Chapter 439 - Huge Background

Shui Junzhuo’s work wasn’t as easy as Su Tao had imagined. After she received a few calls, she first sent Su Tao to his home before leaving in a hurry.

Su Tao still had no idea about Shui Junzhuo’s actual job scope, but he could vaguely guess that much of it had to be kept a secret. Hence, he went along with it and did not ask about it.

When he came out of the lift, he saw a woman with dark-blonde hair leaning against the wall with her luggage beside her as she looked around. When she caught sight of Su Tao, she immediately rejoiced and ran over to hug Su Tao. “Oppa, I’ve been waiting for you!”

Kim Jung-yeon permeated a fragrance from her body as he sensed the intimate contact between their bodies and inwardly sighed. Is this the legendary young lady’s aroma?

“Why didn’t you give me a call for me to fetch you?” Su Tao managed to break away from Kim Jung-yeon with great difficulty and he looked at her.

Compared to a few months ago, Kim Jung-yeon has clearly slimmed down, and she had a slightly mature woman’s aura around her now. Due to her decent makeup skills, her features were delicate and her clothing made her look like a female lead straight out of a drama.

“I just got out of the plane and discovered that my phone couldn’t be turned on, which I suspected that my phone is out of battery power.” Although Kim Jung-yeon waited here for a long time, she instantly became excited upon the sight of Su Tao. “Fortunately, I carried a notebook around with me and noted down your address. Otherwise, I would be a homeless and helpless rabbit.”

Seeing that Kim Jung-yeon didn’t have any experience in life, Su Tao helplessly smiled. “There are many places in the airport and public where you can charge your phone. Why didn’t you charge it and call me?”

Patting on her forehead, Kim Jung-yeon stuck out her tongue. “Why didn’t I think of that? Aren’t I stupid?”

Actually, Kim Jung-yeon’s phone wasn’t out of battery power, but young ladies were all about romance. Hence, she headed straight over without notifying Su Tao, wanting to give him a surprise. However, she never expected that she would be stranded out there for hours.

Upon entering the apartment, Su Tao found a pair of slippers for her. Kim Jung-yeon walked around. The apartment looked spacious and bright, since it was situated in the north, facing the south. The living room was decorated in white tiles with dark-golden patterns and a purple carpet with yellow flowery patterns. The television was mounted on the wall with shelves by the side with some decorations that added to the atmosphere.

Pointing at Su Tao’s bedroom, Kim Jung-yeon smiled. “That room is mine!”

Shaking his finger, Su Tao firmly refused, “No way!”

As Kim Jung-yeon knitted her brows, she helplessly sighed, “Then I’ll have that smaller room!”

“Nope as well!” Su Tao continued.

Kim Jung-yeon instantly became a little furious as she widened her eyes. “Then, do you want me to sleep on the couch?”

Letting out a cough, Su Tao replied, “Before you came to China, your Big Brother called me and entrusted me to take good care of you. Furthermore, I’m not allowed to have any intentions with you. You’re a woman, and I’m a man. Even if I can ensure that I won’t have any intentions with you by staying together, I can’t ensure that you won’t have any intentions with me. So you don’t have to take your things out of the luggage, I’ll send you to a hotel in a short while. As for the fees, I’ll pay for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Hehe!” Kim Jung-yeon suddenly chuckled as she replied, “So you’re worried about my Big Brother? You’re afraid of him when he’s in Seoul?”

Hearing that, Su Tao instantly became unhappy. Kim Jung-ho lost to him, so why would he be afraid of the latter? Hence, he unhappily replied, “I’m only respecting you!”

Looking at Su Tao, Kim Jung-yeon replied, “Do you loathe me?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao frankly replied, “I don’t loathe you, but a man and woman have to maintain their distance. Putting it in a nutshell, I’m afraid of hurting you.”

Kim Jung-yeon chuckled once again before she dropped her smile and said with a stern expression, “Then, please allow me to stay here. I promise that I will not disrupt your lifestyle, and the hotels in China are too terrible. There are cards constantly being shoved through the door gap, sending chills down my spine.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned. This young lady truly majored in Mandarin; her idiom was smooth. She had stayed in Hanzhou City’s five-starred hotel, but those that she spoke of were the current state of the country.

After a brief pondering, he sighed, “Alright, you can stay here. But we need to form a pact that we’re not allowed to invade each other’s privacy!”

Seeing that Su Tao has finally given in, Kim Jung-yeon happily winked, “Roger that!”

Pulling her luggage, Kim Jung-yeon entered the smaller guest room and dove onto the bed. Compared to the bed in the hotel, this bed smelled like sunshine.

Just when Su Tao entered and was about to ask if Kim Jung-yeon needed any help, he saw her laid out on the bed and her legs were spread apart, facing the door.

Despite wearing a short skirt, she wore thick leggings inside. However, it perfectly outlined her lower body, sparking a flame in his heart, even if he couldn’t see through the layer of clothes.

