specialist Team, no one could deal with him aside from Yue Zun. Thus, talking to Sire Zhao was what Liu Yi feared the most.

“Little Liu, I called you to apologise to you!” Sire Zhao said in a casual tone.

Hearing the old man’s apology, Liu Yi was instantly stunned and felt a bomb detonating in his head as his forehead was covered in sweat. Wearing an awkward smile, he replied, “Sire Zhao, please give your comments if we’re lacking. There’s no need to use sarcasm; I can’t take it!”

At this moment, Liu Yi misunderstood that Sire Zhao was speaking sarcasm.

“Haha!” Sire Zhao heartedly laughed out as he continued, “I’m not joking with you, nor am I using any sarcasm! I’ve been enlightened today and realised that my attitude hasn’t been right towards the National Healer’s Specialist Team. Since I was at fault, then I will naturally apologise. After all, I’m not an unreasonable person!”

However, Liu Yi still did not feel shocked, since there must be something wrong in this matter. Can it be that Sire Zhao received some sort of stimulation?

“There were many inadequacies in our work, and you have helped us by pointing out our faults for us to improve on our service.” Liu Yi cautiously said.

Waving his hand, Sire Zhao laughed, “I’ve always been a straightforward person. If someone made a mistake, then I will surely pursue it. On the contrary, if I made a mistake, then I will also change. That will be all, I will depend on you guys for my long-term healthcare service. For old men like us, your service is extremely crucial.”

When Sire Zhao hung the call, only then did Liu Yi react. It turned out that Sire Zhao was genuinely, sincerely apologising to him!

What’s going on?

Liu Yi soon figured out that something extraordinary must have happened during the third round, that also meant that Su Tao succeeded!

He’s the person in charge of this year’s National Healer Selection, and he had also interacted with Sire Zhao in the past. But nothing unusual ever happened during his meeting with Sire Zhao.

As he was flooded with happiness, he immediately gave Song Sichen a call, “Master, let me tell you some good news. If it goes according to my expectations, Junior Brother will smoothly make it through the selection!”

“Really? Tell me about it!” Song Sichen was shocked, He had been waiting for the news.

Since Liu Yi was too excited at this moment, he wanted to share the news with someone and answered in truth, “The candidates went through the ballot to provide medical service for a few sires, but Junior Brother’s luck was a little terrible to pick Sire Zhao. For this matter, we even arranged for Professor Yue to accompany him in fear that a problem might arise.”

Hearing those words, Song Sichen locked his brows together and smacked his lips. “His luck is truly terrible. Even I might not be able to deal with this situation!”

“But do you know what the outcome is? Sire Zhao just called earlier and sang Junior Brother in praises! This is too unbelievable!” Liu Yi smiled.

Knitting his brows together, Song Sichen sourly snapped, “So the outcome still isn’t out yet. Why are you so impatient to call me now? Call me when there’s an outcome so that I will not rejoice for nothing!”

After that, Song Sichen hung the call, which left Liu Yi stunned. It seemed like he had to act in a low profile. After all, the outcome still wasn’t out yet.

But this was the collective mindset of humanity. The moment anything happened, they would subconsciously consider the worst-case scenario.

Letting out a sigh, Liu Yu found Yue Zun’s number though his contacts and calmed himself down before calling over.

“Professor Yue, did something happen during the healthcare service?”

“What? Everything was smooth!” The sudden question dumbfounded Yue Zun.

“Can you reveal some details about today’s healthcare service?” A strong urge of curiosity surged within Liu Yi’s heart after hearing Yue Zun’s words.

“Alright, I’ll give you a direct report on today!” Yue Zun bitterly smiled, since he had no idea that Liu Yi was dumbfounded by Sire Zhao’s sudden words of gratitude today.

But it was also understandable since it’s too abnormal for someone who usually picked a bone to change all of a sudden!

Hence, Yue Zun explained the entire situation that happened today.

