Chapter 402 - Treating for the female secret agent

When Su Tao followed Hei Jin to the lift, he was surprised. The buttons weren’t the same. Ordinary lifts were from bottom to top. However, this lift was from top to bottom. From outside, this building appeared to have only seven floors, but the buttons went down to eighteen floors, which meant that the core of the 33 Bureau was located underground.

Estimating 3.5 meters for a level, a construct that consisted of eighteen floors was roughly over sixty meters in depth. Hence, Su Tao could only imagine what massive work it was. Furthermore, it was even more amazing that they had to maintain it a secret during the construction.

Naturally, impressive constructions such as the pyramid and the great wall have been built since ancient times. Under the assistant of modernised equipment, it wasn’t surprising for such a massive underground construct to be built.

As Hei Jin examined Su Tao’s reaction, he only saw a flicker in the latter’s eyes before he calmed down. Inwardly, Hei Jin knew that this young man’s experience and mentality have exceeded an ordinary person’s, and it was no wonder that he could receive the Fire Beacon from Sire Shui.

When they went sixteen levels down, they passed through a few silver doors before arriving at a twenty square meter room. The decorations here were completely different. There were only an ordinary bedroom and living room. The place was decorated with a milky-white couch, and beige desk brimming with a modern style.

When Hei Jin opened the door to the bedroom, Su Tao saw a woman lying on the bed. Although her appearance wasn’t particularly outstanding, she had a unique taste that could captivate anyone. Looking at her, Su Tao fell into admiration that a woman can be so heroic.

She had an exquisite oval face, densely packed brows, and a refined nose. Although there was a little flaw to her lips that seemed a little weird, it went well with her overall face and looked extremely refreshing.

Naturally, Hei Jin invited Su Tao over with the hope to save this woman, so he explained, “She participated in a special mission three months ago, where she had fallen unconscious shortly after her return. We’ve invited a few physicians to look at her, but there was nothing they could do. Hence, we invited you over to see if you can treat her!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao went over and placed his finger on the woman’s wrist.

Seeing his brows locked together, Hei Jin added, “The past few doctors that looked at her said that she’s in the vegetative state, and due to the fact that you’ve once awakened a vegetative patient in the past, I felt that you might have some chance in treating her.”

Letting out a deep sigh, Su Tao wryly smiled. “If I’ve guessed correctly, her vegetative state is unusual. In this world, there are some people that are born with unique abilities such as extraordinary strength, vision, hearing, and even brainwaves. If I’ve not guessed incorrectly, she must have suffered a mental attack. The other party used powerful brainwaves to attack her, which resulted in the injury in her brain and was left in this state.”

Shock flashed in Hei Jin’s eyes as he exclaimed, “You’ve analysed it correctly. But… are you confident in treating her?”

Judging from Hei Jin’s tone, Su Tao could determine the importance of this woman.

Hence, he frankly said, “I don’t have complete confidence, but I reckon that I can give it a try. Her condition isn’t the same as other vegetative patients. Those patients’ brains were damaged by physical force, while she has suffered an unknown attack. If it was an ordinary person, they might have already died by now. However, she has relied on her powerful willpower to hold onto her life. Have you read those fantasy novels? Putting it in a nutshell, she is akin to having suffered an attack to her soul like those novels, so she can only regain her consciousness if her soul is powerful enough.”

Hearing Su Tao’s profound explanation, Hei Jin was baffled as he solemnly said, “If you can save her, then my life is yours!”

His words left Su Tao shocked as he looked at Hei Jin. A brief moment later, a smile rose on his lips and he said, “Don’t worry, I will do my best! If she regains her consciousness, the credit is all yours.”

Hei Jin was briefly stunned before his tone became embarrassed, “Don’t misunderstand. She’s my captain, and she has saved my life countless times in the past. So my life belongs to her!”

While gently patting Hei Jin’s shoulder, Su Tao judged that this fellow must be in his late twenties. Although he’s a secret agent, he’s ultimately a human. Hence, it was unavoidable for him to have feelings as well. “Well, it’s normal for a man to like a woman.”

Instantly, Hei Jin became a little flustered, “Don’t speak nonsense. Yuan Lan… Captain Yuan and I are colleagues, partners, and comrades!”

Seeing that Hei Jin became flustered, Su Tao no longer teased him and gently sighed, “I will try and treat her, so please leave now.”

However, Hei Jin exclaimed at Su Tao’s sudden request and looked at the latter in perplexion.

A wry smile crept up on Su Tao’s face as he explained, “I have to remove her clothes to perform massage and acupuncture. Are you going to stand here and admire? Then again, I can give you that opportunity if you’re interested.”

After a brief stun, Hei Jin was left speechless, but he responded after a short hesitation, “I’ll get someone else to assist you!”

Su Tao knew that Hei Jin wasn’t reassured and feared that he might take advantage of the patient. Perhaps it was because of his blank history that roused Hei Jin’s alert. If it wasn’t for the Fire Beacon that Sire Shui gave him, it’s impossible for someone like him with unclear history to step into this place.