Su Tao inwardly sighed. He had no idea what to do at this moment. This was only the first day, and this Korean chick was already reeking of such temptation. So how would he resist it as time passed?

Right now, the entire country was boycotting Korean products, and Kim Jung-yeon was a genuine product from Korea itself. Hence, he must have some backbone and couldn’t lose himself.

“What would you like to eat for dinner?” Su Tao coughed, realising that Kim Jung-yeon really did not consider him as an outsider as she laid on the bed.

“I want to eat meat!” Kim Jung-yeon suddenly sat up and smacked her lips. “It has been a long time since I ate barbequed pork belly!”

Su Tao’s forehead was covered in wrinkles. He felt that this lady didn’t have any common knowledge. Didn’t she know that there’s a hidden meaning behind a man and woman eating meat in China?

“Pork belly is fine, but there’s no way I can barbeque it for you since there’s no grill here.” Su Tao felt that he did not have to follow Kim Jung-yeon’s wishes, he could just arrange it himself.

Hence, he went out to the nearby supermarket to buy a bunch of ingredients. Just when he was going to return, Gu Rushan walked out of the lift, completely exhausted.

She went to report to the production team today and rehearsed for a few scenes. The director was extremely strict, and it was only up to satisfaction after multiple attempts.

She had suffered a massive blow. She finally realised that her practice at home paled in comparison to the actual acting itself.

Real acting required actors to enter the role, and it cannot have any traces of pretence. Otherwise, it would feel fake for the audience themselves.

Gu Rushan had only eaten a lunch box in the afternoon, and she was practically starving at this moment. When she saw Su Tao holding a bunch of ingredients, her eyes lit up and she pondered if she should freeload a meal off of him.

“What a sumptuous dinner, can you finish it alone?” Gu Rushan greeted as she chuckled.

“There’s a guest at home!” Su Tao also felt that he had also bought a little too much, and there’s no harm inviting her. Hence, he threw out an invitation, “Want to come over for dinner?”

“That… doesn’t seem too good, does it?” Gu Rushan appeared to be hesitating.

“It’s not the first day that we’ve known each other, so you don’t have to be polite with me.” Su Tao replied.

“Alright, then!” Gu Rushan pondered briefly before she added, “I won’t freeload off you. I’ll pay you my share!”

Su Tao wryly smiled. “Forget about that; I’m still waiting for my ¥2,000!” When he finished, he entered the apartment.

“Miser!” Gu Rushan pouted as she entered her own apartment. She first washed up before putting on her makeup again and fell into a brief hesitation. After that, she took out an expensive bottle of wine and knocked on the apartment next door.

The one who opened the door for her was a young lady who bowed in Gu Rushan’s direction. “Annyeonghaseyo!”

Gu Rushan was shocked. She did not expect that Su Tao’s guest would be a weird lady.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Jung-yeon. I’m the president of Su Tao’s fan club.” Kim Jung-yeon introduced.

Fan club? Gu Rushan couldn’t hold back her laughter. She thought that Kim Jung-yeon was joking with her and replied, “Nice to meet you too! I’m Gu Rushan, his neighbour!”

“Please, have a seat!” Kim Jung-yeon politely said. At this moment, Su Tao was busy fixing the dinner tonight, and Kim Jung-yeon had treated herself as the mistress here and received Gu Rushan.

Gu Rushan had complicated feelings. She felt that Su Tao’s luck with women seemed to be pretty good. She had seen Shui Junzhuo, who was a gorgeous beauty, a couple of times. But now, there’s another one. Gu Rushan felt that Su Tao was a playboy at such a young age.

However, she tried her best to convince herself that she’s only here to freeload, and she shouldn’t overthink it.

But the more she convinced herself, the more panicky she felt.

Taking two plates of dishes, Su Tao placed them on the dining desk and smiled when he saw the bottle of wine Gu Rushan brought over. “You intend to drink?”

“Don’t open it if you don’t want to, I can take it back later.” Gu Rushan snapped.

“Then, we’ll drink a little. You stay next door anyway, and I can carry you back home even if you’re drunk.” Su Tao examined the bottle. The label was written in English, which he couldn’t understand. Hence, he left it alone and took out three glasses for the wine.

When the dishes were served, Gu Rushan couldn’t help gaining a new understanding of Su Tao. She never expected that he actually managed to whip up six decent dishes.

Raising her thumbs, Gu Rushan praised, “Not bad. Just relying on your culinary skills alone, I’m sure many girls will fall for you.”

“Don’t praise me. I want to remain humble.” Su Tao smiled.

Kim Jung-yeon was already starving, so she helped herself to a piece of meat. Shortly after, she exaggeratedly praised, “Masitda!”

Seeing the abnormal look that Gu Rushan was looking at Kim Jung-yeon, Su Tao immediately explained, “She’s Korean! I’m afraid this is the first time she ate salt-fried meat.”

Gu Rushan instantly understood what was going on, so she couldn’t help feeling curious about Su Tao. She felt that this neighbour of hers must have a huge background to have a Korean friend.

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Annyeonghaseyo - A formal expression of 'hello'

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