Chapter 392 - Law of Survival

Even if Su Tao wanted to leave, he had to do it uniquely.

Many people chose to leave after experiencing all sorts of isolation and suppression. However, they weren't genuinely free since their competitors would only mock them.

On the other hand, the strong should prove his ability before firing his boss, which was genuinely being free.

Su Tao could tell that Wang Hong had an opinion about him, so he used a unique way of leaving by proving his own worth before resigning. This made Wang Hong realise that he had lost a reliable doctor.

Even if Jianghuai Hospital was now constructing the TCM Building and welcomed the spring of the TCM industry, Su Tao’s departure was undoubtedly a significant loss for the hospital.

Letting out a sigh, Wang Hong could only feel regret for his moment of impulse.

The door was knocked and Qin Ming entered with joy on his face. “President Wang, we’re found a loophole in Su Tao’s treatment!”

“What loophole?” Wang Hong solemnly asked with his brows locked together.

Qin Ming immediately, pridefully, said, “Earlier, Su Tao only had a verbal conversation with the patient’s parents without any signature consent. When Su Tao used the three-edged needle and stitches, it was already considered a surgery. I believe that if we cut in from this loophole, we can hold onto the fact that Su Tao failed to go through the procedure and punish him!”

Seeing how excited Qin Ming was, as if his scheme worked, Wang Hong felt disgusted. He initially felt that Qin Ming was young, and he might be able to make an achievement in Western Medicine. But today, Wang Hong realised that this fellow was just a petty-minded scoundrel.

Waving his hand, Wang Hong unhappily said, “The patient has already been treated, so this matter is done and over with.”

But Qin Ming had finally grasped onto a method to suppress Su Tao, so how could he be willing to let it go? Hence, he continued to persuade, “President Wang, Su Tao might be talented, but he is an arrogant and untamable horse. Not only is he arrogant, he might even cause trouble in the future! So you can’t afford to be soft-hearted!”

Finally, Wang Hong couldn’t hold it back anymore and smacked on the table, causing the documents to fly in the air as he bellowed, “Qin Ming, you’ve greatly disappointed me. I never expected that you would be a scoundrel who plays with schemes. Su Tao has already resigned, and you will be suspended from all your duties starting tomorrow to take a period of rest. Come back whenever you can become a proper person.”

It was fine if Qin Ming did not come to look for him and talk about dealing with Su Tao. But at this moment, he outsmarted himself and courted humiliation.

At this moment, Wang Hong finally figured it out. Qin Ming entirely influenced his malice for Su Tao.

Just think about it, how could he not be influenced with Qin Ming bad-mouthing about Su Tao by his ears all the time?

Wang Hong had always been fair and impartial, but he had been blinded when it came to Su Tao. In ancient times, it was akin to how a treacherous court official was deceiving the emperor.

With his eyes widened, Qin Ming looked at Wang Hong in astonishment.

Wang Hong always had a mild temper, and Qin Ming had never seen the former so furious.

Thinking that Wang Hong wasn’t in a good mood at this moment, he decided to leave the talk for the future and turned around, wanting to leave.

“Stop!” Wang Hong called out to Qin Ming and continued, “Furthermore, Cao Qiang is no longer suitable to be the Neurology Department’s Head. I will re-select a new Department Head, so you can pass him my words!”

After a brief stun, Qin Ming did not turn back and left.

He knew that he was finished, at least while Wang Hong was the president here. It’s all Su Tao’s fault. If he hadn’t treated the Brain Stem Hemorrhage, Wang Hong wouldn’t look at the latter in a new light and kick Qin Ming out from the management of the hospital.

Despite making the decision to leave Jianghuai Hospital, Su Tao still felt empty in his heart. Just a few months ago, he received respect and applause here.

After taking a spin in the TCM Department, there were still posters of himself stuck on the wall. Although he did not stay here for a long time, he still had feelings for this place. When they found out about his departure, Zhang Chao and the rest had disappointment and regret in their eyes.

After bidding his farewell to everyone, Zhang Chao sent Su Tao to the entrance before suddenly holding onto the latter. “Vice-President Su, I have a thought. Why don’t I resign and work for you?”

Zhang Chao’s medical skills were decent, and he was considered well-rounded in TCM, especially in gynecology. So it’s a piece of good news if he’s willing to join the Three Flavour Hall.

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “The construction of the Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Building will soon begin. You don’t want your office in the new building anymore?”

With a brief hesitation, Zhang Chao ultimately, decisively, made up his mind, “Even if the construction is good, it’s just an empty shell without any talents.”

Patting on Zhang Chao’s shoulder gently, Su Tao said, “Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department needs you, so you can’t leave! You can look for me anytime if you have any problems since I will always be your friend. Furthermore, I’ve recommended you to President Wang, in which he will make you responsible for the TCM Building’s project. So if you leave, who will bear it?”

After a brief stun, a smile crept on Zhang Chao’s lips as he gratefully said, “Vice-President Su, thank you so much!”

“Just call me Little Su in the future!” Su Tao smiled.