Roughly ten minutes later, a young lady walked in with a smile plastered on her face and she introduced, “Nice to meet you, I’m Tang Shi. I’m still on probation here, and it’s my honor to assist you. May I ask what do you need me to do?”

Hearing her name, Su Tao instantly felt amused. He wondered if there was someone else named Song Shi here.

But looking at her, she had hints of a classic beauty, which fit her name well.

Naturally, Su Tao also gained a good impression of Hei Jin in his heart at the same time. That fellow had genuinely looked for someone to assist him and not supervise him.

After all, probational agents were generally more passionate and easier to order around.

“Remove her clothes and flip her around with her back facing the sky!” After a brief pondering, Su Tao decided to use the Bianque Hands to perform a massage for Yuan Lan.

She had been on the bed for two to three months, and not moving for a long time would cause the muscles to weaken. By using the Bianque Hands, he would be able to circulate the blood flow, which would greatly help in awakening her.

Putting it in a nutshell, it wouldn’t be possible for the patients to keep sleeping if their organs were extremely stimulated.

Su Tao’s strategy was to awaken her soul from her body, which even he had no absolute confidence in succeeding.

Tang Shi had followed Su Tao’s request to remove Yuan Lan’s clothes first before flipping her around.

Standing to the side, Su Tao prepared the medication that would be used in the massage. It was similar to a massage oil that could permeate the medicine into the five viscera and six bowels.

“Physician Su, we’re all ready!” Tang Shi spoke out.

When Su Tao came over, he was briefly stunned. The patient was currently lying down, so even if she was stripped, there wasn’t any sensitive location revealed.

Even if Su Tao had no differentiation between sex, seeing them equally as his patients, he still had to respect the patients.

Due to the fact that there were still some areas that were revealed, Su Tao retrieved a shirt and simply covered them up.

Su Tao pondered that the figure of this woman must be pretty good. However, he still kept his mind clear.

Secret agents were required to go into different roles in their missions. Hence, Yuan Lan’s appearance was pretty good and her figure was excellent, which could assist her in accomplishing her missions.

However, her back wasn’t the same as an ordinary woman’s. It was covered in densely packed scars, along with a round wound on her scapula that’s clearly left by a bullet.

Su Tao took a deep breath. He has treated all sorts of women, but this was the first time for him to treat a secret agent.

When Tang Shi saw this scene, her heart went into shock despite maintaining a calm expression before she explained, “Captain Yuan has been participating in S-class missions, and today, I now know how much has she suffered!”

“Why? You’re afraid after seeing these wounds?” Su Tao casually asked.

“No!” Tang Shi bit her lips and replied, “I want to grow quickly so that I can fight together with Captain Yuan!”

Letting out a wry smile, Su Tao sighed. Although he had no idea what those S-class missions were, he was filled with admiration for Yuan Lan. But judging from the penetrative bullet wound, it was only a few centimetres before it reached the heart and it was sufficient to kill. Hence, he could imagine how ferocious the scene was.

Waving his hand, Su Tao replied, “There’s nothing that requires you anymore. You can stand to the side and watch, but you have to remain silent and don’t disrupt my treatment.”

Hearing his words, Tang Shi took a few steps back and guarded from the side. At this moment, she was feeling extremely nervous and hoped that Su Tao could treat her captain.

But Su Tao’s actions left her startled as he sat on her butt with his thumbs pushing downwards from her neck.

Although she knew that Su Tao was performing a treatment, she still couldn’t help turning red from looking at the ambiguous posture.

She had an impulse to leave this place, but she kept telling herself to persevere.

Su Tao did not bother with Tang Shi’s reaction and focused on the treatment, which he noticed that Yuan Lan’s body condition was terrible. Perhaps it was due to her training, but her muscles, meridians, and Qi were stronger than ordinary people. However, her old injuries acted like a landslide at this moment and showed several signs of chronic illnesses due to her vegetative state.

However, Su Tao still focused on looking for the point to enter before using the Bianque Hands to infuse Qi into her five viscera and six bowels.

After it was almost done, Su Tao let out a sigh while looking at her naked back. Those scars were a ghastly sight.

For some reason, Su Tao felt a strong pity for her, and he felt the need to introduce her to the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s Beautifying Cream once she has awakened, in which she would be able to remove the scars in just half a year.

“Are… are you done?” Tang Shi asked from the side, which dragged Su Tao back from his thoughts.

“I’m done, you can put her clothes on now!” He coughed to conceal the awkwardness and got down from Yuan Lan. Due to the fact that he was too focused earlier, he noticed that his actions weren’t graceful at this moment.

After coming out of his focus, he seemed to be able to sense the lingering sensation from sitting on Yuan Lan’s body for a long time.

He’s not a saint, and even if he knew that it wasn’t proper for him to look at this moment, the corner of his eyes still caught onto something he should not.

Her gloomy and flowing curves along with the scars on her back had formed into an impactful scene!

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Tang Shi can also mean Tang Poem. Poems of the Tang Dynasty.
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