Chapter 391 - A Monster

At the circular region marked by the fire cup, Su Tao used the three-edged needle to open a cross-wound and black-colored blood endlessly flowed out, dying the entire operation table.

When the spectators saw this scene from outside the operation room, they were startled with fear in their eyes.

“This is murder! Quick, we have to stop him!” Cao Qiang hollered.

But knowing that Cao Qiang was trying to manipulate the atmosphere, Wang Hong forcefully waved his hand and deeply roared, “Silence!”

Hence, Cao Qiang could only shut his mouth.

Qin Ming was depressed. He knew that Wang Hong’s eyesight was formidable. Although the scene was a little horrifying, it paled in comparison to an actual surgery.

At this moment, Qin Ming gradually saw through the treatment. Although Su Tao was using the Meridian-Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique, it had the same effect as Western Medicine’s surgery.

It’s just that, for the surgery, doctors were required to open the skull before looking for the injury to work.

However, Su Tao has miraculously achieved the same effect through the Meridian-Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique.

Then again, it was still a challenging procedure since not every physician could accomplish this feat. After all, not many people could accurately determine the patient’s condition.

Su Tao was familiar with acupoints and meridians, which was the reason why he managed to find the exact location to use the medicinal fumigation to treat the internal bleeding before using the suction force to round the blood at a location. The final procedure was the most crucial step since it required using the three-edged needle to open a wound and let the blood out.

A few minutes later, the black-colored blood slowly turned red and the amount also started to decrease. Watching this scene, Su Tao sighed in relief. The treatment was viable, as he had expected.

After waiting for the blood to stop, Su Tao did not end his treatment. He took the commonly used stitching needles for operation in western medicine.

This scene left Qin Ming in astonishment, before he pondered whether Su Tao was going to stitch up the wound.

Stitching was the foundation of all Western Medicine surgery, and ordinary surgeons had to practice for at least seven to eight years before they became proficient with it.

But at this moment, the stitching needle was agile as it danced in Su Tao’s hand.

There was generally less fat on the scalp, and it also meant greater difficulty in stitching. But every single one of Su Tao’s movements were exquisite, giving off the misconception that he was performing an embroidery.

“Butterfly stitches!” Wang Hong praised.

Qin Ming knew that Wang Hong’s words were directed at him, which was meant to remind him that Su Tao was familiar with operations.

Butterfly stitches was an entirely new technique in surgery. The needle danced in and out of the skin. After the stitching was completed, the suture would not be seen on the wound except for a needle hole, and if it was seen from the side, the wound would look like a pair of butterfly wings.

If it was in a location with more fat, Qin Ming was confident that he could achieve it. But Su Tao has done it on the head, which didn’t have much fat, so not even Qin Ming was absolutely confident in performing it.

Most importantly, while the butterfly stitches was decisive and straightforward, it required a long time. However, Su Tao has completed the stitching in just five minutes!

This left every doctor present here shocked, especially Cao Qiang. His mouth was widened and couldn’t utter a single word at this moment.

Everyone has underestimated Su Tao, and his skills in butterfly stitching was something that required a long time to refine.

When Su Tao was using the Meridian-Stimulating Fire Cupping Technique earlier, the doctors here couldn’t tell much about it. But the butterfly stitching was something that every surgeon knew.

For a surgeon, their foundation lies in cutting, stopping the bleeding, tie a knot, and stitching, in which cutting and stitching was the most critical factor that determined an outstanding surgeon.

The casual stitching skill that Su Tao performed has already surpassed 99% of the surgeons out there!

Looking at it from another angle, Su Tao’s final performance was a resounding slap to all the spectating surgeons!

Qin Ming fell into silence at this moment. He knew that any more words were futile.

Su Tao was simply a monster. Not only was he proficient in TCM, but he also had a deep understanding of Western Medicine as well.

Glancing at Qin Ming, Wang Hong gently shook his head. He noticed that the former wasn’t on the same level as Su Tao. Qin Ming still needed to readjust his mindset, and a talent like Su Tao had to be kept here for the future development of the hospital!

At this moment, the operation room’s door slowly opened. The entire treatment only took twenty-five minutes, which ended five minutes earlier than expected.

Zhang Chao immediately went up and asked, “How is it?”

“The patient should regain his consciousness within twenty minutes if things go as I’ve expected!” Su Tao gently replied.

Everyone present showed unusual expressions. They couldn’t believe Su Tao’s words.

Su Tao resolved a Brain Stem Hemorrhage with a fatality as high as 90% in less than half an hour?

Waving his hand, Wang Hong said, “Immediately perform a check-up on the patient’s vital stats. If the patient isn’t awake in twenty minutes, then the surgery will carry on.”

Cao Qiang immediately, impatiently rushed into the operation room and conducted all sorts of checkups on the patient. He wanted to find a problem with the patient, but apparatuses wouldn’t lie, and all vital signs were normal.

After receiving the outcome of the initial checkup, Wang Hong was relieved. Regardless of the internal conflict in the hospital, it’s a good thing that they managed to save a child who nearly died.

