Chapter 528 - National Healer Healthcare Service

The National Healer Selection was different from regular medical competitions. In the end, the objective was for medical specialists to service authoritative figures, so the third round is crucial by arranging five candidates to pay a visit to five authoritative figures and provide general medical services.

So before the service began, Helian Zhen first pointed out some things that everyone had to take note of, such as avoid discussing personal matters with the other party, record any issues discovered to be reported to the specialist team to handle the matter, and try not to be too casual before the other party and pay attention to their actions…

Su Tao knew that the other parties are definitely authoritative figures who have reached a high position in their various industries. It was so much so that a portion of them have already retired. But ultimately, they’re just humans. Like Sire Shui and Sire Cao, all of them were core figures in China, so he had to be careful when interacting with them.

Thus, Su Tao couldn’t help feeling both nervous and excited. After all, wasn’t the National Healer Selection meant to find talents to come in contact with those standing at the top of the pyramid in China?

Now, he’s getting closer to his objective!

To ensure fairness, the candidates would be holding a ballot to make the decision.

Ling Yu picked an old man with the surname of Leng, while Su Tao picked an old man with the surname of Zhao. As for the three western medicine candidates, they each picked their own patients, and judging from their expressions; their tasks should be somewhat easier.

When they made preparation for the National Healer Selection, all of them did their homework and researched the various old men.

Inwardly letting out a sigh, Su Tao lamented at his luck. It’s not because Sire Zhao’s health was problematic, he just had a weird temper. The old man had filed complaints against National Healer’s specialists numerous times, and it was rumored that this old man was the most troublesome out of everyone.

At the same time, Helian Zhen inwardly sighed. He previously held Su Tao with high regard, and it wouldn’t be a problem for the latter to get through the National Healer Selection. However, he never expected that Su Tao would pick Sire Zhao.

Moving over to Su Tao, Helian Zhen reminded, “Sire Zhao’s temper is fickle, so try not to start a conflict with him!”

Feeling warm in his heart, Su Tao smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Helian, for your reminder. I will definitely deal with it cautiously!”

When Su Tao boarded the vehicle, he noticed that there was someone already inside and greeted, “Hello, Mr. Yue!”

Yue Zun was the medical specialist that would be following Su Tao on this trip to visit Sire Zhao. He had a medium build, and although his hair was a little sparse, it was neatly combed. He wore a white shirt with a spectacle on his nose bridge that gave off an amicable impression.

“Relax! Your performance in the first two rounds was great. Although Sire Zhao has a weird temper, you just have to refrain from speaking. Just act according to the circumstances, and I will try my best to help you.” Yue Zun smiled.

Despite being a western medicine doctor, Su Tao felt touched and warmth from how Yue Zun took care of him.

Although there’s a difference in TCM and western medicine’s theories, it didn’t mean that all western medicine doctors held enmity for TCM physicians.

“Speaking of which, you should address me as Martial Uncle!” Yue Zun smiled.

“Oh?” Su Tao was baffled as he looked at Yue Zun.

“Your master, Dou Fanggang, was once an intern together with me in a hospital at Xiangbei Province. Although we were in different departments, we have a good relationship nevertheless and even address each other as Martial Brothers.” Yue Zun explained.

At this moment, Su Tao knew that Yue Zun accompanying him to visit Sire Zhao wasn’t luck. The organisation probably arranged a specialist that had a relation with him, fearing that he might be put in an awkward position.

“Martial Uncle Yue!” Su Tao immediately called out.

Nodding his head, Yue Zun smiled. “Old Dou is extremely concerned about you, and he has been constantly calling me after knowing that I’m one of the judges. But your performance was pretty good, and it won’t be a problem for you to be a National Healer as long as you can get through this round.”

Yue Zun’s words were tactful and practically reminded Su Tao that the latter had already obtained an advantage from the previous two rounds. So as long as he could make it through the third round, his entry was practically determined.

Shortly after, the five vehicles left the Zhonghe Hospital and headed for their various objectives.

Sitting in the office, Liu Yi tightly locked his brows as he bitterly smiled upon seeing the results of the ballot. He felt that his Junior Brother’s luck was a little too terrible.

Out of the five old men, four of them had a casual temper, and they’re also more comfortable to interact with. However, Sire Zhao was an exception. Not only did he have a high position, but he’s also tough to interact with.

Thus, Liu Yu even requested his superior to give a call to Sire Zhao and appease the latter’s emotions after knowing that the latter was included in the third round.

But then again, if Su Tao managed to complete his healthcare service smoothly, his position as a National Healer would be more deserving.

The vehicle turned into a luxurious district located in the north of Beijing. This district was decorated with villas with the Great Wall as a view. At the same time, this district was also near the wildlife park, Badaling, seven-colored peak park, cultural business street, ski, and golf club.

After the security guards recorded the car’s information, the vehicle proceeded for another ten minutes before it came to a stop at a unique villa.

When Su Tao got out of the vehicle, he saw a few grapevines along the door with green grapes hanging from the vines.

The scene was incredibly striking, making Yue Zun exclaim, “These grapevines grew really well!”

