Chapter 403 - Owing a favor

“What are you looking at?” Tang Shi warned with her brows knitted after noticing the unusual gaze from Su Tao.

“I’m just thinking that I might be able to get rid of her scars after she regains her consciousness.” At this moment, Su Tao instantly threw out an excuse after calming his wandering thoughts.

“Oh!” Tang Shi wasn’t that easy to fool. She looked at Su Tao in alert. “If you want to take advantage of Captain Yuan, I won’t let you walk out of this room!”

Su Tao waved his hand and righteously said, “Don’t suspect my professionalism. But truth be told, even a normal man like me wouldn’t have any desire for her after seeing those scars.”

Hearing those words, Tang Shi instantly knitted her brows. She misunderstood, thinking that Su Tao was vilifying Yuan Lan and she solemnly said, “Those scars are a testimonial to Captain Yuan’s achievements. She had once saved over a dozen hostages even at the sake of putting her life in danger and became a hostage herself. She lasted two months in a camp of terrorists, and these scars were left behind in that period. There’s also a bullet wound that she suffered when she was protecting an important person overseas. In my heart, these scars aren’t ugly at all!”

After all those words gushed from Tang Shi, Su Tao guiltily smiled and sighed, “I’m sorry, it was a slip of the tongue. These scars are significant, but isn’t it better for them to be treated? I’ll give you an example, because of her scars, I believe there’s a limit to the missions that she can participate in, right? After all, enemies would suspect her if they see those scars.”

Hearing Su Tao’s explanation, Tang Shi was briefly stunned before she nodded her head. “Naturally, it’s good if these scars can be treated. What I’m saying is that you’re not allowed to humiliate Captain Yuan!”

Sighing, Su Tao had gained an initial understanding of Tang Shi’s character. Although this lady was a probational agent, she’s pretty pure and was also lacking in experience. In terms of a word battle, it was naturally impossible for her to compete with Su Tao.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao smiled. “Alright, the break is over. I’ll continue her treatment!”

As Tang Shi’s gaze flickered, she inwardly sighed. She previously felt that Su Tao was a little too talkative. But at this moment, she realised that he was trying to ease out the atmosphere to prepare for the upcoming treatment.

Retrieving his needles, Su Tao performed acupuncture. In just a brief moment, the patient’s face was covered in needles like a porcupine.

Despite knowing that TCM’s acupuncture was extremely magical, Tang Shi’s face couldn’t help changing at this scene, since this was a little terrifying. She thought of herself in her captain’s shoes, which she instantly had goosebumps all over.

Su Tao had practically inserted a needle into every acupoint since he wasn’t too familiar with a brainwave attack. Hence, he could only use his Qi to maintain the meridian and blood circulation at a stimulated state on Yuan Lan’s head.

This was a technique he was trying to wake her soul!

Roughly half an hour later, Yuan Lan’s eyelids trembled, which Su Tao rejoiced at the scene of this and knew that there was an effect. Hence, he tried to pinch on Yuan Lan’s Taiyang Acupoint.

The Taiyang Acupoint was one of the lethal acupoints in a human body.

But when Su Tao’s finger just touched the edge of Yuan Lan’s skin, her eyes suddenly opened and she unleashed a chop in the direction of Su Tao’s neck, it was an extremely lethal attack!

Although Su Tao was prepared, he was still caught off-guard by Yuan Lan’s swift speed and explosive power.

Despite barely blocking that move, Yuan Lan had already sat up and swiftly launched more attacks.

Su Tao immediately took a few steps back, which Yuan Lan stopped after hearing Tang Shi shouting her name from behind.

“Captain Yuan, you’ve woken up?” Tang Shi was startled in joy as she looked at Yuan Lan.

Yuan Lan stopped attacking and swept a glance at Su Tao coldly before she acknowledged Tang Shi’s question.

She noticed that she wasn’t wearing much, she was only wearing a patient’s uniform with nothing inside. At this moment, she calmed down and realised that she had returned to the bureau. It was as if she had been in a long dream.

Su Tao waved his numbing hand. If it wasn’t for him practicing Pulse Art for a long time and his bones being tougher than an ordinary person’s, that earlier chop would have surely shattered his bones.

But everything went just as he had expected. His last action was just to test her innate reaction, which her body deemed it as malicious harm!

With her entire body in a stimulated condition, Yuan Lan’s subconscious instantly sent a help signal, which she relied on her reflexive response to break out from the vegetative state.

Since Yuan Lan’s vegetative state wasn’t the same as the patient he had treated during the Physician King Tournament, he had to use a different approach.

Although it sounded simple, it wasn’t easy to implement the treatment.

If Su Tao hadn’t used the Bianque Hands to stimulate Yuan Lan’s body before using acupuncture, it wouldn’t have been easy for her to walk out from the maze.

But even if she had regained her consciousness, she was still exhausted. Her eyes soon turned muddled since her brain was empty, and she felt as if her body wasn’t under her control. Although she was filled with energy, she couldn’t control her body.

As her body swayed, Su Tao stepped forth and held onto Yuan Lan so she wouldn’t fall onto the ground.

