Chapter 394 - Fermented Nuerhong Wine

Everyone has their own secrets, and the reason why Su Tao did not share it with anyone was that it wasn’t exactly a glorious past.

Since it wasn’t pleasant, why not toss it to the back of his mind and start a new life?

While he was studying Song Sichen’s medical notes, Yan Jing called and invited him to dinner, in which he agreed since it has been a long time since he last saw Hua Yan.

Su Tao was genuinely fond of Hua Yan, and this could be considered as loving the house, love its crow.

Making a stop by a supermarket, Su Tao picked up two sets of toys. He bought a set of dolls and a set of mermaid. It was pretty much common knowledge that girls are fonder of cute dolls, while boys are fonder of weaponry toys, a discrepancy caused by physiology. For a girl like Hua Yan, these two toys are extremely attractive for her, and it was also suitable for a girl’s nature.

After making the purchases, Su Tao drove to the Golden Bay. When he arrived, Hua Yan was waiting outside the door. When Su Tao got out of the vehicle and retrieved the toys from the front-passenger seat, Hua Yan’s eyes sparkled as she ran in the direction of Su Tao.

Since it was still drizzling, the ground was slippery so she slipped and fell on the ground from her frantic running. However, she soon got up on her feet and brushed her knees before smiling at Su Tao.

Letting out a complicated sigh, Su Tao felt heartache for her fall, but at the same time, he was also gratified by Hua Yan’s improvements.

Bending down, Su Tao picked Hua Yan up and saddled her on his shoulders. Receiving the toy’s packaging from Su Tao, Hua Yan incessantly chuckled with her tender legs swinging around before Su Tao. Deep in his heart, Su Tao felt that the hearts of girls were really pure since they would openly display their feelings.

When Yan Jing heard the commotion outside, she came out of the villa. Looking at her, Su Tao was briefly stunned as the infamous Venomous Widow of Huainan Province was actually wearing a cartoon apron!

Her hair was draped over her shoulders with a faint tint of a healthy rose colour on her cheeks. Despite the apron wrapping around her body, it couldn’t conceal her outstanding figure.

She was like a fermented Nuerhong Wine, which left a rich aftertaste due to her past experiences.

“She doesn’t like any toys at home!” Yan Jing helplessly sighed and even felt a little depressed. To win over her daughter, she created a room filled with all sorts of toys. However, Hua Yan wasn’t too interested in them, but she was so easily captivated by the two toys that Su Tao bought.

Seeing the reliance that her daughter had for Su Tao, Yan Jing felt gratified and helpless at the same time.

“That depends on the person, am I right, Hua Yan?” Su Tao smiled.

Hua Yan went along with it as she waved the toys in the direction of Yan Jing, which the latter sourly rolled her eyes and returned to the kitchen. “I’m personally cooking today!”

Taking another glance at Yan Jing’s silhouette, Su Tao felt warm in his heart. Not only has Hua Yan changed, but even Yan Jing has also changed.

In the past, Yan Jing lived in hatred, so she was ruthless and vicious when handling matters.

But with Hua Yan entering her life, her motherly love returned. Although she was still ruthless and vicious, there was occasionally a touch of human warmth.

If it was in the past, Yan Jing wouldn’t have dealt with Xu Rui so gently.

Arriving at the living room, Hua Yan excitedly tore open the packaging and stripped the clothes off the doll.

But soon after, she was stunned since she has no idea how to put the clothes back on. Hence, she could only look at Su Tao with puppy eyes to seek his help.

Su Tao did not help her directly but slowly guided her, which Hua Yan ultimately put the clothes back on the barbie doll. Although there were a few sections that seemed awkward, Hua Yan felt satisfied as she removed the clothes once more before dressing the doll again.

Stripping and dressing the doll, Hua Yan was engrossed in the joy of it.

For kids, their happiness was that simple.

When it was time for dinner, Yan Jing’s best friend, Qin Meimei, came over. When she saw Su Tao here as well, she feigned awkwardness as she covered her mouth in astonishment. “Oops, if I knew that you’re here, then I wouldn’t have come to disrupt your happiness!”

Rolling her eyes, Yan Jing laughed, “But you didn’t seem to sound that way through the phone. When you heard that Su Tao was coming, you immediately insisted on coming over as well!”

With a gentle snort, Qin Meimei removed her coat, revealing her low-collared woolen shirt and pantingly said, “So what? Are you going to throw me out? I’m all alone now, and I can’t stand others being lovey-dovey the most!”

Yan Jing was teased as her shoulders trembled from her laughter, “Why don’t you go and find new love? There are so many opportunities in Aqua Brook, and I’m sure you can find someone suitable for you.”

Turning to Hua Yan, Qin Meimei nudged her lips and snorted, “Is this how you educate children?”

Her words left Yan Jing briefly stunned before she kept her mouth shut.

Yan Jing was no longer the same as she was when Su Tao met her for the first time. Before her daughter, Yan Jing was a gentle mother who paid attention to her speech and actions since she knew that children learn from adults.

Looking at Qin Meimei and Yan Jing arguing, Su Tao knew that he couldn’t join this matter, or he would become the common target. Hence, he could only whisper to Hua Yan while occasionally putting vegetables into her bowl.

