Chapter 443 - Danger caused by Broadcast

The man sat in a corner and tapped his finger on the table. At this moment, the waiter sent over a cup of lemonade and asked, “Mister, would you like to order anything?”

Shaking his head in annoyance, the man replied, “Can’t you see that I’m waiting for someone? I’ll naturally take care of your business when he’s here.”

“That man seems fierce!” Sun Yun stuck her tongue out as she said to He Sitong.

Placing her finger by her lips, He Sitong replied, “Don’t poke your nose into it or you might be in trouble.”

Watching the pair of friends, Su Tao sighed. Their characters complemented each other, with one of them being introverted, while the other being extroverted. But in this matter, He Sitong was naturally more sensitive and wiser than Sun Yuan. That man was reeking with a violent aura, and it was best not to provoke him.

At this moment, the chiming of the bell rang out and He Sitong directed her gaze over. The newcomer had a tall silhouette standing at 5’9” with a baseball cap, a mask, and sunglasses that shrouded him in a mysterious aura.

Nudging He Sitong in the arm, Sun Yuan exclaimed, “Doesn’t he look like the celebrity, Du Yu?”

He Sitong also directed her gaze over before she replied, “Their figure seems similar, but isn’t that too much of a coincidence?”

“I feel that he’s way too similar! Even if I’m not a fan of his, I have to say that his dramas are really good. There’s one drama where he acted as a murderer, which he dressed up in this manner, leaving a deep impression on me.” Sun Yuan responded.

Nodding her head, He Sitong locked her brows together. “Wearing those clothes; he’s either a celebrity afraid of being exposed or he’s a criminal.”

Hearing the two’s conversation, Su Tao examined the man’s figure and smiled. “Sun Yuan’s guess is highly accurate.”

“Why?” He Sitong couldn’t help asking.

“You can tell a thing or two from his brows.” Su Tao patiently analysed.

“Brows?” Even Kim Jung-yeon became baffled.

Su Tao smiled. “In TCM’s observation, you can also detect illnesses through a person’s brows. His brows are uneven, and his nose is a little crooked; this is a sign of cervical spondylosis. Furthermore, you can judge from his skin that he should be younger than thirty-five. To have this condition at such a young age, it might be related to his career. From his walking posture, his waist doesn’t seem normal, and it should be caused by hanging on the wire for a long period.”

“Why don’t we go and try?” Sun Yuan suddenly stood up as she smiled and headed towards the two of them.

Su Tao locked his brows together. He never expected that Sun Yuan would be so bold. Before he could even stop her, she had already charged forth.

When the newcomer sat down, the man in the windbreaker solemnly said, “It’s all in the bag.”

The newcomer removed his sunglasses and took a card from his wallet. “The money is all inside, and the PIN is still the same.”

The man dressed in the windbreaker replied, “Is the amount correct?” 

The newcomer smiled. “Big Brother Han, it’s not the first time that we’ve worked together, so what are you worried about? When I paid you the other time, I noticed that the goods were fewer than promised when I returned.”

“Isn’t that because there’s a problem with the source? The authorities are tight on this matter now, and it’s not easy to gather so much.” The man in the windbreaker awkwardly smiled as he took the card.

“Big Brother Han, you know that people like me in this circle aren’t lacking money unless you don’t have enough goods or there’s an issue with the quality.” The man in the baseball cap replied.

“We still have to be cautious, and this sort of thing is practically the same as walking on a thread. We’ll be finished if we fail even once.” The man in the windbreaker solemnly said.

Letting out a snort, the man in the baseball cap responded, “I don’t have the time to listen to your grumbling, there’s money if there are goods. Since our deal is done, then I’ll not stay any longer.” When he finished, he took the brown bag on the table.

All of a sudden, Sun Yuan walked over and asked, “Are you Du Yu? Are you really the celebrity Du Yu?”

The man in the baseball cap was briefly stunned and he nearly revealed himself before he coughed, “Young lady, I’m afraid that you’ve recognised the wrong person.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you so loudly. I’m a loyal fan of yours, so can I have an autograph?” Sun Yuan immediately lowered her voice.

The man in the baseball cap took a deep breath. He knew that he had to get rid of this girl quickly, or there might be a change to the situation. Hence, he immediately acknowledged, “That’s right, I’m Du Yu. Please keep this a secret since I do not wish to be involved in any trouble. Don’t you want an autograph? I’ll give you one!”

Seeing that she got the right person, Sun Yuan instantly became ecstatic in her heart. “Sign it on my shirt, please! I’ll treat this as a treasure when I return!”

The man in the baseball cap was naturally annoyed. He did not want anyone to recognise him. Hence, he took out his pen that he used for signing an autograph and signed his name behind Sun Yuan’s shirt.

Seeing Sun Yuan returning to her seat, the man in the baseball cap felt heavily relieved.

“I never expected that you would really dare to give her your autograph. Aren’t you afraid of it being used against you?” The man in the windbreaker sneered.

