Chapter 450 - Warning Gu Rushan

Su Tao woke up at 5 a.m. It was something unimaginable for a young girl who sleeps late at night. Initially, Su Tao wanted to call Kim Jung-yeon to exercise together, but she was deeply asleep, so Su Tao did not wake her up.

However, Kim Jung-yeon practically had no guard against him; she didn’t even bother locking her door, and it was left open. When Su Tao walked past her room, he could see her thighs in plain sight. At a rough glance, he could see her Angel’s Series undergarments.

With a complicated heart, Su Tao left the apartment. As if it was planned, his neighbor, Gu Rushan, was also coming out of her apartment.

“What a coincidence!” Gu Rushan greeted.

Is it really a coincidence? Su Tao could tell that she had practically waited for him outside, and there’s probably nothing good coming from her.

As he had expected, Gu Rushan revealed her intentions after they jogged for ten minutes, “Ni Jingqiu’s boyfriend came to look for me and wanted me to sign with his management company.”

“So, what do you intend to do?” Su Tao did not expect that Gu Rushan would ask for his opinion. Then again, she might only be informing him. After all, they’re nominally a couple, and Gu Rushan naturally had to tell Su Tao about it so that their lie wouldn’t be exposed when Ni Jingqiu asks about it.

“I intend to sign the contract with him. Many actors in Huadu’s Green Wine comes from his management company, which includes the celebrity Du Yu.” Gu Rushan excitedly said.

When Su Tao heard Du Yu’s name coming from Gu Rushan, he slightly knitted his brows. Although he did not pay much attention to the entertainment circle, he did not have a good impression of Du Yu.

“Go ahead and sign it, then!” Su Tao indifferently replied.

“Mhm?” Gu Rushan could hear the abnormality in Su Tao’s words, so she curiously asked, “It appears that you don’t want me to sign the contract.”

“My opinion doesn’t matter. This is your life, and it’s your choice.” Su Tao faintly replied.

Su Tao’s attitude made Gu Rushan feel uncomfortable. She has no idea why Su Tao would appear to be so furious.

Quickening his pace, Su Tao ran much faster, which Gu Rushan could only gnash her teeth and try her best to catch up to him. However, there’s a difference in their physiques, so she was naturally left gasping for breath five minutes later.

“You bastard!” Gu Rushan finally stopped and held onto her chest, catching her breath.

She was pissed about being ignored. She respected his opinion, but he had practically disregarded her.

“It’s best for you to rest!” Su Tao suddenly returned and reminded. “You ran too fast earlier. Not only will it not train your physique, but it will also injure your lungs.”

“Like you care!” Gu Rushan felt her nose turning sour as she glared at Su Tao in indignation.

Su Tao also noticed that his earlier attitude towards Gu Rushan was poor, but he couldn’t help it since he had just been bitten by Huo Kun. So he was naturally filled with hatred for that backstabber, and Gu Rushan actually wanted to sign a contract with his management company.

Su Tao’s mood became terrible and misunderstood, thinking that Gu Rushan was one of those women that would do anything to gain fame.

However, the scene of Gu Rushan chasing him earlier had made him realise that he had misunderstood her.

She waited for him early in the morning probably because she wanted his opinion, and he had unknowingly let her down.

Although Gu Rushan sat for a long time, she was still gasping for breath. Thus, Su Tao swiftly tapped on her Qingchuan Acupoint, which was located in her neck.

Glaring at him, Gu Rushan snapped, “Why are you jabbing me?”

“Why don’t you try breathing now?” Su Tao wryly smiled.

Gu Rushan was briefly stunned before she noticed the changes in her body. She was no longer gasping for breath, but she sourly replied, “Weren’t you ignoring me? Why are you caring about me now?”

“After being chased by a woman, shouldn’t I show some concern as a gentleman?” Su Tao teased.

Hearing his words, Gu Rushan immediately looked around, which she saw many people in the surroundings pointing fingers at them. She swiftly covered her face and bashfully raged, “This is embarrassing!”

She was anxious earlier and did not pay attention to her actions. Now that she thinks about it, her earlier behavior wasn’t appropriate.

“Nothing is embarrassing about it. These days, it’s not uncommon for a woman to woo a man. As for women proposing, it’s nothing new, either.” Su Tao smiled as he tried to alleviate the atmosphere.

After looking at Su Tao for a long time, Gu Rushan asked, “Why were you treating me with such a cold shoulder?”

“It’s clear that I’m not in agreement with you signing a contract with Huo Kun’s management company.” Su Tao replied.

“Why?” Gu Rushan curiously asked.