“Yeah, it’s a refreshing view.” Su Tao echoed along with a smile.

Someone was already waiting for them. A man who seemed to be in his thirties walked over to Yue Zun and smiled. “Professor Yue, welcome!”

Su Tao could tell that Yue Zun was somewhat familiar with Sire Zhao. For the specialist team to arrange Yue Zun to accompany him, he could tell the amount of thought they had put into this matter.

Putting it another way, providing healthcare services for Sire Zhao was a special task, and the standard cannot be lowered just because this was the National Healer Selection.

“Secretary Xiao, this person will be providing the healthcare service for Sire Zhao, and his name is Su Tao!” Yue Zun introduced with a smile.

“Nice to meet you!” Secretary Xiao was somewhat surprised by Su Tao’s age.

Knowing his thoughts, Yue Zun immediately explained, “Don’t underestimate his medical skills! He is my Martial Nephew, and he has high hopes of entering the National Healer’s specialist team.”

Hearing the explanation, Secretary Xiao’s face immediately straightened up and smiled. “Sire Zhao is currently busy in the plantation field. Why don’t you guys wait for him a little?”

“Then, we’ll wait for him!” Yue Zun smiled after a brief pondering.

Under Secretary Xiao’s arrangement, both Su Tao and Yue Zun were brought to the parlor.

Su Tao paid attention to the decoration in this room. The style used was innovative and straightforward, which gave off a reserved and imposing style.

The room was well-cleaned with a few household objects like curtains, a feather duster, an old recliner, an old cattail-leaf fan, and a few simple pots. There was also a pair of scissors on the rosewood shelf along with a water spray, filling this room with vitality.

“Sire Zhao is someone that loves the plantation lifestyle.” Yue Zun smiled.

Aside from that, Su Tao also managed to tell that Sire Zhao loved calligraphy and painting. There were many paintings and calligraphies hanging on the wall with a portion of them belonging to the man’s own work. Sitting on the chair, Su Tao stared at a certain painting and slightly paused at it a little longer.

After they waited for about half an hour, a hearty old man entered. He wore simple clothes with mud stains on his trousers and waved his hand at Yue Zun with a smile. “The chives were growing too ferociously, and I had to cut them off. Harvesting chives is just like treating illnesses. We have to be fast, or the texture won’t be tender any more!”

Although Sire Zhao’s words were casual, his sharp gaze had already swept around Su Tao several times.

Su Tao interacted with many powerful figures, and each of them was different. Sire Zhao was akin to a spearhead with a resolute character, and someone like him couldn’t take any dirt in his eyes and would easily flare up. At the same time, there’s also an innate pressure permeating from him.

It was also highly related to his post before he retired. Although he now basked his life on a plantation, his temperament did not change due to his current lifestyle, since he still permeated with power.

“Everyone’s time is precious, so let’s not waste any time and get this procedure done with!” Sire Zhao quickly waved his hand.

“Then, do pardon me for being presumptuous!” Su Tao spoke to Sire Zhao and continued, “Please sit here beside me for me to take your pulse!”

Hearing those words, Sire Zhao was briefly stunned. Su Tao wasn’t the same as other National Healer Specialists. Typically, they would be the ones cooperating with him, but Su Tao was instructing him.

With a faint smile, he sat beside Su Tao and placed his hand out on the coffee table with a smile, “You’re the physician that treated Old Shui and Old Cao, right?”

Although Su Tao was surprised that Sire Zhao would know about him, he immediately showed a humble smile. “I’ve once treated the two Sires. Let me give you an explanation of the motive of my previous action. The reason why I got you to walk over is to examine your walking posture, and this is also the first step in TCM’s diagnosis!”

“Something like this exists? Now, I’ve truly opened my eyes!” Sire Zhao smiled after a brief stun.

Sitting to the side, Yue Zun smiled. He was initially worried that Su Tao might be put in an awkward position, but he never expected that Su Tao would gain control of the situation so easily. Despite how young Su Tao looked, he’s equipped with ample experiences and used ingenious arrangements to pique Sire Zhao’s interest.

Although Sire Zhao had a weird temper, he was calmly receiving healthcare service under Su Tao’s control.

The brilliance within that move could be seen clearly.

Just by relying on Su Tao’s methods, it proved that he’s qualified to be a National Healer.

Taking Sire Zhao’s pulse, Su Tao’s expression turned solemn as he shook his head and sighed, “Something’s wrong!”

When Yue Zun heard Su Tao’s words, he was inwardly startled, since Su Tao shouldn’t have said it out loud before Sire Zhao!

It was something that Helian Zhen reminded when he explained the third round, so how could Su Tao forget about it?

This was a mistake in the principle, and just because of this reason, there’s a chance that Su Tao might be eliminated from the selection.

Not only was it out of consideration for Sire Zhao that he might not be in a good mood upon knowing his illness, but it also concerns the cautiousness of National Healer’s treatment. After all, it would be a huge mess if Su Tao made a wrong diagnosis since he would be smashing the National Healer’s reputation!

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