“Can’t help it, I’m famous, and I have fans everywhere. Hence, I can only try to satisfy her request to not blow up the matter. Furthermore, you have to be cautious in choosing the location next time; try not to pick a place with people.” The man in the baseball cap was Du Yu, and the reason why he disguised himself was due to an underground transaction with the man, Big Brother Han.

He never imagined that despite his disguises, he was still recognised.

“Got it!” Big Brother Han replied and felt that he shouldn’t stay here for long, which he immediately left.

Roughly two minutes later, after confirming that Big Brother Han had already left, Du Yu lowered his baseball cap and left the café.

Sun Yuan immediately searched for Du Yu’s autograph on the internet, and after making a comparison, she immediately spoke to He Sitong in joy, “How is it? I didn’t recognise the wrong person, right?”

“Alright, I lost!” He Sitong wryly smiled.

Seeing how lively Sun Yuan was, Su Tao hoped that she wouldn’t get involved in any trouble. After all, the two of them must be making a secret transaction, and Sun Yuan charged over to interrupt it. If the other party becomes suspicious of her, then there’s a high chance that they might take revenge against her.

Since the two of them were his fans, Su Tao felt the need to be responsible for the two of them. Thus, he wrote down his number on a piece of paper and smiled. “It’s fate that we met. I feel happy chatting with the two of you too, so don’t hesitate to call me if you have any need in the future. I will do my best to help as long as it’s something within my ability.”

Sun Yuan received the paper with excitement and she seemed even happier than when she got the signature from Du Yu.

Sitting by the side, Kim Jung-yeon revealed a complicated smile, “This isn’t too good, right? There are so many fans here in the broadcast, and you actually gave them your number? Won’t all of them become jealous?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled, “Do you think that I didn’t notice that you had already turned it off ten seconds ago?”

“What a cunning fellow!” Kim Jung-yeon sourly rolled her eyes as she glanced at Su Tao.

After Du Yu came out of the café in a hurry, he sat in his white Lamborghini with a grave expression. He did not leave any way to contact Big Brother Han, it was through a middle man. Thus, he dialed that person’s number and his voice solemnly resounded, “Big Brother Kun? There’s a situation!”

Huo Kun was currently in his bathtub with a model who seemed to be in her twenties sitting by his side.

The model wore a bikini that only concealed her three private parts, with most of her body being revealed. Her figure was practically flawless, except for the small traces of artificial work on her face that could guess that some parts of her body might have also undergone surgery.

Swirling the glass of red wine in his hand, Huo Kun took a sip and seemed relaxed.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Kun locked his brows together as he placed the glass down to the side of the bathtub.

“Someone seems to have taken footage of the transaction earlier!” When Du Yu left, he was terrified when he saw that someone was hosting a live broadcast where he signed his name. Wasn’t that solid evidence?

“What? Why are you so stupid?!” Huo Kun immediately flew into a rage and hurled the glass of red wine on the ground.

“I thought that a fan of mine wanted my autograph, but I did not expect that they’re doing a live broadcast!” Du Yu said in concern as he continued, “Big Brother Kun, you must resolve this issue for me. After all, you’re the one who chose the transaction’s location!”

“So, you’re blaming me now?” Huo Kun coldly snorted.

Du Yu knew Huo Kun’s temper, so he immediately changed his tone and begged, “That’s not my intention. But you have connections, and I wonder if you can help me resolve this matter. After all, many people will be dragged into this matter if this blows up.”

Taking a deep breath, Huo Kun felt the need to resolve this matter since he was the middle man and even received a sum of money for it. Thus, he solemnly replied, “You continue with the filming of the Huadu’s Green Wine, and you have to do it seriously. As for this matter, leave it to me.”

After hanging up the call with Du Yu, Huo Kun called Sang Yongshi.

“Young Master Kun, what’s up?” Sang Yongshi smiled. He knew that Huo Kun wasn’t the kind of person that would call him without reason.

“There’s a little problem, and I need you to erase something.” Huo Kun spoke in a grave tone.

“You can be reassured with me handling the matter!” Sang Yongshi confidently smiled. “What is it about? I guarantee that I can resolve this matter neatly for you!”

Huo Kun knew Sang Yongshi’s ability. Even if Beijing was complicated with all sorts of powerful figures mixed in this city, Sang Yongshi was still an influential figure in the underworld.

Sending the address of the Emerald City to Sang Yongshi, Huo Kun explained, “Someone took a video an hour ago in this café, and I hope that you can get someone to erase that footage.”

“That simple?” Sang Yongshi furrowed his brows.

“This might be a little troublesome. I suspect that it’s a trap set up by another competitor.” Huo Kun replied.

After all, there were chances of another management company might be involved in this matter, trying to ruin Du Yu’s reputation.

Sang Yongshi chuckled as he responded, “Young Master Kun, you’re still as cautious as always. Don’t worry about this matter; I’ll deal with it neatly for you. But after this matter is done, you have to get a few chicks to eat with me!”

“That’s for sure, and I’ll definitely get the best artist to serve you.” Huo Kun promised.

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