Chapter 396 - A Wall Apart

“Of course I am, and I won’t charge you any fees!” Su Tao smiled.

“What is it got to do with fees?” Yan Jing was baffled.

“As a physician, listening is also considered a form of service.” Su Tao said as he started cooking up stories, “Psychological treatment is also part of a physician’s work as some illnesses originate from psychology. If you don’t adjust yourself well, you might even suffer insomnia, loss of appetite, night sweating, and anxiety…”

A complicated smile crept up on Yan Jing’s lips as she replied, “You’re truly terrifying. I feel that there are no secrets that can be hidden from you.”

Su Tao was right on. Yan Jing has been relying on sleeping pills recently for sleep. As for her diet, she practically had no appetite these days. However, she didn’t have any symptoms of the following examples for the time being.

“Go on. I’m listening!” Su Tao crossed his hands together as he looked at Yan Jing.

In many people’s view, Yan Jing was a powerful and formidable woman. But he was familiar with her, and he knew that she wasn’t much different from ordinary people. It was just that she had a stronger character and was more decisive in making decisions when compared to others.

“Hua Yan’s grandparents sent news over that they want to take Hua Yan back!” Yan Jing sighed. “My husband was their only son. Although Hua Yan is a girl, her grandfather hopes for her return to inherit the family line.”

At this moment, Su Tao knew why Yan Jing was feeling uneasy, so he commented, “Seems like your husband’s family is pretty powerful!”

After all, how could Yan Jing feel so troubled if they were just ordinary people?

Nodding her head, Yan Jing sighed, “Their family did not agree to our marriage, so my husband broke off all relations with the family to come out. After my husband died, they broke off all connection with me. But I never expected that they would contact me now.”

As Su Tao tapped his finger on the table, he said, “Even if you guys go through the legal procedure, the court will undoubtedly grant custody to her mother. You’re her mother, and you naturally have the right to raise her.”

While weakly shaking her head, bitterness flashed in Yan Jing’s eyes. “Hua Yan’s grandfather is a formidable figure!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned by those words. Even if Yan Jing has reached a high spot in China, there’s always someone more powerful than her. That meant that Hua Yan’s grandfather must be standing at the top of the pyramid and can create waves with his finger.

Hence, Yan Jing wasn’t confident in obtaining the custody of Hua Yan if this matter really goes through court.

Looking at Yan Jing’s face, Su Tao held her hand and comforted, “Everything will be alright! Hua Yan won’t leave you anytime soon, and if someone really comes up to the door, I will face it together with you.”

Raising her head, Yan Jing looked at Su Tao’s face before she slowly withdrew her hand. “Thank you for your comforting words. I’m used to facing all the difficulties by myself after all these years, and I just wanted someone to talk to.”

Waving his arm, Su Tao solemnly replied, “No way. You’ve helped me so much, and I must help you in this matter. Give me the information of Hua Yan’s grandfather, and let me try to resolve this matter for you.”

His words left Yan Jing briefly stunned. She knew that Su Tao was serious about it. However, she shook her head. “No need, I will deal with this matter myself.”

Su Tao sighed. He understood Yan Jing’s current feelings.

She felt apologetic for her husband’s family, since it was because of her that her husband would break off all relations with his family, and her husband’s death was also surely related to her. Hence, she must be trying to make it up to her husband’s family.

However, Hua Yan was her only Achilles heel, so how could she let Hua Yan leave her?

This was the reason why Yan Jing was in a dilemma!

After a brief consideration, Su Tao suggested, “How about trying to talk things out with Hua Yan’s grandparents? If it can be resolved, it’s definitely beneficial to Hua Yan since she will have more relatives.”

“Absolutely impossible!” Yan Jing bitterly smiled. “Even if I’m willing to forgive them for what they did to me, they won’t accept me. The moment I send Hua Yan back, I can only dream of seeing her any more in my lifetime.”

Knowing that the story cannot be explained in a few words, Su Tao had no other ideas at the moment and kept his silence.

At this moment, Yan Jing’s feelings were terrible, which she drank more. As she drank, a rosy blush gradually crept up on her cheeks and permeated with gorgeous charm.

It was easy for someone to be drunk if they’re in a terrible mood, which Yan Jing felt a little tipsy before she knew it.

Seeing that she still wanted to drink, Su Tao immediately held onto her hand. Yan Jing smiled as she pleaded, “One more glass!”

“Alright, I’ll pour it for you!” Su Tao then proceeded to pour into Yan Jing’s glass.

But after Yan Jing took a sip, she immediately spat it all out. Although Su Tao reacted swiftly, he was still struck by it.

Wiping his face, he subconsciously smelled it and pondered about the unusual smell. After that, he slammed his hand on the table and pretended to snap, “What are you doing?”

