Chapter 400 - Another slap

If Ding Xiu did not encounter Su Tao, then she would definitely live in darkness today.

Not only did she lose her job, but she would also lose her child.

Su Tao used acupuncture on her head to calm her emotions before using needles on her abdomen to control the miscarriage.

After she regained her consciousness, Su Tao enquired and found the reason for her miscarriage. Standing to the side, Qin Meimei gnashed her teeth. Ai Hui had also used similar methods against her in the past. However, she was important to Li Yede’s career back then, in which the latter stood out and suppressed Ai Hui’s underhanded tactics.

Although Ding Xiu’s condition has stabilised, Qin Meimei still called for an ambulance to prevent anything from happening. Ding Xiu’s boyfriend also quickly rushed over and felt grateful after knowing at Su Tao had saved Ding Xiu. From his attitude, Su Tao could tell that the two of them had an excellent relationship, and they’re even preparing their wedding two months from now.

After sending Ding Xiu off, the two of them came into the room.

Li Yede and Ai Hui appeared to be normal, with one of them drinking tea while the other drank coffee.

Upon seeing Qin Meimei, Li Yede’s first reaction was to get up from his seat. But upon seeing a young man following behind her, he immediately knitted his brows.

Although he had already broken up with Qin Meimei, he still considered her to be a property of his in his heart.

Although he had been cold to her the past few years, he constantly kept surveillance of her. Hence he understood her lifestyle. Although Qin Meimei was fond of drinking, there wasn’t an issue with her having another guy behind his back. This was also the reason why he wasn’t able to find a reason to come clean with her about breaking up.

However, he instantly felt unhappy upon seeing someone beside Qin Meimei, since he had a strong sense of possession. Even if it was something that he has discarded, he couldn’t accept someone else touching it.

“Who is this young man?” Li Yede asked as he smiled.

Su Tao was still fuming in anger regarding Ding Xiu’s matters. Today, he had a close understanding of the phrase that a benevolent person can never become rich. Hence, he introduced himself, “I’m Su Tao, and I was the one who scolded you yesterday through the phone. Furthermore, I’m also Meimei’s boyfriend!”

At this moment, Qin Meimei felt bellows in her heart. She initially wanted Su Tao to pretend to be her boyfriend, but she never expected that he would do it without her asking.

Li Yede’s expression did not change as he gave a deep look at Qin Meimei. Seeing that she did not refute Su Tao’s words, he smiled. “Su Tao, the Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital, and the Honorary Chairman of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International. Last year, you stunned everyone with your performance at the Physician King Tournament and even have a close relationship with the Venomous Widow. Rumors are saying that you’re her lover, and I never expected that you would also become Meimei’s boyfriend in the blink of an eye. What an interesting development!”

Hearing that, Su Tao locked his brows together. He never expected that Li Yede would be able to investigate everything about him in just one night.

Ai Hui was examining Su Tao, and she found this young man to be pretty good-looking. Because of his tall structure, he actually looked graceful in his robes. It was no wonder that he could be involved in a scandal with Yan Jing. At this moment, she was itching in her heart. She wondered how it would feel to have such a young man in the bed.

Naturally, that was only a brief thought, since she had to be standing on the same side as her husband.

“Do you guys want to drink anything?” Ai Hui waved her hand at the waiter. “I don’t think that we will be able to finish talking about our conflicts in a few words.”

Shaking her head, Qin Meimei refused, “No need. I don’t dare to drink anything here, and we’ve brought our own!” When she finished, she took out two bottles of mineral water from her bag. “To be so ruthless to a pregnant woman, you’re pretty vicious!”

“That woman asked for it. Her sudden miscarriage was due to her being too emotional, and it has nothing to do with us.” A cunning smile crept on Ai Hui’s lips.

After a brief pause, her face turned cold as she said, “Let’s be direct. State your condition to stop harassing my husband!”

In response to her question, Qin Meimei opened her palm and waved.

“¥50,000,000?” Ai Hui subconsciously asked.

However, Qin Meimei shook her head.

“¥500,000,000? You’re really greedy!” Ai Hui sneered.

However, Qin Meimei continued to shake her head again.

“¥5,000,000,000?” Ai Hui mocked, “You must be insane!”

Even Li Yede’s expression had sunk down with unhappiness. He never expected that Qin Meimei would be so greedy.

Although his net worth was over a few billion, Qin Meimei was just his lover. Hence, it was naturally unreasonable for her to demand a tenth of his wealth.

On the road when Su Tao followed Qin Meimei to the Apex Cloud Building, the two of them had already formed a unanimous agreement.

“Li Yede, you let me slap you once!” Qin Meimei suddenly spoke her request as she continued, “In the future, we will have nothing to do with each other!”

“We’re willing to give you a sum of money in which you can live a life without worries.” Ai Hui suddenly stood up from her seat and continued, “Don’t take it too far!”

