Chapter 406 - Mountain Wondering Physician, Ling Yu

Although Li Yede knew that Lin Yeping was his wife’s lover, he did not show any unhappiness since it was a pact he formed with his wife that no one was to interfere with each other’s personal life. But after suffering so much today, Li Yede wasn’t in a good mood. So when he saw that Lin Yeping couldn’t give any concrete treatment plan for Ai Hui, his anger finally exploded.

“When can you treat her face?!” Li Yede roared as he slapped on the table. “Give me a timeframe, or you can get lost!”

As Lin Yeping felt his scalp going numb, he honestly said, “I still haven’t found the cause yet. We can conduct surgery on her artificial chin, but the condition of her skin is terrible. I’m afraid that even if we conduct a facelift surgery, it won’t be possible for her to recover back to normal.”

Waving his hand, Li Yede furiously replied, “I’m paying you guys ¥20,000,000 a year. Is that how capable you are?!”

Lin Yeping wryly smiled. “It’s mainly because the two slaps were too unusual. But please be reassured, I will immediately invite an outstanding specialist in the country to treat Mrs. Ai. As for the fees required, we won’t ask that from you.”

“Do I look like I lack money?” Li Yede continued to rage.

Seeing her lover being humiliated by her husband, Ai Hui felt uncomfortable in her heart, so she persuaded, “Hubby, don’t be so anxious and give Doctor Lin some time!”

Seeing Ai Hui speaking up for her lover, Li Yede’s fury was reaching the limit, even if he wasn’t bothered with his wife’s private life. Hence, he waved his hand and left the villa.

Truth be told, Lin Yeping was helpless with Ai Hui’s current condition. He’s a comprehensive western doctor, but Ai Hui’s current skin condition was too terrible. Not only was her skin lacking nutrients, there were also multiple malfunctions with her nervous system that caused twitching, which was resulting in her making weird expressions. He knew that if the condition wasn’t controlled in time, Ai Hui’s face would deteriorate even further.

Although Ai Hui was a few years older than him, she has maintained herself well and even had all sorts of surgery done. Hence, it was still a pretty enjoyable experience in bed.

But thinking of going to bed with such a woman, Lin Yeping instantly felt a chill in his crotch.

After knowing that it was a physician who slapped Ai Hui, Lin Yeping briefly pondered before he decided to invite a friend of his, who was also a physician, to treat her. Hence, he called Wang Guofeng. He had a pretty good relationship with Wang Guofeng, and he knew that the latter was a leading figure in the TCM Industry.

After hearing the request from Lin Yeping and analysed the condition, Wang Guofeng determined that no ordinary person could shift the artificial chin and disrupt the nervous system on the face with two slaps. Hence, he locked his brows together and asked, “Who’s the culprit?”

“Su Tao, a famous physician in Hanzhou City.” Lin Yeping wasn’t familiar with Su Tao. After all, Western Medicine and TCM were different branches, and they rarely came in contact with each other.

“Him?” Wang Guofeng initially did not want to get involved in this matter, but since Lin Yeping mentioned Su Tao, then there’s no way he could sit still and watch.

After all, having a common enemy meant that they could be friends.

No to mention that Ai Hui was the wife of Li Yede, the tycoon of Huainan Province. Hence, it was worth him to try and rope them in.

Lin Yeping could tell that Wang Guofeng knew Su Tao and he was shocked. “You know him?”

Wang Guofeng fanned the fire, “I never expected that Mrs. Ai would offend such a demon. He has been the public enemy of the TCM Association. He’s arrogant, barbaric, and lacks medical ethics. I was framed by him, in which I have to leave Huainan’s TCM University and the People’s Hospital.”

Lin Yeping was shocked in his heart and solemnly said, “So he’s such a vile person! Then, are you confident in treating Mrs. Ai’s condition?”

After a brief pondering, Wang Guofeng replied in a weighty tone, “I’ve already sworn that I would not practice medicine anymore. But you don’t have to be worried about this matter; there are still many capable people in my sect. I will seek them for help, and it won’t be a problem to treat Mrs. Ai!”

“Then, please do! If you’re able to treat Mrs. Ai, I’m willing to pay you.” Lin Yeping immediately said.

Wang Guofeng casually replied, “Money puts a wedge in our relationship. I have now gone into business, and I just hope that you can put some good words in for me before Li Yede and Ai Hui. It will be sufficient if they’re willing to invest and form a partnership.”

“It won’t be a problem if you can treat Mrs. Ai!” Lin Yeping gave a promise while inwardly feeling that Wang Guofeng was sly. After all, having Li Yede’s wife owe him a favor was more precious than a few million.

Knowing that he had to swiftly resolve this matter, Wang Guofeng immediately called his master, the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect.

Hearing Wang Guofeng’s words, his master briefly hesitated before he said, “Get your Junior Brother, Ling Yu, on this matter then!”

After a brief stun, Wang Guofeng bitterly smiled. “Isn’t Ling Yu a little too young? I think having Martial Uncle Qiao is more suitable.”

Letting out a sigh, the voice from the other side responded, “Guofeng, you’ve suffered such a huge lesson, and yet you’ve not learned from it? TCM doesn’t rely on age to determine medical skills. Ling Yu has been progressing swiftly for the past two years, and I’m confident in his ability to resolve this matter.”

