Chapter 432 - The one that owes a debt are the boss

Su Tao was covered in sweat for Ni Jingqiu’s boyfriend, Huo Kun. From Ni Jingqiu’s condition, he probably still hasn’t managed to break through the last barrier.

Due to Ni Jingqiu’s exercise-induced asthma, there’s a high chance of her asthma breaking out when doing the deed between man and woman, which was the reason why Su Tao came to this judgment.

He bitterly smiled. It was no wonder why Huo Kun would not only sounded indifferent to him, but Su Tao could even feel that he was just trying to put on a show for Ni Jingqiu.

On the other hand, Ni Jingqiu might be feeling guilty because of her condition, which was the reason why she appeared to cater to him and think for him in all aspects.

Men and women were more open-minded in the current society, and it was normal for them to stay together once they’ve confirmed their relationship.

Huo Kun probably had a fire blazing in his heart, since they’re already talking about marriage, but his fiancée has an indifferent character.

It was just as Su Tao had analysed. Ni Jingqiu explained that she was a Christian, and they could only do the deed after their marriage.

But she knew that it cannot be concealed for long, since it would be revealed sooner or later.

She wasn’t trying to hide it on purpose, but her parents forbade her from confessing, since asthma was inherited. The moment she confesses, the marriage would definitely be stopped.

It’s small if the Lei Family has backed out from the marriage, but how would Ni Jingqiu marry in the future?

Truth be told, Ni Jingqiu’s secret might have already been known by the Lei Family, and they only chose not to expose it, since this was a marriage between two families. The Ni Family was more powerful, and the Lei Family facilitated this marriage since they wanted to climb up the ladder.

So even if Huo Kun wasn’t willing, he had to show his love for Ni Jingqiu, at least on the surface.

Everyone had their own secrets and difficulties; even the stylish and graceful Ni Jingqiu had her own trouble.

When a physician treats their patients, not only did they have to treat the body, they also had to treat the patient’s heart.

So even if Ni Jingqiu did not reveal many secrets to him, Su Tao already gained a deep understanding of her.

At the same time, he started to ponder how he should treat Ni Jingqiu’s condition.

Despite his ample experience, he would never treat his patient’s condition lightly, just like how soldiers treated every battle seriously.

It was a habit forged after thousands upon thousands of actual combat experience.

An experienced physician would be able to tell that Ni Jingqiu’s problem was with her kidney, but it was practically impossible to change her kidney function since it was inborn. For a physician, they couldn’t possibly change her kidney, like how doctors do a transplant.

As for doctors, they only had to use apparatuses to detect that Ni Jingqiu’s condition belonged to exercise-induced asthma, and as for the treatment method, they could mainly use medicine that controls asthma before using exercising treatment to strengthen her kidney.

But for most physicians and doctors alike, Ni Jingqiu’s condition was hard to treat, and it could only be controlled with medication to prevent it from relapsing.

But whenever spring comes, Ni Jingqiu’s asthma would relapse, torturing her.

After getting Ni Jingqiu to lay down on the couch, Su Tao got her to remove her coat and he inserted needles in the Hegu, Feiyu, Guanyuan, Zusanli, and Taixi Acupoints.

This was an inspiration that Su Tao obtained from Song Sichen’s medical notes.

Song Sichen had once encountered a patient with a lung condition that gasped for breath that never healed, which he gave the ‘Treating Asthma, Treating Kidney’ method by applying acupuncture at the five acupoints.

The Hegu Acupoint was located between the web of the palm, the Feiyu Acupoint was located half an inch beside the third vertebra that was close to the lungs, Guanyuan Acupoint was located three inches below the navel, where the vitality was stored; Zusanli Acupoint was located one finger’s length from the tibia, and the Taixi Acupoint was situated at the protruded position between the malleolus and heel.

Using the Heavenseizing Hands, Su Tao poured his Qi into Ni Jingqiu’s body and the latter felt as if she was basking in the spring’s wind. She could feel her every pore breathing with them feeling more distinctive by her waist. It was like sticking a hot patch.

If an ordinary physician used acupuncture, they could only temporarily stabilise a patient’s asthma condition, but Su Tao’s treatment felt as if her bones were changing every second.

It was due to Su Tao’s Qi and precision that has already reached an incredibly high standard.

Using the keys that Su Tao gave her, Gu Rushan unlocked the door and entered. When she saw Su Tao applying acupuncture for Ni Jingqiu, she immediately tiptoed to prevent any disruption to Su Tao.

Looking from the rear, Gu Rushan found Su Tao to be pretty dashing at this moment. Even if he was far from an older man’s image that she liked, she felt that Su Tao was more mature than she had imagined.

From the start till the end, the acupuncture was practically done in one go.

As time passed, it seemed as if time had paused with only rustling noises.

