Chapter 458 - Karma

“You’re in trouble!” An anxious voice sounded through the phone.

Du Yu was currently lying down on the couch when he picked up Huo Kun’s call. Locking his brows together, he casually replied, “Boss, what can possibly happen?”

“It’s hard for me to put it into words, but you’re also implicated in this matter! I suggest that you get a plane ticket to leave the country for the time being!” Huo Kun received a great shock when he checked the internet. He never expected that the controversy was completely turned around with information about Du Yu’s secret transaction being exposed as well.

At this moment, Du Yu was trying out the new goods with two of his friends lying nearby. They were part of his circle, and they were second and third-tiered actors and actresses. They’re waiting for the effect to kick in before doing something more interesting.

However, Du Yu was a little overdosed today. He felt his mind going numb and still hasn’t gotten an idea of how serious the situation was, which was why he casually replied, “Please be reassured, I will call my manager and book a flight to Las Vegas immediately.”

When Huo Kun hung up the call, he still had no idea if Du Yu would really heed his order. But at this moment, his thoughts were in a whirl as he had already done his responsibility to Du Yu by informing him.

He never expected that his life would be ruined by Su Tao. Not only were his efforts futile, he even got himself into deeper trouble. Most importantly, Ni Jingqiu was determined to break up with him, which was a massive blow for him.

After a long pondering, Huo Kun decided to give Ni Jingqiu a call.

Shortly after, his heart trembled, since he never expected that the call would go through. Clearing his throat, he normally said, “Wifey, are you still angry about it?”

“Huo Kun, we have already broken up, so what is there for me to be angry about?” Ni Jingqiu gnashed her teeth as she decisively said, “This is the last time that I will be answering your calls. I will mail all the gifts that you’ve given me back to you, so let’s not contact anymore in the future.”

Huo Kun never expected that Ni Jingqiu would still be in this attitude, so his patience ran out and he raged, “Ni Jingqiu, you can’t be so heartless! Think about all I’ve done for you when we got into the relationship. This misunderstanding is entirely a plot, so are you going to believe the words of others and not me? If that’s the case, then you’re a stupid woman!”

On the other end, Ni Jingqiu felt pent up as tears started to roll down on her cheeks. However, she tried her best to bear her sobbing and replied, “Yeah, I’m foolish. I’m foolish to the point of believing you when my mother saw you with another woman outside, but what you’ve done this time has crossed my bottom line. Su Tao is your benefactor, and you actually took such vile actions against him. I can’t imagine how many people have been harmed by you!”

At this moment, Ni Jingqiu had figured it all out. Recalling the warning from her friends and relatives, she realised today that she had actually been dancing with a wolf.

The reason why Ni Jingqiu’s mother objected to their wedding was because of the fact that Huo Kun’s lifestyle was brazenly in a mess.

“You slut, I will definitely not let you off!” Huo Kun raged as he smashed his phone against the wall.

The reason why he made the call was in an attempt to fix their relationship. After all, it’s easy for the Ni Family to deal with the problem that he’s facing right now.

However, Huo Kun knew that he had reached the end of his rope when he saw the heartlessness in Ni Jingqiu.

He suddenly recalled that he had still not done that deed with Ni Jingqiu, which he felt that he was foolish.

“Brother Yu, why are the windows open? It’s a little cold!” The female artist wasn’t wearing much, so she felt her the cold breeze against her buttcheeks.

“What nonsense are you talking about? The air-conditioner has been tuned so high that we can practically fry an egg here. It must be your misconception!” Du Yu smiled with a weird expression as he raised the woman’s chin and said in excitement, “Focus on singing. As long as I’m satisfied with your performance, I’ll introduce two shows to you next month!”

The female artist showed a fawning smile as she started to sing. Although her voice wasn’t particularly beautiful, she had tried her best to look emotional.

“Your singing is so terrible, and you want to become a celebrity? Are you insane? Soften your voice and increase the rhythm a little. Don’t look so nervous with the mic, and you have to maintain a smile.” Du Yu sourly said.

Although Du Yu was publically known as a celebrity, he was actually the same as any other person that has unusual fetishes, such as getting female artists to sing for him to relax. Du Yu was a singer, but no recording company could afford his fees. Hence, he’s fond of hosting such a karaoke session at his home.

In just a brief moment, he became high as the male artist standing beneath the female was trying the snatch the mic over as they moaned.

Du Yu was fond of such excitement, so his breathing soon became heavy.

But while they’re enjoying the exciting atmosphere, he suddenly noticed that something was amiss when he saw another figure in the mirror.

Was the drug so powerful that it caused him to see hallucinations?

Rubbing his eyes, his heart instantly went cold since he knew that he wasn’t having a hallucination.

The windows were open and a gale blew in through the window while three men were standing not too far away, coldly looking at him.

