Chapter 401 - The Mysterious 33 Bureau

Su Tao rarely lays his hand on a woman due to the physiological difference between men and women. After all, a man laying his hand on a woman was equivalent to bullying, which went against his philosophy. But Ai Hui was too disgusting. He’s a physician, so he knew how much danger Ding Xiu was in earlier. If it wasn’t for him, the child would certainly be lost.

In the end, Ai Hui would surely resort to using her power to force Ding Xiu to let the matter go.

Such a vicious woman simply had no humanity in her. She was no different from a demon. Even if it wasn’t for the conflict between her and Qin Meimei, Su Tao would have also stepped out and taught this fake woman a lesson.

In the movie, Tang Bohu and Qiu Xiang, there was one section where Qiu Xiang was kicked with the Disfiguring Kick, which disfigured her beauty. The two slaps from Su Tao also had the same effect.

Despite being in her forties, Ai Hui still looked in her thirties mainly because of her maintenance and also surgery, which she had undergone several facelifts.

The two slaps from him had ruined the balance beneath her face, which resulted in the sudden aging of the wicked woman.

Naturally, Ai Hui only felt her face numbing from the slaps; she did not know that she had aged under those two slaps and looked like a granny who was in her sixties.

Even if Li Yede rarely interacted with his wife, he was familiar with her. But he was startled to see her suddenly turning into an old lady. When he turned to look at Su Tao, he pondered if this young man knew any magic.

For people like him, who cherished wealth and status, their lives meant the most.

Hence, Li Yede felt that his life was threatened and he started to tremble in fear.

As Su Tao walked over, he grabbed ahold of Li Yede’s collar, which caused the latter’s face to turn pale and he trembled. “B-brother, don’t hurt me. I can give you money as long as you’re willing to let me go!”

Sneering in disdain, Su Tao dragged Li Yede onto the ground before Qin Meimei.

Qin Meimei was briefly stunned before she knew Su Tao’s intention. A bewitching smirk rose on her lips as she raised her hand and unleashed a barrage of slaps until Li Yede’s state of mind was confused. Then, Su Tao stopped her.

“I still hadn’t gotten a kick out of it!” Qin Meimei asked in perplexion.

Shaking his head, Su Tao warned, “If you continue, I’m afraid that your hand might not be able to take it.”

Letting out a sigh, Qin Meimei’s mood suddenly brightened up. “That makes sense, this fellow’s skin is too thick. Even my hand has gone numb from slapping him!”

As Su Tao let go of Li Yede’s collar, the latter slumped down like a pile of mud then he bent down and whispered, “You might have money, but you can’t do whatever you please. In the future, if I know that you’re committing evil again, I will claim your life no matter where you hide!”

While frantically nodding his head, Li Yede responded, “As long as you let me go, I’ll agree to any of your terms.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao sighed. He never expected Li Yede would be so cowardly. How did he look like a tycoon at this moment? Hence, he lost his interest and looked at Qin Meimei.

Qin Meimei was also relieved and said, “The knot in my heart has already been undone, so we can leave now. Li Yede, I’m warning you not to take any revenge for today’s matters. Otherwise, I will make you bankrupt! You know that I’m well capable of accomplishing that!”

Li Yede lowered his head and did not dare to glance at the two of them. His heart was filled with hatred. He has never felt such humiliation in his lifetime, so he swore to take revenge. However, he did not dare to let Qin Meimei and the monstrous Su Tao notice it.

He had to lower his head at this moment, since he knew that a gentleman had to be flexible.

After Qin Meimei and Su Tao left, Li Yede slowly stood up and took a napkin on the table to wipe the traces of blood from the corner of his lips, then he sucked in a cold breath from the pain.

At this moment, Ai Hui had also calmed down. She could feel the discomfort on her face, so she took out a small mirror from her luxurious purse. When she took a glance through the mirror, she screamed before her eyes rolled back and she blacked out.

Li Yede immediately rushed over and pinched on Ai Hui’s Renzhong Acupoint, which the latter slowly regained her consciousness and muttered in disbelief, “My face, why is my face in this state?!”

“Enough!” Li Yede hollered.

Ai Hui was terrified, which stopped her sobbing and viciously said a long time later, “Hubby, you can’t let that brat and Qin Meimei go like this! You must make them pay for our humiliation and pain today!”

Li Yede’s eyes flickered with a vicious light. However, he still had his rationale when he heard Qin Meimei’s threat. Being in the Apex Cloud Corporation for so many years, Qin Meimei grasped the core secret of the corporation. Not only that, but she even had evidence of the underhanded tactics he used to obtain shares from the other shareholders when the Apex Cloud Corporation was established. If those came to light, then his position as the chairman would be threatened!

That meant that everything he had now would be destroyed, and he would also be at risk.

