Chapter 40 - Transforming into a Butterfly

Chapter 40 - Transforming into a Butterfly

Three Flavour Hall’s Beautifying Cream had been circulating in Jiangnan TCM University’s Hanzhou Branch. It was exceptionally well-received with over a hundred sales daily, priced at ¥300 each. Xiao Jingjing was a model example, since she had undergone a total transformation after using it.

If they didn’t know that Xiao Jingjing came from a low-income family, they might have misunderstood that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Su Tao did not realise the contrast difference since he saw Xiao Jingjing daily. She was wearing a white coat with her hair pulled towards the back, it draped behind her shoulders, and thick-lensed spectacles, covering her in a tender air.

Perhaps the only flaw now was her myopia. She followed Su Tao to the medicine room, placed her spectacles on the side and allowed Su Tao to perform acupuncture.

Laser treatment was commonly used to treat myopia, but TCM canons have long recorded the treatment method for myopia and hyperopia. Laser treatment would only cause significant damage to the eye.

There was a phrase in the Golden Chamber Truth; starting from the eye but hidden in the liver. Vision and liver were closely related since they regulated one another. So if there was a lack of blood flow to the liver, it would result in dry eyes, causing eyesight to decline or Nyctalopia.

Su Tao’s treatment wasn’t anything special, mainly applying acupuncture on the acupoints around the eyes, limbs and abdomen to improve blood circulation. It would be effective on pseudomyopia in just a week, as for genuine myopia, it would require higher techniques due to the changes in the eye.

Roughly half an hour later, Xiao Jingjing felt something loosening around her eye. The world had brightened when she opened her eyes. She subconsciously wore her spectacles, which gave her dizziness in just two to three seconds. Her entire body fell backwards, but Su Tao, fortunately, caught her.

She was lightweight and a fragrance entered his nose. Su Tao knew that Xiao Jingjing didn’t have a habit of using perfume, so he was inwardly pondering if this was the legendary fragrance that originated from girls.

Feeling the warm touch, Xiao Jingjing’s heart uncontrollably raced before Su Tao removed her spectacles and smiled. “You have to try living without spectacles. The degree in the lenses are too high, and your eyesight has recovered quite a bit, so you will feel discomfort when you wear them.”

Xiao Jingjing stuck her tongue out as she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she realised that the world had cleared up, she no longer required the aid of her clumsy-looking spectacles to see the world. It was an unfamiliar and yet, familiar feeling to her, which made her cry tears of joy.

Su Tao was caught unexpected by this reaction, but he soon understood and asked, “Jingjing, how are you feeling now?”

She heavily nodded her head. “Master, you have changed my life. I…”

Shaking his head, Su Tao knocked his finger on Xiao Jingjing’s head, interrupting her with his head nodding gently, “You’re wrong. I did not change you, TCM did. This is a reference to the ‘medium cases, we treat people’ I spoke about.”

Smaller cases, we treat illnesses; medium cases, we treat people; large cases, we treat the country. - The Path of Medicine.

Xiao Jingjing stood on the spot as she pondered Su Tao’s teachings.

Su Tao was in a pretty good mood and was humming a tune with a weird melody. It felt great being a teacher since the look of reverence in Xiao Jingjing’s eyes gave him a sense of satisfaction.

There were many branches in the TCM field, each representing their own style. The Medicine King Valley’s headquarters wasn’t like those in novels, located in the valley. It was a building situated in Huaibei Province He City’s business district area.

The TCM branches were no longer hidden; they had infiltrated the city and established their businesses to revitalise the TCM culture.

Xu Tiande, who was also known as the Medicine King, sat on a spacious office desk with coldness in his eyes, speaking to his eldest disciple, Bai Fan, “How is it going?”

Without any emotions, Bai Fan replied, “The Poisonous Widow has laid out a trap, it’s impossible for us to get close to the target. We have already withdrawn.”

Xu Tiande gently knocked his finger on the desk. He wasn’t too concerned with Nie Yaozhong, but Nie Haipo had supported the Medicine King Valley with tens of millions annually, which held great significance to their survival and development!

He knitted his brows. It wasn't good news since it had implicated the Poisonous Widow. The Poisonous Widow was infamous with great power in her hands, and she wasn’t something that the Medicine King Valley could touch so easily. After a brief consideration, Xu Tiande continued, “Anything else?”

A cold light flashed in Bai Fan’s eyes as he lowered his voice, “According to what I know, Su Tao might leave Hanzhou for the Jiangnan TCM University’s tournament. This is good news for us.”

“Jiangnan TCM University’s tournament?” A smile appeared on the corner of Xu Tiande’s lips. “Isn’t your Third Junior Brother teaching there?”

Bai Fan nodded his head. “I will contact Hu Xiaofeng later and have him to take care of Su Tao a little.”

Xu Tiande acknowledge. He was assured with Bai Fan’s capability. After Bai Fan walked out of his office, he called the Medical Dao Sect’s Vice-Sect Master, Zhang Qingsong.

