Chapter 52 - Cuckolded on the Spot

Chapter 52 - Cuckolded on the Spot

The dance floor wasn’t big, so it was crowded due to being packed. Lu Shimiao felt that if her actions were slightly bigger, then she would touch someone else. Thus, she tried her best to stick close to Su Tao, while the scent on her hair gave Su Tao an urge to take her in his arms.

Sensing Su Tao’s abnormal gaze, Lu Shimiao bit her lip and rolled her eyes. “What are you looking at? You’re making me panic, are we dancing or not?”

Su Tao smiled and placed his hand on her waist, then moved to her ears. “Our act must be convincing. If we acted as if we were friends, wouldn’t your husband have seen through our scheme?”

“Are you trying to take advantage of me?” Lu Shimiao said hatefully.

Sensing the soft touch from her waist, Su Tao whispered, “Why? You still have the chance to run now if you want to.”

Lu Shimiao chuckled, then she embraced Su Tao’s neck and gently smiled. “Alright then, the one that runs is a dog.”

Su Tao felt a tender sensation when Lu Shimiao pressed her chest against his. Su Tao knew that at this moment, Lu Shimiao had given up thinking so much. He moved his gaze over the dance floor. Despite the dim lights, he could still see Qiao Bo’s position. At this moment, his gaze was also directed at them with a raging fire in his pupils.

When the music grew intense, Su Tao purposely made big actions, slowly sliding his hand from her leg to her butt. He gently gave it a pull and burrowed his head in her neck.

Qiao Bo instantly bounced up at this scene. Su Tao had made use of a trick that, from Qiao Bo’s angle, it looked like Su Tao and Lu Shimiao kissing passionately.

Qiao Bo finally couldn’t bear it and stomped towards the dance floor, furiously pushing those that blocked his way.

His left hand landed on Su Tao’s shoulder and he balled his right fist. By the time Su Tao turned around, a fist was flying in his direction. But it was a pity that when his left hand landed on Su Tao’s shoulder, it was as if he had come in contact with oil. Instantly, his hand slipped off from Su Tao’s shoulder, losing his centre of gravity and he fell forth.

He had caused a commotion from this pathetic fall. The surrounding partygoers all immediately ducked, opening up a space for Qiao Bo, Su Tao and Lu Shimiao.

Because he had drunk too much, Qiao Bo was a little dizzy, so it took quite a while to recover. He immediately pointed his finger at Lu Shimiao’s nose as he cursed, “Slut!”

Lu Shimiao sneered, “Qiao Bo, you have shares in this pub, and you can be considered a boss here. Don’t embarrass yourself. We’re just looking for our own fun. You still have that woman over there, waiting for you.”

Hearing Lu Shimiao’s words, Qiao Bo felt his lungs bursting apart before he pointed at Lu Shimiao. “You just wait! See if I will get someone and beat that gigolo of yours up!”

When Qiao Bo left, Lu Shimiao pulled Su Tao and whispered, “Let’s leave, quickly!”

“Why should we leave?” Su Tao smiled.

Lu Shimiao suddenly felt that Su Tao was no different from a fool. She continued to whisper, “Didn’t you hear that Qiao Bo was getting people? He has shares in this pub, so this is his territory. You might be in danger if we continue to stay here!”

Su Tao sighed, “You brought me here knowing that there’s danger. Aren’t you pushing me towards the fire pit?”

Due to the noise in the pub, Su Tao was practically sticking his lips close to Lu Shimiao’s ears. Lu Shimiao felt a tickling sensation before she sourly said, “I initially wanted to come and have a sit here. Who could have thought that we went too far when we were dancing earlier and triggered Qiao Bo’s rage?”

“You seem to be afraid of him?” Su Tao smiled.

Lu Shimiao’s expression stiffened before she sighed, “He is a madman. Last year, when I tried to divorce him, he took a knife and cut himself before me. His entire hand was dripping with blood back then, telling me that he will kill himself if I divorced him.”

Su Tao slightly smiled. “Using his life to threaten others, that fellow is a fool, indeed.”

Hearing Su Tao giving such an evaluation to her husband, Lu Shimiao felt a strange feeling. Seeing that Qiao Bo was coming over with several robust security guards, she grabbed Su Tao’s arm. “Let’s leave here, quickly. He won’t do anything to me, but he will surely not let you off.”

Su Tao sighed, “The gate is already blocked, we won’t be able to leave, for the time being.”

At this moment, Lu Shimiao slightly regretted that she had involved Su Tao in his matter.

Qiao Bo came to the dance floor and pointed at Su Tao. “Brothers, beat that guy up.”

At this moment, his heart was filled with rage. It was bad enough that his own wife was cuckolding him; but she even did it in his face. So how could there be any guy who endured this?

The security guards were all students of Hanzhou University’s Physical Education Department, so it wasn’t a problem for one of them to deal with three or four ordinary people. But the situation was completely turned around against Su Tao.

