Chapter 448 - Old Artillery Soldier Beaten to Tears

Sang Yongshi had underestimated the task that Huo Kun had given him.

He’s a veteran in Beijing with many subordinates under him. It was fine for them to deal with ordinary folks, but there’s nothing they could do against experts like Yuan Lan and Hei Jin.

When he was young, he had often been to prison, so he has seen all sorts of people.

There was once a middle-aged man who looked cultured that was brought in. When the boss of the prison back then wanted to educate that middle-aged man in some newcomer lesson, a dozen of them were all beaten to the ground in less than five minutes. Thus, Sang Yongshi knew that there were martial arts experts in this world.

After he came out of prison, he tried practicing martial arts, but he had only learned external martial arts. Although he might be able to gain an advantage by fighting with ordinary people, he’s nothing in the eyes of genuine experts.

As he grew older, he no longer fought with others and got Old Hawk to send some men to learn martial arts. After all, he often required reliable men in his business to intimidate his opponent.

Huo Kun initially thought that the other party was a bunch of paparazzi who secretly took the video. Hence, it shouldn’t be a problem for Sang Yongshi to handle this matter.

However, he never expected that he would kick against a metal plate. He might be a tyrant, but they’re overlords!

Even for local tyrants, it’s not certain that they could win against overlords.

“Where are the two students?” Su Tao sighed. “Hand them over, and I’ll let you off. If I find a strand of hair missing on them, I will claim your life today!”

At this moment, Su Tao had to scare Sang Yongshi. After all, he had no idea if the two students were alive.

“I have no idea where they’re kept!” Beads of sweat started to fall from Sang Yongshi’s forehead as he continued, “Old Hawk is the one who kept the two of them, so you have to ask him!”

However, Old Hawk had fainted. With Hei Jin’s skill, the former would be unconscious for at least four to five hours without external help. Su Tao merely pressed on Old Hawk’s chest for him to recover his consciousness. Old Hawk then looked around in a panic.

Evidently, he had suffered bitterness from being trashed by Hei Jin.

“Old Hawk, where are the two students being kept?” Sang Yongshi could only helplessly submit as he continued, “Quick, release them!”

“Boss Shi!” Seeing the dagger against Sang Yongshi’s neck, the blood had already dyed his white collar red. “Alright, I’ll release them. Don’t harm Boss Shi!”

When he finished, Old Hawk took out his phone and gave a call to his subordinate, instructing them to bring Sun Yuan and He Sitong over.

After Old Hawk gave the order, his subordinates were filled with reluctance. They initially thought that they could have some fun with these students.

After Old Hawk finished his call, Su Tao walked over and gave an uppercut to knock him unconscious again.

Standing to the side while being held hostage, Sang Yongshi did not dare to move since the woman behind him made him feel terror.

Ten-odd minutes later, He Sitong and Sun Yuan were brought over by two men. Their hair was in a mess with a huge rip on their clothes. There were even some blood marks on Sun Yuan’s face, while He Sitong had some scratch marks on her neck.

“Boss Shi… Boss Hawk, we’ve brought them over!” The two youngsters naturally did not expect that the situation would develop in this manner. Despite over a hundred brothers being in the surroundings, Boss Hawk was lying on the ground while Sang Yongshi had a dagger held against his neck.

“They’re fine!” Sang Yongshi felt heavily relieved. “Now, I’m handing them over to you. We’re reasonable people, and I know that I’ve done wrong in this matter. I shouldn’t have offended you guys, and I apologise for that!”

He knew he had to bow his head now that he was at their mercy. Sang Yongshi was no longer that young fellow that would get hot-headed. At his age, he wanted peace and would even beg when necessary, even going as far as throwing his reputation aside.

When Su Tao waved his hand, Yuan Lan understood what he meant and removed the dagger. Walking over to Sang Yongshi, Su Tao gave a jab at the latter’s abdomen.

Sang Yongshi’s face twisted from the pain and all the food he ate was vomited out.

Damn it, what did that brat do? I have already apologised, so why am I still being beaten up?

After that, he felt pain on his scalp. Su Tao grabbed onto his hair, dragged him over to Sun Yuan and He Sitong and questioned, “You call that fine?”

Letting out a sigh, Sang Yongshi replied, “Accurately speaking, they’re fine!”

Sun Yuan and He Sitong recovered at this moment. Tonight could be described as a nightmare for them.

They initially felt that meeting with Su Tao was a joyful matter. But when they returned to their dorm, they were kidnapped by men in a silver van while they were on their way to the library and were brought to an unknown location.

The two men that guarded them would occasionally tease them with words and even molested them, which they were then violently beaten up when they resisted.

Suffering another blow to his abdomen, Sang Yongshi could see stars and couldn’t even utter a single word.