“How can I possibly call you that?” After a brief pondering, Zhang Chao suggested, “I’ll call you Physician Su, then.”

Su Tao had a significant influence on Zhang Chao, who was second compared to the help given to him by Tang Nanzheng. If it wasn’t for Tang Nanzheng, Zhang Chao would never have decided to change from Western Medicine to TCM, and if it wasn’t for Su Tao, Zhang Chao wouldn’t have such perseverance in TCM. Aside from seeing TCM as a tool to make a living, he also treated it as his dream and conviction.

When Su Tao drove out of Jianghuai Hospital in his Volkswagen CC, he saw Xu Rui, who was driving in. Xu Rui had also seen Su Tao, and he was briefly stunned. Just when he wanted to greet him, Su Tao had already driven out with the vehicle.

Evidently, Xu Rui was still in the dark about who his son had provoked and who saved the child that was injured by his son.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao gave Yan Jing a call and revealed to her the entire story behind the street food stall.

Xu Rui was busy for half a day, gathering ¥300,000, which he wanted to give to the hospital first for the time being and send the rest over at a later date.

When he asked about Fu Yuxuan’s condition, he instantly burst out in joy. The child was no longer in a critical condition. Didn’t that mean that his son would obtain a lighter sentence?

After a brief pondering, he decided against giving the ¥300,000 to the hospital. Instead, he would use it to appease Fu Yuxuan’s parents into a settlement.

When he saw Fu Hongge, who returned with a kettle, Xu Rui immediately smiled. “I heard that Yuxuan has woken up?”

However, Fu Hongge had hostility in his eyes and raged, “Get lost, you’re not welcomed here!”

Thickening his face, Xu Rui smiled. “Don’t be in such a rush to chase me away. I’m here to have a settlement with you guys. As long as you guys don’t pursue the responsibility of my son, I’m willing to give you guys a large sum as compensation!”

When he finished, he opened his bag and revealed a whole stack of cash. He was confident of the couple agreeing to a settlement with this temptation.

“I’m sorry, but we refuse!” Fu Hongge solemnly said. “I won’t treat the life of my son as a tool. Furthermore, your son is scum, and I will surely put him behind bars! Otherwise, he will harm others!”

After receiving such a humiliating insult from Fu Hongge, Xu Rui’s rage grew as he pointed at the former. “Just you guys wait!”

Fu Hongge responded by opening the kettle and appeared to be ready to pour it all on Xu Rui. The latter was startled and he knew that the talk couldn't continue today, so he could only try another time again.

After Xu Rui left, Fu Hongge furiously snorted. His son’s survival was purely a miracle, and he definitely couldn’t forgive the damage that Xu Ran has committed to his family.

Locking his brows together, Xu Rui was about to immediately leave. But at this moment, the lift’s doors opened and two men in suits walked out.

Xu Rui immediately felt his scalp going numb by instinct before he immediately retreated, the two men in black followed after him. Hence, Xu Rui could only go through the safety exit and flee down the stairs.

But when he went down a floor, he suddenly stopped. He could hear footsteps coming from below. He immediately looked out through the rails and was shocked to see two other men walking up in his direction.

Being sandwiched back and forth, Xu Rui ultimately gave up on fleeing and stood still.

After he was restrained, he was dragged back to the initial floor and saw a woman, whom he immediately recognised. “Secretary Geng, why are you after me?”

Geng Hong adjusted her black-framed spectacles and smiled, “Chairman Xu, we meet again. But this time, I’m here to settle a debt on behalf of Director Yan’s relatives!”

“Director Yan’s relatives?” Xu Rui was instantly baffled.

“Fu Hongge is a distant relative of Director Yan. Your son injured his son yesterday, so shouldn’t we deal with this debt?” As Geng Hong spoke, she snapped her fingers.

The men standing beside Xu Rui instantly made their move and threw a jab at Xu Rui’s lower abdomen.

Suffering a blow, Xu Rui vomited the acidic content in his stomach while kneeling on the ground.

After indifferently glancing at Xu Rui, Geng Hong said, “Give Fu Hongge’s family the compensation that they deserve! Furthermore, remove your company from Hanzhou City and never to appear here ever again!”

“I have ¥300,000 in my bag, but they weren’t willing to accept it!” Xu Rui painfully said as he laid on the ground.

Bending down, Geng Hong unzipped the bag and said, “Not enough! Another ¥200,000 within the next ten days!”

“Roger!” Xu Rui immediately nodded his head, and at the same time, he felt helpless about his son for provoking Yan Jing.

When Geng Hong came to the ward, she handed the bag that contained the ¥300,000 to Fu Hongge. When the latter heard that the money was something that Su Tao wanted them to have, he accepted the money in the end and felt grateful for Su Tao.

After Geng Hong left, only then did Xu Rui slowly get up from the ground. After adjusting his clothes and hair, he looked at Fu Hongge’s family with a complicated view before he immediately left.

That was the law of survival, where the strong preys on the weak. 

At this moment, Xu Rui wanted to move his company out from Hanzhou City as soon as possible. It was no longer possible for him to stay here!

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