Chapter 465 - Divine Physician on White Horse

The staff swiftly led a scarlet steed over. It had glossy fur with a scarlet mane and a tail that seemed like blazing flames. It would irritably brush its foot on the ground and snort from time to time, neighing resistance.

Wearing a bitter smile, the staff explained, “Chairman Qin, this horse still hasn’t been trained, so it’s still not suitable for riding.”

“Hasn’t it been a week? Why is it still not tamed? I’m extremely disappointed in you guys!” Qin Jingyu unhappily said as he waved his hand.

The staff patiently explained, “This is a king amongst horses, so it has an irritable character. It’s hard for an ordinary rider to handle it, and even the horses don’t dare to approach it in the stable. Several of our experienced horse tamers were even thrown off by it with one who did not have much experience nearly had his head stomped.”

Knitting his brows together, Qin Jingyu gave a challenging glance to Su Tao and helplessly shook his head. “Forget it, why don’t we change it to another horse that has been tamed?”

“Why don’t you let me give it a try?” Shui Junzhuo volunteered, “I’m also a certified tamer!”

The reason why Shui Junzhuo wanted to give it a try was due to the excellent grade of this horse, which piqued her interest. Furthermore, she was also trying to change the topic so Su Tao wouldn’t be put in an awkward position.

For an untrained person, it’s not easy to tame a horse since even the mildest horse would throw them off the saddle.

Shui Junzhuo knew that Qin Jingyu was making things difficult for Su Tao on purpose, but she’s in love with Su Tao. Hence, she could only be the middle-man to quench the gunpowder.

When she finished speaking, she took the leash from the staff and leapt onto the saddle.

However, she never expected that the horse would be so ferocious. The moment it sensed someone on its back, it instantly started to bounce around, trying to throw Shui Junzhuo off with the momentum.

Shui Junzhuo was trained, and she was also bold. She tightly held onto the leash and lowered her body. She was practically leaning against the horse, since it would reduce the jolt.

The horse roared and stomped forth. The strap fell off from the pillar upon being pulled. When the horse felt that it had regained its freedom, it instantly rejoiced and started to gallop through the field.

Qin Jingyu initially thought that the horse was under control no matter how ferocious it was due to the strap keeping it bound to the pillar, so he allowed Shui Junzhuo to give it a try since he wanted to show it off to her. However, he did not expect that the situation would suddenly become so dangerous.

“Quick, save her!” Qin Jingyu roared as he turned to the staff, “If anything happens to her, I’ll tear this ranch apart!”

“Chairman Qin, please calm down. We have appropriate emergency measures in place!” The staff panicked as well. Although Shui Junzhuo volunteered to get on the horse, she was a noble guest. If she was thrown off and anything happened to her, he would definitely be doomed. Thus, the staff immediately called for an emergency through the walkie-talkie.

Swiftly, three off-road vehicles charged out from the corner and chased after the horse.

Seeing that someone was chasing after it, the horse became even more furious and ran even more ferociously.

At this moment, Shui Junzhuo felt regret in her heart. She had been trained and had once tamed a ferocious horse. However, this horse that Qin Jingyu bought wasn’t an ordinary horse, and it’s not easy to control it. Learning on its back, Shui Junzhuo felt her five viscera and six bowels being thrown around. However, she could only try her best to endure, since she knew that she would surely suffer injuries or even death if she fell from the horse.

The horse was intelligent and displayed its agility, which caught the pursuing vehicles by surprise.

“Should we use a tranquilliser?” A staff asked within the vehicle.

“No! This horse is extremely precious, and there might be repercussions if we use a tranquilliser to knock it out!” An experienced tamer replied, “It’s best if we chase after it and force it to slow down.”

The staff frowned and weakly sighed. Thinking about the horse having repercussions at this timing? Was it more important than the life that’s at stake here?

However, he did not say anything and they cooperated with the two other vehicles to chase after the horse, forming an encirclement to try and control the horse’s direction.

But another unexpected event occurred. The horse suddenly sped up and ran in the direction of the border. Although there were high fences, it quickly leapt over the fences.

On the horse, Shui Junzhuo felt herself in the air and her hand started to feel numb. She was already completely exhausted and was purely relying on her willpower to persevere.

“Shit, that’s the barren lands! It’ll be even more dangerous!” The staff exclaimed with a pale complexion.

“Chase after it!” Qin Jingyu’s rage was blowing off the top.

“The fences have obstructed the vehicles!” The staff explained, wearing a bitter smile.

“Then ram them through! Saving Junzhuo is more important than anything!” Qin Jingyu was practically on the verge of going insane at this point.

