Chapter 525 - Exhibiting the Ultimate Techniques

As Helian Zhen entered another room, Asaka Ochi was currently, anxiously waiting.

Seeing Helian Zhen, Asaka Ochi immediately went up and asked, “Mr. Helian, what’s the result?”

“Your husband’s malignant lymphoma has reached the last phase. Actually, the judges have already determined that there’s no treatment method for him, all we can do right now is extend his lifespan.” Helian Zhen sighed.

Hearing the news, Asaka Ochi covered her mouth as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Despite expecting this result beforehand, her heart was still aching.

After Asaka Ochi’s emotions stabilised, Helian Zhen continued, “Because the National Healer Selection is undergoing a process, I would like to ask you and your husband to choose a satisfying treatment method. At the same time, our specialist team will also do their best to find ways to alleviate his pain and extend his lifespan.”

Asaka Ochi nodded her head. After a brief pain of knowing the truth, she felt everything clearing up. Truth be told, even Kohei Koizumi knew that he wasn’t left with much time.

After Asaka Ochi looked through the reports, she chose two of them and said, “I pick the TCM treatments for my husband.”

“What’s the reason?” Helian Zhen asked.

“My father is a physician, so my husband has been undergoing TCM treatment with acupuncture as a primary. It is also true that because he did not accept any surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, his condition did not worsen and managed to last till now. At the same time, there is a physician that managed to deduce that my husband’s condition worsened half a year ago, which left me shocked.”

“What do you mean?” Helian Zhen looked at Asaka Ochi in puzzlement.

“According to the report, my husband has been busy with work lately. Due to the high stress and lack of sleep…” Asaka Ochi sighed.

Hearing those words, Helian Zhen inwardly sighed, since he also noticed the difference between Su Tao and Ling Yu’s reports. It was mentioned in Su Tao’s report, while Ling Yu did not mention it.

He did not expect that Asaka Ochi would choose TCM because of that tiny detail.

Truth be told, it could also be understood since Asaka Ochi also had the knowledge of a physician. Thus, she could tell the difference in the standards based on some small details.

Then again, the reason for the detail wasn’t because of the difference in ability between Ling Yu and Su Tao, but Su Tao had previously met Kohei Koizumi.

Kohei Koizumi’s condition was exceptionally terrible and even met up with Ni Jingqiu to discuss cooperation. Thus, one could tell that Kohei Koizumi was a madman in his work.

Furthermore, Su Tao analysed from Kohei Koizumi’s pulse that the latter suffered a sudden outbreak half a year ago, which was how he came to this analysis.

At the same time, Asaka Ochi’s words reminded Helian Zhen. Regardless of the result in this round, Su Tao’s marks would be higher than Ling Yu.

He was a little surprised, since this should be the National Healer Selection, a competition between five candidates. But in the end, it turned out to be a race between the two.

“There’s an outcome in the second round, and everyone’s performance was great!” Helian Zhen announced and further continued, “There’s another round of competition later in the afternoon, so please be prepared!”

After that, Helian Zhen waved his hand to Su Tao and Ling Yu, signaling the two of them to follow him.

The outcome of the second round was abundantly clear. Asaka Ochi has acknowledged both Su Tao and Ling Yu, so the treatment would come next.

The second round tested on individual treatment to examine the candidates’ practical abilities.

After all, the patient cannot possibly be treated by all five of the candidates at the same time, so the conclusion and report were incredibly crucial.

In the end, under the approval of the patient’s next-of-kin, the doctor had already been chosen, and that also meant that this round had come to an end.

The second round was way more complicated. Firstly, the patient’s condition was more severe than the first, and secondly, there’s also a high comprehensive requirement for the specialist.

Although it might seem calm, it’s actually akin to a roaring sea.

Thus, after the judges’ impartial scoring and the patient’s next-of-kin’s approval, they’ve decided that both Su Tao and Ling Yu would be performing the treatment for Kohei Koizumi.

Naturally, the competition still hadn’t ended for Su Tao and Ling Yu.

In the first round, the two of them cooperated to treat Tan Luoyou and displayed each of their own brilliant skills.

But in the second round, the two of them would have to exhibit their techniques to put superiority amongst them.

As for the three western medicine candidates’ side, the atmosphere amongst them was gloomy and depressed.

Ji Donghe sneered at Ouyang De and Peng Hanyi, “It looks like the three of us will have to compete with each other. Su Tao and Ling Yu are both the biggest winners in the first and second round, so they have an advantage in the third round. If it goes as expected, they will surely be ahead of us, and there will be two amongst us that will be walking away from the National Healer title.”

“I have to admit that both Su Tao and Ling Yu are extremely skillful. Based on how proficient they operated the equipment, I can tell that they must have undergone professional western medicine training. So even if I lose to them, I’m willing to accept it.” Ouyang De replied.

Ji Donghe was somewhat pissed as he snapped, “Ouyang De, how can you boost other people's morale and reduce your own courage? TCM is just a bunch of scammers that aren't scientific. They don’t even have a systematic theory, so how can we lose to them?”

Hearing those words, Peng Hanyi also felt that Ji Donghe had taken it a little too far and frowned. “Old Ji, your prejudice runs too deep, and you were a little rash today!”

