Chapter 407 - Treating Facial Nerve Paralysis

“Ling Yu, is the medicine alright?” Wang Guofeng asked in a complicated tone.

“Senior Brother, please be reassured.” Ling Yu smiled as he explained, “That medicine is something that I learned from a senior physician that’s effective in circulating the nerves. Although I’ve not seen the situation of her face, I’ve managed to determine from your conversation with Doctor Lin that the culprit must have ruined the balance in her facial skin. At the same time, the culprit even disrupted and ruined her facial nervous system, causing facial nerve paralysis.”

Finding out that Ling Yu’s analysis made sense, Wang Guofeng still couldn’t help feeling a little worried. After all, Ai Hui was an important patient, and there couldn’t be any mistakes.

“Please apply the medicine on Mrs. Ai’s face! At least she will be willing to cooperate with the treatment after her emotions have stabilised.” Wang Guofeng spoke to Lin Yeping while gnashing his teeth.

“Then, we’ll do it step by step!” Lin Yeping found lukewarm water and placed the pellet in it. After a brief sizzling, a bizarre aroma permeated the room.

Looking at Ling Yu in shock, Wang Guofeng locked his brows together. He was familiar with all sorts of herbs, and he knew that the pellet wasn’t made of anything special; it was made of commonly seen herbs. However, even he had no idea how it produced such a fragrance, so he pondered that the secret must lie in the composition itself.

This logic was the same as manufacturing stable gunpower; potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal were required in a strict composition.

“What fragrance is this?” After smelling the scent, Ai Hui was no longer that against the medicine and washed her face under Lin Yeping’s assistance.

Roughly five minutes later, Ai Hui felt a chilling sensation on her face. It felt like she was applying peppermint on her face. But a short moment later, she exclaimed, “Why does it feel like it’s stinging a bit?”

Immediately, a smile rose on Ling Yu’s lip as he explained, “It’s normal! It proves that it’s useful since you can sense the pain. After all, you couldn’t feel anything previously.”

Ai Hui’s mood instantly became better as she urged, “Then quick, treat me! Yeping, turn on the lights as well; I will cooperate with the treatment.”

Whether it was Lin Yeping or Wang Guofeng, both of them were flabbergasted when they realised that they had underestimated Ling Yu’s ability.

When the lights were turned on, Lin Yeping was shocked when he saw Ai Hui’s face. There was a drastic difference from before, her skin had revitalised. Not only did her wrinkles disappear, but there was even a healthy blush on her face.

It was only her facial features that still weren’t normal. Her artificial chin has shifted with her nose collapsed. Occasionally, there were even twitches on her face.

When Ling Yu examined Ai Hui’s face, he slightly knitted his brows. Due to the multiple surgeries and frequent hyaluronic acid injection on her face, her face was considered heavily damaged in the angle of TCM. If the nutrients were all external, it wouldn't grant any opportunity for her face to heal itself. The culprit had only taken use of the situation to draw out the problem on her face.

Ling Yu wore a grave expression. He had also gotten a first-hand understanding of Su Tao’s ruthlessness.

Seeing Ling Yu keeping his silence, Ai Hui nervously asked, “Physician Ling, can you treat me?”

Ling Yu nodded his head. “I can, but the process will be painful.”

“As long as my appearance can recover, I can bear any pain.” Ai Hui wasn’t bothered by the foreshadowing.

After a brief pondering, Ling Yu glanced at Wang Guofeng. Since Wang Guofeng still hasn’t lost his abilities, he knew what approach Ling Yu was going to take. Hence, he waved his hand to Lin Yeping and he whispered in the latter’s ear.

After a brief shock, Lin Yeping briefly hesitated before he whispered to Ai Hui, “According to Physician Ling’s instructions, you have to be restrained.”

“Why do I have to be restrained?” Ai Hui asked in wariness.

“He’s afraid that you might move about and affect the treatment’s outcome.” Lin Yeping helplessly replied.

“Then, just do as Physician Ling instructed!” Upon knowing that her face could be treated, Ai Hui’s mood instantly became good and she cooperated.

After Ai Hui laid on the bed, Lin Yeping got someone to retrieve a sturdy rope. After restraining Ai Hui on the bed, Ling Yu took out his needles and inserted them into Ai Hui’s facial acupoints.

The moment the needles were inserted, Ai Hui immediately started to cry out.

She had accepted acupuncture in the past, but they all felt sour and numbing. But this was nothing like her past experience, it was torturous.

Seeing such a huge reaction from Ai Hui, Lin Yeping looked at Wang Guofeng in fear.

However, Wang Guofeng pouted his lips with a helpless expression. It was within his expectations. If he was the one treating her, then he would have taken the surgical approach.

He could only say that Su Tao planned his schemes too deep. When the latter slapped Ai Hui, he probably predicted that she would definitely get someone to treat her.

But even if she found a formidable expert, Ai Hui would still have to pay the price during the treatment by suffering great pain.

This was his punishment for her!

After all, her facial nerves have all been ruined, and a domineering Qi had to be used during the treatment to sort out the nerves.

Due to the face being close to the brain, the pain during the treatment would be excruciating.

Ling Yu wasn’t affected by Ai Hui’s drastic reaction. He was entirely focused on the treatment.

