Chapter 441 - A woman with flavour

After sending Ni Jingqiu to the office, Huo Kun drove, heading to Film City.

When he arrived at the filming location for Huadu’s Green Wine, Huo Kun noticed that Gu Rushan was shooting a scene, so he stood beside the production team and looked at her performance.

Aside from the team of troupe used by the director, the production team has close cooperation with Huo Kun’s management company. After Huo Kun distributed cigarettes for a few staff members, he watched Gu Rushan’s acting and sank into her performance without him knowing.

Although she wasn’t experienced, she was extremely focused on her acting with her emotions and energy.

That was roughly the plot.

Gu Rushan’s character met with the villain as they sat at a mahjong table. She had to charm the villain at a crucial time, a scene where the actress had to seduce her target at the mahjong table.

While she wore cheongsam from the Qing and Ming Dynasties with her hair bundled up, Gu Rushan’s action was permeating with charm, even if her makeup wasn’t thick. It was especially charming how she touched the tiles as if she was from that era itself.

Huo Kun felt his heart jumping. He had met countless women, but he had never met such a unique one like Gu Rushan.

For someone like him, the appearance and figure were the secondary, the primary lies in her unique temperament.

Huo Kun chased after Ni Jingqiu partly due to the benefit of his family, and another being the powerful aura that she gives off. But after they got together, he realised that Ni Jingqiu started to compromise and lost her initial cool demeanour.

However, Gu Rushan made Huo Kun’s eyes light up. This is a woman with flavour!

There’s a saying that women are like water, which can be soft or tenacious. Gu Rushan wasn’t like those vases in his company; she’s a woman with independent thoughts!

“Cut!” The director finally called it a day before he smiled and turned to Gu Rushan. “Your acting was pretty good, and it’s a huge improvement compared to yesterday. The next scene will be tomorrow night, so you can leave first.”

Gu Rushan was completely into her role today, and all the scenes were done on the first try, which many people in the production team praised her for her learning ability.

“Big Sister Rushan, your acting is too fantastic!” Mi You handed a bottle of water over and continued, “Did you know that when the director knew that I was the one who recommended you, he gave me a fat reward!”

Gu Rushan felt her throat dry. It wasn’t the same as how she practised at home; her mentality had to be stretched at all times. She smiled. “It’s good that I did not embarrass you!”

Mi You immediately shook her head. “Big Sister Rushan, you have to keep it up! If this drama becomes a hit, you will surely become famous!”

“I know my own capability, and I don’t believe in becoming a hit after one drama. I would rather have my feet firmly planted on the ground.” Gu Rushan modestly smiled.

“The Newlight Media sponsors this drama, and it will broadcast later this year. Furthermore, the male lead is the famous Du Yu! Just his existence alone can practically guarantee the viewership!” Mi You replied in excitement.

Du Yu was one of the most famous male actors in China, and he had once received an award as the Best Male Lead. Although Gu Rushan’s expression did not change, she still felt inwardly excited that she could act together with her idol.

However, Du Yu was also pretty arrogant, due to his fame. The production team has already started shooting for a few days, but he’s still in Zheyuan Province’s Film City. For a celebrity like him, he has to shoot several films at once and even has to participate in all sorts of activities. Hence, the production team would usually adjust themselves to his schedule.

Applause suddenly resounded, so Gu Rushan looked in the direction of the voice and was briefly shocked when she saw Huo Kun walking over.

She had to admit that Huo Kun belonged to those handsome youths. He stood at 5’9” with his blue suit and brown leather shoes, along with a brooch on his chest. His hairstyle was the most fashionable short hairstyle and was dyed brown. And by wearing a black-framed spectacle, it’s not an understatement to call him outstanding.

“You did well!” Huo Kun praised.

Gu Rushan was shocked by Huo Kun’s appearance, but she still politely smiled. “Hello, Chairman Huo!”

Waving his hand, Huo Kun sternly said, “We’re already so familiar with each other, so why are you calling me that? Just call me Big Brother Kun in the future!”

Gu Rushan instantly, inwardly felt a little awkward. Could she even be considered familiar with Huo Kun? After all, they’ve only eaten one meal together. However, she still went along with him and changed her calling, “Big Brother Kun.”

Snapping his fingers, Huo Kun smiled. “You’re done today, right? Come, I’ll bring you to a place!”

