Chapter 459 - The Burden of an Idol

Truth be told, Gu Rushan was truly unfortunate.

She drifted in Beijing for so many years and finally passed an auction to obtain her very first role. However, the pillar, Du Yu, has been arrested.

Du Yu’s incident attracted the attention of higher authorities, which they enacted the banning doctrine. Due to that, Huadu’s Green Wine was implicated. Although Du Yu did not take many scenes, it has created a significant loss. However, the production team has already started their shooting for so many days, and it would be a joke to those in the same industry if they were to change their male lead at this time.

However, the sponsor, Ni Jingqiu, has displayed her powerful capability when she swiftly responded and signed a contract with a young, famous idol to be Du Yu’s replacement.

Although he wasn’t comparable to Du Yu in terms of experience, he was pretty influential since he participated in several popular varieties shows and instantly became famous. Thus, the crisis faced by Huadu’s Green Wine has been temporarily resolved.

Today, Su Tao, Gu Rushan, Ni Jingqiu, and a friend of hers sat in a café. Their meeting today was meant to get a management company for Gu Rushan. Ni Jingqiu had no intention of introducing Gu Rushan to Huo Kun, to begin with, so she had already found a pretty good company.

“Although Chairman Cui’s company has just been recently established, they’re very professional in what they’re doing and mainly focus on nurturing newcomers. Furthermore, they have their own performing arts school. So I believe that you will definitely have a good development by joining them.” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

Cui Pei seriously looked at Gu Rushan and said, “Our company is currently lacking artists like yourself.”

“Oh?” Gu Rushan was surprised by those words.

“Our team has been researching the industry in Europe and Asia, in which we’ve realised that they have a standard requirement for their artists. Their artists need to have a unique temperament. After all, with how developed social media is, there are so many internet celebrities around. Thus, competitiveness is too high. So as an artist that our company is going to nurture, that person must be unique, and you have that potential.” Cui Pei smiled as she commented.

Gu Rushan clearly never expected such a high evaluation of herself, so she humbly smiled. “I’m still lacking!”

Nodding her head, Cui Pei guaranteed with confidence, “As long as you can last through our professional performing arts school, I believe that you can become one of the top artists in our company.”

Gritting her teeth, Gu Rushan promised, “Since Chairman Cui has such high appreciation of me, then I will certainly not disappoint you.”

When she finished, she turned to look at Su Tao. When she saw Su Tao nodding his head, she proceeded to sign the contract without any hesitation.

After verifying the signature, Cui Pei nodded her head in satisfaction before thanking Ni Jingqiu, “Thank you for finding me such a talented artist. I still have other matters on hand, so I will take my leave first.”

After that, the three of them stood up and sent Cui Pei off.

Letting out a heavy relieving sigh, Gu Rushan thanked, “Chairman Ni, thank you for your help!”

Shaking her head, Ni Jingqiu smiled. “You’re treating me as an outsider with those words. Divine Physician Su helped me numerous times, and this can only be considered a small repayment.”

Gu Rushan could tell that Ni Jingqiu was probably affected by Huo Kun’s incident and initiated, “I’ll treat today! Chairman Ni, what do you want to eat? Why don’t you give me some face and order something?”

“I have no idea what I should be feeling right now. I was initially planning to get married next month, but it has now gone down the drain after what Huo Kun has done.” Ni Jingqiu sighed after she smiled and received the menu, sneaking a peek at Su Tao in the process.

Taking a sip of the coffee, Su Tao comforted, “Men are afraid of going into the wrong industry, while women are afraid of marrying the wrong partner. Although your wedding has gone down the drain, you still have a long life ahead of you. You can consider this setback as a foundation for your future happiness.”

Hearing his words, Ni Jingqiu was briefly stunned before she smiled. “That’s right! I should change the way I live my life!”

Su Tao knew that it’s impossible for Ni Jingqiu to let it go so easily. After all, people will even develop feelings for pets, so it went without saying for Huo Kun. Although they’ve not done that deed, the two of them were already engaged with a deep relationship.

“Judging from your complexion, your recovery seems to be going well. I believe it won’t take long for you to recover completely.” Su Tao changed the topic.

“Really?” Ni Jingqiu has recently been looking into Su Tao, which she developed a strong belief in his medical skills.

“When can you treat my mother? She has been suffering from the pain year after year.”

Since Su Tao had a pretty good impression of Ni Jingqiu, he smiled. “Let’s wait till you’ve fully recovered. At that time, I’ll try and treat your mother. But despite being asthma, your physiques aren’t the same, so the treatment will be different. Thus, I can’t guarantee success.”

However, Ni Jingqiu knew that Su Tao was being humble, so she became excited, “Then, I’ll thank you first!”

When Su Tao and Gu Rushan left the café together, Gu Rushan’s expression suddenly became complicated and she seemed to be hesitating to speak.

