Chapter 440 - Huo Kun’s new prey

Gu Rushan wasn’t good with alcohol. Her face had turned red after two cups of wine. Perhaps it was due to Kim Jung-yeon’s existence; she was pretty open, since she didn’t have to worry about Su Tao having ill intentions of her.

For some reason, Gu Rushan felt that Su Tao had concealed himself well, and in fact, he was a lecher. After all, the first impression was the strongest, and Su Tao left a deep impression on her when he massaged for her that day.

Although the dishes made by Su Tao were light, the taste was superb and they were swiftly cleaned up. Looking at her bulged abdomen, Gu Rushan sighed and bitterly smiled. “I have to start going on a diet tomorrow. Otherwise, my figure will definitely go out of shape.”

As she spoke, she lost her balance, which Kim Jung-yeon immediately held onto her by the side and gave Su Tao an eye-signal that Gu Rushan was drunk.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “I’ll send you back.”

Gu Rushan subconsciously looked at Kim Jung-yeon as she touched her burning forehead and declared, “I’m not drunk! Are you looking down on me?”

“I didn’t say that you’re drunk!” Su Tao helplessly replied.

Gu Rushan was still conscious deep down. Although she refused to admit that she was drunk, she still decided to return before she embarrassed herself.

Just when Su Tao wanted to take her over from Kim Jung-yeon, his hands were pushed away by her, and he could only helplessly follow behind her.

Seeing how Gu Rushan fiddled with her key at the keyhole, Su Tao could only take it over and opened the door for her.

Upon entering, Gu Rushan stumbled a few steps before she collapsed on the couch, which Su Tao could only help to remove her shoes and took a quilt from the bedroom to cover her.

When Su Tao was removing her shoes, his heart slightly jolted. Although Gu Rushan’s feet were beautiful, there were deep calluses that were caused by her dancing for an extended period, which he could tell that Gu Rushan was a hardworking woman who could take hardship.

Drifting in Beijing wasn’t easy, and Su Tao could only imagine how much she had to go through by drifting alone in this massive city.

When Su Tao entered the kitchen, he noticed that there wasn’t even hot water. Thus, he could only boil a pot of water and leave a cup on the table for Gu Rushan when she wakes up.

After he finished everything, he gently, quietly helped himself out and closed the door.

In that instant when the door was closed, Gu Rushan suddenly opened her eyes and she looked at the cup on the table before she gently sighed.

In the end, the incident where Su Tao beat Kelov up was disseminated by those with intention. It was a vicious attack directed at Su Tao, slandering him to be someone who didn’t know how to respect international friends.

For anyone who didn’t know the actual story, they would think that Su Tao must have some background. After all, how could he dare to beat someone up near the Russian embassy if he didn’t have any background?

In the end, Shui Junzhuo could only, helplessly use her resources to remove those posts. After some twists and turns, the information was ultimately eliminated while it was in the cradle, since it was something that could cause international conflicts.

Although she failed to find the source of the information, she could guess that it must have something to do with Kelov.

Even if Kelov was ordered to return, he still couldn’t help the indignance in his heart. Hence, he purposely let out the news to smear dirt on Su Tao.

Not all doctors were broad-minded, and there was despicable scum in every country and every profession, which Kelov was one of them.

Thus, Shui Junzhuo slightly regretted it, since Su Tao had only lightly beaten Kelov up, and the right way was to teach the latter a lesson so that he wouldn’t harm other people in the future.

After she was done with this matter, she received a call from her father.

“Junzhuo, I have something that I would like to ask your opinion about.” Her father’s broad voice resounded.

“Dad, what is it?” Shui Junzhuo replied.

“The organisation has already determined the quota for those going to Moscow, and you have to make preparations to head over soon.” Her father patiently explained before he continued, “In this matter, Ivanov has helped out. It was mainly because you’ve helped to get his daughter treated.”

“When will it be?” Shui Junzhuo wasn’t as happy as she had imagined. She was proficient in several languages for her to walk out of the country and became an elite that roams the world.

Her objective was simple, that was to obtain a seat in the international economy in the future.

Heading to Moscow would be a pretty good experience, but Shui Junzhuo was at a loss.

“Since the quota has already been determined, then we will have it done as soon as possible. As long as you’re ready, you can head over anytime.” Her father could tell from Shui Junzhuo’s tone that she wasn’t too happy about this matter, so he asked, “You still have something on hand?”

“Can you delay it for three months?” Shui Junzhuo requested. Su Tao was currently in Beijing for the National Healer Selection, which lasted three months. Hence, she wanted to witness Su Tao becoming a National Healer Grandmaster with her own eyes.

“Three months?” Her father locked her brows together. According to his plans, she would hand over her current duties in a week from now and head to Moscow. After all, time waited for no one. Regardless of any post, everyone was racing against time, and if you could make it a step earlier, you would be a step faster than others.

“Yeah!” Shui Junzhuo firmly replied.

“Alright!” Her father knew that something was holding her back, and she wasn’t going abroad for a few days, so she had to be well-prepared for it. He heard from his father in regards to Shui Junzhuo and a young physician, and even if he didn’t agree to it, he still respected the old man’s decision.

Thus, he naturally felt that Shui Junzhuo’s request to delay it for three months must have something to do with that young physician, and if there’s time, he definitely had to meet this young man who received such importance from his father.

