Chapter 433 - Incredible Foresight

When she returned to her apartment, Gu Rushan casually laid on the couch and turned on the television, before switching through a few channels.

She had no idea why she had a weird feeling as she changed her television channel to China Central Television. It showed two male antelopes trying to fight for the favour of the female antelope. When the horns of the antelopes clashed together, Gu Rushan felt a chill down her spine and she switched off her television.

Gu Rushan suddenly patted her forehead and recalled that her toilet still wasn’t fixed, then sighed. She found a pair of rubber gloves, a mask, and a plunger before entering the bathroom. Roughly seven to eight minutes later, water flushed in the bathroom. She heavily sighed out in relief. Once again, she had dealt with household work.

Truth be told, Gu Rushan wasn’t a stranger to clogged toilets, and the reason why she wanted to bother Su Tao was that she felt it would be interesting.

She had meticulous thoughts and a high EQ, which she knew that she was acting out of character, so she warned herself, “Little Shan, cheer on! You must rely on yourself, if you keep relying on someone, it will become a habit that will weaken your independence.”

After boosting her own morale, Gu Rushan danced a little before she started her daily practice as she faced the mirror and acted all sorts of characters. Although some of her roles seemed a little awkward, you could tell that she’s hardworking.

She was someone who had a strict requirement for herself. Even if she was only a dance instructor in a dance school, she never gave up on her dreams.

Finally, after she finished acting the last imaginative role, Gu Rushan sighed and muttered to herself, “I will return that ¥2,000 to you as soon as possible.”

Gu Rushan was intelligent, but she’s also silly at times. She was actually still tangled up on Su Tao’s joke.

However, it was her system of values, never to owe anybody anything.

On the third day in Beijing, Shui Junzhuo brought Su Tao to a mysterious building to fill out the declaration form for the National Healer’s investigation.

Su Tao knew that he only successfully made it into this building because of Shui Junzhuo. Otherwise, he would definitely be given the cold shoulder if he came by himself.

After they’re done with the paperwork, they saw a white Range Rover stopping before them and a person came down out from the driver’s seat, who greeted Su Tao, “What a coincidence to meet you here!”

Seeing this person, Su Tao sighed. As the saying goes, clashing between enemies was inevitable. Even Su Tao never expected to encounter Wang Guofeng here. He faintly replied, “Brother Guofeng, looks like you’re pretty good these days. I heard that you’ve abandoned medical for business, and you’re now the Chairman of the Medicine Deity Corporation. Congratulations!”

Hearing Su Tao’s sarcasm, Wang Guofeng had a rage burning in his heart, so he took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile. “I heard that you’re participating in the National Healer Selection this year?”

Seeing how Wang Guofeng thoroughly investigated him, Su Tao smiled. “Yeah, I do not have such a business mind like you, so I can only be a doctor. But even doctors have dreams, and obtaining the National Healer’s title is my latest target.”

Wang Guofeng wasn’t a fool, he could naturally tell the sarcasm in Su Tao’s words, so he sneered, “Not everyone can become a National Healer. My father and grandfather are both National Healers, and they’ve worked very hard to obtain this honour.”

“No challenges are easy, but I have confidence in myself. Your father and grandfather are both worthy of respect, and I admire warriors like them.” Su Tao replied as he shook his head.

His meaning was clear, You’re just a coward compared to your father and grandfather!

As the loser, Wang Guofeng couldn’t straighten his back when he talked to Su Tao. At this moment, Ling Yu came out from the front passenger seat and he glanced at Su Tao before he introduced, “You must be Su Tao, right? Nice to meet you, I’m Ling Yu from the Medical Dao Sect, and I’m also participating in the National Healer Selection this year. Thus, the two of us can be considered comrade-in-arms.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned. He had gotten Xia Yu to investigate his competitors. What attracted his attention was that the Medical Dao Sect sent out a young man whose age was comparable to his own.

With so many talents and experiences in the sect, the Medical Dao Sect was publicly acknowledged first in position.

Since such a sect can send out such a young man, it spoke for Ling Yu’s talent and ability.

Ling Yu was the private disciple of the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master, which the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master was a legend in the TCM industry. Hence, Su Tao couldn’t help feeling curious about Ling Yu’s ability and if the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect has reached the Origin Realm.

Ling Yu did not have any of the killing aura he had imagined. On the contrary, he had delicate features and seemed fragile; he was completely different from Wang Guofeng.

As a mild person, Ling Yu would be hard to recognise if he was placed in a sea of people. But this was also the reason why Su Tao had to be on the alert.

Ling Yu’s strength was formidable, and he has reached a high realm of the Daoist Mentality, Nature Dao.

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “I will take this selection earnestly, and I hope that you won’t disappoint me.”

There was a limited quota to every National Healer Selection. Aside from special circumstances, they would generally pick one person, especially in the TCM industry.

