Chapter 467 - Love

After their lunch, Qin Jingyu left first. Shui Junzhuo was a smart woman, and she could tell that the former wasn’t in a good mood from his pale face. Turning to look at Su Tao, she curiously asked, “Why are you annoying Big Brother Jingyu on purpose?”

Hearing her question, Su Tao sighed. Isn’t it all because of you? Thus, he weakly answered, “You don’t have to ask so much about a competition between two men.”

“Competition?” Shui Junzhuo’s first reaction was to wonder if it was because of her.

“Anyone can tell that Qin Jingyu is in love with you, and you’re in love with me. Hence, I was naturally dragged into this matter.” Su Tao smiled.

“Who says that I’m in love with you?” Shui Junzhuo blushed as she looked at Su Tao and explained, “My relationship with Big Brother Jingyu is pure, and I’ve always considered him to be a brother in my heart.”

“I doubt he shares the same feelings as you.” Su Tao smiled, “You don’t have to deny it. I’m not a piece of wood. Why would you help me so much if you had no feelings for me?”

“I… only want to repay you.” Shui Junzhuo weakly replied.

Su Tao has always been hiding his feelings for Shui Junzhuo in his heart and trying to maintain their relationship. However, the appearance of Qin Jingyu made him feel a crisis.

If he’s in love, then he’s in love. Why bother hiding his feelings?

At this moment, Su Tao even felt grateful for Qin Jingyu. If it wasn’t for the latter, he wouldn’t find the need to take the last step with Shui Junzhuo.

Recalling the memories that they shared, the deepest memory was them sleeping together in the cave back at the Golden Chicken Mountain…

All of a sudden, Su Tao grabbed onto Shui Junzhuo’s tender hand and confessed, “Junzhuo, it’s natural for people to have feelings after being together for so long. The reason why I’ve never confessed to you is due to the other relationships that I have, and I don’t want to owe you one as well, or I will feel guilty about it. But you’re about to leave the country, and I feel the need to confess that I have feelings for you.”

Shui Junzhuo felt her nose turning sour. She had always been conflicted if Su Tao was a playboy, but she still couldn’t help being attracted to him.

It was especially true for those who were accomplished. Despite knowing that she had pursuers, many men still threw themselves to her, trying to obtain her favor.

After a brief hesitation, Shui Junzhuo replied, “What if I tell you that I don’t mind it?”

Her words made Su Tao’s heart clench. What’s Shui Junzhuo saying? She’s saying that she didn’t mind him having relationships with other women?

“Love is toxic and it can blind the eyes, and I have no idea if I have been bewitched. You have outstanding women around you like Cai Yan, Yan Jing, Vera, and Lu Shimiao. None of them pale when compared to me. We like you because of how outstanding and righteous you are.” Shui Junzhuo lowered her head. Although she’s a swan in the eyes of others, she had lowered her position at this moment.

It’s the same for women that were deeply in love. They would tend to lower themselves since love was toxic.

Gently pulling Shui Junzhuo into his embrace, Su Tao felt touched as he looked at her. He wanted to make a bold action, and he was trying to see from Shui Junzhuo’s eyes if she was fine with it.

There was a fruity fragrance permeating from Shui Junzhuo’s breath that loosened his heart.

Shui Junzhuo felt her heart clench together. She could only lean on Su Tao as of this moment to keep herself standing.

A long time later, the two of them separated, and Su Tao said, “This is our pledge of love now! If you don’t turn your back against me, I won’t turn my back against you.”

“That’s too cheesy!” Shui Junzhuo pursed her lips before she sweetly smiled. “Now I can head for Russia in peace.”

Su Tao sighed in his heart. Qin Jingyu’s appearance might make him feel pressured, but if it wasn’t for him, how could Su Tao be so bold and confess?

Strictly speaking, this was a victory of a freak combination from many factors.

Not only did Qin Jingyu interfere in their relationship, he even gave Su Tao a push to make the two of them closer.

Not hiding his impression of Qin Jingyu, Su Tao replied, “I can tell that Qin Jingyu is serious about you. But strictly speaking, he’s not a good person, so you have to guard against him a little.”

As Shui Junzhuo fell into a brief silence, she smiled. “I naturally know about it. He’s extremely shrewd, or how could he gain his current position? But he’s only a brother to me, and even if he’s blackhearted, he has treated me kindly. On the other hand, you should be careful. Now that you’re his rival, he will surely start to target you.”

“If there’s no opponent in life, how can we improve? Not to mention that I have a habit of walking into the gunfire.” Su Tao smiled.

With a faint smile, Su Tao did not tell Shui Junzhuo that Qin Jingyu was the mastermind of Wang Guofeng’s attack against the Three Flavour International.

