Chapter 456 - Three Flavour International’s Retaliation

In the Three Flavour International’s conference room back at Hanzhou City, there’s a long table in the middle covered in a red fabric with several chairs behind it.

Behind it, there’s a board with the title, Three Flavour International’s Press Conference written on it. The Three Flavour International has created a crisis public relations team that responded to this matter in less than a day.

The reporters were representatives from the various major medias, since Su Tao was in the headlines due to Du Yu fanning the flames. Thus, the media was inquisitive about how the Three Flavour International would deal with this situation. But from the looks of it, the management seemed pretty professional.

Much of the media received an invitation, in which they responded by sending their most capable writers over to move into this topic from a better angle to attract attention.

As the CEO of the corporation, Yan Jing’s image was extremely dazzling. She looked both graceful and gorgeous, permeating a powerful aura in her movements.

She wore a suit as she gracefully walked to her seat along with the branding manager. However, the reporters were surprised that Su Tao wasn’t there.

If Su Tao wasn’t there, then this press conference wouldn’t seem sincere. Hence, the majority of the reporters all felt disappointed.

At this moment, the host introduced the purpose of this press conference, “Recently, there have been false allegations circulating our Honorary Chairman, Mr. Su Tao. Aside from dealing with this matter, we will also pursue legal actions against the mastermind and reveal the truth to the public, and hence, we hosted this press conference. Firstly, we will have our CEO, Ms. Yan Jing, explain this matter.”

Supporting the mic with her fingers, Yan Jing explained, “Many of you here are reporters, in which you guys should know that we’ve suffered obstructions from our competitors in the past during our startup. According to the evidence that I’ve received so far, Mr. Su Tao’s reputation being ruined is all but a vile plan from our competitor. Mr. Su Tao is a young doctor with medical ethics, and he’s also a nationalist. He is definitely not someone like the news claimed; those are just baseless allegations. At the same time, we’re preparing to use the evidence we have in our hand to pursue legal actions against the mastermind behind this entire incident.”

Suddenly, a reporter asked, “Those are just your words. Many photos on the internet proved that Su Tao is a supporter of South Korea. Do you guys think that you can change the view of the public with just your words alone?”

Yan Jing did not become furious with the question. On the contrary, this reporter was an undercover agent sent by them. She knew that if she wanted the press conference to be successful, then she would need some gunpowder. After all, how could they deal with the matter if the press conference had no gunpowder?

“I admire your question.” Yan Jing smiled as she continued. “Naturally, I did not call everyone to just listen to me talk. I would like everyone to take a look at a few videos, which I believe that everyone will understand the entire situation.”

The staff had already prepared. A video appeared on the scene. It was the video of Su Tao having his meetup session with his fans. Yan Jing explained, “This video was taken when Mr. Su Tao met with his fans, in which we’ve cut out the crucial section since the rest isn’t important. Now, let us look at it!”

After her words, a man wearing a baseball cap appeared and Sun Yuan went over to obtain his signature in the process.

After that, the screen showed a picture of the signature ⁠— Du Yu!

The disguised man was actually the celebrity, Du Yu! From the video alone, anyone could tell that Du Yu was currently conducting a transaction with that mysterious man.

Watching this scene, the reporters instantly became agitated, since their keen sense of smell detected a story.

The public was now filled with disbelief of the personal lives of celebrities, since this circle was too complicated. Every year, there would be misconduct of celebrities being reported.

Could it be that Du Yu was also the same? After all, his reputation was ordinary, and there was often news of him discussing scripts with female celebrities late at night or hanging out with models during banquets.

“This video was taken a few days ago, which proves why a celebrity like him is trying to fan the fire the moment Mr. Su Tao was involved in the controversy.” A smile rose on Yan Jing’s lips as she continued, “We can determine that this scheme directed at Mr. Su Tao is actually an act of revenge. Du Yu thought that his video would be revealed, so he launched an attack against Su Tao before the latter could.”

When she finished, a female reporter stood up and reminded, “This is only a video, and most of it is your speculations!”

That female reporter was a fan of Du Yu. She has remained single and often proclaimed that Du Yu was her boyfriend. Hence, she naturally stood up to protect her idol at this moment.

Without any change in her expression, Yan Jing continued, “We will now play another video. Firstly, let me introduce the protagonist in this video. His name is Huo Kun, the boss of the management company that Du Yu is contracted with. Since this is a press conference, we won’t use any mosaic. But if anyone feels that we’ve fabricated this video, they can feel free to take legal actions against us.”