“Because Huo Kun isn’t a good guy. Perhaps he might value you highly, but he’s just trying to make use of you.” Su Tao did not directly reveal anything, since there still wasn’t evidence for it yet. So if he spoke about it now, it would only make Gu Rushan feel that he’s someone that talked behind someone’s back.

“I have nothing, so what can he make use of from me?” Gu Rushan pursued.

“I believe that you already have an answer.” Su Tao smiled. Gu Rushan was a smart woman. “You just want to obtain a confirmation from me, right?”

Recalling to Huo Kun’s action back then under the table, Gu Rushan gritted her teeth. “Huo Kun is a little perverse, but there are so many artists under him, and there are plenty of those that are prettier than me. So why would he have any thoughts about me? Not to mention that I’m someone under Ni Jingqiu’s recommendation.”

Looking at Gu Rushan’s face, Su Tao sighed, “Don’t undervalue yourself, you’re pretty good yourself.”

“So, I’m not that terrible in your eyes?” Gu Rushan pridefully smiled. “I initially thought that you’ve no good impression of me.”

Su Tao could consider himself an expert, but he never expected that he would fall for Gu Rushan’s trap.

But he couldn’t take his words back.

The reason why he treated Gu Rushan so indifferently was because he knew that it was impossible for her to lower her own pride and approach him otherwise.

Gu Rushan was the type of woman that Su Tao admired; someone with her own thoughts and judgment. 

So if you fawn over her, she might ignore you. On the contrary, if you treat her coldly, she would approach you.

Different women require different tactics, or it might produce the opposite result instead.

“If it goes as I’ve expected, Huo Kun will approach you very soon and try to tempt you. Furthermore, I even suspected that he might make you submit with his resources. So you have to be prepared for that, and if you’ve encountered something that you can’t manage, you can come and look for me.” After joking around, Su Tao gave his solemn warning.

“Don’t worry about it; I’m not inexperienced in life. At most, I’ll just leave.” Gu Rushan encouraged herself as she pursed her lips.

Su Tao smiled. “Remember to leave behind evidence. Ni Jingqiu is his Achilles’ Heel. It just so happens that I’m treating Ni Jingqiu, so I have ways to make him suffer.”

Gu Rushan was briefly stunned before she sighed, “I never expected that you’re so scheming despite your young age.”

“Don’t you like older men? Scheming is a common trait for older men.” Su Tao seriously replied with his brows knitted.

Looking at Su Tao’s face, Gu Rushan suddenly felt her heart speeding up, so she immediately stood up in a panic. “Let’s continue our jog. This time, it’s your turn to chase after me!”

When she finished, she immediately started running and was already a few meters out.

Looking at her graceful figure, Su Tao deeply sighed. This is a strong-minded woman.

Standing on the high floors, Huo Kun watched as a black vehicle stopped by the entrance, before the security of the company immediately went up and blocked the fanatic fans. Wearing a suit, Du Yu stepped out of the vehicle, keeping one hand in his pocket while waving the other hand at his fans.

“Du Yu! I love you!”

Looking at the maniacal fans, Du Yu felt inwardly satisfied.

But upon stepping into the building, the smile was wiped from his face and was replaced with solemnness. When he arrived outside Huo Kun’s office, his expression turned into uneasiness.

“Boss Kun!” Du Yu fawned.

Pointing at the couch, Huo Kun instructed, “Sit!”

As Du Yu uneasily sat down, he felt as if he was a student being punished.

Breathing out a mouthful of smoke, Huo Kun placed his cigar to the side and asked, “Why are you so successful?”

“It’s naturally all thanks to your grooming!” Du Yu swiftly replied.

“Do you know how much I’ve spent on you?” Huo Kun asked.

“In my heart, you’re practically my parents! Without your help, I would still be a hoodlum in an alley.” Du Yu answered.

Nodding his head, Huo Kun walked over and gently patted Du Yu’s face. “Your answer is smart, and I’m practically satisfied with it. Don’t make the same mistake again. Otherwise, I can ruin you just as I have created you.”

Du Yu immediately shivered as he hurriedly said, “Boss Kun, please believe in me! I won’t make the same mistake again!”

“Get lost, then!” Huo Kun glanced at Du Yu with disdain.

In the eyes of many, Du Yu might be a dazzling celebrity. But for Huo Kun, he’s only a money-making tool.

In the past, there was an incident where an artist tried to escape his control to another management company, which was later ruined by him through various means.

It was also the same for Du Yu. The reason why Huo Kun poured so many resources into him was due to Du Yu’s obedience, and at the same time, he’s someone that Huo Kun could easily control.

After lecturing Du Yu, Huo Kun locked his brows together. He never expected that Sang Yongshi would suddenly disappear and cannot be found.

Huo Kun knew that something must have happened during the process, and he had to find someone powerful to help in this matter now.

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