As she looked at those vegetables, Hua Yan hesitated and knitted her brows before shoving a few of them into her mouth before looking at Su Tao with puppy eyes.

But in response to her reaction, Su Tao’s expression turned solemn, which Hua Yan could only swallow those vegetables down.

Qin Meimei watched the whole scene and sighed, “I never expected that Su Tao would have such a technique at dealing with kids!”

Letting out a gentle sigh, Yan Jing shared, “Hua Yan doesn’t like to eat vegetables normally, and I’m also having a headache about this issue. So how did you get her to eat them?”

Su Tao smiled. “I naturally have my own ways. I told her that if she doesn’t eat any vegetables, she will turn into an ugly duck in the future!”

“So easily?” Yan Jing smiled wryly after a brief stun.

“You’re too soft on Hua Yan. Although you’ve regained her after losing her, you still have to teach her well.” Su Tao patiently pointed out.

When Hua Yan heard Su Tao’s words, she suddenly raised her head and glared at Su Tao before letting out a snort.

Her response made Su Tao smile as Hua Yan’s ego was stronger than he had imagined, based on how easily she became angry with a tactful criticism.

Crawling up from the chair, Hua Yan no longer cared about Su Tao. Seeing her tantrum, Su Tao smiled and gave an eye signal to Yan Jing to not bother about Hua Yan.

Hua Yan was, after all, a little girl. So how could she win against adults? Hence, she would secretly peek at Su Tao, wanting to get comfort from him. However, Su Tao purposely toughened his heart and didn’t look at her.

After their meal, Su Tao quietly sneaked behind Hua Yan before suddenly picking her up and spun her in the air. In the beginning, Hua Yan was startled, but after realising that Su Tao was messing with her, she started chuckling.

Seeing how Hua Yan and Su Tao played on the side, a gentle smile hung on Yan Jing’s lips.

Sensing her changes, Qin Meimei pursed her lips together. “Shit, you fell for him.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Yan Jing glared at her.

“We’ve all been through that phase, so you don’t have to be shy!” Qin Meimei took a deep breath. “It’s good having someone you like. I already have no idea how that feels anymore!”

After a brief pondering, Yan Jing analysed, “It seems like that tycoon hurt you too deeply.”

Wearing a sad expression, Qin Meimei gently sighed, “I have no idea when, but I actually don’t feel that hurt breaking up with him. Perhaps I’ve already lost feelings for him long ago.”

“If you don’t have any feelings for him, why would you persevere for so many years?” Yan Jing exposed.

“When we broke up, I came to understand that what I loved from the beginning was his talent. I felt that he was warm, gentlemanly, and understanding. But after that, I came to love his money more.” As if she was encouraging herself, Qin Meimei said in determination, “In the future, I can’t live with that much greed for money anymore!”

However, Yan Jing knew that Qin Meimei was bullshitting. She had deep feelings for that tycoon. Li Yede was a cunning expert in romance, who had been using love to hold onto Qin Meimei.

Women tend to have a unique feeling for the man that took their virginity. Even if Li Yede was cunning in how he obtained Qin Meimei’s virginity, Qin Meimei still waited so many years for him.

With Su Tao playing with Hua Yan, Yan Jing and Qin Meimei took some alcohol and went up to the balcony to chat.

The two of them were initially just partners, but ever since Qin Meimei broke up with Li Yede, the two’s relationship got closer and progressed in the direction of best friends. At the same time, Qin Meimei looked for Yan Jing to drink more often as well.

If it was in the past, where Yan Jing was a thorny rose, she definitely wouldn’t allow Qin Meimei to get too close to her. But ever since her daughter returned, the two’s relationship got better.

After Hua Yan was exhausted, she actually fell asleep in Su Tao’s embrace, which he carried her to her room and put blankets on her.

When he came to the balcony, Su Tao was briefly stunned. It had only been half an hour, but the two of them had drunk a little too much and were indolently sitting at the table. Under the hazy lights on the balcony, the two of them created a gorgeous scene.

Although the two of them sat together, Yan Jing seemed more outstanding in terms of appearance with her exquisite nose bridge and ample figure. On the other hand, Qin Meimei was skinny, but her facial features were more seductive. She had thick makeup on, and her every action would permeate charm.

While silently admiring the two of them, Su Tao couldn’t help having his heart ripple.

“Little Su, come and drink!” Qin Meimei bewitchingly looked over and licked her rosy lips.

“Aren’t the two of you drinking a little too much?” Su Tao furrowed his brows together and refused, “Don’t drink too much; it’s not good for women to touch alcohol often as it will cause premature aging!”

“Nonsense!” Qin Meimei stood up and walked over. But due to the intoxication of alcohol, she was staggering her way and practically pounced on Su Tao. “Yan Jing, come and help me. This fellow is too heavy, and I can’t drag him!”

Feeling that the sensation of Qin Meimei’s hands wandering on his body felt ticklish, Su Tao couldn’t hold back his smile. “Are you dragging me here? You’re clearly just wrapping yourself around me!”

“Stinking brat, you actually dared to take advantage of me?” Qin Meimei’s interest rose as she started framing him.

Standing to the side, Yan Jing gently took a sip on the wine with a gentle smile. It was as if she enjoyed the scene of Qin Meimei teasing Su Tao.

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