However, he couldn’t swallow the humiliation today. So after a brief pondering, he took out his phone and gave a call to his friend.

At the highway tollbooth, Su Tao was stopped.

“Someone reported that the two of you were involved in a case of assault. Please make a trip back to the station with us.” A police officer solemnly ordered.

Looking at Qin Meimei, Su Tao wryly smiled. “It looks like your threat to Li Yede wasn’t useful at all.”

Rage flickered in Qin Meimei’s eyes as she solemnly declared, “I will surely make him pay the price!”

With a wry smile, Su Tao understood Qin Meimei. She’s someone who cherishes this old relationship. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have symptoms such as sleepwalking and the hormone imbalance. Perhaps she had placed down the know with Li Yede at this moment, but she still had feelings for the Apex Cloud Corporation.

Hence, she wouldn’t do anything to harm the Apex Cloud Corporation since it would be equivalent to ruining her own hard work.

Li Yede had also grasped onto this soft spot, which was the reason why he dared to take revenge.

After Su Tao parked the car by to side, he entered a police vehicle with Qin Meimei. Half an hour later, they were brought to an unfamiliar place. But when they were getting out, Qin Meimei knitted her brows in alert. “This is not the police station! Who are you people?!”

The police officer replied, “This is truly not the police station. You guys have injured someone important, so a higher authority will take over the case!”

Qin Meimei instantly felt uneasy and she immediately glanced at Su Tao. However, the latter had his eyes closed. He was resting and wasn’t bothered by this event.

Taking out her phone, Qin Meimei immediately gave a call to Yan Jing. The officer sitting in the front passenger seat wasn’t bothered about this and allowed her to make the call.

Hearing the situation through the phone, Yan Jing briefly hesitated before she sighed, “You guys should have been taken to a special department. I’ll try and see if I can get the two of you out.”

There were many special departments in China, with most of them holding special duties. Putting it in a nutshell, you could call them secret services. However, they’re unlike those shown in movies like S.H.I.E.L.D or Kingsmen that possess extraordinary abilities.

Most of the time, they’re just ordinary people. They could be a fishmonger who sold fish for decades or even a high school professor. A few years ago, the scandal of a famous host was secretly manipulated by secret services dispatched by the country.

They’re not high-end, and they even looked like ordinary people who weren’t eye-catching. However, they could keep surveillance of one’s actions and words.

Furthermore, those people had high authority and were above any Public Security System. They’re more proficient in investigating a person, and furthermore, it wasn’t tough for them to make someone disappear from the surface of the earth as well.

Su Tao and Qin Meimei were brought to what it looked like an ordinary restaurant. But when they came to the third floor, it was an entirely different scene. After passing through two gates, the interior changed. It was a complete metal construct. The two officers scanned their pupils at the apparatus, and the door opened up shortly after. Watching this scene, Su Tao sighed. This should be the legendary iris recognition technology that only those with special authority can enter.

Thereafter, Su Tao and Qin Meimei were separated and were both taken to different rooms.

Shortly after Su Tao sat down, the tanned officer had changed into a new set of clothes. The reason why he was dressed like a police officer was to facilitate the process.

“Nice to meet you, Physician Su!” The tanned man’s voice sounded more amicable than he had imagined. “Firstly, let me introduce myself. You can call me Hei Jin!”

After a brief stun, Su Tao said, “I admit that I was the one who beat up Li Yede and Ai Hui. It was because they nearly caused two lives, and I had to teach them a lesson!”

Nodding his head, Hei Jin replied, “I know the entire matter, and there are two reasons why I brought you here. Firstly, it was to protect you to prevent you from being given revenge by Li Yede. According to our intelligence, he has already utilised his power with the intention to harm you the moment you’re on the highway. Secondly, it’s mainly to let you familiarise yourself with the environment. At the same time, I represent the 33 Bureau and formally invite you to join us.”

On the internet, only information on the 16 Bureau could be found related to secret services, and not the 33 Bureau.

At this moment, Su Tao roughly figured out what was going on. It was no wonder why he did not feel any hostility from Hei Jin back in the vehicle. The reason why he did not introduce himself back then was due to Qin Meimei’s existence. He did not want her to know anything. After all, this was a secret department that cannot be revealed.

Stretching his hand out, Hei Jin asked, “Can I take a look at the item Sire Shui has given you?”

After a brief stun, Su Tao took out the Fire Beacon that he hung on his chest and handed it over.

Upon examining it, Hei Jin handed it back and explained, “The Fire Beacon is the highest emblem of our bureau. The moment you’ve received it, you’re a member of ours and you will enjoy the highest treatment.”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao smiled. “I believe there must be another reason for inviting me over, right?”

Nodding his head, Hei Jin responded, “You’re smart! We do have something that we would like to ask for your help!”

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