Once again, another video appeared on the screen that had been simply edited.

The content of the video was simple, Huo Kun was trying to force Gu Rushan to submit, in which he admitted that he was the mastermind behind this controversy.

If Huo Kun watched this video, he would definitely regret it. In fact, he wasn’t the mastermind, it was Wang Guofeng, while he could only be considered as an assistant. But back then, he claimed responsibility for it because he wanted to intimidate Gu Rushan.

“So that’s the case, it’s actually a plot!” The reporters burst out in a commotion. Even that female reporter, who’s a fan of Du Yu, was stunned. She never expected that there would be such a video.

In the video, Huo Kun admitted that he wanted to mess with Su Tao because of the video about Du Yu. The content that was exposed in this press conference was simply earth-shattering.

After waiting for the commotion to calm down, Yan Jing said with a stern expression, “What’s a groundless accusation? I believe everyone has seen the content on the internet. Although the articles were filled with literary talent, they’re weak. Furthermore, it’s simple to provide those photos as well, and I believe that these two videos are more convincing than those photos.”

Suddenly, a reporter raised his hand and asked, “You’ve just mentioned that this is involved in commercial competition, but Huo Kun and Du Yu are both in the entertainment industry. So it doesn’t make any sense.”

Yan Jing casually glanced at the branding manager. This person should be the second undercover agent that they’ve planted.

To ensure that a press conference flows smoothly, she had to gain control of the momentum.

“Then, let me explain it for everyone!” Yan Jing made a gesture and several photos appeared on the screen. They were photos of Wang Guofeng and Huo Kun chatting with smiles plastered on their faces. “I believe everyone knows about Huo Kun. The other person in the photo was once a doctor who was kicked out of the medical industry due to his poor medical ethics. After leaving the medical industry, he went on to be the Chairman of the Medicine Deity Corporation, Wang Guofeng.”

Another picture appeared. It was an old school photo that even Yan Jing had no idea where Xia Yu obtained it from.

There were two circles on two boys and Yan Jing explained, “They’re buddies since elementary school, and the school nearly expelled them after they peeked into the female’s toilet at the age of fourteen.”

When the reporters heard that, they instantly laughed and everyone felt that those two were bad since they were young.

It was a reaction that Yan Jing had expected, so she smiled. “Then again, we don’t have a habit of digging up the dirt of others, we’re only doing this to prove their relationship. For the past few days, Wang Guofeng has had close contact with Huo Kun, and Mr. Su Tao is coincidentally in Beijing as well. Thus, the two of them cooked up this scheme together. The Medicine Deity Corporation and Three Flavour International have always been competitors, so they would benefit if our reputation was ruined.”

“So, that’s the case!” The reporters started to discuss amongst themselves. Despite the complicated connection, they’ve now understood it from the authenticity of the evidence provided.

Someone raised his hand again. This time, it wasn’t an undercover agent from the Three Flavour International but a middle-aged man wearing spectacles. He asked, “Even though you guys can prove that there’s someone behind the controversy, you guys can’t prove the relationship between Su Tao and that Korean lady that he’s staying together with. It’s so much so that there’s also a Three Flavour Hall located in Seoul, along with a huge fanbase of South Koreans. How can you explain this matter?”

“As a company, we naturally wish for our influence to spread globally. According to your logic, now that China and South Korea are in a tense relationship, are we not allowed to earn their money? I feel that this mindset is wrong, and at this moment, what we should do is earn more of their money. Our two countries have an adverse trade balance, and as a Chinese enterprise, we need to do our best to change this situation. As for the medical clinic in Seoul, we’ve invited a special guest, and I believe that his explanation will defuse everyone’s doubts.” smiled Yan Jing.

Nodding her head to the staff, the side door was opened and a tall and handsome man waved his hand in the direction of the reporters. He had dressed up with his hair well-sorted. At first glance, he even looked like a celebrity.

There was a reporter who recognised this newcomer and he exclaimed, “Kim Jung-ho?”

“The person in charge of Seoul’s Three Flavour Hall, Kim Jung-ho?”

A commotion started once again. The press conference today was full of surprises. No one expected that despite Su Tao’s absence, Kim Jung-ho would come to China.

What was the Three Flavour International trying to prove?

At this moment, it only proved that Su Tao had a good relationship with that South Korean. Wouldn’t that cause the public to be even more enraged?

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