His acupuncture technique was accurate and powerful. It was so much so that even after the needles were placed on the acupoints, the tips of the needles were still trembling.

Watching this scene from the side, Wang Guofeng squinted his eyes as he looked at Ling Yu in a new light. The Rising Dawn Qi of this Junior Brother of his has reached at least the seventh stage.

He had only just reached that level, and Ling Yu has already achieved the same feat at such a young age. It was no wonder why his master would recommend Ling Yu.

Despite not showing any reaction, Wang Guofeng’s heart was filled with jealousy. He knew that soon, his position in the Medical Dao Sect would be replaced by his Junior Brother. All the glory and honor he once had would be shifted to Ling Yu. Even if he knew that it would happen in the future, he never expected that it would be so soon.

At this moment, Ling Yu was using two ultimate acupuncture techniques, the Fiery Mountain and Heart-Piercing Chill.

The Fiery Mountain circulated Qi into Ai Hui’s facial acupoints, which caused a domineering burning sensation.

The Heart-Piercing Chill would make her feel a bone-piercing coldness to quench the burn so that the patient wouldn’t suffer any injuries.

After one hour has passed, Ling Yu removed the last needle and subconsciously wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Ai Hui’s face had also relaxed and she was gasping for breath. It was as if she had just taken a trip to hell.

She was someone who has given birth. Although childbirth was painful, the pain from earlier was etched deep into her heart; it was a hundred times more excruciating than even childbirth.

As Ling Yu’s body swayed, he collapsed. However, Wang Guofeng charged over and held onto Ling Yu before he asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

“I’ll be fine after some rest!” Ling Yu smiled.

Wang Guofeng nodded his head and sighed, “Little Yu, I never expected that you would grow so quickly. I’m really gratified that there’s a successor for the Medical Dao Sect; at least the guilt I’m feeling has decreased.”

“Senior Brother, please don’t say that. I’m still lacking compared to you.” Ling Yu modestly smiled.

Seeing how humble Ling Yu was being, Wang Guofeng felt that his Junior Brother was being low-profile. The character of his Junior Brother was practically the same as his master, calm and indifferent against fame and glory. It was no wonder why his master would accept Ling Yu as a disciple.

While they conversed, Lin Yeping had gotten a mirror and Ai Hui looked at it for a long time. Although there was some differences from before, she had restored the majority of her appearance.

When Ai Hui placed down the mirror, she looked at Ling Yu. When she looked at the young man, she instantly took a liking to him and smiled. “Physician Ling, I have to thank you for treating my face. What do you want? You can just state your request. Be it money, cars, or houses; I can fulfill your wishes.”

However, Ling Yu smiled. “Mrs. Ai, you’re too courteous. I’m treating you because of my Senior Brother’s request. Due to various reasons, he’s not able to conduct the treatment himself. Otherwise, treating you would be easy for him. So if you want to thank someone, then thank my Senior Brother!”

Wang Guofeng never expected that Ling Yu would speak for him. His Junior Brother is truly tactful, and there he was being petty because he was feeling jealous of Ling Yu.

“Alright, since you’ve said that, then I will thank your Senior Brother instead.” Ai Hui glanced at Wang Guofeng, and found this Senior Brother to be pretty good-looking as well. Standing beside Wang Guofeng, Lin Yeping paled in comparison.

It was mainly because those from the Medical Dao Sect were all good at nurturing their health. The Rising Dawn Qi seeped into their temperament.

Although Ai Hui wanted to invite Wang Guofeng and Ling Yu for a meal, Wang Guofeng felt that Ai Hui still needed to recuperate since she had just undergone treatment. Hence, it wouldn’t be too late to talk about their cooperation at a later date and left with Ling Yu.

When Wang Guofeng noticed Ling Yu’s silence in the front passenger seat, he smiled. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that even if I managed to treat Mrs. Ai today, it’s just treating the symptoms and not the roots.” Ling Yu helplessly replied. “If she continues her surgery and injections, there will be a day that her face will be ruined.”

“You won’t blame me for stopping you from warning her, right?” Wang Guofeng smiled.

Ling Yu gently said, “Senior Brother must have your reason for doing this.”

“You’re right. A woman like Ai Hui doesn’t lack anything, but she just wants to retain her youth. But aging is a process that no one can be exempted from. So if you expose this face, she will feel rejectful of you instead of feeling grateful.” Wang Guofeng explained. “Not to mention that we’re only here because of Lin Yeping, and he is servicing Ai Hui with his surgical skills. So you’d be ruining his career if you exposed this fact.”

Smiling at Wang Guofeng, Ling Yu no longer dwelled on this matter and asked, “I’m wondering how formidable that person called Su Tao is.”

Letting out a sigh, Wang Guofeng said in a weighty tone, “Although I have grudges with him, I can’t help admiring him in terms of medical skills. He’s the most outstanding physician that I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Ling Yu lightly nodded his head. After all, Wang Guofeng’s standards weren’t ordinary, with both his grandfather and father being national healers.

“Senior Brother, I will surely defeat him!” Ling Yu said in a powerful tone.

But after a brief stun, Wang Guofeng encouraged, “I will support you!”

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