Chapter 446 - I have decided to die

Yuan Lan had rejected him so decisively!

“Alright, then I’ve decided to die, then!” Su Tao suddenly started to turn rogue.

“If I look for Sang Yongshi, I wonder if I will be torn apart by him? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t your mission to protect me fail? I understand your thoughts since you’re an agent from the mysterious 33 Bureau, and you only have orders in your mind. I know that you will not participate in anything that has nothing to do with your mission. But truth be told, saving those two innocent ladies is also part of your mission!”

“Sharp-tongued!” Yuan Lan furrowed her brows.

Su Tao knew that he had shaken Yuan Lan’s heart and continued, “Perhaps the 33 Bureau might have its own rules and regulations by forbidding agents from taking actions themselves. But those two ladies are lawful citizens, and your salary also comes from every citizen. Knowing that they’re in danger and choosing to forsake them, you’ve betrayed the righteous cause. I feel that a loyal and affectionate organisation like the 33 Bureau won’t let the public down.”

Taking a deep breath, Yuan Lan snapped, “Are you done?”

“Nope!” Su Tao continued, “If I’ve remembered correctly, you owed me a favor, and I would like to use it to make a request to you. Naturally, you can choose to refuse my request, but if that’s the case, you’re an ungrateful person on top of being a faithless person in my heart.”

Hearing his words, Yuan Lan’s face turned red. She had gone through strict training; hence, she had long tossed her emotions away, becoming a machine when executing her mission.

However, Su Tao’s questioning was akin to burrowing a hole in the thick layer of ice.

“There has never been someone that dared to speak to me in this manner. You’re the first!” Yuan Lan coldly replied. 

Su Tao suddenly felt his scalp going numb. The chill permeating from Yuan Lan felt like it came from the underworld. He knew that this was the legendary killing intent, something that had to be trained from countless dangerous situations.

Since Su Tao has encountered death several times, he naturally managed to remain indifferent to it and knitted his brows. “What’s wrong? You want to teach your benefactor a lesson?”

Yuan Lan remained indifferent and briefly kept silent before she asked, “Are you certain that you want to save those two ladies?”

“Yes!” Su Tao solemnly replied. “I’m partly responsible for their trouble, and I can’t sit still and watch.”

Letting out a sigh, Yuan Lan nodded her head. “The existence of the 33 Bureau is a secret, and we can’t reveal our identities. We can meet Sang Yongshi with you, but we won’t make a move as long as your life isn’t threatened.”

Hearing her words, Su Tao smiled. “I understand!”

Staring at Su Tao for a long time, Yuan Lan no longer spoke, but silently prayed that this matter could be smoothly resolved.

After that, Yuan Lan took her leave and joined up with Hei Jin and Tang Shi, who were hiding in the dark.

Kim Jung-yeon was clearly terrified, her expression was blank.

“It’s not safe to stay at home, so come with us.” Su Tao was worried that Sang Yongshi might send other men over, which meant that Kim Jung-yeon would be in danger at that time.

“Alright!” Kim Jung-yeon had no opinion about that, since it was the first time she has encountered a plot out of a drama in real-life.

“Now, you understand me better, right?” Su Tao bitterly smiled. “My life isn’t glorious; on the contrary, it’s one that’s filled with danger.”

Taking a deep breath, Kim Jung-yeon’s emotions finally stabilised and shook her head. “I’m filled with more admiration for you now. Compared to you, my brother’s life is too dull, whereas yours is dazzling!”

After seeing that Kim Jung-yeon has stepped out of the fright, Su Tao lashed a kick at the invader.

The invader felt his entire skeleton frame falling apart. He had no idea how Su Tao would deal with him.

However, he did not feel horror or uneasy, since he believed that Sang Yongshi would take vengeance for him.

“Get up. We need you to lead us to Sang Yongshi.” Su Tao held the invader up. He had practiced the Pulse Art since young, so his physique strength wasn’t weak. Not to mention that under Yan Wujin’s teachings, he has started to learn internal fist techniques, which further increased his strength. The invader’s weight was roughly about 80 kilograms, but Su Tao managed to easily lift him from the ground.

At this moment, the invader knew that he had committed a grave mistake! He shouldn’t have come alone!

“You really want to meet him?” The invader couldn’t understand Su Tao’s logic. He was practically sending himself into the tiger’s den.

However, he did not know that Su Tao had backup. The 33 Bureau was powerful, and with them supporting him, not even Sang Yongshi could do anything to him.

“Cut the crap. You don’t have a choice, and if you refuse, then I can only continue to loosen your bones for you.” Su Tao replied.

“Alright!” The invader wryly smiled. He felt that Su Tao’s decision was foolish by sending himself into the tiger’s den.

But he soon had a new verdict when he saw Hei Jing standing outside the door. He gave a polite smile to Su Tao and took the invader over.

