Chapter 527 - Another Shocking Result

While the Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique was used to change the Yin and Yang in the patient’s body, the person using the technique would also receive a backlash from using the technique.

Since he had interfered with the Yin and Yang in someone’s body, his Yin and Yang would also be affected, spiraling out of control.

This was why it’s a forbidden black medical art.

Although Su Tao had already guessed it and was prepared, he did not expect that the backlash would be so ferocious and leave him without any resistance.

It was also thanks to his Pulse Art that his Qi was more durable than an ordinary person’s. Otherwise, his outcome wouldn’t be as simple as fainting.

After he was moved to another ward, Ling Yu was shocked when he took Su Tao’s pulse. His pulse had already calmed down. For his pulse to calm down without any external help, Ling Yu could tell that the Qi in Su Tao’s body was unimaginably robust.

Roughly half an hour later, Su Tao gradually regained his consciousness and Ling Yu immediately handed him a cup of water, which Su Tao gulped it down. During his treatment for Kohei Koizume, he sweated too much, and the water in his body needed to be replenished.

“How’s Kohei Koizume?” Su Tao immediately asked after he caught his breath.

“Senior Brother Su, Kohei Koizume’s state is extremely great. Not only did vitality return to his five visceras, his cancerous cells even showed signs of waning. Your Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique is practically divine!” Ling Yu praised.

Wiping the water off the corner of his lips, Su Tao humbly smiled. “This is all thanks to your good foundation by using the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique to create vitality in his body.”

Shaking his head, Ling Yu replied in admiration, “Your Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique can actually control the growth of the cancerous cells. If this sort of acupuncture technique is revealed to the public, it will definitely cause a sensation!”

“You should know the condition of my body from my pulse. Just treating Kohei Koizume had exhausted all the energy in my body and even caused the Yin and Yang in my body to go out of control. There are so many cancer patients in the world, and I can’t treat them all. Furthermore, the Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique is a black medical art that goes against all medical logic, so it cannot be used casually.” Su Tao replied with a wry smile.

Standing up from his seat, Ling Yu gave a sincere bow to Su Tao. “Senior Brother Su, I’ve wholeheartedly accepted my loss to you!”

“This cannot be considered a competition, but cooperation. If you didn’t treat Kohei Koizume, his body couldn’t receive my acupuncture. Thus, I cannot take the credit alone.” Su Tao immediately smiled.

However, Ling Yu knew that Su Tao was humble. Although his acupuncture technique had a certain supplementary effect, it’s still thanks to Su Tao’s efforts for the improvement in Kohei Koizume’s condition.

Even if he did not use the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique to stabilise Kohei Koizume’s five visceras, Su Tao would still use other methods to achieve the same thing.

At this moment, Ling Yu was filled with admiration for Su Tao. After all, using acupuncture to extract the growth of cancerous cells into energy to maintain Kohei Koizume’s life was something that not even his master could accomplish.

Taking the medical report, Asaka Ochi’s face was covered in disbelief as she asked, “Is this really my husband’s medical report?”

“That’s right. This is Mr. Koizumi’s latest medical report. His body’s indexes have drastically improved, and the cancerous cells in his body have also shown signs of waning with the function of his five viscera recovering. This outcome has far exceeded our expectations, and it can be acclaimed as a medical miracle. According to this trend, Kohei Koizume’s condition might improve. With his body’s healing factor, there’s a chance that he might even fully recover.” Helian Zhen smiled.

For even Helian Zhen to acclaim it as a medical miracle, it’s sufficient to see the effect of Kohei Koizume’s treatment.

The change in his condition was too drastic, with one of the most direct changes being the cancerous lump in his body turning soft and even shrunk down in size.

Hearing those words, Asaka Ochi’s eyes welled up with tears from her emotions as she replied, “Really, thank you!”

Shaking his head, Helian Zhen smiled. “You should thank Su Tao and Ling Yu. They were the ones that performed the treatment and created this medical miracle.”

“May I ask where the two young physicians are? I would like to thank them personally.” Asaka Ochi sincerely asked.

Shaking his head with a wry smile, Helian Zhen replied, “They’re still undergoing the National Healer Selection, so you can’t meet them.”

“Then, I’ll thank them next time.” Asaka Ochi said with pity on her face.

When Helian Zhen separated from Asaka Ochi, he wore a helpless expression when he saw Zhu Wenyuan walking over in a hurry. He knew that this fellow must be here again for Su Tao and Ling Yu.

“Those two brats did another shocking incident?” Zhu Wenyuan emotionally asked.

Nodding his head, Helian Zhen replied, “We initially thought that it was beyond cure, but it has been successfully put under control by the two of them. Although we’re still uncertain of the future, if Kohei Koizume can fully recover, the apparatuses won’t lie. There’s a drastic improvement to Kohei Koizume’s body, and his cancerous cells are no longer spreading and have signs of waning.”

Holding onto Helian Zhen’s hands, Zhu Wenyuan said, “You can’t let such talents be buried!”

Letting out a complicated sigh, Helian Zhen replied, “You know that this is the National Healer Selection. Aside from the requirement of medical skills, we also test on the specialists’ comprehensive abilities. There’s still the third round, which is also the most important round. But the two of them are too young, and I’m worried that they might not be able to make it through the third round.”

