Chapter 452 - Divine Physician Su on Headlines

Su Tao did not know that a plot was brewing against him. He was still focused on preparing for the National Healer Selection.

However, he did not expect that because of his blank origin, he would encounter a setback in the first phrase.

According to the National Healer Selection’s rules, there would be an examination phase within two weeks after the application was filed.

The examination was the same as other examinations, with the candidates’ backgrounds being investigated. Furthermore, it was stricter since they would investigate the candidates’ families.

If your family had an oversea experience, a criminal record, involved in gambling, drug-taking, or was involved in major diseases, the candidates would have their qualifications eliminated.

Su Tao’s résumé was simple, so there was nothing to be investigated.

His grandfather, Su Guangsheng, was an ordinary physician in Hanzhou City who accumulated positive public praise. His parents passed away in an accident twenty years ago, leaving him behind.

The only thing that cannot be explained was his missing background for the past ten years, in which the examination committee fell into a dilemma.

Hence, the committee gave Su Tao a call for him to prepare information for that. Although he had the Shui Family acting as his guarantor, he still had to make an explanation.

The reason for that was simple, every National Healer Grandmaster would serve senior officials. For those in ancient times, any problem that arose would result in their assets being confiscated, and family exterminated. Even in modern times, they would also be implicated in jail sentences. Thus, no one dared to be negligent. 

Even with Sire Shui and Sire Cao acting as guarantors, Su Tao still had to make an explanation for his history to prove his qualification to participate in the National Healer Selection.

However, Su Tao couldn’t be truthful about his history and could only come up with a lie. He explained that he spent ten years in a remote village, and due to his parent’s passing, he grew up with his aunt.

Although it was only a formality, the committee did make an investigation and discovered that Su Tao did have an aunt that he had no blood relations with. She was an adopted daughter of Su Guangsheng and remained single throughout her lifetime and was also a famous female divine physician.

With that resolved, he soon encountered another setback when he received a call from Shui Junzhuo.

“There’s a problem! Are you home right now?” Shui Junzhuo solemnly said.

“I am!” Su Tao replied in perplexion as he locked his brows together. But he soon noticed that Shui Junzhuo was outside his apartment, so he went and opened the door for her.

Shui Junzhuo rushed in and saw Kim Jung-yeon typing on the keyboard in the smaller bedroom. She then sighed and wryly smiled. “I need an explanation. Why is there a woman here?”

With Shui Junzhuo’s character, it’s impossible for her to act out in this manner, even if she was jealous.

Thus, Su Tao furrowed his brows and bitterly smiled. “She came over from South Korea a few days ago, and you should know that she’s the administrator behind my fan club. So I can’t possibly keep her out, right?”

“Looks like you still have no idea about how serious this matter has become.” Shui Junzhuo took out her phone and tapped on the screen before passing it over to Su Tao.

While looking at her phone, Su Tao soon locked his brows together.

Famous Physician, Su Tao, is staying together with a Korean girl?

The biggest joke about boycotting South Korea! China’s Physician King has fallen to a Korean girl’s skirt!

The Physician King Su Tao is a supporter of South Koreans with assets in South Korea!

There were many such similar articles with crude content that was practically calling Su Tao a traitor to his country and that he supported South Korea. Not only does he have a fan base in South Korea, he even has a medical center there and is staying with a South Korean lady, Kim Jung-yeon. Although he seemed to be loyal, he actually harbors evil intentions.

Reading those articles, Su Tao soon figured out the seriousness of this situation and couldn’t help sighing. He never expected that he would be defamed.

Those articles had pictures serving as proof, which included the photo of Su Tao and Kim Jung-yeon entering the same apartment, screenshots of a Korean section in Su Tao’s international fan base, and the Three Flavour Hall’s plaque on South Korea’s medical center from when Kim Jung-ho lost to him.

The entire country was boycotting South Korea right now, so anyone that’s involved in this controversy would be bashed online.

At this moment, Su Tao was filled with indignance as he bitterly smiled. He previously fought with Kim Jung-ho to fight for TCM’s dignity, but he never thought that he would become a public enemy.

“These aren’t true!” Su Tao bitterly smiled, while feeling powerless. That’s because the public didn’t know the truth; they’re all being misled.

Su Tao had experienced the power of the internet for the very first time.

“I know!” Shui Junzhuo also felt furious. She was more understanding than anyone about how much effort Su Tao put in to fight TKM, fighting for the dignity of China’s culture.