However, Gu Rushan looked awkward. Huo Kun seemed unusual. She knew that Huo Kun had a girlfriend, and his girlfriend was also her benefactor. Hence, she subconsciously felt the need to maintain a distance between them.

Thus, she came up with a reason to brush it off, “I’m sorry, but I have something going on later. So I can’t go with you.”

Being rejected by Gu Rushan, Huo Kun wasn’t angered. On the contrary, he even felt that Gu Rushan was interesting.

Regardless of men or women, the one that’s out of your reach is always the best.

Thus, if a woman wanted to grasp a man’s heart, they had to learn how to moderately refuse.

“Don’t you want to discuss the contract?” Huo Kun conceitedly smiled.

“Contract?” Gu Rushan was briefly stunned.

Nodding his head, Huo Kun replied, “Jingqiu told me that you’ve yet to find a management company, and if you want to develop swiftly as an artist, it’s hard for you to go far without a company to package and market you. I believe you know about my company, and we have over a dozen A-rated celebrities. As long as you sign a contract with us, I’ll use a phrase from a song to describe it; your future will not be a dream!”

Gu Rushan had researched Huo Kun, and his company was called Timely Star Culture Management Company, which stood on the frontline. However, the public reputation of it wasn’t good. Many celebrities under this company would usually face wardrobe malfunctions and other news.

However, to maintain its popularity, the company was also in control of several A-rated celebrities, with Du Yu being one of them.

“Why are you hesitating?” Mi You stood on the side. She knew Huo Kun, and if Gu Rushan signed a contract with Huo Kun’s company, then she would definitely soar in the future!

“Then, we can discuss this matter somewhere.” Gu Rushan was finally convinced.

Although Huo Kun’s expression did not change, he was feeling conceited in his heart. In his mind, women could all be easily captured with some benefits.

Driving his luxurious car, they arrived at a café that was filled with atmosphere.

After asking for a corner seat, Huo Kun said, “I hold shares here, and you can order anything you like!”

“A cup of cappuccino will do!” Gu Rushan cautiously said.

Huo Kun smiled and waved his hand in the direction of the waiter, which he ordered the signature coffee here - Black Ivory Coffee!

Gu Rushan subconsciously locked her brows together. Although she has never tried it, she heard from the news that it was the same as Kopi Luwak; but it was made of the elephant’s faeces.

A human’s imagination was truly endless. Kopi Luwak has always been the king of the coffee until the appearance of the Black Ivory Coffee. It was made from the coffee beans that passed through an elephant’s digestive system, costing USD$1,100 for a kilogram, or USD$50 for each pot. The price was practically one-fold higher than Kopi Luwak.

“I can just have a cappuccino!” Gu Rushan bitterly smiled. “I won’t be used to drinking such an expensive coffee.”

Waving his hand, Huo Kun smiled. “No way, I’m the host today, and you have to try it! After you know the wonder of it, you will know why I made a choice for you.”

A brief moment later, the coffees were served along with dessert. Seeing how enjoyable Huo Kun looked, Gu Rushan bitterly smiled. When she lifted the cup to her lips, she ultimately couldn’t take a sip.

Noticing this detail, Huo Kun felt that Gu Rushan was pretty interesting, so he smiled. “I’d like to discuss with you about the contract. My company has a rule that all newcomers have to go through a probation period, but I can strike it off for you since we have such fate and sign you as the company’s artist. At the same time, we will provide you with the best resources available, as long as you’re willing to sign for five years. Naturally, advertisement and commercial performance will endlessly come once you gain your fame. With the company’s current situation, we can easily help you get an income of roughly ¥5,000,000 annually within two years.”

“What are the conditions?” Gu Rushan was calm. She did not become impulsive from all the promises.

“Simple… that’s as long as you’re obedient!” Huo Kun spoke as his leg ‘accidentally’ touched Gu Rushan’s shank.

“I have to discuss this matter with my boyfriend!” Gu Rushan immediately stood up and left the café.

Looking at Gu Rushan’s leaving figure, a sneer of disdain rose on Huo Kun’s lips as he muttered, “Hypocritical!”

In the entertainment circle, there were all sorts of women trying to become famous, and there were also those with high EQ that wouldn’t fall for it unless you give her sufficient benefits.

Even if this was a tough woman, Huo Kun was confident that he could easily take Gu Rushan down.

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