“What do you mean by fine?!” Su Tao roared. “If your daughter was kidnapped and beaten up, can you speak such words so casually?!”

“I’m sorry! I’ll compensate them!” Sang Yongshi recovered and cautiously spoke this time; he had underestimated Su Tao’s violence.

Sang Yongshi was all alone by himself without any children, so he had no idea of how a parent would feel.

“Compensate them?” Su Tao gave another jab at Sang Yongshi’s abdomen and continued, “So, how are you going to compensate them? Money? Can money erase their memories?!”

Sang Yongshi was beaten up to the point that he was covered in tears and mucus. As an old artillery soldier, he had been beaten before. But for some reason, Su Tao’s fists were especially painful.

Looking at Su Tao with a complicated gaze, Yuan Lan sighed. She knew that Su Tao was also venting out his guilt in the process of scolding Sang Yongshi.

Su Tao was inwardly furious at himself for failing to protect his two fans. Actually, he had already noticed that there was something amiss with Du Yu and the man in the windbreaker back then. However, he never expected that the other party would take action so swiftly.

Sun Yuan and He Sitong were ordinary people, and they wouldn’t have been dragged into this turmoil if it wasn’t for him.

“Don’t hit me anymore!” Sang Yongshi was really beaten to tears as he begged, “I’m wrong! I really know that I’m in the wrong!”

The hoodlums standing outside were initially gnashing their teeth as they discussed amongst themselves if they should charge forth. But when they saw how Boss Shi lowered his head, they fell into silence.

It turned out that Sang Yongshi didn’t have a backbone, like what was rumored. He would also feel pain and have fear of being beaten.

However, they had no idea that Su Tao’s fists contained Qi, and that he was assaulting Sang Yongshi’s painful points.

In Sun Simiao’s Prescriptions of a Thousand Gold of the Tang Dynasty, painful points were mentioned.

Painful points weren’t specifically determined. Such acupoints were often located near the source of illnesses. If acupuncture was applied to ordinary acupoints, there wouldn’t be any pain. However, if they were inserted in a painful point, it would produce intense pain.

For example, if your shoulder was painful, the surrounding region would also feel painful. For those with serious conditions, it would be so painful that they couldn’t raise their hand.

Su Tao was aiming at Sang Yongshi’s painful points, so the pain that was being produced was more distinct than other regions.

This was also the logic behind the Finger of Hell.

Hence, Su Tao was using this on Sang Yongshi. It wasn’t because Sang Yongshi was cowardly and feared pain, it was just that the pain has exceeded his tolerance.

The reason why Su Tao was venting on Sang Yongshi was because he hated this type of person. He’s practically the same as that pedophile, Bei Xuqing, who relied on his experience to take advantage of others and bully the weak. If he hadn’t encountered this situation today, and someone else was in his shoes, then they might suffer.

At this moment, Sang Yongshi feared Su Tao down to his bones. He never expected that the refined-looking Su Tao would have such a brutal way of torturing someone.

“Are you guys, alright?” Su Tao sighed and removed the ropes for Sun Yuan and He Sitong. Because the two of them had been bound for a long time, their wrists had traces of blood.

Sun Yuan immediately hugged Su Tao’s shoulder and sobbed. Although He Sitong was much better, she was still silently crying.

Su Tao first got Hei Jin to bring the two of them back to the vehicle before he grabbed onto Sang Yongshi and questioned, “Is Du Yu the one who asked you to deal with us?”

“Du Yu?” Sang Yongshi immediately shook his head. He feared that he might say the wrong words and get tortured by Su Tao. Hence, he frankly answered, “It’s Huo Kun! The famous young master of Beijing!”

“Huo Kun? Are you sure?” Even Su Tao himself was shocked. He never expected that the mastermind would be someone that he saved in the past.

Su Tao initially wanted to treat Huo Kun’s condition for the sake of Ni Jingqiu, but he never expected that Huo Kun would turn out to be a backstabber.

“It’s the truth, and I’m not lying to you! I initially thought that you guys were paparazzi, so I only wanted to scare you guys. Please, let me go!” Sang Yongshi had utterly collapsed.

Although Su Tao never believed in crocodile tears, he sighed and felt dull to bother with Sang Yongshi after knowing that there’s a mastermind behind this situation.

“Regarding Sang Yongshi, we will get the relevant department to investigate him.” Yuan Lan could read Su Tao’s thoughts, so she continued, “His order for the kidnapping of students has already violated the law.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “Thanks!”

At this moment, a siren started blaring and someone hollered out from amongst the crowd, “The cops are here, run!”

Instantly, the crowd disappeared and Su Tao sighed. Those around Sang Yongshi were just mobs, and they’re nothing.

As for Huo Kun, he and Su Tao now have a grudge to settle, which he would resolve it sooner or later!

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