Chapter 447 - Reasonable Old Artillery Soldier

When Old Hawk looked in the direction of the ringtone, he saw a young man holding onto the phone. That person isn’t Little Sixth!

He instantly figured out that there’s a change in the situation. The one that was holding onto Little Sixth’s phone was a stranger, and Little Sixth might have failed. Thus, the young man walking in his direction had come to look for them.

Thus, his face sank and he turned to Sang Yongshi. “Old Boss Shi, I’m afraid that Little Sixth is in danger.”

With how shrewd Sang Yongshi was, how could he not tell the problem? Hence, he smiled. “No worries, we’ll just deal with whatever comes our way. Why are you so afraid?”

As an old artillery soldier, he knew that he must remain calm. Otherwise, how could he convince his subordinates?

But for some reason, Old Hawk felt that something was amiss. Little Sixth had always been reliable and was also pretty skilled. He had once practiced martial arts in a school at Donglu for years, not to mention that it wasn’t the first time he’s doing something like this, so there shouldn’t be any mistakes.

When the young man walked over, Sang Yongshi narrowed his eyes as he looked at this young man. This young man had handsome features, a tall structure, donned in a long robe with a medical box hanging on his shoulder without any expression on his face.

Standing beside him was a man and a woman. The woman wore leather clothing, while the man was dressed like a cowboy with dregs all over his face. However, he had a pair of sharp eyes.

Since he has met countless people, Sang Yongshi instantly knew that he had bumped into a metal wall.

However, he did not appear to be weak. The other party only had three people. With an order of his, he could easily surround them with a group of hoodlums.

As the saying goes, even wild fists can kill a master. So what could the three of them do, can they possibly fight with all the hoodlums in Beijing?

Sang Yongshi took a deep breath and took out his smoking pipe before lighting it up. After taking a deep breath, he asked, “Where’s Little Sixth?”

“Where are the two students?” Su Tao did not reply to his question, but asked after finding himself a seat.

He wanted to chat with Sang Yongshi, and it’s naturally best if they could resolve this matter without fighting.

If they fought, then he must thoroughly anger Sang Yongshi and cause the latter to have killing intent.

The moment Sang Yongshi wanted to kill him, Hei Jing and Yuan Lan would help him.

Sang Yongshi smiled as he knocked his smoking pipe on the table and replied, “We’re all reasonable people. I was the one who asked you first, so shouldn’t you reply to my question first?”

Su Tao calmed himself down and smiled. “Boss Shi, you can be considered someone influential in Beijing. Why are you taking it out on two students? I feel that this matter will taint your reputation if it goes out.”

Waving his hand, Sang Yongshi replied, “Young man, you have to be reasonable. Since I’ve received money, then I naturally have to resolve someone’s trouble. You can’t blame me for making a move against them since you guys were in the wrong first. Why do you have to be so sneaky? I’m acting on behalf of the heavens and will teach you on behalf of your parents. In life, everyone has their own standings. Since you’ve violated someone’s privacy, you’re in the wrong.”

Su Tao couldn’t help laughing from the anger. He was impressed by Sang Yongshi’s eloquence, which managed to prove his point by twisting the logic and truth.

It was no wonder why he managed to get by so well in Beijing with a bunch of hoodlums around him. It’s because Sang Yongshi had his own philosophy by maintaining righteousness on the surface. Hence, many youngsters were charmed by him and considered him to be their idol.

But truth be told, an old artillery soldier like Sang Yongshi was the most detestable kind.

As the saying goes, it’s not the elderly that have become bad, but the baddies have grown old.

Sang Yongshi was a classic example of that. He made use of his own logic to suppress and bully the common folks.

Thus, Su Tao patiently explained, “Firstly, I did not violate anyone’s privacy. The video that you want isn’t something that we’ve taken on purpose. We were holding an activity in the café and coincidentally bumped into Du Yu. Secondly, even if we’ve violated someone’s privacy, it’s not the reason for you to bully the weak. The two students are commoners, and it’s not righteous for you to bully the weak.”

Hearing his words, Sang Yongshi locked his brows together as he blew out smoke and replied in disdain, “Brat, you’re pretty sharp-tongued for your age. The two students are safe for now, and I’ve got someone to take good care of them. But the prerequisite is you have to delete the video, and if a hair from Little Sixth is lost, then you guys won’t be able to leave here.”

“Little Sixth?” Su Tao glanced at Yuan Lan before he turned to Sang Yongshi. “I have no idea where he is right now.”

Su Tao was speaking the truth. That invader has already been taken away by the 33 Bureau.

“Boss Shi, why bother talking so much to this brat who hasn’t even grown his pubic hair?” Old Hawk snorted. He then took out a copper whistle from his cup and blew on it.

Is this the legendary whistle summoning?

