Chapter 442 - Meetup Session

Maintaining the international fan club requires many photos and videos, which Kim Jung-yeon forcefully dragged Su Tao to the nearby district for photo-taking. Due to his awkward posing, he was naturally looked down upon by Kim Jung-yeon.

He knew that Kim Jung-yeon was doing it for him, so he had no choice but to go with it and try his best to get the best result.

No one is perfect, and everyone has their own flaws.

Looking through the photos, Kim Jung-yeon locked her brows together and helplessly sighed, “The photos are barely usable, and you’re too stiff! Can’t you be more natural?”

“I’ve already tried my best, but I’m born hard, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Su Tao weakly sighed.

As a girl, Kim Jung-yeon couldn’t hear the hidden meaning in Su Tao’s words, so she became vexed, “Then, I’ll try and see if it can be fixed by processing them.”

“I believe in your capability!” Su Tao smiled.

The fan club had a total of five official platforms, which he paid attention to them daily. Occasionally, he would even leave comments behind with an anonymous account to praise himself.

Kim Jung-yeon would post something new every day and hosted all sorts of activities to keep the fans active.

Glancing at her watch, Kim Jung-yeon exclaimed, “I nearly forgot! I’ve made a meetup session with two fans roughly an hour from now at a café.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he wryly smiled. “All of a sudden? Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?”

“A sudden inspiration. I’m even thinking of broadcasting the entire meetup session live!” Kim Jung-yeon smiled.

Feeling his scalp going numb, Su Tao smiled. “Then, don’t I have to tidy myself a little?”

“Nah!” Kim Jung-yeon examined Su Tao and continued, “Just be more natural!”

The two of them flagged a cab and they head for a café located in Sanhuan.

Although the café wasn’t huge, it was well-decorated with all sorts of plantations hanging on the wall and brackets hanging from the ceiling, which permeated a natural aroma in the air.

The Emerald City, this was a themed café.

Two girls had already been sitting at a corner for a long time, whispering amongst themselves. The moment Su Tao appeared, they instantly recognised him and they covered their mouths in excitement.

Kim Jung-yeon immediately turned to Su Tao and explained, “The two of them are your loyal fans, and they’re extremely active!”

Shaking hands with his two fans, Su Tao smiled. “Thank you for your support!”

From the side, Kim Jung-yeon turned on her phone and went into the live broadcast while squeezing out a cute smile before she introduced the meetup session in Korean, then did it in Mandarin.

It was understandable as a portion of his fans came from Korea, and a part of them came from China. Even if the location was simple, unlike celebrities with all sorts of spotlights, it seemed unique due to Kim Jung-yeon’s dual language broadcast.

After a simple greeting, Su Tao got to know the names of his two fans. The cute-looking one was Sun Yuan, while the delicate-looking one was He Sitong. The two of them were undergrads of a TCM University and they came to study in Beijing. The two of them became his die-hard fans due to his deeds last year.

The two’s family conditions were pretty good. Sun Yuan’s father was an herbal merchant and got her to study TCM, hoping that she could inherit the family business. On the other hand, He Sitong's father was the principal of a private school. Her father was someone who looked into health, which he felt that there’s a bright prospect in TCM and signed his daughter up for this neglected profession.

Having an extrovert personality, Sun Yuan said, “I'm representing the Tao Fans and gathered some basic questions. May I ask, what color do you like; what do you like to eat; and do you have any special addiction?”

“Tao Fans? Scooping dung?”

Su Tao sighed with sorrow that the fans would make up such an… unusual name…

Letting out a cough, Su Tao straightforwardly answered those questions, “I like white; I like cherry tomatoes the most; I’m also someone that cannot be separated from my phone most of the time.”

Sun Yuan smiled as she turned to He Sitong. “Tongtong, it’s your turn now.”

“I would like to ask you how did you train your medical skills to such a level?” He Sitong was an introverted person, so she bashfully asked.

“Everyone should know that my grandfather was a physician, and my parents have requested for me to inherit the family business since young.” Su Tao wore a helpless expression as he continued, “Fate gave me no choice but to learn TCM. When I was young, I often hated to read medical books, learning acupuncture, and memorising all those prescriptions. But there was one time when I treated a patient with my medical knowledge, which I felt unspeakable satisfaction. Since then, I have felt that TCM is my forté, and a person must have something he’s good at in life. It’s not to have any noble aspirations, but to prove the worth of your existence.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, both Sun Yuan and He Sitong felt their blood boiling.

It was just like how Li Bai saw an old granny know about the prophecy of grinding an iron rod into a needle, which was determined to succeed and became an immortal of poetry. After all, all legends had to go through some twists and turns.