However, Su Tao gradually calmed down. “We have to find the source of the news.”

“We’ve already found it; it came from a media company that has German shares. This matter has blown up with a huge troll army, and the public is being misled.” Shui Junzhuo sighed.

After a brief pondering, the figure of Rangure appeared in Su Tao’s mind, so he replied, “This should have something to do with Wang Guofeng.”

“Why?” Shui Junzhuo was baffled before she took a deep breath.

“The Medicine Deity Corporation and Three Flavour International are competitors, and Wang Guofeng is now the Chairman of the Medicine Deity Corporation. Starting from last year, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has started to invest in the Medicine Deity Corporation. If my reputation is ruined, then Three Flavour International’s brand will be affected and they will be the biggest winner.” Su Tao calmly analysed and continued, “The Medical Dao Sect has also sent Ling Yu to participate in the National Healer Selection, and if I lose the qualification, that means that Ling Yu will become a National Healer. Hence, Wang Guofeng is vicious to use this move. But you don’t have to be too worried, I’m clean, and I don’t have to be guilty of it. As long as I do my part, I believe that everything will be cleared up.”

Looking at Su Tao with a complicated glance, Shui Junzhuo initially wanted to tell him that she’s going to use the Shui Family’s resources to resolve this matter for Su Tao.

However, Su Tao already had his own decisions.

“Why don’t…”

Just when Shui Junzhuo was about to speak, she was interrupted by Su Tao, “No need! I believe that I can deal with this matter. I know that the Shui Family can easily erase such fake news, but I don’t want to keep asking you for help. After all, I owe the Shui Family too much.”

“Do we have to be so distinct about it?” Shui Junzhuo felt that her words sounded a little wrong, so she immediately explained with her face blushed, “You saved my grandfather, and even saved Grandpa Cao. In terms of grace, we owe you more!”

With a smile, Su Tao replied, “I treated them because it’s my duty as a doctor, and I’ve also received my fees for that. It’s like farmers; if you ate the food that they grow, are you going to be eternally grateful to them?”

Shui Junzhuo’s face blushed even further before she shook her head. “How can this be compared to that? Farming doesn’t take much skill, and it’s something that everyone knows. However, a good doctor is rare, and not everyone can treat any illnesses like you.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao had to admit that Shui Junzhuo’s reply did make him feel happy. However, he still remained indifferent and smiled. “You don’t have to interfere in this matter. When I’m truly at my wits’ end, I will come look for you.”

After seeing Su Tao being so persistent, Shui Junzhuo could only give up. However, she decided to help Su Tao if the matter goes out of control.

“There’s still a week before the examination ends.” Shui Junzhuo reminded.

“I’ll resolve this matter swiftly.” Su Tao had to immediately contact Yan Jing, who was back at Hanzhou City, and resolve this matter.

If it goes as he had expected, the Three Flavour International has also been implicated.

Sitting before his computer, a sneer rose from Huo Kun’s lips as he looked at the news.

Not only did Rangure help blow up the matter, he even made use of his company’s public relations to fan the fire, instantly causing Su Tao to be in the headlines.

If anyone wanted to erase this negative news, then they would have to spend at least three to four million for public relations.

Furthermore, Huo Kun has already notified several media companies to not accept anything, no matter what the other party offered, and he’s willing to make it up for them.

Huo Kun’s management companies have advertisements for various mainstream media companies, and unless absolutely necessary, they wouldn’t want to offend such a bankroller.

Wang Guofeng, who was led in by the secretary, came on time and smiled, “You seem pretty happy!”

Raising his thumbs to Wang Guofeng, Huo Kun praised, “Young Master Feng is truly formidable to make such a move. You have resolved even my trouble.”

He was initially worried that Su Tao might make use of Du Yu’s video to deal with him and cause him to suffer a considerable loss. But Wang Guofeng had launched an attack first, putting Su Tao in controversy. So how could the latter have the time to be bothered with him?

Wang Guofeng smiled. “You’ve cooperated pretty well, especially that professional writer of your company. Even I nearly believed in it. But I still need you to fan the fire even more!”

“What do you have in mind?” Huo Kun smiled. He knew that Wang Guofeng still had more plans.

“Get the celebrities under your company to express their views.” A sly light flickered in Wang Guofeng’s eyes.

Slapping his thigh, Huo Kun burst into laughter, “Nice! This way, we can allow celebrities to gain fame from this matter and also beat Su Tao down while they’re at it!”

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