He’s a man, and he had his own dignity. Thus, he decided to find a solution from another channel.

While walking into the apartment, Su Tao looked at the guest room out of habit. Although he and Kim Jung-yeon only stayed together for a brief time, he still couldn’t help feeling a little low with her departure. He took out the bracelet she gave him and examined it for a long time, before carefully placing it on his wrist. After all, it was her kind feelings, and he couldn’t bear to let her down.

Sitting in the living room, Su Tao brewed a pot of tea and started to sort out his thoughts.

It had been some time since he came to Beijing. Despite the various turmoils, he got to know Gu Rushan and Ni Jingyu. At the same time, he had also incurred hatred from Huo Kun and Qin Jingyu.

He had already submitted his application for the National Healer Selection, and he had no idea if his qualification would be rejected with how he has been making the headlines lately.

But if there’s no news, then it’s good news. He knew that someone must have resolved it for him.

After all, despite the turmoil, he had ultimately proven his righteous image.

Right now, he had to seek a solution for the Three Flavour International, which he instantly narrowed it down to Ni Jingqiu. When Xia Yu investigated Huo Kun back then, he had also investigated Ni Jingqiu as well.

The Ni Family was powerful in Beijing, especially from Ni Jingqiu’s line. They held shocking resources and were comparable to the Shui and Qin Family. It was also no wonder why Huo Kun was so willing to marry her, despite not being able to touch her.

The Three Flavour International’s trouble wasn’t especially complicated, and since social relationships caused it, then it could be resolved through social relationships as well.

As long as the National Intellectual Property Administration stops applying pressure on the Three Flavour International, the crisis would be resolved. But the mediator was crucial, since it cannot be from the Shui Family for Qin Jingyu to take him seriously.

After all, if Qin Jingyu knew that the Shui Family came out to help him, he would definitely look down on Su Tao and try to meddle with the Three Flavour International’s operations even more. Furthermore, Su Tao couldn’t possibly keep looking for the Shui Family for help, right?

Out of his dignity as a man and preventing Qin Jingyu from making any more moves against the Three Flavour International, he had to resolve this matter from another angle.

Thus, Ni Jingqiu was an excellent candidate to help him.

Upon coming to a decision, Su Tao took his phone out and sent a message to Ni Jingqiu, “Hey, beauty. Are you free now?”

Ni Jingqiu was currently sorting through documents in her office, which she felt exhausted and stretched her body before she replied, “I am, what’s up?”

“I would like to meet with you. I have something that I would like to ask of you!” Su Tao probed.

“Sure, come over to my office. I’ll get my chauffeur to fetch you.” Ni Jingqiu’s treatment has gone pretty well, and it was all thanks to Su Tao. As for her mother, she still needed Su Tao’s help, which explains why she was so passionate.

“There’s no need for a chauffeur… Just send me your address, and I’ll take a cab there myself!” Su Tao knew that Ni Jingqiu was joking, so he naturally wouldn’t go along with it to put on airs.

The Newlight Media was located at the 3rd Ring with slow traffic. But it only took half an hour for Su Tao to arrive at Ni Jingqiu’s office.

Ni Jingqiu was dressed fashionably. She wore a white-laced dress with her hair tied into a bun, revealing her exquisite ears. From her fair skin, her innate qualities would move any man’s heart.

“It has only been a few days since we last met, so why did you have such a drastic change?” Su Tao sighed. Actually, he wasn’t the only one having this feeling, everyone else felt the same.

But as he analysed it, it might have something to him treating her kidney.

If the kidney was weak, it would result in poor skin for the woman and the endocrine in the body. Thus, her bearing drastically changed as she became healthy.

“Really? Your mouth is really sweet.” Ni Jingqiu got Su Tao to sit on the white couch before she asked, “I’ve always been wanting to do something for you, so you can tell me about it. I will handle it for you with all my resources available to me.”

At this moment, Su Tao knew why Ni Jingqiu asked him to visit her office, since it would be convenient for her to handle the matter immediately.

“My company has encountered some trouble recently, and I wonder if you have someone you know in the National Intellectual Property Administration that can help me to clear it up.” As he asked, Su Tao started to explain the entire matter.

After hearing Su Tao’s explanation, Ni Jingqiu smiled. “I can help you, but you have to accompany me to a family banquet.”

“Family banquet?” Su Tao was surprised as he looked at Ni Jingqiu.

Nodding her head, Ni Jingqiu explained, “I need your help to treat my mother. I believe that with your skills, you can surely achieve it. Please understand my point of view as a daughter for using this as a bargaining chip.”

Waving his hand, Su Tao smiled. “You’re putting it way too seriously. I initially deferred the treatment for your mother so that you can have confidence in my skills with yourself as a guinea pig. Since you trust me, then I can treat your mother anytime.”

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