Chapter 451 - Villains Colluding

After Du Yu left, Huo Kun’s phone trembled as it received an information report from Tong Zuoqing concerning Sang Yongshi.

Tong Zuoqing was known as the Imperial Uncle, who was famous in Beijing on both sides of the world. He’s a genuine descendant of the Tong Clan. During the Manchu Dynasty, the influential figure from the clan included the mother of Emperor Kangxi, Empress Xiaokangzhang, and an important official Longkodo during Emperor Yongzheng’s reign.

The reason why Tong Zuoqing could become rich was due to the chest of antiques that was buried under the old locust tree of his ancestral mansion.

He was initially in poverty and nearly sold off the ancestral mansion. But after discovering the chest of treasures, he sold a few of them before starting an antique store along with a teahouse, which slowly expanded. At this moment, he had more than ten teahouses in Beijing and also became a supporter of a few famous crosstalking performers.

With his teahouses as a medium, he could swiftly receive information. So if Huo Kun wanted to know anything, he could just contact Tong Zuoqing, after which he would promptly receive a report.

Looking at the picture, Huo Kun furrowed his brows as he murmured to himself, “Isn’t that the young doctor that saved me?”

Hence, he immediately replied, “Who is this young man?”

“Su Tao, originated from Hanzhou City. He’s the Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital, founder of the Three Flavour International, and has two pharmacy chains with a net worth of over ¥200,000,000. He’s also a famous divine physician in Huainan Province.” A reply from Tong Zuoqing soon came over.

Taking a deep breath, he instantly gained a new perception of Su Tao. It was no wonder why it wasn’t easy for him to obtain Gu Rushan, so her boyfriend was actually so rich. But then again, he became curious in his heart. Since Su Tao was so rich, why would Gu Rushan go for an interview?

He was a paranoid person, and after sorting out all the information, he concluded that Su Tao was trying to approach him.

He felt that the incident in the garden wasn’t a coincidence. He must be trying to get close to him, and that video incident must also be a coincidence that Su Tao created trying to control him.

However, he couldn’t figure out what Su Tao wanted.

Now that he thought about it, the problem might lie in Ni Jingqiu. He came up with a bizarre conclusion that Su Tao’s motive was to approach Ni Jingqiu to ruin his wedding.

After all, Su Tao would be able to gain a footing in Beijing if he got into a relationship with Ni Jingqiu.

Amidst his hectic thoughts, his door was knocked and the secretary entered, “Mr. Huo, your guest has arrived.”

“Welcome him in, then!” Huo Kun replied after sorting out all his feelings.

Wang Guofeng, who was donned in a suit, entered and looked around the spacious office before his gaze fell on the antique shelf and smiled. “Young Master Kun, you’re pretty formidable to have such a spacious office in Beijing. How extravagant!”

“Young Master Feng, you're too modest. With the Medicine Deity Corporation’s momentum, you can obtain an office twofold larger any time you want.” Huo Kun humbly smiled.

Wang Guofeng and Huo Kun’s relationship was pretty good. Wang Guofeng casually sat down while Huo Kun retrieved a bottle of wine and poured two glasses.

“I don’t have any tea here, so I can only serve you wine. Sorry about that!”

Taking the glass, Wang Guofeng took a sip and praised despite the emphatically unimpressive taste, “Good wine!”

Sitting on the couch, Huo Kun crossed his legs and smiled. “I have to thank your Junior Brother. After his treatment, my body feels much better. I’m filled with energy.”

Wang Guofeng could see that from Huo Kun’s complexion. After a brief silence, he asked, “I have something that I would like to confirm with you.”

“Oh? I will definitely tell you anything you want to know.” Huo Kun was perplexed.

“Do you know Su Tao?” Wang Guofeng examined Huo Kun’s expression. He wanted to read the latter’s expression.

Widening his eyes, Huo Kun had shock on his face as he coldly replied, “I do.”

However, Wang Guofeng couldn’t read anything from Huo Kun’s expression and probed, “He must be the one who saved you back at the garden, right?”

Huo Kun immediately looked at Wang Guofeng in perplexion. But he recalled that the latter was also a physician and had worked at Huainan Province for a long time, so Huo Kun wondered if he was familiar with Su Tao.

“That’s right; he was the one who saved me. How did you know about that?” Huo Kun asked.

“My Junior Brother was the one who discovered it. Su Tao left his own mark on you when he treated you.” Wang Guofeng replied as he made an example, “It’s just like calligraphers, and anyone experienced will be able to recognise it.”

Huo Kun had no idea about Wang Guofeng and Su Tao’s relationship, so he cautiously said, “I don’t have any good impressions about him.”

Wang Guofeng immediately rejoiced in his heart, since he was initially worried. After all, Su Tao has saved Huo Kun, and Huo Kun was the most suitable one if he wanted to deal with Su Tao in Beijing after Wang Guofeng sorted out his social circle.