As the patient receiving the treatment, Ni Jingqiu knew that Su Tao’s treatment was useful, and she also believed in Su Tao’s evaluation on the internet as a young divine physician.

She had tried to look for some famous physicians, and she had also given a try at acupuncture. However, the effect wasn’t as effective as now.

Even if there were many famous physicians, there weren’t many that could use needles as a medium for Qi.

Finally, Su Tao let out a deep breath and he wiped the sweat on his forehead before turning to Gu Rushan. “Take a towel over for Chairman Ni to wipe her face.”

Ni Jingqiu’s entire body was sticky, and it was more comfortable taking a shower. However, she’s in someone’s home right now, and she wasn’t in the spot to request it.

After taking the hot towel from Gu Rushan, she wiped her face and sighed, “It feels so much more refreshing now!”

With her five viscera and six bowels being filled with energy, she felt as if she was an entirely different person now.

Handing a prescription over to Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao smiled. “Follow this prescription, and there will be an effect within a month. Keep in mind that if you’re exercising in this period, watch your tempo and only slow jog for half an hour at most.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Ni Jingqiu inwardly exclaimed at his meticulous thoughts before she briefly hesitated and asked, “My mother also has the same condition as me, can this prescription work for her as well?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao explained with a smile, “Everyone’s physique isn’t the same. Although your mother has the same condition as you, her physique isn’t the same as yours. So the proportion of medicine will also be different. I suggest that you should arrange a meeting between your mother and me if you want it to be effective.”

After carefully storing the prescription, Ni Jingqiu asked, “Oh, I should pay you for your treatment, right?”

“There’s no need for that!” Su Tao cast a glance at Gu Rushan. Since he was determined to do a good deed, he might as well go through with it. “In the future, please take care of my girlfriend.”

Gu Rushan bit her lips upon hearing that. Although it felt weird for Su Tao to call her his girlfriend, she still felt grateful for Su Tao putting good words for him at this crucial time.

Looking at Gu Rushan with a complicated glance, Ni Jingqiu replied, “Don’t worry about it. Rushan has been doing smoothly with Huadu’s Green Wine. But she has yet to sign with a management company, and it’s not optimistic about her development. If you trust me, I’m willing to find a pretty good manager for her.”

“What do you think?” Su Tao asked as he looked at Gu Rushan.

Gu Rushan was shocked in her heart, but she swiftly responded as she nodded her head, “Then, I’ll trouble Chairman Ni.”

Gu Rushan has already gained an understanding of Ni Jingqiu. Her company was Newbright Media, which has successfully managed many popular dramas and movies. If Ni Jingqiu was willing to find her a manager, then it’s definitely good news for her.

A manager represents the prospects, and an especially capable one can help her become famous.

Waving her hand, Ni Jingqiu smiled. “It’s nothing compared to the treatment that Divine Physician Su has given me.”

Gu Rushan sent Ni Jingqiu to the elevator, and when she turned around, she folded her arms and looked Su Tao with a weird smile hanging on her lips.

“What’s wrong?” Su Tao found her gaze a little weird.

“Thank you!” Gu Rushan softly said.

“There’s no need for thanks. Oh, remember that you owe me ¥2,000!” Su Tao wryly smiled. Gu Rushan naturally had to thank him. Otherwise, he would definitely ask the consultation fees from Ni Jingqiu, since it was his rightful remuneration as a physician.

“¥2,000?” Gu Rushan glanced at Su Tao in disdain as she continued, “You dare to ask so much for just inserting some needles? That’s half a month worth of my salary!”

Wrinkles covered Su Tao’s forehead. It was typical to encounter someone who’s not in the same trade and where reasons would become meaningless. Thus, he could only refute, “Alright, since you’re not willing to admit it, then I will tell Chairman Ni later that we’re actually not related, and you’re just using me to deceive her.”

Gu Rushan widened her eyes and she was left speechless from the anger. “You’re despicable!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao casually replied, “This is life. Since you want something, you will have to pay for it!”

What Gu Rushan didn’t know was that Su Tao’s consultation fees really did cost ¥2,000, and many people who were willing to pay for it would have to wait for a queue. 

Su Tao was just teasing Gu Rushan by asking it from her, but she took it seriously and gnashed her teeth. “I’ll pay you immediately the moment I receive my pay from the production team. But before that, you have to keep your lips sealed, and you have to appear as my boyfriend when needed.”

“Why do I feel like there’s something wrong with this deal?” Su Tao locked his brows together. Gu Rushan was clearly the one who owed him a favor, but she was using it to blackmail him instead.

Nowadays, the one who owes a debt is the boss!

“You’re too tender to compete with me!” Gu Rushan pridefully smiled.

When she finished, she turned around and entered her apartment.

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