Chapter 449 - Changing Bad Habits

When Yuan Lan took out her identification card, the police officer’s expression instantly turned solemn. Yuan Lan’s identity was a secret agent from the National Security Agency.

Within the Public Security System, any officer that encounters an agent from the National Security Agency was required to cooperate with them.

Standing to the side, Su Tao inwardly sighed. It seemed that the 33 Bureau had a high status in the Public Security System to have such authority in Beijing. In his heart, he also noticed that Sire Shui had taken special care for him, and the Fire Beacon was really good stuff.

Sang Yongshi was familiar with the officers in this district, so when he saw someone he knew, he wanted to greet the other party. However, he never expected that the other party would not even give him any good expressions, which instantly caused his heart to sink to the bottom. This time, he realised that he was genuinely doomed.

Who could’ve expected that kidnapping two students for less than two hours would cause him so much trouble?

At this moment, Sang Yongshi wanted to cry, albeit having no tears. He never expected that he would be finished in this manner.

“Officer Wu, it’s nothing serious, so why are you putting cuffs on me?” Sang Yongshi wore a smile while instantly changing his way of addressing, which he would usually call the officer Little Wu.

The officer wore a stern expression as he said, “Kidnapping and unlawful detainment; how is this nothing serious?”

“This is all a misunderstanding! It will be resolved with some explanation!” Sang Yongshi immediately explained.

Letting out a sigh, the officer locked his brows together. “Boss Shi, this matter has already blown up, and there’s no need for any explanation. You can just wait for your sentencing.”

Hearing his words, Sang Yongshi was briefly dumbfounded before he raged, “Don’t try and scare me, we’re all reasonable people! I’ve done nothing wrong, and I’m also not the one who kidnapped the two girls. So why are you arresting me?”

“You’re the mastermind, and they others are merely the executors. So if we’re not going to arrest you, who are we going to arrest?” The officer coldly replied.

After a brief pause, the officer whispered to prevent Sang Yongshi from rambling anymore, “The few people that you’ve offended today are all from special departments, and you can only consider yourself unlucky. Boss Shi, you don’t have to grumble to me; just accept your fate!”

Sang Yongshi instantly knew that he was doomed. In his heart, he wished that he could tear Huo Kun apart for offending these fiends!

“Can I make a call?” At this moment, Sang Yongshi wanted to vent out his anger at Huo Kun.

“No!” The officer seized Sang Yongshi’s mobile phone upon entering the vehicle and shook his head. “I’m now responsible for handing you over to another department, and you’re not allowed to make any contact with the outside world.”

Sang Yongshi’s lips instantly trembled. He had heard bits and pieces after being in the underworld for so long. He knew that some people would mysteriously disappear, and their sentencing was all done by a mysterious department.

Strictly speaking, it’s not sentencing, but he would be imprisoned in a place that was separated from the outside world. As for those who returned, they’re all tight-lipped on their experience for some reason by the time they’re out.

At this moment, he wanted to cry without tears. Such a reasonable person like him had actually encountered that department that didn’t speak any reason!

Sun Yuan and He Sitong were sent back to school. The two of them gradually calmed down during the journey and they were filled with more admiration for Su Tao at this moment.

As for Sun Yuan, she had learned a valuable lesson. If she hadn’t gone to look for Du Yu and asked for an autograph, this whole matter wouldn’t have occurred.

Su Tao had also figured it out that Du Yu was an artist from Huo Kun’s management company, so Huo Kun found Sang Yongshi to resolve this matter when something happened to Du Yu. However, it was all a coincidence that Su Tao was involved in this matter.

Initially, Su Tao already felt curious about Du Yu and that mysterious man’s behavior. But at this moment, he was practically certain that the two of them were conducting an illegal transaction back then!

“Thank you!” Su Tao spoke to Yuan Lan when he got out of the vehicle.

“We’re just implementing our orders!” Yuan Lan emotionlessly replied.

When she finished, the vehicle immediately drove off as the window wound down with Tang shi sticking her head out and making faces in Su Tao’s direction.

After he returned home, Su Tao gave a call to Xia Yu while Kim Jung-yeon was showering.

The moment Xia Yu picked up the call, he instantly said, “Bassoon has arrived in Hanzhou with five others. After an initial test, the results are that all of them are pretty skilled, and they’ve trained for some time. So they should be able to serve pretty well as helpers.”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao instructed, “You have to make sure that their lifestyle is much better than before. Don’t make them feel like they’re living as zombies, like when they were serving Master Qian.”

“That’s for sure. Furthermore, there’s also a conclusion for Ling Yu’s investigation.” Xia Yu smiled.

“Oh?” Su Tao had met Ling Yu once, and he knew that Ling Yu had a mild temper, like his name.

“Over the past three years, he has treated at least a thousand people. On top of that, he’s never present in a pharmacy. He wanders around like a traveling physician, and anyone that was treated by him was filled with praises for him.” Xia Yu summed up and continued, “Furthermore, he even visited famous physicians to learn from them. So aside from the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master, he even inherited the skills of several famous physicians.”

After a brief silence, Su Tao analysed, “The Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect has really put a lot of effort into this by nurturing Ling Yu into an all-rounded divine physician.”

Xia Yu continued, “He has also treated Li Yede’s wife, Ai Hui’s facial nerve paralysis.”

Hearing that, Su Tao instantly locked his brows together and gained a better understanding of Ling Yu’s ability now.

After all, he was the one who ruined Ai Hui’s facial nerves, so a physician that treated her must at least be at Wang Guofeng’s standard.