For the past three years, no physicians managed to get into the Central Health Medical Specialist Organisation and become a National Healer Grandmaster.

After they exchanged their greetings, Su Tao entered Shui Junzhuo’s Haval H1.

While looking at the car as it left his sight, Ling Yu helplessly sighed, which Wang Guofeng misunderstood that the former was sullen due to Su Tao’s disdain to pay attention to him and comforted, “Ling Yu, don’t worry. With the Medical Dao Sect’s strength, it’s not hard to model you into the new generation’s leader for TCM. In my view, participating in the National Healer Selection is just walking through the procedure for you.”

Ling Yu’s face sank as he shook his head. “Senior Brother, I will treat this selection seriously, and please don’t say that. As for Su Tao, I’m looking forward to his strength, and I hope to learn something from him.”

Knitting his brows, Wang Guofeng sighed at the fact that his Junior Brother was still too innocent and failed to recognise the enemy, treating Su Tao as a comrade-in-arm, which sounded prickly in his ears.

In Wang Guofeng’s heart, since Su Tao was his enemy, then he’s also the enemy of the entire Medical Dao Sect and the greatest opponent of his Junior Brother.

Thus, Ling Yu was too innocent to call Su Tao a comrade-in-arm.

Wang Guofeng’s tone turned deep as he said, “Ling Yu, since Master has chosen you as my replacement to become the successor of the Medical Dao Sect, then you have to change your way of thinking and have some bloodlust. Remember, Su Tao is not a friend of the Medical Dao Sect; he’s nothing more but a cunning and despicable person. You have to treat him seriously, and you cannot lose to him in the National Healer Selection.”

Ling Yu helplessly sighed. He knew that Wang Guofeng had a deep grudge for Su Tao. He had looked through Su Tao’s information, which he felt admiration in many matters, especially the Mountain Herbs Project. This was a visionary investment, and as a wandering physician, he knew the importance of wild mountains for the development of TCM.

Su Tao’s foolish actions in the eyes of many were looked upon differently by him.

Understanding TCM had to start with understanding the balance of nature. Only by protecting the environment, would it be in accordance with using TCM’s knowledge to protect the health of humanity’s principle.

“Senior Brother, I will do my best.” Ling Yu had an easy-going character.

As Wang Guofeng nodded his head, he couldn’t feel loathe for Ling Yu’s character and smiled. “Let’s go, we’ll fill out the declaration form for the National Healer’s Investigation, and I’ll introduce a few seniors for you. They might become one of the judges of the National Healer Selection, and there’s no harm for you to get to know them.”

Even if Wang Guofeng knew that the selection was strict, and it’s impossible to take a shortcut, he still felt the need to give it a try.

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By getting familiar with them, at least it would be decent in terms of impression.

Ling Yu smiled as he remained mild and calmly said, “Then, I have to thank Senior Brother!”

“Those two are your opponents, right?” Shui Junzhuo asked in perplexion when she saw how silent Su Tao was.

“Accurately speaking, only one of them. The other one has already been eliminated.” Su Tao smiled.

“Although I do not know the conflict between you guys, you have my support.” Shui Junzhuo seriously said.

Su Tao smiled. “I never expected that you’d be a brain-dead fan of mine.”

Hearing those words, Shui Junzhuo was briefly stunned before she agreed, “You can understand it that way.”

When they passed through another traffic light, Shui Junzhuo’s phone suddenly rang; however, she had a good habit by stopping the car by the street and answered the call.

The voice of Ivanov’s wife, Irina, anxiously resounded, “Junzhuo, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I have to trouble you. Natasha’s condition has relapsed, and she has started crying out in hunger again.”

“Where’s that specialist from Russia?” Shui Junzhuo was stunned.

Irina weakly sighed, “Doctor Kelov is helpless, and he’s prepared to extract Natasha’s blood sample to send back to Russia to investigate. I remember that you’ve once introduced me to a young physician who managed to see through Natasha’s condition with a glance. Can you invite him over to take a look at Natasha?”

Shui Junzhuo knew that the words Su Tao left behind had attracted Irina’s attention. That’s how humans were. When they’re in desperate straits, they wouldn’t let go of any chance. Even if she wasn’t confident in Su Tao, Irina wasn’t willing to give up on any hope as a worried mother.

Letting out a sigh, Shui Junzhuo felt that Su Tao gave off a feeling of having incredible foresight, since he had predicted that Irina would come looking for him.

“Then, I have to talk to Physician Su about this matter. After all, his time is precious.” Shui Junzhuo did not immediately promise Irina, since she wasn’t happy with their last visit as well.

“Please, help me!” Irina sincerely said, before she continued, “My whole family will thank you!”

However, Su Tao had no idea that the favour of this family wasn’t trivial.

Hanging up the call, Shui Junzhuo did not ask, but looked at Su Tao.

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “I’ll treat that patient for your sake!”

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