Chapter 405 - Pork belly is the best

Su Tao wasn’t fond of mistresses as they usually break up families. In his view, they weren’t a bunch of people that he could accept. However, Su Tao did not feel as disgusted with Qin Meimei as he’d imagined. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had interacted with her for a long time and he could sense the innocence in her heart.

Love was equivalent to a devil’s den. The moment you entered, it wouldn’t be easy for you to get out. There was nothing Qin Meimei could do about it. She made a mistake and was covered in wounds before finding out about it.

She had made a mistake with Li Yede. She shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship that bore no fruit.

When a person makes a mistake, they would wake up to reality and make up for their mistake.

Su Tao couldn’t help thinking about the other mistress that he happens to know, the anchor, Yin Le. At this moment, he wondered how she was doing now.

As Qin Meimei removed her trousers at the backseat, she discovered that she could no longer continue wearing them since they have become all sticky. Hence, she could only remove her underwear and see if she could clean it up.

“Don’t turn around!” Qin Meimei glared at Su Tao as she warned. Although she wouldn’t mind letting Su Tao glance at her bottom or chest since she wasn’t exactly a conservative woman, she’s still mindful of her secretion. After all, she couldn’t bear the thought of disgusting Su Tao.

Women dolled themselves to make themselves look better to leave a better impression of someone else. So if someone saw her in this condition, Qin Meimei would rather die.

“Don’t worry, I’m focused on driving; I can’t be bothered to look at you.” Although Su Tao had an urge in his heart, he still kept his demon suppressed. Humans were generally curious, especially when having a woman removing her trousers in the backseat while you’re driving. Honestly speaking, how many men can endure the temptation?

As scuffles resounded from the backseat, a peculiar smell permeated. Su Tao knew that it was the sanitary pad’s sterilisation.

“What luck! It’s fine if it’s not coming, but why is there so much?! It’s so sticky and disgusting!” Qin Meimei also had no idea if she was muttering to herself or if she was purposely saying that to Su Tao. Regardless, her description was pretty sexy as she said, “Hand me some tissue!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he sourly replied, “I’m driving, don’t disrupt my focus!”

“Cut the nonsense. My tissue is finished, and I still can’t clean it. Don’t make me go crazy; women aren’t in a good mood when this comes.” Qin Meimei threatened, “Quick! Or I’ll fight with you!”

Su Tao was startled by Qin Meimei’s barbaric declaration. He had no idea what she might do if she really went insane. Hence, he could only hand the tissue over to the backseat.

After taking it from Su Tao, Qin Meimei smiled. “I never expected that you’re pretty honest! If it’s another man, they probably wouldn’t be able to hold back their temptation from looking.”

Letting out an awkward cough, Su Tao sourly responded, “There’s nothing to look at. Many of my patients are female, and I’m already used to it.”

Qin Meimei pinched her nose as she cleaned it up and disposed of it before teasing Su Tao, “People say that male doctors in gynaecology are generally indifferent in that matter since they’re used to seeing it. Since you’ve seen the body of so many women, do you also have that sort of mental barrier as well?”

Wrinkles covered Su Tao’s forehead as he replied, “That’s spreading falsehood. A doctor is actually no different from an ordinary person, and that goes the same for gynaecologists. Furthermore, I’m a physician. Although I do deal with gynaecology, I don’t require the patients to strip themselves.”

Qin Meimei could hear the annoyance in Su Tao’s tone, which she felt prideful. After all, some women generally liked seeing someone in an awkward situation, since they felt that life was interesting that way.

“Do you want to look at mine?” Qin Meimei continued her teases.

“Not interested!” At this moment, Su Tao only felt that Qin Meimei was being childish. After all, he would fall for her trap if he took her words seriously.

“Boring!” Seeing that Su Tao was not taking the bait, Qin Meimei helplessly shrugged her shoulders and her gaze landed on the tainted trousers. In the end, she still felt that it was a little disgusting and gave up wearing the underwear before sticking the sanitary pad on her trousers.

In order to show consideration for Qin Meimei, Su Tao purposely slowed down his speed as the Volkswagen CC drove on the low-speed path.

Just when Qin Meimei wanted to wear her trousers, a BMW drove from the left and jammed the break. Su Tao was startled by this scene and he jammed the breaks as well.

Because the backseat was already narrow, to begin with, Qin Meimei lost her centre of gravity and her head bumped into the seat while she exclaimed out.

“Big Sister Meimei, are you alright?” Although Su Tao wasn’t a road rager, he still felt his rage brimming when someone jammed their breaks on the highway. However, Qin Meimei was putting her trousers on, so he did not chase after the car and tried to maintain the speed.