Turning to look at Su Tao, his tone softened, “Vice-President Su, I would like to invite you to my office for a while.”

Coincidentally, Su Tao also had something to talk about to Wang Hong. Although he had just undergone a high-leveled treatment and was exhausted, he still recollected himself and came to Wang Hong’s office.

As Wang Hong personally brewed a cup of tea for Su Tao, he pulled the curtain and apologised, “I have to apologise to you. My attitude wasn’t good to you in the beginning, and I even doubted your ability. Please, forgive me.”

Although Su Tao was unhappy with Wang Hong, he was filled with admiration for the latter’s breadth of mind at this moment. At the same time, he also knew why Di Shiyuan would promote him as the President.

With a faint smile, Su Tao replied, “President Wang, please don’t say that. If I was standing in your shoes, I would also not be able to stay calm with someone who has practically made no contribution to the hospital. Hence, I would like to talk about my resignation today!”

His words briefly startled Wang Hong, which the latter misunderstood that Su Tao was still holding a grudge. After all, it was understandable for a talent like Su Tao to have some arrogance.

Thus, he could only try and persuade, “It looks like you’re still unwilling to forgive me. Everyone else has seen your contribution to the hospital’s TCM Department, but we did not come in contact much previously, which created a misunderstanding between us.”

“My decision to resign from Jianghuai Hospital has nothing to do with today’s incident. In the past, I already felt that it wasn’t appropriate for me to promise Bureau Chief Di back then since I have a pharmacy to manage myself, and all my attention is focused there!” Su Tao smiled. “As the saying goes, I can’t possibly hold such an important position without contributing. The funds for the TCM Building have already been approved, and I believe that my mission is complete. But even if I’ve resigned from the hospital, there is still the partnership between the Three Flavour Hall and Jianghuai Hospital, and we can still interact and support each other to develop in the future!”

As someone experienced in management, Wang Hong could tell the resolution in Su Tao’s decision. Hence, he sighed, “I have to talk to Bureau Chief Di regarding this matter!”

Seeing that Wang Hong was still trying to persuade him, Su Tao smiled. “I believe that Bureau Chief Di will understand my difficulties!”

Immediately, Wang Hong made a call to Di Shiyuan and explained the matter. After a long silence, Di Shiyuan sighed, “Since Su Tao has already decided, then we can’t force him to do something unwillingly. Agree to his request, then; but he will still have to help if Jianghuai Hospital is facing any difficulties.”

Hearing Di Shiyuan’s words, Wang Hong bitterly smiled. After hanging up the phone, he repeated Di Shiyuan’s request.

Su Tao was right on with Di Shiyuan’s judgment, since he was no longer in the same position as before. As he slowly got familiar with work, his vision had also expanded. Right now, his responsibility was not only on the development of Jianghuai Hospital but a private company in Hanzhou City and a medical organisation.

He smiled. “Please be reassured, President Wang. Jianghuai Hospital has helped me in the past, and regardless of where I stand in the future, I will come whenever you need my help.”

Suddenly, the phone on the desk rang. After going through with the call, Wang Hong’s expression loosened up and smiled. “Just as you’ve expected, Fu Yuxuan has regained consciousness!”

He initially thought that Su Tao was trying to take advantage of the hospital and receive money. But after witnessing Su Tao’s ability, he came to realise that he had been petty.

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “His injuries are rather serious, so he has to stay in the hospital for now. I will give a prescription to Zhang Chao later for him to deal with the remaining work.”

Wang Hong was full of admiration for Su Tao’s meticulous thoughts. While his impression of Su Tao rose, he also felt respect for Di Shiyuan’s ability to recognise talents. However, he was still curious about a matter and asked, “How did you treat Fu Yuxuan’s Brain Stem Hemorrhage? Can other physicians in the TCM Department use this?”

With a smile creeping on his lips, Su Tao knew what Wang Hong was trying to say. Seeing that he was about to leave, Wang Hong wanted to get something out of him for Jianghuai Hospital. “In the New Tang Record, Emperor Gaozong of Tang had a weak physique, which he often felt dizzy when he was in his thirties. As his condition slowly became more serious, it worsened to the point of losing his vision. At that time, an Imperial Physician called Qin Minghe innovated a solution of using needles to release blood in the Baihe Acupoint.

“The Meridian Stimulating Blood Releasing Technique uses the three-edged needle to open a cut in a location and release some blood. The Imperial Physician, Qin Minghe, used this technique to release some blood on the Baihe Acupoint and clear up the meridian, allowing Emperor Gaozong of Tang to regain his vision. This is the technique that I used today, which I added acupuncture and fire cupping. If I simplify it, it’s not difficult for others to learn, and it has a good effect in treating common dizziness.”

Seeing how Su Tao did not try to hide anything, Wang Hong smiled. “This is a blessing for many neurology patients.”

After chatting with Wang Hong for a little longer, Su Tao stood up and bade his farewell.

Looking at Su Tao’s departing silhouette, Wang Hong felt complicated in his heart.

In his entire career, he has seen many people leave.

Some left with their heads down in dejection, but some left with backbones straightened. Indeed, people are different!

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