Chapter 389 - Too Sinister

The boss of the Bike Repair Shop was called Fu Hongge, while the name of his wife was Yuan Cui. The two of them sat separately as they both held onto their heads and buried them into their knees in pain.

“If anything happens to Yuxuan, then we’ll divorce!” Yuan Cui painfully declared.

“Then, I’ll die as well!” Fu Hongge raised his head in astonishment and looked at his wife. After that, he slapped himself in the face with regret.

When he was young, he walked on the wrong path for a period, and Yuan Cui was a hostess in his pub. But after the two of them married, Fu Hongge changed his life and relied on the repairing skills he learned in a vocational school to start his own business. After obtaining the rights to a few electric-powered mobility devices, his business started to grow more popular. He even prepared to expand his shop next year and purchase a warehouse for his business to be on the right track.

However, he never expected that a calamity would befall him. Right now, his son, Fu Yuxuan, was beaten to Brain Stem Hemorrhage by Xu Ran and was currently in critical condition with the chance of dying at any moment.

At this moment, Su Tao came over and sighed before asking, “You guys are Fu Yuxuan’s parents, right?”

“You are?” Fu Hongge raised his head with tears and despair in his eyes.

“I’m Su Tao, and I will be performing the treatment for Fu Yuxuan later. So I’m here to inform the two of you about it.” Su Tao calmly explained.

“You?” Fu Hongge looked at Su Tao in puzzlement. After all, Su Tao looked so young. Did the hospital think that there’s no hope for their son to arrange such a doctor to go through the procedure?

“Didn’t we agree that Vice-President Qin will be performing the surgery?” Yuan Cui instantly became emotional. “I don’t trust having anyone else with treating my son!”

As it was all within his expectations, so Su Tao patiently explained, “You guys just signed the consent form earlier, and this surgery is one with high risks. Even if Doctor Qin Ming performs the surgery, the chances of success aren’t high. Hence, I’m trying to take a TCM approach in the treatment that doesn’t require any surgery.”

At this moment, Fu Hongge was already numbed and asked, “TCM? Are you lying to us?”

Su Tao solemnly said, “I only require an hour, and if the patient’s condition cannot be controlled, then Doctor Qin Ming will perform the surgery.”

This was also Su Tao’s first attempt in treating Brain Stem Hemorrhage, so he wasn’t fully confident in himself. However, it had a higher chance than surgery.

Hearing Su Tao’s words, the parents decided to give their son another chance in life. Since they even accepted Xu Rui’s charity, what else could they not accept?

Right now, they only need hope, and they would grab onto it without any hesitation.

When Qin Ming saw that Su Tao was communicating with the parents, he immediately came over. “The hospital is already making preparations, and we’ll have Doctor Su Tao first perform a treatment with TCM on your son since we still require time in our preparations!”

The way Qin Ming explained gave the parents the misconception that Su Tao’s treatment wasn’t necessary, and it’s only a procedure; the key still lied in operation.

As the couple exchanged a glance, they held onto Qin Ming’s hand and violently shook it. “Doctor Qin, please! You must save Yuxuan!”

In the eyes of the couple, Qin Ming was a neurologist, and he’s the protagonist in saving their son. As for Su Tao, the latter was just a supporting character.

Qin Ming patiently said, “Don’t worry. I will definitely do my best.” When he finished, he turned to Su Tao, “Remember, don’t force yourself if you can’t do it and worsen the condition to affect the difficulty of my surgery!”

Su Tao’s face sank as he sighed. Although Qin Ming seemed to be reminding him out of goodwill, he was actually doing a forewarning for the outcome of his surgery later.

He would have a reason to use Su Tao’s treatment as an excuse that ultimately caused the failure of his operation.

As Qin Ming placed his hands into the pockets of his coat, he immediately headed to his office and called the Neurology Department’s Head, Cao Qiang, over and gave out instructions for the operation’s preparation.

Knitting his brows together, Cao Qiang replied, “Fu Yuxuan’s condition is complicated, and I’m afraid that the chances of success are less than 1/1000 if we operate.”

Letting out a sigh, Qin Ming helplessly said, “Firstly, the parents of the patient have already agreed to it, and they want hope. Hence, we have to do our best to try. Secondly, so many patients die on the operation table on a daily basis, and even if we don’t perform this surgery, the child will still ultimately die at a later time. Thirdly, the operation is extremely costly, and we can also bring profits to the hospital. Fourthly, that boss with the surname Xu has gone to gather the money, and we will obtain a donation of ¥1,000,000 to the hospital as long as we perform the surgery. Last but not least, you know what it means if we succeed!”

Cao Qiang was excited by the explanation from Qin Ming as a splendor flickered in his eyes, “If we succeed, our Neurology Department will rise amongst the many hospitals in the country!”

Standing up, Qin Ming heavily patted Cao Qiang’s shoulder. “We have to cherish every opportunity. Although it might fail, there’s no success if we don’t even dare to try it.”

Nodding his head, Cao Qiang replied, “I’ll immediately make preparations for the operation now!”

“I’ll be the main surgeon later with you as my assistant!” Qin Ming smiled.

Although Cao Qiang’s skills were considered something in Jianghuai Hospital, he still lacked when compared to Qin Ming.

Hence, it wasn’t humiliating for Cao Qiang to be Qin Ming’s assistant. He then knitted his brows and asked, “Right, I heard that Su Tao is preparing to perform treatment on the patient and even resorted to TCM!”

With a snicker, Qin Ming responded with disdain, “TCM truly has their uniqueness when it comes to nourishing the body, but in terms of emergency treatment and surgery, there’s no way it can compete with Western Medicine. Right, you get someone to pay attention to Su Tao and don’t let him mess around.”