Although Su Tao’s expression did not change, he felt a little guilty in his heart. He never expected that he would speak such dignified words so naturally.

But there’s nothing he could do about it. As a public figure, he had to protect his own image before his fans, or they would be disappointed.

“That’s too exciting!” Sun Yuan became excited, as if she had taken a steroid shot.

He Sitong nodded her head as well and smiled. “Taotao, you’re our target and idol!”

Seeing that the effect was pretty good and the broadcast had already reached over a thousand viewers, she smiled. “Many of the Tao Fans are requesting for you to display a little of your medical skills.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he smiled. “Is this a sudden sneak attack?”

“Yeah, why don’t you look at me and see if there’s any problem with me?” Sun Yuan excitedly said.

Su Tao knew that many fans were watching the broadcast, and he had to satisfy their request to hold onto their hearts.

After a brief examination of Sun Yuan, Su Tao smiled. “There’s no big issue with you, just a bunch of tiny ones!”

“What are they?” Sun Yuan reacted differently. When others hear that they’re sick, they would be afraid. On the contrary, she became excited about it.

“Firstly, your digestive system isn’t good, which is caused by going on a diet and taking snacks for a long time. Every single night before you sleep, you would feel a sharp stinging pain in your stomach. Secondly, you’re going to the salon too much, causing chemicals to permeate into your scalp, so you would occasionally feel a headache. Furthermore, there are light fallen injuries on your wrist and shoulder, which should have been caused two days ago. If I’ve guessed correctly, it should have been inflicted while changing the water dispenser in the dorm.” Su Tao smiled.

Sun Yuan was shocked upon hearing him. The two first guesses could be easily seen through her complexion and hair colour. But the last one was simply a miracle, so she praised, “You’ve guessed correctly. The boys would usually change the water dispenser, but I was extremely thirsty that day and tried to change it myself, which I never expected that I would hurt my wrist and shoulder.”

Detecting her illness was the first step, and treatment was the second step. Su Tao smiled as he took out two bottles of medicine from his medical box and explained, “Take one every day. But you have to pay attention to your lifestyle if you want to be completely treated. As for your wrist and shoulder, they will recover by themselves in three to five days, and taking too much medicine isn’t good, so I won’t give you medication for that.”

Sun Yuan took the bottle of medicine over in excitement. Sitting to the side, despite having an introverted personality, He Sitong still couldn’t help herself and weakly asked, “Can you take a look at me?”

Examining He Xitong for a long time, Su Tao sighed, “Your condition is a little more serious, and it’s not appropriate for me to speak it out loud. I’ll write it on some paper for you.”

When he finished, he retrieved a pen and paper and swiftly wrote down He Sitong’s condition on it.

When He Sitong received it, her eyes lit up and she said, “You’ve guessed correctly, thank you!”

“You will recover in two months after taking the medicine that I’ve prescribed for you.” Su Tao comforted.

However, those watching the broadcast instantly became unhappy. They were all curious about He Sitong’s condition, which Kim Jung-yeon bitterly smiled before she turned to He Sitong. “Your sickness is your privacy, but we’re having a broadcast here. I wonder if you can share it with us?”

He Sitong instantly fell into conflict as she bit on her lips for a long time before she mustered her courage, “I’ll not hide it from everyone, and I believe that there are many girls like me out there. I will feel excruciating pain when my period comes, and Taotao is really formidable! Although my period still hasn’t come, he managed to see through my condition!”

Instantly, the bullet screen started to spam on the broadcast.


“Taotao, me too! Can you prescribe some medicine for me?!”

“You’re practically a friend of women! We love you too much!”

“You’re the ideal kind of man that we should marry! From today onwards, you’re my hubby!”

“Hey, bitch, don’t snatch my husband!”

“The two of you are too fortunate to have a hubby to take a look at you!”

Looking at the discussion, Kim Jung-yeon instantly became excited. She never expected that the meetup session would be so successful. Without any practice, it became hot with just Su Tao’s outstanding medical skills alone.

The merit of a live broadcast lied in it being genuine. How were there so many rehearsals in life? Hence, the more sophisticated, the more believable.

Because of the treatment session, the atmosphere became even more harmonious as Su Tao chatted more casually with his two fans.

Although the two ladies were filled with reluctance, the meetup session still had to come to an end.

Thus, Su Tao found an excuse to visit the toilet as he quietly paid for the bills at the cashier.

But just when he was about to leave, he saw a man wearing a windbreaker carrying a brown bag walking in with sunglasses. He first looked at Su Tao before he spoke to the cashier, “I’m here to wait for someone! Get me a seat near the window!”

Su Tao was accurate with his eyes, and he could smell a dangerous aura reeking from this man. Thus, he subconsciously locked his brows together and calmly returned to his seat.

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