Chapter 455 - Beauty Scheme

Huo Kun was an expert when it came to relationships, and he knew how to capture a woman’s heart.

He took out a palm-sized box from his bag, then gently opened it to reveal a silver platinum necklace with a sparkling gem embedded in it. To conquer a woman, not only were flowery words required, but he also had to occasionally spend some money. In his view, only a present that’s worth roughly ¥20,000 could touch her heart.

“Here’s a gift to you for our contract. Why don’t I put it on for you?” Huo Kun asked as he walked towards Gu Rushan.

However, Gu Rushan shook her head and refused, “The gift is too expensive, and I can’t take it!”

As Huo Kun gently held onto Gu Rushan’s shoulders, he smiled. “Don’t be anxious. With your condition, you only lack a backer for you to become a celebrity. If you sign the contract, there will be jewelry brands looking for you to endorse for them as well, so this is nothing!”

Walking to her back, Huo Kun gently put on the platinum necklace for her and gently tapped on her fair skin before he caressed her hair before his nose and exclaimed, “How fragrant!”

On the other hand, Gu Rushan only felt disgusted. She had underestimated Huo Kun’s shamelessness. However, she still tried her best to bear it.

“Baby, you have no idea how charming you are right now!” Huo Kun smiled as his finger pressed on Gu Rushan’s chin.

“Don’t call me that; it’s scary.” Gu Rushan tried her best to avoid it.

Hearing her words, Huo Kun instantly burst into laughter. “What an unromantic woman. I’ll show you how wonderful it is to be my woman later.”

Feigning a worried look, Gu Rushan took half a step back and wanted to remove the necklace. “Chairman Huo, I don’t think that I can sign a contract with you. At the same time, I can’t accept this gift, so I will be returning it to you.”

Seeing that Gu Rushan was still acting, Huo Kun took a step forth and held onto her wrist and ordered, “Stop putting up an act and just submit to me!”

When he finished, he moved to remove her bathrobe.

In his view, that was how women were. As long as you strip them naked, they would not have any guard up against you.


However, Huo Kun was soon stunned. Gu Rushan was wearing a shirt within her bathrobe. She wasn’t naked as he had expected.

However, he couldn’t care about that at this moment. He pulled Gu Rushan’s shirt and smiled. “I know that you’re just pretending to be innocent. You’ve already invited me to a hotel, so won’t I be a joke to you if I don’t take the initiative?”

Stopping Huo Kun’s hand, Gu Rushan warned, “You can’t do that! I can’t betray my boyfriend!”

“I suggest that you should break up with Su Tao soon! His reputation has already gone down the drain!” Huo Kun sneered.

“What do you mean?” Gu Rushan cautiously asked.

“Don’t you know that he’s an internet celebrity now? His face can be seen on the headlines in various media.” Huo Kun knew he had to make Gu Rushan submit, so he exposed everything about Su Tao, “He’s staying with a Korean lady, you should know about that, right?”

“That’s his friend!” Gu Rushan locked her brows together.

“But it's a pity that the public doesn’t know that. Everyone is now calling Su Tao a traitor who betrayed his own country.” Huo Kun continued, “South Korea and China are now in a tense relationship. By staying together with a Korean woman who has an unclear relationship with him, his reputation has been ruined. For such a failure like him, there’s no future for the two of you. You should just follow me instead.”

Hearing those words, Gu Rushan became uneasy. She had paid attention to the current trend, so she was shocked to see her neighbor in the headlines.

Shaking her head, she remained headstrong. “That’s why I can’t betray him at this time!”

“How infatuated!” Huo Kun sighed. “The more you behave like this, the more I want to subdue you.”

Being forced by Huo Kun, Gu Rushan was already leaning against the wall as her eyes flickering with indignance and questioned, “You’re the mastermind, right?”

Moving to her ear, Huo Kun whispered with intoxication from her fragrance, “That’s right! I loathe him even though he is my savior. I was the one who called Du Yu to create that video to fan the fire. I’ve finally noticed the reason for my hatred for him; it’s because you’re too gorgeous. I’m jealous that he can have a girlfriend like you, but if you follow me, I might consider letting him go.”

“You’re despicable!” Gu Rushan widened her eyes as she snapped. She wanted to escape, but she was trapped between Huo Kun’s arms.

Surprised by her words, Huo Kun threatened, “Stop pretending to be innocent. If you continue with your act, I will be angry!”

Seeing that Gu Rushan was still resisting him, Huo Kun was finally enraged and his last bit of patience was burnt. Grabbing onto her waist, he threw her onto the bed.

A woman was still physically weaker than a man, in the end, so Gu Rushan felt dizzy after being thrown onto the bed.

In just a brief moment, Huo Kun had already removed her bathrobe.