Glancing at Peng Hanyi in disdain, Ji Donghe ridiculed, “I, Ji Donghe, am not a coward to submit before two kids for the National Healer’s title!”

“Su Tao and Ling Yu aren’t kids. You know how brilliant their medical skills are, and they’re truly better than us!” Ouyang De locked his brows as well.

“Have you lost to the point that you’ve become muddled? You don’t even have any backbone!” Ji Donghe snorted as he waved his hand in anger and left.

With the three of them being in a disadvantageous position, a severe crack appeared amongst the three western medicine candidates.

Under Helian Zhen’s arrangements, Su Tao and Ling Yu were brought to the room to meet Kohei Koizumi.

At this moment, Kohei Koizumi’s condition was exceedingly terrible. His brows were tightly locked, and his eyes shut; he seemed to be in great pain.

Retrieving her box of needles, Asaka Ochi wanted to perform acupuncture to alleviate Kohei Koizumi’s pain.

However, Helian Zhen stopped her. “Let Su Tao and Ling Yu do it.”

Looking at Su Tao and Ling Yu, Asaka Ochi wore a complicated expression, since she did not expect that the physicians that would be treating her husband would be so young. However, Asaka Ochi had some understanding of Su Tao’s medical skills, so she reckoned that she could give them a try.

Taking out his needles from his medical box, Su Tao went over to perform acupuncture on Kohei Koizumi.

As for Ling Yu, he did not retrieve his needles, since he believed in Su Tao’s strength and that he would not be needed.

Kohei Koizumi’s body was akin to a canal that would soon collapse with holes everywhere, especially when the vitality in his five viscera had already been cut.

Thus, Su Tao had to inject vitality using the Heavenseizing Hands to slow down the failing of Kohei Koizumi’s five viscera to ease his pain.

In the end, it only took Su Tao a needle for Kohei Koizumi’s condition to be alleviated and he slowly opened his eyes.

The moment Su Tao inserted that needle, Ling Yu’s eyes flickered with profundities. There was a mysterious Huichun Acupoint mentioned in some medical books. Many acupuncture grandmasters have tried to locate that position, but they did not have a unified conclusion.

The Huichun Acupoint was undetermined, and it’s located differently for everyone. At the same time, it would also be different based on age and physiology.

Not only did performing acupuncture on the Huichun Acupoint strengthen the body, but it could also help retain one’s youth and beauty.

That also meant that Su Tao’s medical skills have reached a shocking level for him to be able to determine the Huichun Acupoint with just a glance.

Amongst all those Ling Yu knew, only his master, the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect, had this level of divine skill.

“Mr. Koizumi, have you participated in nuclear radiation-related work when you were young?” Su Tao probed.

Looking at Su Tao in astonishment, Kohei Koizumi nodded his head. “I did have such an experience, but it was only for a short two years.”

“This is the source of your illness. Due to your work, your body was damaged by the radiation that caused a mutation in your cells. Hence, your lymphoma isn’t the same as ordinary ones. Not only are there mutations to your lymph nodes, but your five viscera have also been extremely damaged with the invasion of pathogens in your body. But it has been hidden in your body for the past few decades and ultimately only showed up as lymphoma.” Su Tao explained.

Hearing those words, Asaka Ochi was stunned. Su Tao’s analysis had surpassed the conclusion any doctor has given so far.

“Let’s not delay things. The two of you will conduct the treatment for Kohei Koizumi!” Helian Zhen said.

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Then, Ling Yu can treat him first!”

Hearing those words, Helian Zhen looked at Ling Yu in astonishment. Does that mean that Ling Yu will make an attempt first and see if he can perform the treatment?

With a smile, Ling Yu opened his medical box and started his treatment.

Every time he inserted a needle, Kohei Koizumi’s expression would drastically improve. 

At the same time, the ‘black mist’ in his forehead slowly grew faint, turning to purple and ultimately rosy.

Since the vitality in Kohei Koizumi’s five viscera had been cut, there’s no longer a linkage between them, which resulted in a blockage. As time passed, a large amount of toxins accumulated in his body and gathered in his lymph node system before it ultimately mutated, turning into cancerous cells.

The solution from Ling Yu was to use the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique to link the five viscera by injecting the Rising Dawn Qi into the body and restart the five viscera. In this manner, the blockage could be cleared with the toxin being lightened to slow down the spread of cancerous cells.

Instantly, Kohei Koizumi had an indescribable sensation and felt his five viscera burning up. However, it did not feel painful, but warm.

It felt like putting a warm towel on his frostbitten hands, it felt warm and rejuvenating.

As Su Tao noticed Ling Yu’s acupuncture details, he could see the solemn expression on Ling Yu’s face, since he knew the danger present in this.

Since the five elements could give birth to each other, they could also subdue one another.

The Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique was meant to cause birth and not meant to subdue. This went against TCM’s principles, and if he failed, it would cause significant harm to the body. With Kohei Koizumi’s fragile life, it would be extinguished if anything went wrong. Thus, the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique had a high requirement for the physician’s acupuncture skills.

Roughly half an hour later, Ling Yu’s face turned red, which was a sign of pushing the Rising Dawn Qi to the limit. His forehead was covered in beads of sweat.

At the same time, Kohei Koizumi fell into a deep sleep. This was a sign that the Imperial Five Elements Acupuncture Technique was working.

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