Chapter 522 - Wait and See

The outcome of the first battle was evident, since the three western medicine doctors did not provide any new treatment methods. At the same time, the two physicians gave everyone an eye-opener and treated Tan Luoyou’s illness that had troubled him for years.

Not to mention Zhu Wenyuan’s threat when he lost his composure earlier, which gave both Su Tao and Ling Yu a leading position in the selection.

On the side, Ouyang De, Ji Donghan, and Peng Hanyi’s faces were unsightly, since they initially thought that the question was to their advantage, but the outcome had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It’s not because their medical skills were lacking, but even a western medicine specialist like Tan Luoyou couldn’t find a treatment method, so how could the three of them come up with one in such limited time?

As for Su Tao and Ling Yu, the two of them had high medical standards. Even if they did not converse with each other, they still confirmed Tan Luoyou’s treatment method.

Even though their cooperation might seem perfect, it’s been a secret competition between the two of them.

At this moment, Su Tao felt extremely complicated, since he felt both joy and helplessness.

Ling Yu’s medical skills clearly surpassed his Senior Brother, Wang Guofeng. Furthermore, he also had a low-profile, humble, and introverted character, which couldn’t rouse any of Su Tao’s ill will.

But the two of them were both candidates in the National Healer Selection, and even if they cooperated once, they’re still ultimately determined to be enemies.

Looking at Su Tao, Ling Yu’s gaze was amicable as he praised, “Senior Brother Su, you have high credit on how you alleviated the patient’s pain earlier, and if the judges are to mark you, you will surely receive higher marks than me.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but everyone that was present here heard that and even Helian Zhen nodded his head. He might be a western medicine doctor, but he also managed to see something. Ling Yu’s acupuncture might be skillful, but Su Tao’s massage was practically a divine technique for being able to alleviate the patient’s pain.

That meant that his massage practically had the same effect as anesthesia. In western medicine surgery, the primary surgeon might be critical, but anesthetists were also crucial. Generally, the Anaesthesiology Department of a hospital with a high amount of patients had a more prominent position.

Shortly after, Tan Luoyou was helped to the resting room and the medical staff bought a small take-out congee. When he finished the congee, he could instantly feel a surge of warmth and strength coursing through his body.

Pushing the door open, Helian Zhen entered and asked, “Old Tan, how do you feel?”

There’s a healthy blush to Tan Luoyou’s previously pale complexion as he sighed, “I was shocked. The treatment earlier might be painful, but it felt like being reborn. Over so many years, I could clearly sense my body becoming weaker. I looked through many documents and even invited friends to take a look at me, but there weren’t any improvements with the sleep paralysis that tormenting was me! Right now, I feel exhausted, and I want to take a good rest!”

Wearing a bitter smile, Helian Zhen replied, “You still can’t sleep yet. You were the patient earlier, and your opinion is critical. There’s an outcome to the grading, but you need to take a look at it. After all, you have the veto authority!”

That meant that with the veto authority, Tan Luoyou could overturn the outcome if he felt that there was a problem with it.

Receiving the paper, Tan Luoyou took a glance at it and bitterly smiled. “What a surprise. I never expected that the western medicine faction would receive such a low grading.”

“It’s mainly because Su Tao and Ling Yu managed to analyse the missing portion and even displayed outstanding capability. The two of them are not only proficient in TCM, but they even have a foundation in western medicine, so even the missing portions couldn’t pose a difficulty for them. As for the three western medicine doctors, they only managed to deduce your sleep disorder, but the two physicians managed to deduce everything accurately.” Helian Zhen analysed.

Letting out a sigh, Tan Luoyou replied, “TCM does have an advantage when it comes to the examination, since they emphasise on accuracy. Not only are they accurate in their diagnosis, but they are also accurate in finding out the root of the illness. Western medicine is inferior in this factor.”

Nodding his head, Helian Zhen spoke again, “This situation can only happen with talented physicians. After all, ordinary physicians wouldn’t be able to notice so much.”

“It looks like we’ve encountered formidable people in this National Healer Selection!” Tan Luoyou sighed.

“Not to mention two of them!” Helian Zhen gave a self-mocking smile and continued, “Do you now understand why Xia Dechun let go of his prejudice as a western medicine doctor to recommend Su Tao?”

Hearing those words, Tan Luoyou’s face blushed. “I’ll call him later to give him my apology. Back then, when I heard of this news, I even gave him a call to scold him and called him a traitor for recommending a physician despite being a doctor.”

“The divergence and conflict between the two medical studies have always been intense, and I’m afraid that a conflict will still occur for the next two rounds.” Helian Zhen responded.

“Competition is good! You know that western medicine took advantage of the specialist team, but the few experienced physicians are more popular. Their medication doesn’t have any side effects at all, and the medicinal effect also comes quickly.” Tan Luoyou consoled.