“I seem to have sprained my wrist!” Qin Meimei recovered from the shock after a long while and realised that she couldn’t exert any force on her wrist.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao stopped the car to the side and turned on the hazard warning lights.

He first took out a warning sign from the trunk of the car before he opened the backdoor, which Qin Meimei immediately yelled, “Close the door!”

After a brief stun, Su Tao soon understood that Qin Meimei only had her trousers up to her shank with her knees exposed. Although she tried her best to pull her shirt down to cover her thigh, her pearly skin was still revealed. They’re currently on the highway, and if the door wasn’t closed, wouldn’t others see everything?

Although she’s open-minded, she’s still mindful of her own image.

When Su Tao closed the door, Qin Meimei wiggled her body to the side. Since she was afraid that she might be exposed, she kept her hand on her shirt. But the more she did that, the more awkward it seemed. Although Su Tao was trying to restrain his gaze, he still caught sight of something he shouldn’t. In his heart, he was constantly chanting Buddhism prayers.

As the two sat in the backseat, Qin Meimei could notice the changes in Su Tao’s eyes at such a close distance. Hence, she felt both anxious and furious, but there was nothing she could do as her wrist is definitely sprained. Not to mention that her trousers were also extremely tight; it was impossible for her to put them on with one hand.

“Are you done looking?!” Qin Meimei gently snorted. “If it was some other time, I might really gobble you up. But it’s not convenient today, and I’m afraid that you might be disgusted!”

Su Tao was instantly left speechless by Qin Meimei’s barbaric speech. This was the might of Qin Meimei who could speak so boldly and unrestrained. Hence, he immediately explained, “Don’t misunderstand. I just want to take a look at your wrist.”

Qin Meimei gently sighed and felt complex in her heart. Su Tao was Yan Jing’s lover, and she was Yan Jing’s best friend. So she can’t have any intention towards him since it was an act of betrayal.

As Su Tao placed Qin Meimei’s wrist on his palm, he gently massaged it and said, “Big Sister Meimei, you’re too skinny. You should take good care of yourself or you might be blown away if there’s a huge wind one day!”

Responding to his words, Qin Meimei sourly snapped, “If there’s really such a powerful wind, then I might as well die and be blown to the north pole. Furthermore, skinny is beauty in our society. If I become a fatty, I will be despised!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled, “A real mature man likes pork belly as lean meat is tiring to chew. On the other hand, a mixture of the two is more tender and fragrant!”

“Are you treating women like pigs?” Qin Meimei was teased.

All of a sudden, a pop sounded out and her wrist was fixed.

“Done!” Su Tao sighed and felt heavily relieved.

When Qin Meimei tried to wave her wrist, it was no longer hurting. So it turned out that Su Tao was trying to divert her attention and treated her wrist without her knowing it.

“How fortunate to have a divine physician around to fix all injuries instantly. At this moment, I’m even feeling envious of Yan Jing.” Qin Meimei straightforwardly expressed her gratitude.

“Put on your trousers!” Su Tao wryly smiled. There was a truck that just passed by, which purposely slowed down its speed and even wound down the window, looking over. Evidently, that person was extremely curious about the vehicle that was suddenly parked by the side of the highway.

“Isn’t it a blessing if I put it on slower?” Qin Meimei chuckled as she teased, “Why don’t you take a few more looks? You won’t have another opportunity!”

Su Tao was a little sorry-looking as he came out of the backseat. He felt a little heat rising up from Qin Meimei’s constant ambiguous words. It seems like she didn’t understand men too well. They’re not afraid of any indirect psychological method. If they’re in a secluded place, he might even make Qin Meimei pay some price.

That truck from earlier was a couple sending goods.

The wife nudged the husband’s elbow and asked, “Do you know what I’ve just seen?”

“What?” The husband has been driving for the past few hours and looked somewhat exhausted with a cigarette hanging on his lips. Even if he took two puffs, his mentality was still depressed.

“There seems to be a couple in that car doing… that!” The wife smiled mysteriously.

“You must have seen it wrong, right?” The husband’s spirit instantly jolted as his wife’s discovery was akin to a stimulant.

“How can I have seen it wrong?” The wife recalled what she had seen earlier and continued, “Although they covered it well, that woman wasn’t wearing any trousers and her butt was out!”

The husband awkwardly coughed and felt pity that he had missed that view, then angrily said, “People are too daring nowadays! They’re even doing such things in daylight? How outrageous!”

The wife briefly hesitated before she mysteriously smiled. “Focus on driving. We’ll try that tonight as well!”

The cigarette on the husband’s lips nearly fell as ashes fell on his trousers before he smiled. “Hehe, right. Hehe, we can try that tonight as well!”

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