Chapter 404 - Immediate change of plans

On the way back home, Li Yede called their family doctor, Lin Yeping. Ten-odd minutes later, Lin Yeping arrived with his team. Since Li Yede paid him over ¥20,000,000 annually, he was Li Yeping’s piggy bank.

Li Yeping’s team had a total of over thirty people that included doctors of all specialties. His team was even the one responsible for Ai Hui’s plastic surgery.

But upon seeing Ai Hui, Lin Yeping was startled. He never expected that the former would turn into a granny.

“Big Sister Hui, how did you become like this?” Lin Yeping asked in astonishment.

Diving into Lin Yeping’s embrace, Ai Hui sobbed, “Yeping, am I ugly?”

Lin Yeping wanted to vomit inwardly as he immediately looked around. Although everyone knew that he was Ai Hui’s lover, they’re in Li Yede’s home right now. So how could he possibly embarrass his employer?

Hence, he immediately comforted, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to treat you!”

As Ai Hui slowly stopped sobbing, she begged, “Please, don’t leave tonight.”

A wry smile crept on Lin Yeping’s lips as he replied, “Your husband is home, and it’s inappropriate for me to stay…”

“Don’t worry; he will leave soon!” Ai Hui looked pitiful at this moment as she continued, “I’m afraid of staying in such a huge house by myself!”

At this moment, Lin Yeping did not want to see Ai Hui. However, he knew he had to put on an act, “Alright. I’ll wait for you to sleep before I leave!”

A smile rose on Ai Hui’s drooping face and she emotionally said, “Darling, I’m so touched!”

Being called so intimately by Ai Hui, who looked like an old witch now, Lin Yeping could feel his scalp going numb and a chill down his spine. However, he had no choice but to endure it.

There was nothing he could do about it since he had to rely on his relationship with Ai Hui to stay on as Li Yede’s family doctor. Otherwise, he would lose a huge income without Ai Hui’s support.

Li Yede was in another room, getting his wounds dressed by doctors and nurses.

After a long while, he couldn’t restrain himself and called his friend, “How is it going? Is the matter done?”

“Don’t mention it. They were taken away by police officers before they even got on the highway.” A voice sounded depressed through the phone.

“Police officers?” Li Yede was instantly baffled by the sudden development before he continued, “Continue to wait. Unless they leave Qiongjin City, I will pay you a huge sum of money as long as you can deal with the two of them!”

The voice chuckled through the phone and replied, “Humans die for the riches, just as birds will for food. How much are you paying me?”

“¥50,000,000!” Li Yede said without any hesitation.

After a brief stun, the voice from the other side was startled by the insane sum. “¥50,000,000? A tycoon indeed, how generous! Don’t worry; I will get this matter done nicely for you.”

Despite being his friend, Li Yede has never met the person on the other side. He has only gotten to know this person through unique channels.

However, this friend of his was extremely famous in the underworld, with many criminals under his command that were similar to an assassin group. Even the gun-firing incident a few years ago was rumored to be a gun test from his subordinates, which a murder case took place several days later at a bank.

As long as this friend of his was willing to make a move, Su Tao and Qin Meimei would disappear from the surface of the earth.

It was unavoidable to encounter enemies in the business world, and if you don’t know how to use some underhand tactics, it wouldn’t be possible for you to gain a footing here. Over the past few years, Li Yede has relied on this friend of his to resolve several issues that cannot be resolved through proper means. Hence, he strongly believed that this friend of his could get this matter done as well.

As Li Yede sighed, he placed down his phone. But soon after, he noticed the window on his right was open and a breeze blew in that made him feel cold. After he walked over to close the window, he had the shock of his life the moment he turned around. Two strangers were sitting on his couch, indifferently looking at him.

This scene startled him with beads of sweat covering his forehead. He knew that he didn't see things incorrectly. These two must have entered without him knowing while he was on the phone.

There were layers upon layers in the villa, fitted with all sorts of security systems. At the same time, that meant that the two of them were extraordinary since they managed to break in.

As someone used to the aspects of the world, Li Yede tried his best to calm himself and questioned, “Who are you guys? And why did you guys break into my home?!”

Hei Jin sighed as he replied, “We’re here to warn you not to take any action against Su Tao. Otherwise, your outcome will be dire!”

“Haha! Do you think that you can scare me, Li Yede? Do you believe that I can’t make the two of you stay here with a holler of mine?” Li Yede put up a strong front.

Sitting beside Hei Jin, Tang Shi whispered, “Vice-Captain, this fellow is pretty hateful. Should I give him some lessons?”

Sweeping a glance at Tang Shi, Hei Jin felt that this lady was still too young. Li Yede was the tycoon of Huainan Province, so how could he be touched so easily?

Take the Apex Cloud Corporation, for example, he has tens of thousands of employees under him, not mentioning the assets. So if he mysteriously disappeared, the consequences would be severe. Furthermore, Li Yede must have political backing. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to sit firmly as the tycoon of Huainan for so many years with his dirty past.