Not only Qin Ming, but all the doctors practicing Western Medicine in Jianghuai Hospital found it a joke for Su Tao to treat Brain Stem Hemorrhage with TCM.

Because Xu Ran caused Fu Yuxuan’s injuries, the media has been paying attention to this matter.

So the moment Su Tao was about to enter the ICU, the reporters all started coming forth, but Zhang Chao blocked them.

This time, the Television Station wanted to bring up the popularity of this matter and performed a live broadcast. Hence, as long as the common folks in Hanzhou City downloaded the Television Station’s application, they would be able to watch the entire process of how Fu Yuxuan was treated in Jianghuai Hospital.

Despite being the TCM Department’s Head, Zhang Chao wasn’t confident in this treatment. However, he still chose to stand beside Su Tao.

“Vice-President Su, I think that you might be a little too impulsive this time and fell for Qin Ming’s scheme!” Upon entering ICU, Zhang Chao helplessly said from the side.

In this period, Su Tao hasn’t been coming to Jianghuai Hospital that often, so he had no idea that Wang Hong wasn’t the same as Di Shiyuan when the latter was in the hospital. As a favorite of the previous President, it was natural for Su Tao to receive the cold shoulder.

It was fine if Su Tao didn’t show himself, but he would definitely attract all the hate if he appears and participates in such a significant treatment.

“What trap?” Su Tao asked in perplexion as he locked his brows together.

“Qin Ming is ambitious and knew that TCM is progressing well in Jianghuai Hospital and that even the Provisional Health Ministry has issued funds for the TCM Building to be constructed. So if he managed to chase you away, then he will be able to rightfully take over TCM and manage the funds as he wishes. That’s a few hundred million, and he can make a fortune easily.” Zhang Chao knew that Su Tao did not recently place his focus on Jianghuai Hospital, so he explained the entire matter to the latter.

But the reason why Su Tao chose to save Fu Yuxuan was because he was partly responsible for this incident.

As for his post in Jianghuai Hospital, he wasn’t too bothered about it. He felt that despite Di Shiyuan being in the City Health Bureau, the latter must be able to promote the development of TCM in Jianghuai Hospital from the shadow. But he had no favorable impression of Qin Ming, so it was a calamity to the development of TCM in Jianghuai Hospital if it falls into Qin Ming’s hands.

Without any expression, Su Tao replied, “It’s simply unreasonable to have a doctor that practices Western Medicine to manage TCM. I believe that many people can see through this, and both President Wang and Bureau Chief Di knows this in their hearts.”

Letting out a sigh, Zhang Chao asked, “Are you really going to leave Jianghuai Hospital if this treatment fails?”

“My post in Jianghuai Hospital is only nominal, and I can choose to leave any time I want.” Su Tao could tell that Zhang Chao was concerned about this matter, so he smiled. “But I will definitely not fail!”

“I believe in your strength!” Zhang Chao weakly said.

Su Tao knew that Zhang Chao was speaking against his heart to encourage him since treating Fu Yuxuan has already exceeded his knowledge. It was just like how Hua Tuo scraped the bone of Guan Yu to treat his injuries. In many people’s view, it was only a legend.

But the culture of China’s TCM was something that was accumulated for the past five thousand years, and many people only know the hairline about it. Thus, they underestimated the charm of TCM, including people like Zhang Chao.

Brain Stem Hemorrhage was truly a difficult condition since it involves the most vital part of the human body.

When Su Tao took the pulse of Fu Yuxuan, his eyes turned solemn. The patient’s internal bleeding has increased. It was no longer 5ml, it has already reached around 20ml, and the previous medicinal treatment in an attempt to control the condition wasn’t effective.

Then again, another possibility was that Qin Ming altered the patient’s file and gave him the incorrect one.

Fortunately, his diagnosis has already reached a high level. If it was another doctor, regardless of TCM or Western Medicine, they would have been fooled by the case file.

“How is it?” Zhang Chao was baffled as he looked at Su Tao. He knew that there was something wrong with the situation.

“The internal bleeding of the patient has already exceeded 20ml, and if it goes according to my expectations, it will reach 30ml in an hour.” Su Tao explained.

Not only was there an error in the figure, but the bleeding was also still increasing, which meant that it wasn’t well-handled during the emergency treatment. At the same time, it also spoke for Qin Ming’s attitude, since he did not have any hope for this child’s treatment, and only wanted to go through the procedure to fool everyone.

Zhang Chao’s face instantly changed as he figured it all out. “Bloody hell, that old dog, he actually dared to alter the case file! He’s simply too sinister! With so much internal bleeding, we can only resort to operation, right?”

With a solemn expression, Su Tao responded, “We’re physicians, what operation are you thinking? Let’s not delay, and we’ll immediately conduct a treatment!”

When Zhang Chao saw how Su Tao took out fire cups from his medical box, he was instantly startled. Su Tao wouldn’t be trying to use fire cupping to extract the blood, right?

During the recovering period of Brain Stem Hemorrhage, the Fire Cupping Technique is a common technique to aid the patient’s brain function to recover, since Brain Stem Hemorrhage was caused by high blood pressure. Although the patient’s condition has stabilised from the initial treatment, the brain function has yet to recover completely. So by using the Fire Cupping Technique now, it could clear up the blood and vessels in the brain to promote swift recovery.

Simply put, the Fire Cupping Technique was something performed as postoperative treatment.

But right now, the patient still hasn’t been treated yet, and there were injuries in the brain with internal bleeding. Hence, this method wasn’t suitable!

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