“Alright! I’m in Qiongjin City now, so I’ll go pick Junior Brother Ling Yu up in a while.” Hearing his master’s words, he could only helplessly agree to it. If he knew about this, he would’ve called his Martial Uncle Qiao instead. But since he has already looked for his master, it wasn’t appropriate to look for his Martial Uncle now.

Despite being in the same sect, Wang Guofeng did not have much interaction with his Junior Brother, Ling Yu. The latter wasn’t the same as Wang Guofeng. He had gone wandering around three years ago with his medical box. It was only just a few months ago that he was called back by the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect. Hence, Wang Guofeng wasn’t familiar with the ability of his Junior Brother.

As the Range Rover stopped, an ordinary young man smiled with his eyes narrowed under a tree waving his hand over.

When Wang Guofeng came over, he sourly smiled. “It has been a long time since we last met, and you’ve grown taller now!”

Ling Yu blushed as he shyly replied, “It’s a pity that I’m only at your shoulder!”

Although Ling Yu wasn’t tall with a height of barely 5’5”, he had exquisite features, and his actions were refreshing.

Wang Guofeng knew that it was because Ling Yu has cultivated his Rising Dawn Qi to a certain degree that he showed a natural state. He inwardly sighed since he never expected that his Junior Brother would have reached the fifth stage, and it was genuinely shocking.

As he laughed, he patted Ling Yu’s shoulder. “Stinking brat, you’re still as introverted as always!”

Ling Yu pursed his lips and kept his silence as he entered the front passenger seat.

“Don’t be nervous when you see the patient later. I’ll diagnose them with you and determine a treatment method.” Wang Guofeng helplessly sighed, “But I’m afraid that you have to be the one to conduct the actual treatment. Your Rising Dawn Di has reached the fifth stage, and it won’t be difficult for you to treat any illnesses once you’ve found the cause.”

What he meant was that he would be the one to determine a treatment method before Ling Yu conducts the treatment under his direction.

In this way, he would still have kept to his grandfather’s orders.

Ling Yu wasn’t a wordy person, but he smiled. “I’ll listen to Senior Brother’s arrangement!”

Wang Guofeng never expected that Ling Yu would be so steady despite his age. He couldn’t help comparing Ling Yu to Su Tao in his heart, and at the very least, Ling Yu wasn’t losing in momentum, in which he knew that his master must be trying to nurture Ling Yu into Su Tao’s opponent.

But he has experienced how formidable Su Tao’s skills were. Although Ling Yu has been wandering around and accumulating experience for the past few years, it was still impossible for him to compete with Su Tao for the time being.

When they arrived at the villa, Lin Yeping was impatiently standing outside. When he saw Wang Guofeng bringing a young man over, he had shock on his face and had mistaken Ling Yu to be Wang Guofeng’s lackey. Can it be that the expert from the Medical Dao Sect is still on the way?

Wang Guofeng instantly saw through Lin Yeping’s thoughts and introduced, “Doctor Lin, let me introduce you. This is my Junior Brother, and also another disciple of my master. He’s here today to treat Mrs. Ai!”

Lin Yeping smiled while giving an eye signal to Wang Guofeng.

Knowing that Lin Yeping was having doubts about Ling Yu’s skills, he immediately patted Lin Yeping’s shoulder. “It’s all good. Let us go take a look at Mrs. Ai.”

Ai Hui locked herself in her room and the dressing mirror was shattered on the ground. At this moment, she did not want to see anyone.

When Lin Yeping knocked on the door, Ai Hui’s voice resounded in annoyance, “Who is it?! Don’t bloody disturb me!”

“It’s me!” Lin Yeping gave an awkward smile to Wang Guofeng and Ling Yu before saying, “The specialist is here, and we can conduct treatment for you now!”

Suddenly, footsteps resounded and Ai Hui opened the door with a hand covering her face with her tone softening, “Please, come in!”

There weren’t any lights in the room, and even the curtain was covered.

When Lin Yeping wanted to turn on the lights, Ai Hui immediately stopped him. “Don’t turn on the lights! I’m afraid of seeing the lights!”

Wang Guofeng locked his brows. Mrs. Ai was too uncooperative. How were they going to treat her if they’re not going to turn on the lights?

Lin Yeping bitterly smiled. “There’s no one here, and the two of them are specialists that I’ve invited. They won’t mind, and they have to see your face to treat you!”

“No way! I don’t have any courage to see anyone!” Ai Hui collapsed.

Wang Guofeng sighed then helplessly said to Lin Yeping, “Why don’t we try again after she has calmed down?”

Letting out a sigh, Lin Yeping also felt that that’s probably the only way now. But just when he wanted to let Wang Guofeng and Ling Yu leave first before comforting Ai Hui, Ling Yu placed down his medical box and retrieved a pellet then explained, “Please dissolve this pellet in some water and apply it on her face. There will be an evident improvement to her face, and she can be completely treated with acupuncture later.”

Not only was Lin Yeping shocked, but even Wang Guofeng was startled. They started to wonder if Ling Yu was speaking nonsense. After all, how could he tell Ai Hui’s problem when the room was so dark?

Furthermore, was there really no problem with the solution he spoke of?

After all, it would be more trouble than goodwill if something happens!

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