Chapter 445 - Hidden Danger

Any woman would enjoy the feeling of men fighting for them, and as a young lady, Kim Jung-yeon wasn’t an exception.

She once considered herself to be a non-materialistic woman that wouldn’t reject the man for his background as long as he treated her well with sincerity.

But Kim Jung-yeon never imagined that Su Tao would be so charming when he threw money in the face of others.

It wasn’t because Su Tao wanted to make things difficult for that sales staff, but he was pissed by her disgusting attitude.

He had a soft spot for those of the opposite sex, but it didn’t mean that he could tolerate all of them.

“Why do you seem so angry?” Kim Jung-yeon couldn’t help asking despite the sweetness she felt in her heart. “Was it because I was treated badly?”

“I was just feeling pent up.” Su Tao smiled as he shook his head.

“Why is that?” Kim Jung-yeon was baffled.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao explained, “Everyone is boycotting Korean goods and supporting local goods, but the standard of service in the country has not improved. When customers buy to make their purchases, they do not receive the respect that they deserve. Instead, they are treated with a cold reception, which pushes them towards foreign goods.”

After a brief pondering, Kim Jung-yeon smiled. “Actually, there is also a difference in standards in Korea. Not every service industry is as good as everyone has imagined.”

“It’s a pity that most people can’t differentiate that difference and only emphasise the poor service in the country.” Su Tao helplessly replied.

“Now, I have a new perception of you. I never expected that you would be so concerned about your country and people.” Kim Jung-yeon said with admiration as her bright pupils blinked.

“I’m just venting out.” Su Tao smiled as he waved his hand.

When the two of them returned to the district, Su Tao took out the key to unlock the door. But before he pushed open the door, he made a gesture to get Kim Jung-yeon to remain outside.

Just when Kim Jung-yeon was baffled, Su Tao suddenly charged into the room and clashed with a robust figure.

There weren’t any lights in the room, except for the colliding fists.

Roughly two minutes later, the battle stopped and Su Tao’s voice resounded, “Turn on the lights!”

When Kim Jung-yeon turned on the lights, she saw Su Tao stepping on a man, whose eyes bulged out with rage and bloodshot as he tried to break free from Su Tao’s restraints.

“A thief?” Kim Jung-yeon was shocked at this scene.

“If he’s a thief, then he would’ve escaped by instinct when someone entered the door.” Su Tao felt that Kim Jung-yeon’s thoughts were too simple. This fellow must be a hitman.

Although he had quite a few enemies, all of them had a gauge of his strength. Thus, they wouldn’t send out such a low-leveled hitman, and the only possibility would be this opponent of his wasn’t familiar with his strength, or perhaps the opponent wasn’t targeting him. But Kim Jung-yeon had just arrived from South Korea, so she couldn’t have offended anyone.

Thus, even Su Tao had no speculation about the other party.

“Let me go!” The invader gnashed his teeth and continued, “Your friends are in our hands, and if you want them alive, surrender and hand over what we want!”

“My friends?” Su Tao’s mind swiftly circulated before he soon figured that this might have something to do with the two fans he met in the afternoon.

From how mysterious Du Yu and that man behaved, Su Tao could tell that they’re involved in something illegal. But he did not provoke the other party, so the only explanation would be Sun Yuan recognising Du Yu when she asked for his autograph.

“What do you guys want?” Su Tao questioned.

“The broadcast video!” The invader misunderstood, thinking that Su Tao had also understood the graveness of this matter and revealed, “You guys took a video in the Emerald City in the afternoon. We’ll release your friends as long as you hand it over to us.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao finally understood what was going on. So it turned out that everything was a coincidence; if it wasn’t for Kim Jung-yeon creating a live broadcast about the fans meeting or Sun Yuan not going over to ask Du Yu for his autograph, this would’ve never happened.

Although he only met with Sun Yuan and He Sitong once, he couldn’t sherk from the responsibility that the two of them were in danger partly because of him.

“We know that you guys did not take it on purpose, and we can write off this matter as long as you hand it over to me.” The invader threatened. “You guys are in a dangerous situation right now; I’m afraid you guys still have no idea who you guys have offended.”

“Who?” Su Tao raised his leg as he feigned concern. “Who is it?”

“Boss Shi!” The invader sneered. “Naturally, you might not have heard of him before, but I’m sure that you won’t have a good outcome by offending him.”

The moment he finished, Su Tao stomped his foot down that broke a few of the invader’s teeth.

“Boss Four? Then, I’m Boss Five!” Su Tao locked his brows together and continued, “Tell me, where are the two girls right now. Otherwise, I have tons of ways to make you wish you were dead.”

The reason why Su Tao acted so violently was because he knew he had to use violence to deal with violence. This invader was exceptionally proficient in what he’s doing, so it was clearly not his first time doing something like this. If he had fallen in this invader’s hand, then his outcome would only be much more miserable.