One of the security guards standing 6’2” swung a rod towards Su Tao’s face. Su Tao moved his upper body towards the side and jabbed the wrist of that security guard. Instantly, the security guard’s arm immediately retracted as he fell on the ground, screaming.

The security guard standing behind the first was startled by this scene. However, he could only toughen himself and threw a frontal kick at Su Tao. Su Tao took a step back and, instantly, that security guard felt the bottom of his feet go numb. Soon, he lost feeling to his entire leg and the sour pain spread towards his lower abdomen. He also fell to the ground, grabbing onto his leg and rolled about.

Seeing Su Tao’s skills, the other security guards were frightened and split to the side. No one dared to go up again.

Initially, Qiao Bo thought that it would be simple for him to beat Su Tao up. But he never expected for two of his security guards to be on the ground in an instant, leaving the rest intimidated. He immediately roared, “Motherfuckers, go up! I am paying for your salaries. If you guys don’t go up, I’ll fire all of you!”

One of the security guards that learnt Jeet Kun Do for a few days emboldened himself and roared as he pounced towards Su Tao. After executing some fancy warm-up moves, he suddenly moved and lashed a whip towards Su Tao’s right leg.

Facing this ferocious attack, if Su Tao was struck by it, his leg would definitely be fractured.

However, Su Tao had utterly ignored him and leapt into the sky in the direction of the security guard. While planting one leg on the ground, Su Tao threw a kick at the waist of that security guard with his other leg.

A cry immediately rang out and the security guard fell to the ground, all curled up as he rolled in pain.

Su Tao had held himself back when facing the three of them. If he really wanted to be ruthless, then it wouldn’t be as simple as temporarily taking their fighting ability away.

“All of you, go up!” Qiao Bo clearly started to panic as he roared towards the few other security guards.

“Up your sister! We clearly can’t beat him. At most, we won’t ask about our salary!” The few others immediately went to help their classmates and walked out of the pub.

Everything happened in an instant, and Lu Shimiao only recovered from the shock at this moment and looked at Su Tao in astonishment. Now that she thought about it, Qiao Dehao’s urinary incontinence during the meeting must have been Su Tao’s doing.

When the few security guards left the pub, the one that was 6’2” waved his hand and screamed, “Holy shit, it’s too mysterious. The intense pain suddenly disappeared.”

The two others oddly shouted out as well, feeling that the pain had disappeared. The more they thought about it, the more they felt that they had met a legendary expert. Thus, they firmly decided that they were not going to return.

Qiao Bo was drenched in sweat as he looked at Su Tao. Many of the customers had already left, only the staff were watching the show.

The major shareholder, which was also Qiao Bo’s partner, came over. It was a middle-aged man in a flower-patterned shirt. He looked at Su Tao and handed a cigarette over. “Brother, I am Zhong Tianbao, the Person-in-Charge of this pub. Can you give me face and let this matter go?”

Su Tao looked at Lu Shimiao and smiled. “I’m her bodyguard. So you have to ask her.”

Lu Shimiao sourly glared at Su Tao and guessed his intentions before she said, “Boss Zhong, sorry about this in our first meeting. Strictly speaking, this is a family issue.”

Zhong Tianbao already knew that Lu Shimiao was the wife of Qiao Bo, so he smiled. “Sister, I naturally know about you. How about this, you and Qiao Bo will take your issues home. I still have a business to run today.”

“Qiao Bo, I want to divorce you. See you in the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow.” Lu Shimiao indifferently glanced at Qiao Bo.

When Qiao Bo heard Lu Shimiao mentioning divorce, his nose crooked from the anger and his body trembled while pointing at Lu Shimiao. For the moment, he couldn’t speak and watched Lu Shimiao hook around Su Tao’s arm as they left the pub.

“Old Zhong, you’re violating the code of brotherhood. How can you let him go?” Qiao Bo roared.

Zhong Tianbao helplessly shook his head. “Do you know who that person standing beside your wife is?”

“He’s someone with a background?” Qiao Bo’s face froze.

Zhong Tianbao nodded. “I’m afraid that there aren’t many in Hanzhou that dare to provoke him. Some time ago, Huainan’s Nie Family offered ¥1,000,000 for his life, but the Poisonous Widow stopped it.”

Shock soon covered Qiao Bo’s face. “He’s related to the Poisonous Widow?”

Zhong Tianbao lowered his voice, “According to rumours; he’s the Poisonous Widow’s new favourite. He cannot be messed with.”

Since the Nie Family targeted Su Tao, the other forces in Hanzhou all had information on him.

“Then, you want me to let this go?” Qiao Bo was sullen as he replied.

Being cuckolded right in his face was something that no man could accept.

Zhong Tianbao knitted his brows. “Your wife caused this. If you want to vent your anger, vent it on her. As you have witnessed today, Su Tao has skills. It’s useless, even if I called a car of underlings here. Furthermore, we can also forget about staying in Hanzhou if we provoked the Poisonous Widow. We still have a business to run, and we can’t be reckless.”

Hearing Zhong Tianbao’s words, Qiao Bo gritted his teeth in anger.

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