The invader was akin to a bag of garbage while being held in Hei Jin’s hands.

It turned out that Su Tao was confident in his decision. Not only was he formidable himself, but he also had such a powerful helper!

Standing beside Hei Jin was a sweet-looking lady. It was the probational agent, Tang Shi.

“Hand him to the relevant department in Beijing later.” Hei Jin instructed.

Nodding her head, Tang Shi turned to Su Tao and greeted, “Divine Physician Su, we meet again!”

“Yeah, it has been some time since we last met. You’ve become prettier now, have you been promoted?” Su Tao greeted her as well.

Peeking at Hei Jin, Tang Shi lowered her voice, “Vice-Captain Hei Jin said that I’m not experienced enough, and I can’t be promoted for the time being.”

Looking at Tang Shi, Hei Jin couldn’t help weakly sighing. Tang Shi was a newcomer, and even if her ability was pretty good, she couldn’t keep any secret. She’s really not appropriate as an intelligence officer. Still, according to Yuan Lan, she said that Tang Shi wasn’t suitable on the frontlines, and she might be pretty good with logistics, since she’s meticulous in her work and loyal.

The reason why Tang Shi did not hide anything from Su Tao was because he saved Captain Yuan Lan and also possessed the Fire Beacon. Hence, Su Tao was equivalent to an internal member of the 33 Bureau, so there’s no need to hide anything from him.

“Hei Jin has already found Sang Yongshi’s location, so we can just immediately head over.” After they entered a black SUV, Yuan Lan said, “I’ll emphasise it to you once more. Unless your life is directly threatened, we will not make a move.”

Su Tao awkwardly smiled as he asked, “What if my ear was cut off?”

“You wouldn’t die with your ear cut off, would you?” Yuan Lan coldly replied.

Sitting to the side, Tang Shi chuckled, “Captain, you can’t be so cruel. If Divine Physician Su’s ear was cut, then I will definitely fight for him.”

“Stop messing around!” Yuan Lan coldly snapped.

After sticking her tongue out, Tang Shi became silent. She might be a lively person, but she was filled with respect for Yuan Lan deep in her bones.

Sang Yongshi was currently at a street food stall. Although he looked to be in his forties, he’s actually approaching his sixties.

When he dropped out of school at seventeen, he started to wander around Beijing’s underworld. To obtain the favor of a beauty salon’s lady boss, he fought with someone and sat in jail for eight years. The moment he came out, the first thing he did was force himself on that lady boss, who was already married. Although the husband of the lady boss was furious, he had sent someone over to cripple one of her husband’s legs.

It was all because he got himself a godfather in prison. With a backer, he became Little Boss Shi in the underworld.

Since he has been in the underworld for decades, he has been in prison for as little as a few months, and as many as a few years. After being Little Boss Shi, he became Old Boss Shi; from a mischievous young man, he had become an old artillery soldier.

The detention center in Beijing was initially an alley for artillery soldiers, which was later nicknamed the artillery center. Hence, artillery soldier was a term for those who frequented the detention center; it was slang that folks in Beijing used.

Sitting before the street food stall was all of Sang Yongshi’s trusted aides, and they held authority in all of Beijing’s grey-area alleys. Putting it in a nutshell, anyone who wanted to spend their life peacefully would have to pay a protection fee to Sang Yongshi; it was an unspoken rule.

Naturally, that wasn’t Sang Yongshi’s only source of income, he had over ten shops in Beijing with a net worth of over tens of millions.

“Boss Shi, where are we going after we’re done eating?” Sitting beside Sang Yongshi was a middle-aged man with a tattoo of a goshawk being shown on his wrist. “Why don’t we visit Ju Qiao’s Leg-washing City? There are a few new girls, and their skills are pretty good. I heard that they’re from Nanyue Province.”

“Old Hawk, you dare to mess with girls from Nanyue Province?” Sang Yongshi rolled his eyes. “Get this matter done, and I’ll find a few tender beauties from the management company for you. Not only are they pretty, but they’re also clean!”

Old Hawk laughed as he shoved the tender lamb kidney in his mouth. “Rest assured; I’ve already assigned two meticulous people to deal with this matter. We’ll have good news in half an hour from now.”

“What about those two students?” Sang Yongshi reminded, “It’s best not to touch the students. If this matter blows up, we might be in trouble ourselves.”

Rubbing his nose, Old Hawk chuckled, “Luckily, you’ve reminded me. Many of my subordinates are still inexperienced, and the two students look pretty good themselves. If they did anything to them, then it wouldn’t be good.”

Nodding his head, Sang Yongshi urged, “Give a call over and ask how the situation is. For some reason, I’m feeling uneasy.”

Taking out his phone, Old Hawk dialed a number. But as the dial tone rang, a ringtone drifted over, “The boundless horizon is my life, the neverending mountain range blooms…”

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