The invader felt dizzy from being beaten up by Su Tao, but he still remained arrogant with a sneer on his lips. “You wouldn’t be trying to call the cops, right? Let me tell you; it’s useless. The moment there’s an unusual moment, the two girls will be killed!”

“I won’t call the cops. Take me to him!” Su Tao’s face turned grave.

The invader burst into laughter as he mocked, “Are you an idiot? Or have you watched too many heroic movies? You want to save them alone?”

Locking his brows together, Su Tao threw out a fist at the invader’s abdomen.

The invader felt his abdomen spasming and twitching and couldn’t straighten his back.

Su Tao waited for him to slowly recover from the pain before he threw another punch at the invader’s face, which the invader was lifted into the air. Su Tao had become more proficient in using his Qi.

Thereafter, Su Tao casually threw a few punches at the invader, who was trashed to the verge of fainting, before he stopped and dragged him over by his collar. “Tell me, where’s this Boss Shi at this moment? It will be quicker for me to go and look for him to resolve this matter.”

“You want to look for Boss Shi?” The invader looked at Su Tao and felt that this young man was insane. Is he trying to throw himself into a trap?

“You talk too much!” Su Tao chopped the invader’s neck, which caused the latter to faint.

Just when Kim Jung-yeon was about to speak, Su Tao placed his finger by his lips and hushed her before he leaped in the direction of the balcony.

Today was truly bustling, there’s actually another invader in the house!

Su Tao’s fists flew out like bolts of lightning as he landed in the air. There weren’t any lights on the balcony, so he couldn’t tell who it was. But based on the silhouette, it should be a woman.

“Stop!” The other party barked.

Taking a step back in shock, Su Tao asked, “Why is it you?”

It was that special agent that Su Tao saved in the past, Yuan Lan. Her brainwave was attacked in a mission, which she fell into a vegetative state and regained her consciousness later from Su Tao’s acupuncture.

She was wearing tight-fitted black clothes that outlined her voluptuous figure, Yuan Lan’s hair was tied into a ponytail, permeating a cold beauty, and a shortsword was hanging on her waist. She seemed straight out of an ancient costume drama.

“I was under orders to protect you!” Yuan Lan replied.

“Protect me?” Su Tao locked his brows together. “To be able to alarm the 33 Bureau, it must be a formidable organisation after me, is it Boss Shi?”

“Sang Yongshi might have some influence in Beijing, but he’s not qualified to mobilise us.” Yuan Lan coldly replied.

“Us?” Su Tao held onto the keyword.

“Our entire group was mobilised because you and Jiang Qinghan have killed a person called Ma Huiteng back in Huainan Province. He was an Elder in the Witchcraft Sect, which the entire sect has sent out kill orders to deal with you and Jiang Qinghan.” Yuan Lan emotionlessly replied.

“Then, how’s my master?” Su Tao immediately asked as he felt his heart tense up.

“Rest assured. We’ve assigned another group to her. But due to her position, it’s easier to protect her than you.” Jiang Qinghan patiently explained. “Unless absolutely necessary, a hidden force in the underworld like the Witchcraft Sect won’t alarm the government.”

“So, they will only take revenge on me?” Su Tao wryly smiled.

“That’s right!” Yuan Lan’s tone turned stern as she continued, “You have no idea that you were actually in danger several times. One was in the park, where an elderly woman tried to make a move against you when you were saving someone. The recent time being in the café this afternoon; if it wasn’t for Hei Jin acting out in time, four of you would’ve been poisoned by now.”

Although Su Tao felt that something was amiss, as if there were a pair of eyes staring at him, he never expected that it was the 33 Bureau protecting him in the dark.

So his peaceful life was just an illusion, and he had actually been living in constant danger.

“How did you notice me?” Lan Yuan couldn’t help asking.

Concealing herself was her forté, and her skill could be considered unparalleled in the entire 33 Bureau without anyone being able to discover her.

“I noticed that there was a mark left by a sharp object when I was entering, which wasn’t there when I left in the afternoon. So I suspected that there must be someone in the apartment. Now that I think about it, that invader was experienced, so it’s impossible for him to leave behind such an obvious clue. So I guessed that there must be someone else here.” Su Tao explained with a smile.

Nodding her head, a flash of praise flickered in Lan Yuan’s eyes as she commented, “I never expected that you would be so meticulous. It was something that Tang Shi left behind, and she had underestimated your attentiveness. We initially wanted to protect you in the dark and try not to alarm you. After all, bringing this to your alert will disrupt your life.”

“It looks like you guys are pretty confident in me to know that the invader isn’t a match for me.” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

Lan Yuan coldly replied, “Since you’re fine, then I will be leaving.”

“Wait!” Su Tao immediately interrupted. “Two of my friends are in danger right now, can you help me save them?”

“No!” Yuan Lan decisively rejected. “We’re only responsible for your safety, and this request has exceeded our responsibility.”

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