Frowning his brows, Zhu Wenyuan blatantly threatened, “Still the same words as before. If the two of them can’t get through the selection, then I will choose to resign from my position!”

In the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, Wang Ru anxiously walked into the courtyard as his father, Wang Xi, sat beneath the tree.

“Dad, there’s news from the National Healer Selection that Kohei Koizume’s condition has been temporarily stabilised.” Wang Ru immediately reported.

“Oh?” Wang Xi opened his eyes with doubt as he exclaimed, “Kohei Koizume’s five visceras are badly damaged, and if it goes as I expected, he will die in a month. Even if Hua Tuo comes back to life, it’s impossible to treat Kohei Koizume! So how can there possibly be any change in his condition?”

“According to the usual practice, the National Healer Selection’s procedure is extremely secretive, and it was only leaked out because it shocked the entire medical industry. Kohei Koizume was treated by Su Tao and Ling Yu with acupuncture! Ling Yu used the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique, while Su Tao used the Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique. Based on the specialists’ analysis, Kohei Koizume’s condition has improved, and living for another year or two won’t be a problem.” Wang Ru bitterly smiled.

Straightening up his body, Wang Xi replied with a complicated expression, “The Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique is the highest technique of the Medical Dao Sect, and I thought that only the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master could use this technique. I never expected that Ling Yu could also use this technique. As for the Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique, what sort of technique is that? Why have I not heard of it in the past?”

For Ling Yu to actually inherit the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique of the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master, anyone could tell the level between Ling Yu and Wang Guofeng.

However, Wang Xi was more curious about the level of Su Tao’s medical skills.

“Su Tao’s history is extremely mysterious. Regardless of his Heavenseizing Hands or the Chaotic Yin-Yang Acupuncture Technique, it’s impossible to trace the inheritance of his medical skills. There’s too much suspicion around him. From the news sent over, Su Tao took the lead in Kohei Koizume’s treatment.” Wang Ru commented with a grave tone.

The meaning in Wang Ru’s words was clear, Su Tao’s strength was more shocking than Ling Yu’s.

Waving his hand, Wang Xi responded, “You don’t have to be suspicious. Regardless of Su Tao’s origins, it is without a doubt that he is an absolute talent in the TCM industry. You must remember that the Wang Family can only grow stronger if TCM grows stronger. All along, TCM lacked a legendary figure for it to rise. If it continues to wane, then the day will come that it will disappear. At that time, our Wang Family will be in an awkward position, consigned to eternal damnation.”

Hearing the teachings of his father, Wang Ru immediately, solemnly replied, “Dad, I understand!”

“Continue to keep in contact with the Medical Dao Sect. Invite Ling Yu over after he’s done with the National Healer Selection!” Wang Xi solemnly nodded his head.

Wang Ru was shocked that his father would use the word ‘invite’, so he asked, “Are we not going to wait for the results?”

What he meant was that it’s more appropriate for Ling Yu to obtain the National Healer title first before they contact the Medical Dao Sect.

Waving his hand, Wang Xi replied, “The outcome is clear! Is someone proficient in the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique incapable of taking over the Wang Family’s Pharmacy? Although western medicine has taken the lead amongst the judges, don’t forget that there’s still a group of people protecting the interest of TCM, and they will definitely not let such a talent be buried.”

Ultimately, Wang Ru still hoped for his son, Wang Guofeng, to inherit the Wang Family’s Pharmacy. But he was helpless upon seeing his father’s insistence and acknowledged, “I will now contact the Medical Dao Sect!”

The Wang Family’s Pharmacy was exceptionally famous, and they had a profound relationship with the Medical Dao Sect.

When Wang Xi was young, he had once studied under the Medical Dao Sect. Seniority wise, he could be considered the Martial Uncle of the current Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master. From Wang Xi’s point of angle, the Medical Dao Sect was the root of the Wang Family, and it was entirely reasonable for Ling Yu to take over the Wang Family’s Pharmacy.

As for Wang Ru’s selfishness, it was understandable, since he wished to build a powerful force with the Wang Family’s Pharmacy as a foundation that could be inherited for generations.

At the same time, that also meant that his wish would be shattered if Ling Yu took over the Wang Family’s Pharmacy.

After a brief rest, the five candidates were gathered to prepare for the third round.

When Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi got the news that Ling Yu and Su Tao cooperated once more to treat Kohei Koizume, they each harbored different emotions when looking at the two of them.

It was even more so for Ji Donghe, who looked at the two of them with jealousy and rage.

When Helian Zhen entered with his fellow judges, the tense atmosphere slowly toned down, so he announced, “For the third round, it’s not as simple as it sounds. We will arrange some vehicles to send each of the five candidates to five respective committee members. At the same time, we will also arrange for someone to follow you to mark you accordingly. Furthermore, the first two rounds only add up to 40 marks, and this round will hold 60!”

Hearing those words, Ji Donghe’s eyes flickered with confidence, since the last round was definitely beneficial to him. He owned a family doctor company, and providing healthcare service was what he’s proficient at. If he performed well, then he might be able to catch up to the top rank!

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