When the bathrobe was removed, Huo Kun was briefly stunned. Gu Rushan was also wearing shorts underneath. He suddenly felt that something was amiss. If she was here to welcome him, why would she wear so much clothing?

Damn it, could this be a trap?

“This is a trap?” Huo Kun started to panic as he looked around, trying to find the camera.

“That’s right!” A man came out of the bathroom. It was Xia Yu, who came all the way over from Hanzhou City. “So only you can be the one to plot against others, and others can’t do the same to you?”

Evidently, Huo Kun did not expect that there would be someone in the bathroom since Gu Rushan came out in a bathrobe. Gnashing his teeth, he roared, “You actually dare to use the beauty scheme on me?!”

Huo Kun never expected that there would be a day that a veteran like him would fall for someone’s trap.

The reason was simple; he thought that Gu Rushan was the same as the other women who have submitted under his pressure.

“What do you guys want?” Huo Kun sneered. “You want to use this to threaten me? I’m afraid that you guys are too naïve! Su Tao is already in desperate straits, and even this can’t help him.”

“Huo Kun, you’ve greatly disappointed me!” A woman’s voice suddenly resounded from the bathroom.

Why is that voice so familiar? Can it be…?!

Huo Kun’s face suddenly changed as he looked in the direction of the voice and saw his fiancée, Ni Jingqiu stomping out of the bathroom in rage.

“Listen to me; this is all a misunderstanding!” Huo Kun finally panicked. He never expected that Ni Jingqiu would be here.

With her eyes reddened, Ni Jingqiu started to sob, “I was initially still hesitating when Divine Physician Su came to look for me since I believed that you wouldn’t be such an ungrateful person. But I never expected that this was your true character. You’ve greatly disappointed me!”

“It was Gu Rushan who allured me! There’s also that Su Tao, don’t be deceived by his appearance! He tried to deal with me by getting someone to take a video of an artist in my company, so don’t fall for their trap!” Huo Kun tried his best to explain.

Ni Jingqiu’s appearance has sent his heart down the abyss.

The wedding between him and Ni Jingqiu was being prepared, and there’s bound to be cracks in their relationship after this incident.

He had no idea that Ni Jingqiu and Su Tao would have such a close relationship. She was Su Tao’s patient, so when the negative news of Su Tao appeared, Ni Jingqiu immediately looked for him, wanting to help him.

Many of her friends and relatives hinted to her that Huo Kun could not be trusted, and he wasn’t suitable as her husband, especially her mother, who had firmly objected to their relationship. This was also the reason why Huo Kun wasn’t willing to visit their house, even now.

However, Ni Jingqiu still firmly believed that Huo Kun wasn’t a bad person.

But she had been given a resounding slap as the truth laid before her eyes.

Su Tao did not request Ni Jingqiu to use her connections to help him. On the contrary, he planned such a huge show to let her see Huo Kun’s real face.

Letting out a weak sigh, Ni Jingqiu was utterly disappointed in Huo Kun. Huo Kun could still be considered a responsible man if he could become honest and revoke what he has done to Su Tao. But seeing how he firmly denied and even wanted to put up an argument, Ni Jingqiu was thoroughly disappointed.

Waving her hand, Ni Jingqiu said with her heart shattered, “Let’s break up!”

Huo Kun widened his mouth but couldn’t even utter a word. But when he saw Ni Jingqiu leaving figure, he wanted to chase after her but was obstructed by Xia Yu.

“What do you guys want? I’ve done nothing, so are you going to accuse me of rape?” Huo Kun still remained arrogant, even at this moment. He wanted to chase after Ni Jingqiu to explain to her.

His marriage with Ni Jingqiu was important for his family, and it would greatly affect his family if there’s a problem.

“Scumbag!” Xia Yu threw a jab at Huo Kun’s abdomen and the latter crouch down in pain before Xia Yu unleashed a kick that knocked him unconscious. “For trash like him, he deserves to die a hundred times!”

Seeing that Huo Kun was dealt with, Gu Rushan finally felt relieved. After all, he had taken advantage of her during the acting, so she lured Huo Kun into the trap. But this was considered vengeance.

“What are we going to do now?” She asked.

“Where’s the camera?” Xia Yu stretched his hand out.

Turning around, Gu Rushan removed the first button on her chest and handed it over to Xia Yu.

Lying on the ground, Huo Kun was still half-conscious and his anger was blowing off the top when he saw the camera. He had been cautious and swept around the room, but he never expected that Gu Rushan would wear the camera on her person.

Turning on his phone, Xia Yu had also taken a video of the entire process in the bathroom. After a reply and seeing that there’s no problem with it, he turned to Gu Rushan and smiled. “You’ve really helped Su Tao this time. Leave the rest to us.”

When he finished, he immediately sent the video over to Yan Jing.

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