“Bassoon, they seem to have noticed us.” One of the three men said in Thai.

“Then teach him a lesson, but keep in mind not to threaten his life!” Bassoon coldly ordered. In his heart, those who dared to provoke his master deserved nothing but death, which Du Yu has violated this!

Upon hearing his words, the two other men walked towards Du Yu. They didn’t care if Du Yu was a celebrity, they wanted to build a career by coming over to China with Bassoon. Since this was their first mission, then they naturally wouldn’t hold back.

While their fists pounded against flesh, Du Yu couldn’t feel anything due to the drugs, but he felt that the two fiends looked like they wanted to kill him.

His two friends immediately kneeled and trembled while watching Du Yu get beaten up.

“Stop!” Bassoon interrupted and the two men threw Du Yu on the ground before spitting on his face.

Du Yu’s face was covered in blood at this moment and looked nothing like a celebrity.

“The police will be arriving, so find the goods.” Bassoon instructed.

Although Du Yu couldn’t move, he was still conscious. He finally understood the reason behind Huo Kun’s call.

He was the one who has been schemed against!

Not only did the other party intrude into his house, they even called the cops!

“Found it!” The two men that Bassoon brought over went the extra mile and managed to find a chest hidden in the compartment behind the bookshelf, which was filled with packages containing white powder.

“So much?!” Bassoon gave a deep look at Du Yu before he said in a solemn voice upon hearing the sirens, “Let’s go!”

While watching Bassoon and his companions leaving, Du Yu wanted to get himself up and dispose of the goods. Otherwise, he would definitely be in for life imprisonment with so many drugs. However, he couldn’t get up no matter how he tried and collapsed back onto the ground.

In the end, he could only order the two artists, “Quick, dispose of the goods!”

“Dispose of it? How are we going to dispose of it?” The male artist panicked.

“Flush it down the toilet, you dimwit!” Du Yu anxiously snapped.

When the male artists lifted the chest, the packages scattered onto the ground, since the chest wasn’t properly closed. Just when he was about to pick them up, the door was kicked open. Narcotics officers broke in with pistols.

There was a female officer amongst them. Although she had seen all sorts of scenes, the scene before her still caused her face to blush.

“Don’t move!” An officer ordered as more officers went forth to apprehend the three artists.

Since they usually faced vicious and cunning criminals, their actions were also extremely decisive.

“Captain, the estimated amount is over two kilograms; this is a huge case! Furthermore, it seems that Du Yu was beaten up by someone prior to our arrival!” An officer locked his brows together when he saw the wounds on Du Yu.

“We’re narcotics officers, so we don’t have to bother about anything else. Now that we’ve arrested them along with the evidence, take them away!” The captain waved his hand. He decided to ignore the fact that Du Yu was beaten up. Before they were dispatched, he already received an order from his superior that he just had to capture Du Yu and not bother about anything else.

Facing this scene, Du Yu painfully shut his eyes since he knew he was doomed.

With a smile plastered on her face, Shui Junzhuo rang Su Tao’s doorbell. She never expected that this incident would be resolved so smoothly, and the entire scandal directed at Su Tao has collapsed.

Shortly after, a Wechat’s official account, Swan’s Tears, released a piece of explosive information that the actor, Du Yu, was reported for drugs and has been arrested. Some medias tried to call his phone, but the phone was turned off. After numerous attempts in verification, it has been confirmed that Du Yu has been arrested. Not only was he suspected for drug-abusing, but he also accommodated drug-abusers at his home. Furthermore, he would also be facing heavy sentencing due to the sheer amount of drugs found.

Along with Du Yu, the female artist, Fu Mou, and the male artist, Man Mou were also arrested during the whole process. The two of them were artists that have signed with Huo Kun’s management company, so the police have targeted Huo Kun, suspecting him for using drugs to manipulate his artists.

Hence, Huo Kun was arrested at his home and confessed the source of the drugs, Boss Han. After that, a drug enforcement raid took place that shook the entire country.

It was Kim Jung-yeon who opened the door. When she saw Shui Junzhuo, she immediately smiled. “Oppa has gone out.”

“Oh?” Shui Junzhuo looked disappointed and asked, “Where did he go?”

“He went out with the gorgeous big sister next door. Why don’t you hang around and wait for him?” Kim Jung-yeon harmlessly replied as she blinked her eyes.

“Forget it; I’ll leave first.” Shui Junzhuo sighed, feeling empty in her heart, before she continued, “Let him know that I’ve visited!”

“Sure, no problem!” Kim Jung-yeon promised as she patted her chest.

Not long after Shui Junzhuo left, Kim Jung-yeon pouted as she mumbled, “Oppa is too fickle when it comes to love! There are so many ladies fond of him; does he even have the time for all of them?”

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