Hearing Yue Zun’s explanation, Liu Yi fell into a long silence before he sought a confirmation, “Did Sire Yue really give you guys a work of his own?”

Since Yue Zun had a pretty good relationship with Liu Yi, he became smug. “That’s right, it's genuine. I can take a photo of it later and send it to you.”

Letting out a sigh in relief, Liu Yi smiled. “I never expected that a National Healer candidate would resolve the problem that’s been troubling us for such a long time. Regardless of his performance during the previous two rounds, just his achievement in the third round alone grants him the right to be accepted even if the rules are to be broken!”

Glancing at Su Tao, who was looking out the window, Yue Zun smiled. “Don’t worry about that. The judges aren’t blind, and we will definitely give a fair judgment!”

Nodding his head, Liu Yi replied, “Then, I will give a call to Mr. Helian in a while!”

The meaning of his words was evident. He wanted to give Helian Zhen some pressure. A talent like Su Tao must be accepted even if the rules have to be broken. At the same time, Liu Yi now felt the confidence to speak up for his Junior Brother.

When the call ended, Yue Zun glanced at Su Tao and smiled, “You’ve performed well today, and you’ve also stunned many people.”

“Since we’re providing healthcare service, then we must resolve the issue for our patient. Sire Zhao might seem healthy, but if the knot in his heart remained, a day would come for it to break out. As for his fiery temper, it’s also caused by the knot in his heart.” Su Tao smiled.

“Treating all illnesses starting from the heart! You’ve utilised this theory well; that’s simply brilliant. No wonder Old Dou claims that you’re a genius in China’s medical industry. It was something that I had to experience myself to share the same view as him.” Yue Zun smiled and sighed.

In the end, Liu Yi was too overly worried. After he called Helian Zhen, he found out that Su Tao’s performance for the first two rounds put him in the lead. Hence, his tone was lowered as he tactfully told Helian Zhen that Sire Zhao gave him a call to express his satisfaction with today’s healthcare service.

When Helian Zhen heard those words, he instantly knew that Su Tao’s performance in the third round was as eye-catching as the two previous rounds.

At the same time, there was also news from the four other candidates. Aside from Ji Donghe, the performance of the remaining three was remarkable.

To receive high marks, Ji Donghe purposely gave hidden hints that made the old man misunderstand that he was suffering from some significant illnesses. But fortunately, the specialist that went along noticed that something was amiss and intervened in time, saving the old man from being enticed.

In addition to Ji Donghe’s mediocre performance for the two previous rounds, he was the first candidate to be eliminated.

As for Ouyang De and Peng Hanyi, the two of their marks were close, but ultimately, Ouyang De took the third quota with a small advantage.

As for Ling Yu, even if his performance in the third round wasn’t especially remarkable, his diagnosis skills stunned the old man that he’s servicing. But in the end, there’s still a small distance between his performance and Su Tao’s. After all, providing healthcare service for Sire Zhao was tougher than anyone else’s, so Su Tao’s overall score was naturally higher than Ling Yu.

As the saying goes, dangers and opportunities coexist together.

Initially, everyone thought that providing healthcare service for Sire Zhao was the most miserable task. But under this absolute disadvantage, Su Tao relied on his own ability to turn the situation around, and just this matter alone displayed Su Tao capability.

Thus, Su Tao obtained first in the selection while Ling Yu obtained the second; both of them have successfully obtained the National Healer title.

This outcome destroyed the National Healer Selection’s situation for the past few years, where TCM was in a disadvantageous position. At the same time, Su Tao and Ling Yu were also the youngest National Healers in the team.

When Zhu Wenyuan heard this news, he couldn’t help tearing up.

Firstly, he no longer had to resign from his position as a National Healer!

Secondly, he finally saw hope in TCM. With Su Tao and Ling Yu around, TCM would definitely make a breakthrough and be respected by everyone once more!

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