“You’ve just awakened, and your brain energy is still insufficient. You will have to rest for the next three months to nourish your body. Over the next long period, you will notice that you’re unable to control your body as you wish.” Su Tao tried to explain as simple as he possibly could.

While curiously looking at Su Tao, Yuan Lan asked, “Who are you?”

At this moment, Tang Shi immediately explained, “Captain Yuan, he’s Su Tao. You’ve been asleep for a long time and many doctors tried to solve your condition. However, they were all helpless. It was Su Tao who successfully brought you out from your slumber!”

As Yuan Lan tried to recall the last mission, she only felt lingering fear. That sinister-looking man only took a glance at her to drain the energy out of her body.

After that, she had relied on her extraordinary willpower to protect the target back to the country. But upon completing everything, she felt extremely exhausted and fell into a long sleep.

“Thank you!” Yuan Lan whispered.

“You’re welcome!” Su Tao smiled. “It’s my job.”

Because Yuan Lan looked exhausted, she was helped back to the bed by Tang Shi before she fell back to sleep.

When Hei Jin heard that Yuan Lan regained her consciousness, he immediately rushed over. But seeing her asleep, he asked in a worried tone, “Physician Su, what’s the situation now?”

As Su Tao wrote down a prescription, he explained, “Don’t worry. I have already woken her up from her vegetative state, but her brain functions are still weak and need nourishing.”

“When can she wake up?” Hei Jin sounded anxious and was no longer composed at this moment.

“She will wake up within eight hours, at most!” Su Tao knitted his brows and briefly pondered before he reminded, “Follow this prescription three times a day, and she will recover in three months. But she has to focus on nourishing her body within these three months.”

At this moment, Hei Jin was filled with gratitude for Su Tao. The latter has won him over with his strength. There was a neurological specialist amongst the past few doctors that were invited over, but they were all helpless.

In fact, Hei Jin also initially did not have much confidence in Su Tao and only harboured the thought of giving it a try. However, he never expected that Yuan Lan would really be treated in less than two hours.

He also knew that the moment the patient regained their consciousness, it was the first step to recovery.

Carefully storing the prescription that Su Tao gave him, he promised, “I owe you a favor, and I will surely repay you in the future.”

Waving his hand, Su Tao smiled. Why would he need a favor from a man? If Yuan Lan was the one saying it, then he might be able to look at it seriously.

After all, he was curious about how different a female special agent was from an ordinary woman.

Despite the filthy thoughts in his mind, he still maintained a bright smile. “As a doctor, helping the dying and healing the injured is my natural calling. This is the same as how you guys risk your lives for your missions. You don’t have to be too bothered by this, and there’s no need for a favor. You can just pay me for the treatment fee.”

After a brief stun, Hei Jin really considered Su Tao’s words. Inwardly, he was wondering if Su Tao was a fool for refusing a favor from the 33 Bureau and actually wanted money! At this moment, he felt that Su Tao was a money-grubber.

Hence, he curiously asked, “How much do you want? As long as it's not too much, I will try my best to fulfill your request!”

“I believe this can be considered as an outpatient treatment? My fees have increased now, and it’s ¥2,000 a session. Considering that you’ve helped me once, I’ll give you a 20% discount, so just ¥1,600 will do.” Su Tao continued with his joke.

At this moment, Hei Jin finally couldn’t hold back his smile. He initially thought that Su Tao was going to demand a sky-high price. Perhaps ¥1,600 might be expensive to an ordinary person, but it was nothing for the 33 Bureau.

Shortly after, Hei Jin swiftly calmed his smiled and solemnly said, “I’m sorry, but we will refuse to pay any fee!”

His reply left Su Tao briefly stunned before he asked, “Why? You guys can pay the money, and we’re done.”

With a weighty voice, Hei Jin explained, “It’s a great merit for treating Captain Yuan, and ¥1,600 is too little, in which we would not agree to this unfair pact.”

A wry smile rose on Su Tao’s lips as he waved his hand and sighed, “Fine, you guys can do whatever you want. Oh, right, can I leave now? Also, how’s Qin Meimei?”

“Naturally!” Hei Jin had an awkward expression since Su Tao’s status was no longer the same. The moment he treated Captain Yuan, his position had also changed in Hei Jin’s heart. After all, the whole process of inviting Su Tao over was pretty much kidnapping.

Hence, he immediately said, “Please, don’t worry. The lady who came along with you is fine.”

As they sat on the lift going up, Su Tao saw Qin Meimei. She looked relaxed and there was even a coffee placed on the desk before her. Evidently, she did not feel any discomfort here.

“Su Tao, are you alright?” Qin Meimei asked as she examined Su Tao.

Su Tao smiled. “Do I look like there’s anything wrong with me?”

Qin Meimei smiled. “Yan Jing is truly formidable! I’m relieved now that you’re fine.”

At this moment, Qin Meimei still thought that it was Yan Jing who saved them.

However, Su Tao did not explain any further since the 33 Bureau was too mysterious, and it was best for Qin Meimei to know as little as possible.

After Hei Jin drove them to the highway tollbooth, he whispered to Su Tao when the latter was about to leave, “Please be reassured with regards to Li Yede. We will give him a warning!”

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