“What’s on your mind?” Su Tao smiled as he read her mind.

“I failed to see that you’re pretty famous.” Gu Rushan lifted the strands of hair on her forehead while hiding the uneasiness in her heart.

“Can’t help it. I’m a low-profile person, but Beijing is a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. So you can easily find people like me around.” Su Tao sighed.

“I was about to confess to Chairman Ni the truth about our relationship, but why did you stop me?” Gu Rushan blushed, misunderstanding that Su Tao wanted their relationship to be real.

Turning the false act into reality?

“Because it’s not the right time.” Su Tao sighed. Although Gu Rushan was usually smart, there were occasions where her intelligence failed her.

“She had just fallen out of love, and if you tell her now that we’ve lied to her, how do you think she will feel?”

“Oh, right! All thanks to your reminder. I was foolish to not see this point.” Gu Rushan chuckled to conceal the awkwardness.

Sweeping a glance at Gu Rushan, Su Tao continued, “But it’s still not good to lie to someone, so we should find an opportunity to tell her the truth. After all, she has treated us well.”

“Yeah!” Gu Rushan instantly felt complicated. She couldn’t describe her feelings with words.

Although she did not interact with Su Tao for a long time, she was shocked when she discovered that she has started to rely on him. However, she tried her best to tell herself that she couldn’t have that mindset. Feelings were uncertain, and if the reins were loose, it wouldn’t be easy to control.

All of a sudden, she realised that her life has completely taken another route after meeting Su Tao.

For some reason, Su Tao seemed to be capable of changing the fate of others. Although she had undergone twists and turns, she strode towards an entirely new world.

“Why don’t you come over tonight?” Gu Rushan said, before she immediately added, “Call Jung-yeon along! I have to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that I would be rejected by the production team and be back to my old life.”

“Alright, I’ll look forward to it, so don’t disappoint me!” Su Tao straightforwardly agreed.

Gu Rushan really helped him in this scandal, not to mention that she trusted him. Otherwise, it’s impossible for her to lure Huo Kun into a trap and have that video taken.

He was grateful for her help, which was the reason why he accompanied her to meet Ni Jingqiu and facilitated the signing of her contract.

When the two of them separated by the door, Gu Rushan slowed her movements down and waited for Su Tao to enter before she gently sighed. Since she’s going to treat him to a meal, then she naturally had to prepare the ingredients. Thus, she turned around and headed for the nearby supermarket.

Upon entering, Su Tao saw Kim Jung-yeon wearing loose clothes and was sitting in front of her computer. He smiled. “Gu Rushan is going to treat us to a meal later today, so remember to prepare yourself.”

“It’s just a meal, what is there to prepare?” Kim Jung-yeon asked as she pushed the black-framed spectacles on her nose.

“Do South Korean ladies not dress unless they’re going to shop? Look at you, you look so terrible, and there is even gum in your eyes.” Su Tao sourly replied.

“Ah?!” Kim Jung-yeon screamed as she ran into the toilet. But a brief moment later, she walked out and grumbled, “You liar! There is no gum!”

Su Tao smiled. “I did that for your sake! Judging from your sitting posture, you’ve stayed in front of your computer for at least three to four hours. Blood won’t be able to circulate if you remain seated for a long period of time, and it’s also not good for your cervical vertebra. So you should walk around more; it will be good for your health.”

However, Kim Jung-yeon snorted and grumbled, “Isn’t it all because I’m managing your fan base?” As she spoke, her eyes suddenly dazzled as she continued, “The attention exploded as of yesterday, and many people joined the fan club! You’ve already become a celebrity with ten million fans!”

“Oh.” Su Tao casually replied.

Seeing that Su Tao was so calm, Kim Jung-yeon inwardly sighed and continued, “They are not an inflation to your fans, but genuine numbers. In South Korea, it’s a shocking number since South Koreans only have fifty million citizens.”

“Actually, I’m excited in my heart, but I just feel that showing it on the surface is too crude.” Su Tao smiled.

Kim Jung-yeon was briefly stunned before she winked and smiled. “Your burden of an idol is too heavy. There’s no one here else here to see, and you can dump it aside!”

After walking towards Kim Jung-yeon, Su Tao suddenly hugged her and spun around, catching Kim Jung-yeon by surprise.

When she was finally down, she lost her center of gravity and leaned against the wall.

Seeing Kim Jung-yeon blankly at a loss, Su Tao laughed, “Alright, I have tossed my burdens aside.”

“Oppa, you’re too playful!” Kim Jung-yeon bit on her lips as she gently stomped her feet and returned to her room.

However, Su Tao wasn’t bothered by it. He took out his phone and tapped onto the news website. He felt great since he saw various news articles related to him. Although he was nearly doomed from his confrontation with Wang Guofeng and Huo Kun, he ultimately won.

The taste of victory was always that tasty!

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