Putting it in a nutshell, Ling Yu’s medical skills were probably higher than his Senior Brother, Wang Guofeng. Thus, someone like him was indeed a formidable competitor in the National Healer Selection.

He got to know from Song Sichen that there were only three quotas for this year’s National Healer Selection, which doctors that were versed in Western Medicine hold a more significant share. That also meant that there’s only one quota for TCM.

Thus, either he or Ling Yu would have to be eliminated.

All of a sudden, Su Tao suddenly recalled Huo Kun’s matter, which he told Xia Yu. After all, Huo Kun already had his eyes on him, and the matter of Sang Yongshi being taken away would surely be known to Huo Kun. So if the latter still intended to tangle with him, then he had to use other means.

In this kind of matter, he had to be the one to make a move first to gain the advantage.

“I need you to investigate someone; he’s Huo Kun, the CEO of a management company.” After a brief pondering, Su Tao added, “Ni Jingqiu is his fiancée.”

Nodding his head, Xia Yu became gossipy and asked, “So, what’s the deal with this?”

Hence, Su Tao simplified his explanation to Xia Yu, which the latter locked his brows together and replied, “Du Yu is a top celebrity in the country; his appearance fees are rumored to be millions, and his endorsement fees are tens of millions. If Huo Kun is Du Yu’s boss, then this person is truly something. As for the transaction that you’re curious about, I can practically guess it. Wasn’t there a scandal that Du Yu was taking drugs?”

“I’m not interested in that, and I don’t want to dip my finger in the entertainment circle, but they just have dragged me in.” Su Tao wryly said.

“Well, I am!” Xia Yu chuckled.

“Your curiosity got the best of you again?” Su Tao sourly replied.

“Don’t forget that my wife was also once a celebrity. After she gives birth, she might return to the entertainment circle. So I have to check things out and accumulate some resources to aid her development.” Xia Yu had a far vision with his meticulous thoughts.

Su Tao never expected that Xia Yu would have such intentions and sighed, “You’re not afraid of her running away with other guys with how chaotic the entertainment circle is?”

“Real men must be confident, and you need to know how to make your woman stay with you.” Xia Yu pridefully smiled.

“Alright, I can’t listen to you anymore. I’ll be hanging up the call!” Su Tao replied. Xia Yu was just in love, but he treated himself like the male lead and was extremely narcissistic.

Upon returning to the living room, Su Tao saw Kim Jung-yeon, who had already finished her shower. Her hair was still damp. Although there were some changes after she removed her makeup, it wasn’t a drastic difference. There was even an aroma permeating from her, which Su Tao guessed that it must be coming from her skincare products.

After walking into the bathroom, Su Tao instantly knitted his brows. He was a person who likes cleanliness. Thus, he naturally felt uncomfortable after seeing Kim Jung-yeon’s clothes scattered around the basin.

He came out and waved his hand in Kim Jung-yeon’s direction. “Why didn’t you wash your worn clothes?”

“I forgot!” Kim Jung-yeon stuck her tongue out and gently patted her forehead. She immediately rushed into the bathroom and took her clothes with her to the washing machine by the balcony.

Su Tao helplessly shook his head. Kim Jung-yeon was pretty, but she’s lacking in terms of hygiene.

Generally speaking, undergarments cannot be washed together with other clothes. He instantly recalled an incident where a girl was itching all over her body. In the end, she found out that the cause was due to her washing her undergarments and socks together, which the germs contaminated her undergarments and resulted in inflammation.

The more Su Tao thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. Hence, he walked out of the bathroom once again and immediately stopped Kim Jung-yeon, who was going to toss her clothes into the washing machine. “I suggest that you should learn how to wash your clothes separately.”

“Aren’t you a little too bothersome?” Kim Jung-yeon rolled her eyes.

“Moisture is the highest on the feet, which also means that there is also more fungus. If you don’t pay attention to your hygiene and wash your socks together with your undergarments, then it’s easy to result in inflammation for sensitive locations. It might cause itchiness, and in worse cases, even odor. It might still be tolerable during Spring and Autumn, but during the summer, the odor will go out of hand. I’m sure that you don’t want that, right?” Su Tao exaggerated.

“You’re disgusting!” Kim Jung-yeon could feel her hair standing on end and felt a breeze on her lower body. She glanced at Su Tao in disdain and grumbled, “Isn’t it just washing clothes? Is there a need for you to curse me?”

Su Tao sighed, “You know why women easily have gynecologic conditions? Firstly, it’s due to the body’s secretion, which is due to the body deteriorating. Secondly, it’s due to them being unhygienic. So I’m helping you to change your bad habits.”

“Fine!” Kim Jung-yeon’s face crumbled as she continued, “I’ll wash them separately, so stop nagging me.”

Finally, Su Tao nodded in satisfaction. As a physician with slight mysophobia and slight obsessive-compulsive disorder, he’s trying to change the bad habit of this young lady that was merely staying with him for a few days.

A few minutes later, Kim Jung-yeon was hanging her clothes by the balcony, panting in rage as she tiptoed and stretched her hands up with her clothes lifted up as well.

Glancing over, Su Tao couldn’t take it anymore. Is this young lady not treating me like a man?

Letting out a cough, he escaped into the kitchen and drank a cup of water. After that, he found a Buddhist scripture and started chanting in his heart.

But a brief moment later, he gave up and tossed it aside while blankly staring into space.

Kim Jung-ho and Kim Jung-yeon were pretty good to interact with despite the difference in their races. However, Su Tao noticed that they did not have a much guard against him. Otherwise, how could he allow Kim Jung-yeon to stay at his home?

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