Watching this situation, Su Tao sighed. He initially thought that the horse would be subdued after being chased by three vehicles, but this situation has exceeded his expectations, and that horse wasn’t ordinary. At this moment, he knew that he had to make his move and save Shui Junzhuo. Thus, he leapt onto the white horse. It ran a dozen meters out before Qin Jingyu and the staff could react.

Looking at Su Tao’s figure, Qin Jingyu was briefly stunned. He could tell that Su Tao was experienced from his posture.

He subconsciously realised that he had underestimated Su Tao, so he immediately instructed the staff beside him, “Get my Blacky over!”

The off-road vehicles weren’t flexible enough to chase after a horse, so using another horse to pursue it was the best solution.

Seeing the clumsiness of the staff, Qin Jingyu stomped to the stable and swiftly removed the strap. At this moment, another staff member approached with a tranquiliser gun.

“If it’s too dangerous, you can knock it out.”

Qin Jingyu frowned and felt a tingling in his heart. The staff members here were too cunning. They could clearly knock the horse out by themselves, but they did not want to be held responsible, so they handed the task over to him.

But at this moment, Shui Junzhuo was more important in his heart. Thus, he took the tranquilliser gun without any hesitation and rode his horse, chasing after Su Tao.

Despite the ferocity of the scarlet horse, it did not run in a straight line, so it did not run too far out.

Su Tao swiftly caught up to it and the white horse seemed to be able to sense the danger that its owner was currently in and ran with even more gusto.

At this moment, Shui Junzhuo was getting dizzy and she had several urges of letting go of the leash, but she was purely relying on her willpower to brace it.

When she saw a clump of whiteness drifting over, her heart instantly tensed up. Wasn’t that her Bright Prospects with Su Tao on it?

The man that she loved was coming to save her on a white horse!

This was a god-damned melodramatic plot in novels, which Shui Junzhuo even wondered if she was hallucinating due to her anxiety.

While Qin Jingyu followed behind, he was shocked since Su Tao didn’t only know how to ride a horse, his skill wasn’t inferior to professional riders. Under his control, the white horse gracefully ran. His black horse paled in comparison, being thrown afar. It gave off the perception that it was getting further out of his reach.

Upon seeing the white horse, the scarlet horse neighed, startling the white horse and it started to slow down.

Watching this scene, Su Tao sighed. The scarlet horse’s aura had suppressed the white horse. In the white horse’s eyes, the scarlet horse was stronger.

Hence, Su Tao could only resort to whipping the white horse and tightened his legs on the white horse’s abdomen.

The white horse was whipped in the past, but it has never experienced someone so ruthless like Su Tao and felt that its skin was tearing apart. Under the provocation, the white horse instantly forgot about its fear as it sped up and chased after the scarlet horse.

Following closely behind, Qin Jingyu felt that it’s difficult for him to catch up to the two horses, so he raised the tranquilliser gun in his hand and aimed it at the scarlet horse before shifting it on Su Tao, who was on the white horse.

In the end, he stowed the tranquilliser gun and tossed the temptation aside.

If the tranquilliser shot the scarlet horse, it would still run a good distance out despite being shot, which Shui Junzhuo might fall in the process and suffer unexpected consequences.

Although he could remove Su Tao from the competition if he shot him, the latter was also trying to catch up to Shui Junzhuo, and he was her last ray of hope.

In the blink of an eye, the white horse caught up to the scarlet horse.

The scarlet horse clearly never expected that the white horse would catch up. It snorted and crashed against the white horse.

Taking a deep breath, this next scene was akin to an action film. Su Tao leapt onto the scarlet horse and embraced Shui Junzhuo’s waist with one hand to support her while holding onto the leash with his other hand.

There were many ways to tame a wild horse. Generally speaking, by pulling the leash to control the horse to move in circles and try to get on the horse and stop the momentum, there’s a retaliation to grind down the horse’s guard.

But clearly, this scarlet horse cannot be handled with a conventional method. Su Tao held onto the leash and forcefully pulled.

Because of the pain, the scarlet horse’s neck was raised.

Stretching his hand out at this crucial moment, Su Tao tapped on the scarlet horse’s neck.

Just like how humans have acupoints, horses have acupoints as well.

Ancient China had animal physicians that determined the 96 acupoints on horses by relying on the human body diagram.

The acupoint that Su Tao tapped on was the Taiyang Acupoint for horses that could be used to treat heaty liver, heatstroke, and various other conditions. But it was tapped by Su Tao’s Heavenseizing Hands, so it made the horse feel weak.

As the scarlet horse let out a painful neigh, it gradually slowed down and weakly sat on the ground.

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