Pouring the content of the glass out onto the floor, Yan Jing charmingly smiled, “You dare to trick me with water, do you think that I’m so easy to fool? I’ll give you another chance!”

Seeing that his trick was exposed, Yan Jing didn’t seem that drunk, she still had her sense of taste.

Hence, he could only pour the alcohol into her glass. This time, Yan Jing’s lips rose when she took a sip, which Su Tao was startled before he immediately turned around. But after a gulping sound, Yan Jing swallowed down the alcohol and smiled. “It’s the right taste this time, so I won’t spit it out on you anymore!”

Su Tao was left in a mess by Yan Jing. Under the work of alcohol, Yan Jing returned to her former self, to that bewitching Venomous Widow when he first met her!

After drinking a few more cups, Yan Jing did not forget to force Su Tao to drink along with her, which Su Tao could only helplessly drink.

All of a sudden, Yan Jing stood up with the glass in her hand and made an elegant spin before sitting on a silver swing. Her legs crossed together with her waist swaying back and forth, which moved the swing along from the momentum. Under the influence of alcohol, Yan Jing was truly ever-changing. At that moment, she had turned into an innocent girl.

“Come!” Yan Jing hooked her finger in Su Tao’s direction.

Taking his cup, Su Tao went over. When he looked at her fair neck, he had a drip of sweat flowing down his nose as he asked, “Are you ready?”

“Quick, stop being long-winded!” Although Yan Jing was under the influence of alcohol, her words were still clear and audible.

Su Tao proceeded to place his hand on her shoulder. But because she didn’t wear much when she’s at home, there was a protruded sensation on his hand, which he guessed that it must be the strap of her bra. Although he could hold his alcohol well, his body became excited under the stimulation of alcohol and he felt his breathing turning heavy.

“Here!” Su Tao barked as he pushed.

Yan Jing felt her body soaring into the air before she held onto the edge of the swing with one hand, while the other hand that was holding onto the glass became unstable.

“What luck!” Su Tao bitterly smiled and sighed. He initially wanted to prank Yan Jing, but his prank turned around and bit him. The content in the glass scattered in his direction from his hair down to his chest.

“You did this on purpose, right?” Su Tao glared at Yan Jing.

Holding back her laughter, Yan Jing said with great difficulty, “I’m sorry, but you pushed a little too hard, and I lost grip of the glass. It’s all your fault, why did you push me so hard!”

While feeling the stickiness in his hair, his clothes were reeking of alcohol. He sighed, “I have to take a shower!”

Nodding her head, Yan Jing said, “I’ll give you a change of clothes.”

Su Tao’s robes were all custom-tailored by Yan Jing’s team, so it wasn’t surprising for her to have his clothes in her house.

As Su Tao entered the bathroom, he turned on the tap and water sprinkled down. At this moment, Yan Jing came in and placed the new clothes by the basin. “Since you’ve showered, sleep here tonight.”

Su Tao’s back was facing Yan Jing, so he immediately turned around to look at Yan Jing’s expression and analysed if there were any special hints. However, the door was already closed, and only her hazy silhouette could be seen.

After taking a shower, he felt more comfortable and sober.

When he finished, he started guessing which towel was used by Yan Jing. But after a brief consideration, he ultimately chose the towel that looked newer and wiped his body.

By the time he came out from the bathroom, a door was open nearby. When he walked over, he saw Yan Jing making milk. Her tender right hand was holding onto a silver spoon as she stirred it in the cup that emanated an aromatic fragrance.

“Why are you standing over there like a fool? Drink a cup of milk and make your stomach more comfortable!” Yan Jing had already changed into her nightgown. The silky material reflected a silvery light. Her hair was draped over her shoulders and flowed down her curves.

“How aromatic, it’s really nice!” Su Tao walked over and took the cup over before taking two big gulps while glancing at Yan Jing’s bosom.

However, Yan Jing rolled her eyes. “Childish!”

Su Tao immediately retracted his gaze and placed down the cup down then licked his lips before explaining, “It’s a natural reaction!”

As an arc rose on Yan Jing’s lips, she pushed Su Tao away and walked out. “You’re sleeping in the room on the far right on the second floor. I’ve already asked the housekeeper to prepare it for you!”

“Then, we’re just a wall apart?” Su Tao smiled.

Rolling her eyes again, Yan Jing replied, “Yeah. Don’t worry. Someone will visit you tonight!”

Su Tao pretended to be righteous as he waved his hand. “I won’t give anyone the chance to take advantage of me!”

When he returned to the room, he first briefly glanced at the beige curtain before using his hand to pinch on the leaf of a potted flower that was placed near the wall. Taking a deep breath, he gently closed the door. But after flipping around on his bed, he came down and opened a small seam at the door.

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