As Qin Meimei’s gaze flickered, she proudly declared, “I can assist a Li Yede, that means that I can also assist a second one. Money doesn’t mean much to me, and if it wasn’t for Li Yede being too short-sighted, the current scale of the Apex Cloud Corporation would have flipped at least three times. I don’t need money, I just want to slap Li Yede to end our ill-fated relationship.”

Letting out a sigh, Li Yede tapped his finger on the teacup and pondered for a long time before he replied, “Alright, I’ll let you slap me once. Furthermore, I will give you a compensation of ¥10,000,000. In the future, we will still be friends, and you can look for me whenever you need help. Naturally, you have to sign a contract with me!”

Li Yede giving Qin Meimei a compensation of ¥10,000,000 was due to her work in developing his career. Furthermore, she held secrets of the Apex Cloud Corporation, and it would be a massive blow to the corporation if she joined his competitors.

Qin Meimei was once his lover, and it wasn’t too much to let her slap him to save the remaining money. Back then, he had been slapped frequently to make Qin Meimei happy. Then again, those slaps were slaps of happiness.

“Hubby, you!” Ai Hui looked at Li Yede in disbelief.

Waving his hand, Li Yede stood before Qin Meimei as he said, “Go on!”

Contract? At this moment, Qin Meimei’s heart was burning with rage as she stood up. When she looked at Li Yede’s face, she felt an unspeakable disgust.

She did not stop with a slap. She continued and had exerted force in it. If it wasn’t for Li Yede swiftly dodging it, she would’ve continued her slaps.

Narrowing his eyes, Su Tao looked at Li Yede. The latter’s face was swollen with traces of blood hanging on the corner of his lips.

He couldn’t help wondering how confident Li Yede was. Was he so confident that Qin Meimei would go easy on him after how he failed her?

Li Yede looked at Qin Meimei in disbelief with hatred in his eyes. He had misjudged Qin Meimei’s mentality. He initially thought that she would go easy on him since she still had feelings for him. However, he never expected that Qin Meimei would treat him like an enemy.

At this moment, he felt lingering fear. If Qin Meimei was given a knife, he did not doubt that she would stab him a dozen times without any hesitation!

Watching this scene, Ai Hui was burning with rage in her heart. Qin Meimei was a mistress, and she dared to slap her husband before her? Hence, she immediately charged towards Qin Meimei and raised her hand. But just when she wanted to swing her palm, she was blocked by Su Tao.

“You dare…” But just when Ai Hui wanted to speak, Su Tao slapped her.

This slap was more powerful than the four slaps that Qin Meimei gave Li Yede.

Ai Hui felt her cheeks turning numb. The facelift she had done was instantly slapped back to its original shape, her cheekbone caved in, and her fake chin was distorted.

“Your face is all powder. Don’t you know that you can scare people to death after removing your makeup?” Su Tao waved his hand in disdain as he continued, “I don’t usually lay my hand on a woman, but you’re testing my patience.”

Feeling the loss of sensation on her face, Ai Hui was briefly stunned before she screamed, “Help! Help!”

In response to her voice, four men swiftly rushed in.

“Beat him up!” Ai Hui pointed at Su Tao before moving to Qin Meimei and added, “And her as well!”

Although Su Tao had a tall structure, his build was clearly thinner than those bodyguards.

Hence, the four men naturally felt that it wasn’t difficult for them to deal with Su Tao. And so, they immediately pounced over.

Su Tao was trained in Yan Wujin’s martial arts, which he had long gotten familiar with. His moves were as lethal as blades as he targeted the weak spots of the other party. In less than a minute, the four men dropped on the ground and they groaned in pain.

Both Li Yede and Ai Hui were left speechless. The four bodyguards were elites at fighting. However, Su Tao had dealt with them so quickly, which meant that Su Tao’s martial arts were extraordinary.

At this moment, Qin Meimei’s mood was great. She had long heard from Yan Jing that Su Tao was skilled in martial arts. However, she never expected that he would be so formidable. It was just a pity that there wasn’t any audience around, or it would surely welcome a standing ovation.

Martial arts emphasised the control of the body, which Su Tao had practiced the Pulse Art. Hence, his body was more flexible and agile than many people, and with a martial artist grandmaster like Yan Wujin guiding him, his martial arts naturally grew by leaps and bounds.

In the past, Su Tao had privately sparred with Liu Jianwei, which the latter had to bring out thirty to forty percent of his ability and face it seriously. Otherwise, the latter would definitely suffer.

Although the four bodyguards were elites of the military academy that Ai Hui had selected, they couldn’t lift a finger before Su Tao.

Walking towards Ai Hui, Su Tao sighed, “It looks like one slap isn’t enough. Here’s another one!”

As the wind blew on her face, Ai Hui suffered another slap.

Looking at Ai Hui’s face, Qin Meimei was startled. The former’s face seemed to have suddenly aged ten-odd years.

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