There were those more powerful than Huo Kun, but he wasn’t confident that they would help him.

Wang Guofeng knew Huo Kun well, and as long as he needed help, the latter would surely help him.

As his concern vanished, Wang Guofeng coldly replied, “Su Tao and I can only be described as mortal enemies. Do you know why I am not able to practice medicine anymore? It was all because of him!”

Huo Kun’s eyes lit up upon hearing that. “I’m also having trouble recently because of him.”

Letting out a breath, Wang Guofeng smiled. “He might have some power in Huainan Province, but Beijing is our territory. Wouldn’t it be easy for us to mess with him?”

“So, we’ll cooperate?” Huo Kun cunningly smiled as he nodded his head.

Although it had been years since they met, Huo Kun realised that Wang Guofeng was more fitting to his taste now. The two of them grew up together, and Huo Kun had always been a lackey of Wang Guofeng until the latter left for the Medical Dao Sect. It was only then that they started to distance themselves. But back then, the image of them fighting together was still vivid in their minds. So now that they had a common enemy, they naturally had to face their common enemy together.

Wang Guofeng had an appointment with Rangure, so he did not stay for long. As for the scheme to deal with Su Tao, the two of them already had an initial plan.

After Wang Guofeng left, Huo Kun took another cigar as Gu Rushan’s figure appeared in his mind. An eerie smile rose on his lips; he now had two reasons to take down Gu Rushan.

Wang Guofeng met with Rangure in a german restaurant.

Rangure wore casual clothes that revealed her voluptuous figure with a pink gemstone earring that was dazzling and attracted Wang Guofeng’s attention.

“We meet again!” Wang Guofeng held onto Rangure’s hand before he bent down and kissed the back of her hand.

It was a western etiquette, which originated from swans.

But for Germany, they only did it as etiquette, and there’s no contact with the lips and the back of the hand. Evidently, Wang Guofeng failed to estimate the scale that caused Rangure to furrow her brows.

Waving her hand at the waiter, Rangure ordered a few german dishes. In the entire process, she did not ask about Wang Guofeng’s opinion, since it was no concern to her.

German cuisine was heavy in taste, since most of them were fond of eating meat and drinking.

An example would be marinating beef in vinegar and spices for a few days before strewing it.

On the other hand, the steak before them was made with minced beef and egg yellow, cucumber, and mustard.

After Wang Guofeng ate a few bites, he was stunned by the unique taste and smiled. “I never expected that german cuisine would taste so good!”

Taking a sip of red wine, Rangure smiled. “How’s your Junior Brother’s preparation for the National Healer Selection?”

“I’ve already sorted it out. If it goes as I’ve expected, he will become the youngest National Healer Grandmaster in China’s history.” Wang Guofeng pridefully smiled, before he locked his brows shortly after and spoke his concern, “But that Su Tao is also participating in the selection, and there seems to be a powerful figure backing him up. So I think we will need to resort to some means.”

“Oh?” Rangure looked at Wang Guofeng and smiled. “You seem to have some plans!”

Wang Guofeng coldly chuckled, “That’s right. I’ve decided to use public opinion and destroy his reputation!”

“Oh? So, what’s your plan?” Rangure smiled.

Wang Guofeng smiled as he lowered his voice, “Su Tao has obtained the help of Sire Shui of the Shui Family. If we don’t use some means, it’s impossible to affect his participation in the National Healer Selection. He established his international fan club when he fought with Kim Jung-ho back at the International Medical Summit, which was operated by his opponent’s younger sister. I believe that we can ruin his reputation if we made use of this.”

Looking at Wang Guofeng, Rangure felt that it was a vicious plot.

With the tension in the foreign relationship between China and Korea, if this matter was blown up, Su Tao would naturally become a target for controversy.

Even with the Shui Family’s support, they couldn’t resist public opinion. When the time comes, the National Healer Selection’s department could only reject Su Tao’s participation to calm the controversy.

“So, I need your help!” Wang Guofeng solemnly replied. “I need to use your media resources to help me in this matter and cause Su Tao to lose his qualification to participate.”

Taking a deep look at Wang Guofeng, Rangure sighed, “You’re ruthless! For a doctor, the moment his reputation is ruined, who would dare to come and seek him?”

Letting out a gentle snort, Wang Guofeng replied in disdain, “He was the reason why I can no longer practice medicine, so I’m just taking my revenge on him.”

As Rangure tasted the red wine and steak, her mood was pretty good despite the fact that the taste was lacking from being authentic. Wang Guofeng was blinded by vengeance, which was a piece of good news for her, since it would be easier for her to control him.

“Alright, I’ll cooperate with you.” Rangure rolled her eyes and continued, “I believe in my eyesight and that you will not disappoint me!”

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