Roughly three minutes later, a commotion occurred. The boss of the fruit stall by the street, youths from the internet café, and even taxi drivers… In just a brief moment, two hundred people were gathered, surrounding them.

This was the genuine local tyrant with his men all around.

Since his men had all arrived, Sang Yongshi’s expression loosened up and waved his hand to the boss of the food street stall. The boss was trembling as he walked over. Sang Yongshi took out a few red notes from his wallet and placed it on the table. “The bill!”

However, the boss immediately squeezed out a smile. “Boss Shi, you must be joking. You coming over is an honor for me by taking care of my business and making an advertisement. How can I possibly take your money?”

Generally speaking, Sang Yongshi wouldn’t insist on paying if he said those words.

As an old artillery soldier, it was common for Sang Yongshi to freeload around the place. Even if his net worth was over ten million, it was a habit that he retained and took pride in. He considered this to be interacting with the common folks.

However, he behaved out of the norm today and unhappily said, “We’re reasonable people! Am I the kind to freeload? Keep the money!”

After the boss stowed the money, he squeezed out a smile again. “Boss Shi, please wait. I’ll get your change for you.”

“Don’t worry about that!” Sang Yongshi coldly replied. “But do forgive us if we break your tables and chairs later!”

When he finished, he swept his gaze of disdain at Su Tao’s party.

Seeing Sang Yongshi’s arrogant look, Su Tao finally couldn’t help laughing.

Retrieving his wallet from his pocket, he left ¥1,000 on the table and smiled. “Boss, I can tell that Boss Shi has ordered quite a bit of food, and that money isn’t even enough for you to make up the cost. If he dares to accept your change, then I really have to admire his shamelessness. As for the tables and chairs that might be broken later, I’ll pay for them.”

Hearing those words, the boss fell into an awkward situation and looked at Sang Yongshi. He had no idea if he should accept the money.

Knocking his finger on the table, Sang Yongshi’s expression instantly became unhappy. “You’re trying to slap my face?”

“That’s right; I’m slapping your face. The boss doesn’t dare to receive your money, and you really consider yourself to be a figure? He’s running a small business, and he doesn’t want to provoke you. Do you really think that you’re all-mighty?” Su Tao nodded his head.

Standing to the side, Old Hawk raged, “Damn you, you dare to speak to Boss Shi in this manner?!”

After that, he smashed a beer bottle and brandished it in the direction of Su Tao’s head.

When the fight broke out, the hoodlums all started to cheer as they saw Old Hawk making a move. Most of the time, they generally wouldn’t make a move, they would only empower the formation by standing to the side.

After Old Hawk made his move, only then would they charge up and trash the three of them up.

However, the situation changed. Old Hawk felt his wrist turning numb. His wrist was held by Hei Jin, who was standing beside Su Tao.

As Hei Jin tightened his grip, Old Hawk felt as if his wrist was bound by metal chains and he started howling as his bones began to shatter.

Su Tao had achieved his plan. He talked so much with Sang Yongde because he wanted to enrage the other party so much that they would want to kill him. In this way, Yuan Lan and Hei Jin would have a reason to make a move and protect him.

He knew that if he wanted to make a move against a local tyrant like Sang Yongshi, he would have to borrow the power of others.

Sang Yongshi’s influence in Beijing was unquestionable, which he could tell from how Old Hawk summoned so many people with just a whistle.

Before Old Hawk could even react, Hei Jin whipped out a kick at the former’s abdomen while serving an uppercut to his jaw. By the time Old Hawk fell to the ground, his eyes had rolled back and he fell unconscious.

Hei Jin’s fighting technique wasn’t for performance, but practical fighting.

Watching this scene, Sang Yongshi was sweating from his nose. Although he could tell that Su Tao’s party wasn’t a group of pushovers, he never expected that they’d be so ferocious.

He had over a hundred people with him, but the other party fought without any hesitation.

When the hoodlums saw that Old Hawk was beaten to the ground, they swiftly reacted and charged in Hei Jin’s direction. Many of them were holding onto knives, pipes, and any other typical gang-fighting weapon they could grab.

Sang Yongshi subconsciously took a step back. He knew that he was in a dangerous position. With a gang-fight taking place, he had to protect his safety before ordering his men to trash the three of them.

As the hoodlums roared, the boss and lady boss of the food street store hid in a corner and did not dare to utter a sound. It was unavoidable for there to be loss today, and they just hoped that they wouldn’t be involved.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” Sang Yongshi felt a chill coming from his back as he hollered out in panic, “All of you, stop!”

Without him knowing, Yuan Lan was already behind him with a dagger against the main artery on his neck and a drop of blood was rolling down, making Sang Yongshi’s legs tremble.

“Let’s talk!” Sang Yongshi begged.

He hadn’t gotten any benefit from helping Huo Kun yet. As someone who’s been in the underworld for so many years, Sang Yongshi knew the meaning of being flexible, and he didn’t want his life to be lost here.

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