“Senior Brother Zhang, I wonder if my disciple, Nie Yaozhong can be saved?” Xu Tiandao asked with concern.

Shaking his head, Zhang Qingsong told the truth, “The Sect Master is dealing with it personally. But the culprit’s means are too vicious and complicated, and we don’t have any better idea for the time being. Naturally, the Sect Master will definitely have a solution with his high attainments in the medical field. At the same time, the Sect Master wanted me to inquire about the identity of the culprit. The culprit is definitely from the medical field, why such vicious means?”

Xu Tiande did not bother to hide as he sighed, “The culprit is Su Tao, a new subordinate of Yan Jing and has an inherited pharmacy in Hanzhou, Three Flavour Hall.”

When Xu Tiande saw Yan Jing protecting Su Tao, he had subconsciously considered him as her subordinate.

“The Poisonous Widow?” Zhang Qingsong naturally heard of the Poisonous Widow’s fame. His brows knitted and sighed, “He stepped on the wrong path. With his medical skills, if he is righteous, many people can be cured of their illnesses. What a pity!”

Xu Tiande responded, “He is preparing to bring his disciples to participate in Jiangnan TCM University’s tournament.”

“Oh?” Zhang Qingsong’s voice went solemn, “I will contact my Junior Brother, Wang Guofeng later. He is the Vice-Principal of the Jiangnan TCM University’s tournament, and he can investigate that Su Tao.”

With a light smile, Xu Tiande suggested, “Senior Brother Zhang, his disciples are participating in the tournament. I feel that we should disqualify them immediately. What disciples can he bring out with that character of his?”

“If there is a problem with his character, we will surely not allow him to become a tumour and bring harm to our community.” Zhang Qingsong knitted his brows.

Seeing that Zhang Qingsong was willing to help, Xu Tiande felt relieved, so he changes the topic, “How is the Medical Dao Sect preparing for the upcoming Physician King Tournament? The Medical Dao Sect is a model of the TCM field, the Medical Dao Sect never allowed Junior Brother Guofeng to participate in the Physician King Tournament for the past few years. I wonder what the decision for this year is? Although everyone acknowledges Junior Brother Guofeng’s medical skills and is treated as the youngest Physician King, it’s still better to possess the official title!”

Zhang Qingsong smiled, “Guofeng is a low-profile person, he doesn’t like this kind of venue. I will talk to him, but even if he is not willing to participate, I will arrange someone capable to participate as well.”

“If Guofeng is willing to participate, I fear that it will shake the entire country greatly. The Great Compassion Gate, Aqua Cloud Stream and the rest will surely send out their best.” Xu Tiande said.

Zhang Qingfeng was stunned as he shortly replied, “I understand.”

As the leader among the TCM branches, the Medical Dao Sect had maintained their outstanding performance in all the tournaments. So if the new leading figure lost in the tournament, it would definitely, significantly damage the position of their branch.

Wang Guofeng never participated in the tournament because there hadn’t been any qualified opponents. If the other branches were to send out their best, then the Medical Dao Sect would have a reason to send out Wang Guofeng as well.

After chatting with Xu Tiande for a while more, Zhang Qingsong hung up the phone.

Xu Tiande clearly showed his support for the Medical Dao Sect to obtain the champion title. In terms of foundation, the Medical King Valley wasn’t any weaker than the other branches. It’s just that Xu Tiande had been focusing on expanding the business, resulting in the weakening of their skills.

As one of the main hosts, the Medicine King Valley cooperated with Nie Family in this event. They were also responsible for inviting judges to the tournament, so there’s a high chance of Medical Dao Sect’s winning if the Medicine King Valley supported them.

Except Xu Tiande was a cunning fox, no one knew if he would leak the information or give promises to the other branches.

After ten-odd days of special training, the three of them had lost some weight. At the same time, their confidence grew, and Su Tao’s hard work wasn’t in vain.

The four of them arrived in the Hanzhou Branch University. Tong Mengchu had already been waiting there for a long time before he pulled Su Tao to the side and sighed, “Physician Su, we are depending on you for this Hanzhou Branch to pass this test. Although the performance of those students is great, we’re still too lacking when compared to the other branches. So I was thinking to let you go up. We might be cheating, but it’s of great importance that we can keep the signboard!”

Su Tao shook his head. “Principal Tong, cheating can only delay, and even if I participated, there would be a day when the truth comes out. The disciplinary department isn’t for show. Furthermore, the Hanzhou Branch can only continue to last if the students are strong.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Tong Mengchu knew that Su Tao wasn’t willing to help. Despite cursing incessantly in his heart, he still put up a façade on his face and agreed, “You’re right. Forget it since you’re not willing to help.”

On the other hand, Tong Mengchu felt that Su Tao wasn’t giving him any face, wasting all of his efforts. Thus, he could not be bothered with Su Tao any longer.

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