Nodding his head, Helian Zhen said, “As a western medicine doctor in China, I feel that there are many things that we have to learn from TCM. I always felt that we could only gain a footing in the international community by constantly making breakthroughs in western medicine. But there are many precious prescriptions left by our ancestors, and we might be able to create many shocking miracles by researching them.”

Shaking his head, Tan Luoyou bitterly smiled. “It’s only a pity that most doctors in the country only believe in overseas theories. They’re too reliant on apparatuses and imported medicine.”

With worry on his face, Helian Zhen sighed, “Right now, imported medicine is costly. Although they’re effective, it’s a huge burden for ordinary folks.”

“China still has a long way to go in western medicine, and we’re at least twenty years behind. People like Ouyang De may have returned accomplished, but their ability and standard drops after they’re separated from overseas high-end apparatuses.” Tan Luoyou sighed as well.

Tan Luoyou hit the nail on the head with his comment. The reason why people like Ouyang De were more outstanding than ordinary doctors in China was that overseas universities were more exposed to complicated surgeries and high-end apparatuses.

For example, when computers were upgraded, Ouyang De would be able to gain access to a more advanced system beforehand.

But in terms of talent or creativity, Ouyang De and the two other young doctors paled in comparison to Su Tao and Ling Yu.

“The result is reasonable!” Tan Luoyou commented.

Nodding his head, Helian Zhen replied, “You need to rest now. Why don’t you be exempted from the later competitions?”

Shaking his head, Tan Luoyou smiled. “I can’t do that. After all, I’m filled with an expectation of what will happen next.”

However, Helian Zhen looked at Tan Luoyou in astonishment. He knew that this old friend of his had already been subdued by Su Tao and Ling Yu’s medical skills.

“Then, wait and see!”

Although they’re doctors, they could also be turned into patients. So when their illnesses couldn’t be treated for a long time and were treated by someone with brilliant skills, their feelings were the same as ordinary people.

Handing over a paper to her superior, Mrs. Han reported, “The result of the first competition is out!”

Immediately, Liu Yi took the paper over and looked at it before he wore a gratified expression on his face while nodding his head. “There are still two other competitions, especially the last one, which implicates important people. We must be prepared for it, especially Sire Zhao; we can’t let him feel any discomfort.”

Since Sire Zhao was the important figure in the third competition, Mrs. Han replied, “Someone above already greeted Sire Zhao on this matter, and Sire Zhao has expressed his acceptance.”

“That’s not enough. Although the five candidates have already been filtered, they know nothing about Sire Zhao’s temper. So we have to let them know about it during the third competition, we can’t let Sire Zhao feel any discomfort.” Liu Yi responded.

Hearing her superior’s instructions, Mrs. Han immediately nodded her head. She knew why Liu Yi was so severe in this matter, since the superior would question it if anything happens.

Thus, Mrs. Han left to make plans, since they shouldered the entire National Healer Selection’s logistics group. Although they’re not involved in judging, they still had to ensure the smooth process of it.

Taking out his phone, Liu Yi briefly hesitated before he gave a call to his teacher, Song Sichen.

“Everything is going smoothly!”

The National Healer Selection had to be kept a secret, so Liu Yi couldn’t give too much information to Song Sichen, but the latter should be able to know that this was a report of success!

The Headquarters of the Newlight Media

Ni Jingqiu’s face was unsightly and she was somewhat surprised by An Qi’s report on the Fuji Group’s reply.

“Kohei Koizumi has already tactfully rejected the intention to invest. As for the Ultimate Media, they managed to catch a hold of the number two of the Fuji Group, Watanabe Arisuke. According to Kohei Koizumi, he will resign from his duty in the Fuji Group when he returns to Japan and hand it over to Watanabe Arisuke.” An Qi reported.

Taking a deep breath, Ni Jingqiu clenched her fist and gently hammered on the desk. “Although Watanabe Arisuke is extremely loyal to Kohei Koizumi, he’s someone of the opposite side. When he was young, he sounded his opposition to China many times, and this is also the reason why I did not look for him.”

“But Ultimate Media doesn’t seem to have this sort of concern. Their CEO paid a visit to the Fuji Group’s executives yesterday, which included Watanabe Arisuke as well.” An Qi frowned.

With a grave expression, Ni Jingqiu replied, “Even if we can’t get this investment, we won’t come in contact with Watanabe Arisuke. This is a matter of principle!”

Of which, An Qi nodded her head to show her agreement with Ni Jingqiu’s decision. Although businessmen were materialistic, this was something that concerned the dignity of the country.

After a brief pondering, An Qi comforted, “Perhaps the situation might be able to change. Kohei Koizumi relied on his relationship to enter the National Healer Selection’s competition as a patient. If he can be treated, then he won’t hand over his duty.”

Shaking her head, Ni Jingqiu sighed, “I don’t believe in miracles. Since there’s only a low chance of cooperation with the Fuji Group, then look for other investors. As long as we have a good project, I believe that we can attract people that know their stuff.”

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