After Ni Jingqiu drank the medicine, she felt her energy being boosted. Initially, she wanted to tell her mother about this news, but after a brief pondering, she decided against it. Instead, she would tell her mother after her condition has stabilised and get Su Tao to take a look at her mother.

She did not go for a jog today, but did a few stretches in the courtyard before she ended her morning exercises.

Upon entering the door, her mother, Wang Qiaozhen, glanced at Ni Jingqiu for a long time before she asked, “What skincare are you using today? Your complexion has completely changed.”

“I’ve just woken up, how do I have the time for that?” Ni Jingqiu sourly looked at her mother.

Nodding her head, Wang Qiaozhen replied, “Your complexion is pretty good, and it looks like your jogging is pretty effective. Keep it up!”

Hearing those words, Ni Jingqiu bitterly smiled. Her mother has misunderstood. It was all due to Su Tao, and it had nothing to do with her jogging.

All of a sudden, a car’s beeping resounded and Wang Qiaozhen locked her brows together before she sighed, “Get yourself sorted out, Huo Kun is waiting for you outside.”

Only her future son-in-law dared to come to her house early in the morning and press on the horn.

“Should I get him to have a seat inside?” Ni Jingqiu immediately took out her phone and wanted to call Huo Kun.

However, she was interrupted by her mother. Wang Qiaozhen unhappily said, “No need! If he’s willing to come in, then why would he honk the horn outside? Don’t force him against his wishes.”

Ni Jingqiu held onto Wang Qiaozhen’s hands and replied, “Mom, I know that you don’t like Huo Kun. If you really don’t like him, I can grit my teeth together and break up with him.”

“Huo Kun is pretty good, but his temper isn’t. I’m only afraid that you might suffer after marrying him.” Wang Qiaozhen bitterly smiled.

Shaking her head, Ni Jingqiu confidently declared, “The current era is different. If I don’t feel happy, I can always divorce him. Worse comes to worst; I can just spend my entire life with you and dad!”

“Shoo!” Wang Qiaozhen covered Ni Jingqiu’s mouth as she continued, “What nonsense are you speaking so early in the morning?”

Ni Jingqiu smiled and pushed the congee that she ate two mouthfuls of and sighed, “I’ll be going. Otherwise, that fellow will continue to press on the horn.”

Seeing how Ni Jingqiu went out in a hurry, Wang Qiaozhen felt an unspeakable disappointment in her heart.

All mothers were the same, and it’s natural for them to feel reluctance when their daughter was about to marry. However, her daughter had to form a family of her own in the end, and Wang Qiaozhen could only hope that her daughter would be happy.

After she got into the car, Huo Kun unhappily glanced at Ni Jingqiu and grumbled, “Why are you so slow?”

“Can’t help it, I was talking with my mother.” Ni Jingqiu apologised.

A sneer rose on his lips as Huo Kun shrugged his shoulders. “Did your mother advise you to break up with me again?”

Letting out a sigh, Ni Jingqiu knew that Huo Kun had a knot in his heart with her mother and explained, “That was a long time ago. Our wedding has already been determined, and we’ve also sent out the invitations. She has already considered you as her son-in-law, and I feel that you should give her respect.”

Knitting his brows together, Huo Kun half-heartedly replied, “Alright! I previously saw a piece of pretty good jewellery, so I’ll get it as a gift for her. This will do, right?”

Ni Jingqiu knew that Huo Kun was just coping with her half-heartedly, so she gave up forcing him and let time do its magic.

“Oh, right! Do you remember Gu Rushan who we ate with the other time?” Ni Jingqiu suddenly recalled helping Gu Rushan find a management company, which she naturally chose Huo Kun.

Huo Kun knitted his brows and replied, “That woman looks pretty good, but she’s a little old. You must know that management companies are all choosing newcomers nowadays, and we all have a strict requirement. Someone like her is too ordinary, and it’s hard for her to make a name for herself.”

Seeing that Huo Kun wasn’t too willing to sign with Gu Rushan, Ni Jingqiu replied, “Forget it, I’ll ask around then.”

“Why are you acting so miserable? Fine, I’ll promise you. But it will be up to her if she becomes famous.” Huo Kun smiled.

Ni Jingqiu shut her mouth and did not discuss this matter any further with Huo Kun. Although she also felt that Gu Rushan was lacking in terms of background and connections compared to someone from the film academies, she had taken a liking to Gu Rushan’s temperament. As long as there’s a good management company that laid out the bridge nicely for her, there’s a high chance of her becoming famous in the future.

In China’s entertainment circle, age wasn’t the problem but opportunity.

Judging from Huo Kun’s tone, Ni Jingqiu knew that Gu Rushan wouldn’t be given many resources, even if he signed the latter. Hence, she decided to find another reliable management company for her.

Although her media company mainly did sponsors for movies and dramas, she didn’t have any direct management with the artists. However, with her connections in the entertainment circle, finding a good management company for Gu Rushan wasn’t difficult.

Actually, Ni Jingqiu had misread Huo Kun’s thoughts.

Huo Kun felt that Gu Rushan had a unique flavour, which he considered her to be his new prey.

But how could he express his desire before his fiancée?

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