As Hei Jin stood up, he left a brown envelope on the table and faintly said, “I’ve put the things here. You should think for yourself about what you are going to do!”

When he finished, he glanced at Tang Shi, which the latter unhappily glared at Li Yede, but she still suppressed her temper due to Hei Jin’s orders.

Soon after, the two of them lept down the window. This was the second floor, and it’s at least five meters high. So if an ordinary person jumped down from here, they'd definitely be crippled.

As Li Yede immediately came to the window, he saw Hei Jin and Tang Shi land on the ground and they ran a few meters before leaping over the wall. In just ten-odd seconds, they had already disappeared.

Watching this scene, Li Yede wondered if he was bewitched today. First, he encountered the demonic Su Tao, and now, he had two strangers visiting him. He swiftly opened up the envelope, and as he flipped through the pages, his face was soon replaced with horror. They were all records of his illegal deeds over the years.

As an entrepreneur like Li Yede, it was unavoidable for him to commit sin during his journey.

Who are those two?

He initially thought that no one would know about this matter, but he never expected that everything was well recorded. Every single crime was even supported by evidence, which meant that the person with this information could send him to prison anytime!

The more he thinks about it, the more fearful he felt. Hence, his hands trembled as he took up the phone and called back his friend.

“Anything else?” The voice asked.

“Cancel the attack on Su Tao and Qin Meimei!” Li Yede anxiously ordered.

“What’s wrong? You feel heartache for the money now?” The man on the other side knitted his brows as he continued, “I’ve already sent the men out, and there’s no refund now.”

“I will pay you what I’ve promised, but you must recall your men. Furthermore, you must also ensure their safety!” Li Yede wryly smiled. He now had an urge to pray that Su Tao made it back to Hanzhou City safely. Otherwise, the two strangers from before would definitely look for him if anything happens.

“Tycoons really know how to play!” The man from the other side shook his head with a bitter smile as he continued, “I’ll keep the money, but I’ll provide free service for you the next time if you need my help!”

“Just change the plan quickly!” Li Yede spoke in a hurry.

After hanging the call, Li Yede felt powerless and sat on the chair in deep thought. He never expected that the event would develop in this manner.

He couldn’t describe his feelings at this moment. Even if he possessed wealth, he couldn’t do everything as he wished. But then again, that was society. Regardless of your position, there would always be someone more powerful!

As Su Tao drove on the highway, he noticed three trucks following behind him that would occasionally increase their speed in his direction. As he locked his brows together, he drove the car and maintained a distance from those trucks.

After driving for ten-odd minutes, those trucks suddenly slowed down and they disappeared, which Su Tao sighed out in relief since the other party withdrew for some reason.

Qin Meimei had been talking to Yan Jing, describing how she slapped Li Yede today before praising Yan Jing for being formidable for getting Su Tao and her out.

Hearing Qin Meimei’s words, Yan Jing was briefly stunned. Although she has asked for help, she was told that Su Tao and Qin Meimei were already on their way back before anything could be done.

She knew that there must be someone powerful helping Su Tao, but she did not talk much about it with Qin Meimei. At the same time, she gained new insight into Su Tao’s connections.

That fellow is growing too quickly. Just a few months ago, he was still at a deserted pharmacy as a physician.

She suddenly felt worried and powerless. Along with Su Tao’s swift development, the enemies that he would face would be more powerful. At that time, the help that she could render him would also decrease.

Since Qin Meimei was fully focused on the call, she did not notice the brief danger at the rear. When she shoved her phone into her purse, her face suddenly changed and she urged, “Is there a toilet nearby?”

“Are you urgent? According to the navigation, we’re ten minutes from the next resting stop. Can you endure it?” Su Tao asked.

“I’m not doing any business!” Qin Meimei’s face blushed as she glared at Su Tao. But then again, Su Tao was a physician, so she came clean with him, “My period seems to have come!”

At this moment, Su Tao finally knew what was going on. It had been forty days since Qin Meimei’s last menstruation. After the knot in her heart was undone after slapping Li Yede, her condition suddenly became better, and her hormones were no longer imbalanced.

As he pondered for a solution with his brows knitted, Qin Meimei said, “How about this, you focus on driving, and I’ll handle it at the backseat!”

“Can’t you wait?” Su Tao helplessly rolled his eyes. “I’ll just step on the gas and drive faster. We’ll be able to reach the toilet seven to eight minutes maximum!”

“I can’t wait! There’s too much! Do you want me to dirty your car?” Qin Meimei couldn’t be bothered with Su Tao and removed the seatbelt before climbing to the backseat.

Su Tao subconsciously glanced at Qin Meimei, which she was like a cat as she climbed. When he glanced at her bottom, he finally understood why Qin Meimei was so urgent. At the same time, he immediately retracted his gaze.

There was a palm-sized red patch on her tight-fitting trousers, and if it wasn’t handled in time, there would really be a river of blood flowing.

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